Warrior Cats
 of the Forest




MoonClan Camp: A hollow surrounded by thick brambles with several smooth boulders scattered throughout. The largest of these boulders is the Highrock, under which is the leader's den.

EarthClan Camp: A clearing in The Burnt Woods.  The camp is uncomfortable, exposed to the damp of the river and the noise and smell of the nearby city, as well as easliy accessed by enemy clans.  The High Stump lies above the leader's den in the center of the camp.

NightClan Camp: An abandoned house in the city. The kitchen counter is used by the leader to call clan meetings.

DawnClan Camp: Wedged between a river and a creek with dens made from tangles of reeds and the hollows under tree roots. A boulder is used by the leader to call clan meetings. RiverClan, BoneClan and StormClan used this as their camp as well.

SunClan Camp: A dip between hills in the plains without dens. A tree stump approximately a fox-length high serves as a Highrock, a storage place for herbs, and a shelter for queens, kits, and elders during bad weather.

Moonstone: The Moonstone lies within a long, winding cave. Cats can contact StarClan by pressing their noses against this stone. Fallenstar's skeleton rests in front of the Moonstone.

Hawk's Tree: A dead, bone white tree standing over a wedge shaped cliff flanked by steep ravines. Hawk and Silverstar's bodies were placed here as a reminder to the clans of the Great War. While it is on DawnClan soil, cats from other clans visiting the tree are permitted. Gatherings are held here, with the leaders of the clans sitting on branches of the tree and deputies and medicine cats at the roots.

Abandoned Badger Set: DawnClan's territory once had a sizable population of badgers, RiverClan chased them out but the badgerset remains abandoned. It can be dangerous as apprentices occasionally fall into it.

Abandoned Barn: An abandoned two-leg barn rests on the southwestern corner of SunClan's territory, it is a valuable source of prey to these cats as it is filled with mice. It is enclosed by rotting wooden fences.

The Ancient Oak Grove: A grove of ancient oak trees lies in MoonClan's territory. Apprentices are taught to climb here.

Bee Meadow: a clearing in the forest that surrounds a long-dead tree hosting a large bee hive.

Blizzard's Bar: A common hang-out for cats during The Great War, which has since been abandoned. It lies in the Northeastern corner of NightClan's territory.

The Burnt Woods: A small forest fire burnt this part of the woods during Snakestar's rule. It belonged to NightClan at the time, but has since switched hands several times.

The Fear-Place: an animal shelter which NightClanners are forbidden to approach.

The Fox-Place: an area in the southern reaches of SunClan’s territory which was densely populated by foxes when the clan was founded.

The Great Willow: a large willow tree leaning across the river which serves as a favorite location for romantic rendezvous between Moon- and DawnClanners.

The Lightning Tree: a tall pine tree that was struck by lightning generations ago and now stands as a cautionary symbol in MoonClan queentales.

Mossy Hollow: A mossy hollow is formed between the branches of the creek, DawnClan apprentices are trained how to fight here.

Origam's Palace: Shortly after The Great War, a cat named Origam tried to reunite the city here. His base was in an abandoned office building across from Blizzard's Bar and is still a well known landmark in NightClan.

Raven's Fortress: An abandoned hotel in the city where Raven's armies were based during The Great War. It has since been abandoned, many cats declaring the place haunted. It lies along NightClan's southern border, visible to SunClan.

Sandy Hollow: A sandy hollow was formed by a dry creek-bed in the far north of MoonClan's territory, here apprentices are trained how to fight.

The Scavenging Place: an alleyway filled by restaurants’ dumpsters, where the most daring NightClanners compete for food with rats, dogs, and rogues.

Sky Rocks: an area atop SunClan’s tallest hill where the soil has been worn away by wind, leaving the bedrock exposed.  This place is revered by some SunClanners who believe the hill is blessed by StarClan.

Snake Gorge: this treacherous area is the most direct way to travel between MoonClan and NightClan but is marked by steep stone walls that house venomous snakes.  When the river is low, it can be crossed by jumping across slippery rocks, but during new-leaf when the river is prone to flooding only the strongest swimmers can hope to cross.

