Warrior Cats
 of the Forest




Sandstar is an startlingly tall, noble, muscular red blonde(desert sand) colored tom. His eyes are the striking purplish color of heather. This lean tom is fair, thoughtful, wise, and can be hard on younger cats because he always wants to bring out the best in others. Sandstar has a good sense of justice, and is rather warm to those closest to him. He is graceful, and exceptionally quick footed. Having been a Sunclanner since birth he is of the mind that the clan as a whole comes first, and he as an individual comes second. He is suspicious of other clans, unwilling to share much information about the on goings of Sunclan to outsiders. He is extreamly loyal and very rarely will he keep anything from his clanmates unless it's for the good of every cat. Sandstar is a thinker, he usually think through every issue thoroughly before acting. He is never scared to ask for advise and likes to hear others opinions on matters at hand to make sure that Sunclan not only survives, but thrives. He cares deeply for his clan, his mate Barksong, and his kits.

(Sandrunner and Co.: August 25th, 2017)



Anat is what you would call a required taste. From her mannerisms to her unmistakable voice, this she cat is one that will have to grow on you. Her pale blue eyes contrast with the dark and light greys that clash with warm golden patches of fur against her mainly white pelt. She very closely resembles her sister, Honeydusk, but has more white in her caramel marbled fur than Honey's black. Although she is very beautiful, she tends to leave her fur in a mess, causing her to look wispy and disheveled. This look contrasts with her more serious personality that she has grown into as she has gotten older. She tries not to take anything too seriously because this causes her to overthink about situations and as a result tends to make irrational rushed decisions. Instead she decides to distance herself from the situation until she can come back and assess it efficiently. One couldn't call her aloof per se, as she can be very friendly and won't shy away from any conversations between her clanmates, but she prefers to stay close to her family and confides in them whenever she has personal problems. She is smaller than average but strongly built, though this fact is hidden by her fur, and is very tactical and observant when it comes to fighting. Anat has a very distinctive voice. It is high pitched and dreamy, yet calming and slow with a prominent slur hooked on to every word. She is the youngest though acts more mature than her age, sometimes taking on the role as the oldest sister between herself and Honeydusk. She is both a mommy and daddy's girl but can be very independent when she feels too tied down. Anat is the daughter of Daisybelle and Apep. 

(Honeyy: November 2, 2017)

Medicine Cat


A grey spotted tabby tom with Ocean blue eyes. Veinpool likes to make his own way, but is friendly and kind. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws. He hates when cats try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of other cats. To Veinpaw freedom and happiness is what is most important. Veinpaw won't attack an unarmed foe or hurt innocence. He helps cats in need and usually works alone as he values his freedom. He doesn't respond well to higher ups and doesn't respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor, because he believes such concepts limit freedom to act. 
(Python: January 10, 1018)

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Bubblepaw is a fluffy white cat with blue eyes and is considered rather short. Just like Bubblepaw's name suggests she is easily excited, she is known to ask questions at the wrong moments and it can get her in trouble. Bubbleheart is a easy to approach cat but is known to gossip. 
(Lakeripple: March 16, 2018)




Apep is a large tom with a sleek black pelt. He has a silver underbelly, ears, tail tip and muzzle. There is a tinge of golden yellow under his light blue eyes, giving his face a bit of detail. He is not the average SunClan built tom. This is due to his mother being a MoonClanner while is father was of SunClan. He has a rather muscular build which makes him a bit slower than some, but not by much. Since he was little, his father harassed him into honing his battle skills. Set even tricked the couple moons old Apep into luring his uncles Horus and Osiris to the border. He knew not of what was to come, until it happened. All three perished before his very eyes. Apep has a large ego, knowing that he has everything he could ever want. His voice is low and monotone unless he is speaking to his kin. Beneath his cold demeanor he is rather silver tongued, bubbly, and kind. Though, his darker side constantly threatens to take over. Sadly, he inherited his father's bloodlust. Often times he catches himself daydreaming about battle. He shows very little interest in others but he will hold small conversations to pass the time. That is, unless a particular cat catches his eye. As a kit, he was quiet until he met Daisykit. The two became good friends and often pulled pranks on his mentor Cryingmoon. As they aged, he began to grow