Sunwarm Rocks: a collection of large flat rocks on the riverbank where DawnClan elders and queens leave the camp to enjoy on sunny days.

About the Clans


Priding themselves to be the most honorable and courageous clan, MoonClan is the oldest clan and maintains the closest relationship with StarClan.   They are blunt, orderly, and purposeful.  While clan members are viewed as individuals, they are expected to serve their clan before themselves.  The Code is law and any deviation from it is said to be a crime in the eyes of these dignified cats. However, MoonClan cats have a history of interpreting The Code to suit their own needs and to justify meddling in the affairs of other clans.  Their arrogance is their biggest flaw, and often deadly, as they can badly underestimate their enemies and bite off more than they can chew.  MoonClan cats are commonly larger and stronger than cats of other clans, with pelts favoring dark tabbies and tortoiseshells to help them stalk their prey in the underbrush.

A leader is just that to the cats of MoonClan, their word is law and the cats are expected to obey and respect them.They are expected to maintain order and discipline within the clan as well as represent them during gatherings.  The position of deputy is comparable to that of an apprentice leader, they are given much more responsibility than privilege within the clan in preparation for their time as a leader.  A medicine cat serves both as a spiritual leader and healer within MoonClan, expected to advise the leader and guide the clan on a righteous path.  Warriors work hard on hunting and border patrols as well as in training their apprentices, they are expected to rise at dawn each day ready to protect their clan at the cost of their lives and little tomfoolery is permitted.  Similarly, apprentices are expected to be putting their whole hearts into training.  To be given an apprentice is an honor.  Apprentices and their mentors form strong bonds, as apprentices will spend nearly all of their time with their mentor and vice versa until they have been named a warrior.  Kits are somewhat pushed off to the side, viewed as important as the future warriors of the clan but not cherished as they are in DawnClan.  Elders are revered, and expected to help teach kits about clan life, the ways of StarClan, and The Warrior Code.

As prey is neither plentiful nor scarce, nor is there a lack of or excess of threats, the warriors of MoonClan are both moderate hunters and fighters.  Apprentices are trained in both skills without disproportionate emphasis placed on one or the other.  MoonClan regularly preys on small rodents and birds and while they avoid eating snakes, lizards, and toads they may when other prey is not readily available.  Common threats found in the forest include foxes and badgers, with the occasional threat of snakes and rogues.  MoonClan’s dense forested territory can prove to be a maze for any cat unfamiliar with the land.   Their forests provide shelter against the worst of the elements and they lay on high ground guarded from flooding, leaving them with a relatively stable supply of prey.  However, droughts can prove disastrous and much of their prey hibernates or migrates through leaf-bare, leaving them susceptible to starvation during these times.  The territory itself is diamond-shaped, bordered to the north and east with the loner forest by a Thunderpath and to the south with DawnClan and by a river.  Their NightClan border has been frequently disputed and has been switched from the river to the edge of the city a number of times.  Their camp is a hollow surrounded by thick brambles with several smooth vine-covered boulders scattered throughout.  The largest of these boulders is the Highrock, under which is the leader's den.   Their nursery lies under a thick bramble bush, the thorns protecting the kits within from any threats.  On either side of it are the warrior and apprentice dens, both under boulders.  The elders den is a hollow log near the edges of the camp.  A rarely used prison lies between the warriors’ and leader’s dens, a hole once belonging to a family of foxes.  The Moonstone lies to the northeast of MoonClan's territory, a far shorter journey for MoonClan cats than for cats of any of the other clans.  Its proximity to them is a source of great pride, as MoonClan views itself as the clan most in touch with their ancestors and traditions.

While they were intended to be the only clan, MoonClan has supported the creation of other clans.  They helped RiverClan to fend off BoneClan, allowed a former prisoner to create NightClan and were the first to suggest sending warriors to help SunClan learn about the traditions of the clans.  However, this can be attributed to their tendency to meddle in the affairs of other clans.  MoonClan has been involved in every war, beginning with the War of BoneClan after Moonstar’s death.  As soon as that war had been won, The Great War (also known as Raven’s War or The War of the City) began.  Before a single generation had gone by between that war and the next, Spottedstar attempted to banish Fallenstar, leading to Fallenstar’s war.  This bloody war waged on for generations before finally coming to a close under Mirestar.  Nonetheless MoonClan returned to war and has had few moons of peace in their history.



Cunning and fierce are the warriors of NightClan.  They will do whatever it takes to get what they want, the ends always justify the means in their minds.  The Code is not respected except when used as an excuse to do what would be done anyway, and StarClan is paid little respect.  They are individualistic and known to feud amongst themselves at the slightest provocation, making their biggest flaw their often volatile behavior.  They are infamous for allowing rather contemptible cats into their ranks, said to allow anyone with a set of claws into their clan.  However, it would be a mistake to classify them as merely evil.  Their lives are a struggle from birth and they must be hard cats to live past apprenticehood.  Many are truly loyal to their clan, if not to their leaders, and take great pride in their fierce reputation and history.  There is little uniformity in the colors or build of NightClan cats, as many are former kittypets, loners or gang members and have little or no clan blood.

Leaders must earn every ounce of respect given to them by the clan, who freely speak their minds and have threatened on numerous occasions to overthrow their leaders.  This has been accomplished through a number of means, but fear is the most common.  The position of a deputy is a dangerous one, as they must please their leader and the clan, who may often be clashing with each other.  Any incompetent deputy is quickly done away with, but this does have the effect of NightClan nearly always being under a ruler capable of dealing with them.  Medicine cats are given little respect within this clan, seen as only good for healing cats that shouldn’t have gotten themselves injured in the first place.   Warriors largely do what they want, organized patrols are rare.  Apprentices and mentors do not have a close relationship and more often than not mentors neglect their apprentices.  Due to this, apprentices often practice with their friends or alone and learn from their mistakes.   Kits are the problem of their mother, not protected as the future of the clan.  Few cats survive to become elders, and those that do put off taking the position until it is forced upon them.  Elders are given little respect in the clan’s hierarchy, seen more as a waste of resources than anything else.

They make their home in the harsh city, living amongst the two-legs.  An abandoned two-leg nest serves as their camp, the different rooms serving as dens and the living room as the clearing.  Leaders have ceremonies from the perch of the kitchen counter, making their den in the empty cabinets below.  The place is filthy, mold growing up the walls and littered with bones and scraps of past meals.  The kitchen pantry serves as the medicine den, a closet for the elders which more often is used as a prison.  Warriors and apprentices reside in the bedrooms, and a half-bath has been made into the nursery.  Bordered to the north and west by city gangs, to the south by SunClan and to the east by MoonClan, NightClan is surrounded by potential enemies on all sides as well as the dangers that come along with living with two-legs.  All of their borders are prone to change at the drop of a hat and they must fight for every fox-length of what they have.  Notable landmarks include Blizzard’s Bar, where cats gathered during Fallenstar’s War to exchange news, Origam's Palace, and Raven’s Fortress.  

NightClanners are the strongest fighters, taught from a very young age how to defend themselves, and even how to kill other cats.  This is a vital skill in the city, where gangs cause trouble, wild dogs run free and there may truly be danger behind every corner.  Understandably, hunting is viewed as less important, as cats can easily scavenge through two-leg garbage for a more reliable food source than prey could provide.  Their one claim to stability is in their relative invulnerability to the elements.  They are sheltered from the heat of the summer and chill of leaf-bare, safe from most flooding and droughts.  Scavengers before hunters, they are not as badly affected by seasonal variations in prey than the other clans and remain relatively well fed through leaf-bare.

NightClan has a history of brutal or incompetent leaders, beginning with Fallenstar.  Her childish nature got them into their first war only Moons after their creation, appropriately titled Fallenstar’s war.  She named her violent son Snakestar as leader who fed the flames the war, carrying it across Sunkenstar’s rule and through Phantomstar’s.  Only with Crimsonstar did this war cease, only to be followed by a war with SunClan that held the potential to become as bloody as Fallenstar’s War and came close to surpassing it.  Since that time, they have been involved in a number of bloody conflicts interrupted by few moons of peace. 


EarthClan is the youngest clan, only recently formed by a merge of the most unlikely of allies: fierce, cunning NightClan and kind, peaceful DawnClan.  Descriptions of NightClan and DawnClan can be found below.

Torn between NightClan’s claws-before-words attitude and DawnClan’s pacifism, EarthClan has yet to settle into its identity.  While some warriors follow rigidly follow StarClan and The Warrior Code, others refuse to acknowledge StarClan’s existence and view The Code more as suggestions than as hard-and-fast rules. One of the few points that most cats agree on is the worth of individualism, even if they approach the idea from different angles: some cats believe that they should protect themselves above all else, others taking a softer approach and believe that finding their own path and strengths is best for the clan as a whole. However, EarthClan’s lack of consistent morals and opinions makes it easy for them to accept outside cats into their ranks, further swelling their already large numbers.  As would be expected from this rag-tag assortment of cats, there is no uniformity in the appearance of EarthClanners.

Boundstar takes a tyrannical approach to leadership, borrowed from the city gangs and the legacy of other NightClan leaders.  He has ensured that NightClan holds the majority of the power in the EarthClan merge by maintaining his own deputy and assigning DawnClanners to “council” roles where they are able to advise him and organize the day-to-day administration of the clan, but lack the power to make major decisions or act against him.  The medicine cats are put into a similarly awkward position, in which the clan’s varying ideas of StarClan means that while some cats revere them, others consider their refusal engage in battle to be cowardly.  The warriors of EarthClan have a more leisurely life than those of other clans as a result of the large territory and abundance of prey.  Apprentices are trained regularly, though their relationship with their mentors varies from the ideal of constantly training with them to hardly knowing their mentor’s name. Tensions between apprentices and mentors formerly of different clans are not unheard of.  As a result of arranged mateships between former Warriors of opposite clans, there are more queens than would be expected at once in an ordinary clan.  However, these queens are often left without the support of their mates and therefore rely on each other to help care for their kits.  However, much like other aspects of life in this new clan, some DawnClan queens only trust other DawnClanners, and vice versa, leading to division in kit-rearing.

EarthClan’s large and diverse territory gives the cats access to all types of prey, from two-leg garbage scavenged in the city, to forest creatures such as mice and shrews, and even to the river’s fish.  While each season has its unique challenges, EarthClan has enough flexibility to never be in real danger of going without food or shelter.

Just like everything else in this clan, EarthClan is not renowned for any particular trait.  While the former NightClanners are strong fighters and former DawnClanners are unique in their swimming ability, EarthClan as a whole excels at neither.  Instead, young cats are torn between various skills, often focusing on whatever their mentor views as the more important at the expense of a well-rounded and more universally shared education.

While DawnClan’s former leader Creekstar suggested merging NightClan and DawnClan, NightClan’s leader Boundstar implemented it after Creekstar disappeared and was presumed dead.  The merge was met with a range of emotions from across the clans: while some NightClanners were eager at the opportunity to take advantage of DawnClan, others saw it as an affront to their identity and a sign of weakness.  DawnClan, meanwhile, faced even sharper divisions between cats who looked forward to their comfortable lives and others who thought they had handed away their freedom and ability to call themselves true warriors.  Rebels from both clans fled into the loner territories and began plotting with SunClan and MoonClan to tear EarthClan apart.



More of a large family than a clan, DawnClan warriors are kind and peaceful cats leading comfortable lives in their river-laced territory.  They have a deep hatred of battle and try to solve any conflict they may come across through open and honest communication.  For this, they can be seen as weak by the other clans, flinching away at the slightest hint of danger.    Clan members support each other and are expected to contribute work to the clan, but stronger ties between friends and family are accepted and even encouraged.  Their natural placidity and prey-rich can territory often makes them a target of other clans, but they are capable of fighting if they are provoked and on numerous occasions have defeated more violent clans in battle.  They are devoted to the ideals StarClan, but The Warrior Code is treated more as general guidelines than as law.  They are forgiving cats by nature, and in many cases The Code is allowed to be bent as long as a cat’s heart is in the right place.

The leader is a motherly or fatherly figure to the clan, guiding them through hard times and counseling members through disputes.  A deputy helps their leader run the clan, given much of the same privileges and respect from the clan.  A medicine cat is seen as a noble cat and revered by their clan for choosing a life away from violence.  Their primary purpose is as a healer, though they may help their leader manage the clan and are expected to be the authority on spiritual matters.  Warriors protect and feed the clan, as well as patiently teach their apprentices.   Apprentices are given a lot of time to play, and often mentors build their training sessions around what the apprentice finds the most fun.  Kits are cherished, protected at all costs by the clan.  Honored for their wisdom, elders hold a high position in the Clan’s hierarchy.  They teach kits about StarClan and are valuable guides to the warriors as well as the leader, giving advice to anyone who may want it.

DawnClan cats are content, well-fed cats with bright fur of many colors.  Their pelts tend to be longer than those of cats of other clans, which make them an asset while swimming.  Due to this and the rare appearance of scars on their pelts, DawnClan cats are considered on average to be more beautiful than cats of the other clans.  This has two effects, firstly a high occurance of cross-clan relationships involving DawnClanners, and secondly that DawnClan cats have been known to be kidnapped by twolegs believing them to be lost kittypets.  Somewhat to the bewilderment of other clans, DawnClan cats love water and have a talent for swimming, even known to splash through the muddy rivers just for the fun of it.  DawnClan warriors are poor fighters, barely taught beyond basic self-defense.  This allows much of their time to be spent learning different hunting methods, making them capable of catching any type of prey they may happen upon from rodents, to birds and even to fish.  As such, they are by far the most well-fed clan and have the most leisure time.  However, their lives are not without danger.  While foxes and badgers are rarely found in DawnClan’s territory, venomous snakes have claimed the lives of many DawnClan apprentices and cats must always be on the lookout for them when wading through the marshy forest.  Fish serve as the primary prey for DawnClan warriors, though they are known to hunt land creatures as well.  Birds are seen as a last-resort and many cats turn their noses to them outside of leaf-bare.DawnClan is the most well-fed clan, however even they are affected by seasonal drops in available prey.  While they are rarely in danger of starvation, Leaf-Bare ends their time of plenty and more frequent hunting patrols are sent out.  New-Leaf is the most dangerous time of year for this clan, as increased rainfall can lead to flooding. 

The marshy forests are where this clan lies, tied together by a net of rivers both feeding them and offering natural protection against the other water-hating clans.  The forest is thinner than that of MoonClan and is known to flood during New-Leaf, but is rich with a variety of prey.  DawnClan has a fittingly comfortable home, lying just below a fork in the river.  Just where the river splits, the medicine cats have made their den out of woven reeds.  In the center of the camp lies a large ivy-covered rock, where the leader performs ceremonies, with an old tree leaning against it.  Under the boulder, much like MoonClan, lies the leader’s den.  The tree itself houses two dens, both the elders’ den and the nursery, under its tangled net of roots.  Eastward facing is the nursery, kept a safe distance from the river.  The elders den is cozy, with a padding of warm moss.  It lies under the same tree as the nursery, facing westward.   Known to flood in bad weather, the warriors den lies in a thorn bush right beside the river.   The apprentice den rests under a dense bramble thicket, across the clan entrance from the warriors den. An old fox den served as the prison during Sharkstar's rule of BoneClan; however it was destroyed and converted into a shallow pool for kits to safely play in.  The river marks their border with MoonClan and SunClan to their north and west, to the south and east thunderpaths mark their borders with the Loners Forest.   Hawk’s Tree lies in the northwestern point of their territory, gatherings between all of the clans are held here.  

Founded by Amberstar in opposition to MoonClan and NightClan’s petty feuding, DawnClan was not immediately accepted by StarClan as a true clan.  They refused to give Amberstar his lives, but after Moons passed these brave cats proved themselves to be as worthy, if not more so, than the other clans and StarClan acknowledged them as a true clan.  Despite being founded as a place away from war, DawnClan was forced to take a stand against MoonClan after moons of being pushed around.  After a short but bloody battle against MoonClan, DawnClan proved themselves to be a strong clan and peace was reestablished as MoonClan dared not provoke them again.  However, this peace did not last long and DawnClan has grudgingly entered a number of wars since.



The cats of SunClan face a hard life on a relatively barren territory where teamwork is the only way to survive.  They are more cautious than the other clans, even quite skittish, as they have no natural protections on their moors.  They are the most rational, a think-before-you-leap kind of clan, as any misstep could be devastating to them.  The other clans do not fully understand their plight, and can view them as quite cowardly and compare them to the flighty hares they hunt.  Intelligent and quick witted, they are easily able to make accurate judge of character and can manipulate cats of other clans and protect against any chance of betrayal within their own ranks. The Clan is central to these cats, and individuals always come second to the good of the whole.  Cats are viewed as a part of the clan and expected to treat each other as kin, forming stronger bonds between family and friends is largely frowned upon.  While they believe strongly in the ideals of StarClan and The Code, they chose to follow some rules more closely than others and many cats to not, or do not fully, believe in StarClan’s power. On average, SunClan cats are built to hunt.  They have thin, wiring builds for fast running and dull, short tabby pelts to blend into the moors.

Leading SunClan is a difficult task, as a leader must be able to organize the clan in all of their day to day activities, making sure that patrols are carried out efficiently and balancing the need for defense with that of feeding the clan.  Any conflict within the clan can have a great impact on day to day routine, so a leader must be able to handle this effectively.  A deputy must support their leader and communication is vital between the two to keep the clan running.  SunClan has a history of going for long periods of time without a medicine cat before one trained at another clan joins.  Therefore, the position of a medicine cat can be fairly isolated from the rest of clan life, they tend to be respected but viewed as outside the hierarchy of normal cats.  They are seen as more important for their healing work than for their spiritual work, as belief in StarClan is less common among the cats of this clan than those of other clans.  The lives of warriors and apprentices revolve around work, there is little leisure time as prey is scarce.  While apprentices are assigned mentors, the education of apprentices is handled largely as a group effort as is much else in this harmonious clan.  Apprentices and mentors rarely form strong bonds, as they spend much of their time training in groups.   Kits are to be protected and are a central part of clan life, being taught from a young age about the traditions of SunClan.  Elders are respected for their age and the moons they have spent serving their clan, they are often turned to as sources for advice.  Cats of all ages within SunClan are given a voice in the activities of the clan, but are also expected to go along with any decision once it has been made even if they voiced their disagreement.

Residing on the windy moors south of NightClan, SunClan’s primary prey consists of hares.  Their diet is supplemented by other creatures such as mice and lizards, but these are less common on the moors than they are in the forest.  To catch the quick hares, SunClan cats work together in small groups to trap the animal.  It is a difficult task that takes excellent teamwork and moons of training to accomplish, and even then hunting is rarely completely successful.  Apprentices must spend most of their time practicing hunting in order to feed the clan, which often lies on the brink of starvation, so training in fighting skills falls behind.  As their territory and camp provides very little shelter from the elements, SunClan is the clan most affected by the seasons.  Drought in Green-Leaf can be devastating, as can the cold of Leaf-Bare.  During New-Leaf wildflowers blossom all over the territory, but flash flooding can be dangerous.  Aside from simply the weather, badgers and foxes pose a common threat, as well as dogs wandering in from the city, and rouges.   The camp must be well guarded, as there is nothing stopping one of these from wandering in once they smell cat.  Their camp is nothing more than a shallow dip between hills of the moors where the clans sleeps with the stars above them.  A wide, hollow stump lies towards the edges of the camp and serves as a shelter for kits or sick cats during bad weather, or as a prison.   Leaders hold meetings from the top of this stump. A thunderpath runs straight through their territory, separating their camp from their source of water and border with DawnClan, a river.  They are enclosed by the edges of the city and by thunderpaths in all other directions, with NightClan to their north and the loner city and plains to the south and west. 

SunClan has a unique history, as they were formed by a band of loners wishing for the stability of clan life, but with little knowledge of the traditions of the clans.  They had no single founder and from the beginning worked as a group, playing by ear on how to be a clan.  Once the other clans learned of their existence, MoonClan suggested each clan send a small group of cats to live with them for a moon and teach them clan traditions.  From this they were able to learn about the traditions of the clan, of Star Clan and The Warrior Code, but also valuable information on the other clans.  Moons passed as SunClan distanced themselves from the other clans in order to avoid the war going on, but as a drought hit the clan they were forced to break their formerly isolationist policies towards the other clans.  They have remained active in clan politics since, enjoying little of the isolationism they were founded on.

Mentors and Apprentices


Silverpaw - Chasewind
Northpaw - ???
Axolotlpaw- ???
Phoenix- ???
Daggerpaw - Mossystar 
Fallowpaw - Stonestory 
Laurelpaw - Crimsonsky 
Riverpaw - Regalstones 
Reedpaw - Thunder
Maplepaw- ???
Juniperpaw- Ghosthowl
Caiboupaw - Skeletondance
Mulepaw - ???
Dapplepaw - Stormdust 
Frecklepaw - Iron 
Patchpaw - Nightfrost
Applepaw - Dawncloud
Demisepaw- Featherdawn
Wolfpaw- Hazelfoot
Blackpaw- Tigerfield
Alluringpaw - Batear
Stormpaw - Owlwhisker 
Cloverpaw - Aloenight
Bunnypaw - Blackrain 
Mousepaw - Swallowshine
Tornpaw- Goldenblood
Cherrypaw - Foxlight
Thestralpaw - Wolfdaze
Echopaw - Narrowmind 
Duskpaw - Paranoidvoices 
Mottledpaw - Franticwail 
Pearpaw - Nightfrost 
Splitpaw - Dawncloud 
Ripplingpaw - Featherdawn 
Orchardpaw - Leopardcloud 
Dutchpaw - Bloodstone 
Everpaw - Violetvine 
Sugarpaw - ???
Lightpaw- ???


Crowpaw - Pineheart

Slatepaw - Cloversong 
Frostpaw - Briarwing
Acornpaw - Kingcobra
Dragonpaw - ???

Groundpaw- Groundpaw

Nuclearpaw - Desolatestar

Quailpaw- Rocksong
Mothpaw- Violetsky 
Silverpaw- Hawkfleet 
Badgerpaw- Cloversong 

Spiderpaw- Valerianpetal

Littlepaw- Desertspring

Hawkpaw- Duskrise

Russetpaw - Rocksong 
Dreampaw- Violetsky

Shadepaw- Seedheart

Ghostlypaw- ???

Isetnofret- Slashclaw



Full of Sun

Rainingpaw - Applefeather 
Horizonpaw - Lakeflower 
Skypaw - Bluehawk 
Grimpaw - Vanishingflame 
Jackalpaw - Snaketail 


Cranepaw - Nettlebreeze

Firepaw - Firestorm
Tallpaw - Icerain 
Redpaw - ???

Maplepaw - Nettlebreeze 
Falconpaw - Exambientflames 
Dappledpaw - Firestorm 
Hopepaw - Pondstep 

Ivypaw- Skyblaze

Irispaw-  Jadewhisker

Pantherpaw - Clearwaters

Midnightpaw- ???
Brackenpaw - ???
Stormpaw - Midnightscream 
Dapplepaw - Hawkmoth 

Goldpaw- ???

Sunpaw-  ???

Jasminepaw - Brokenfang

Moonpaw - Madfire 
Jaypaw - Lunarfeather 
Melonpaw - Risingcloud 
Thunderpaw - Phantomclaw 
Crescentpaw - Dawnwhisker 
Wrathpaw - Ash 
Tousledpaw - ???
Loomingpaw - Sunstrike 
Twistedpaw - Gale 
Flurrypaw - ???

Dreampaw - ???

Nicklepaw - ???

Lilypaw - ???

Lightningpaw - ???

Gentlepaw- ???


Psych- Queencobra
Azurepaw- Nightchorus
Skypaw- Briarpath 
Stormpaw- Spicecloud
Blackpaw- Hollowbreeze
Risingpaw- Eclipse 
Mistypaw- Wolfstrike 
Swiftpaw- Totaleclipse
Fallingpaw- Wildstorm 
Littlepaw- Tiger 
Blackpaw- Grackleflight

DawnClan Rebels

Winterpaw- Speckledpool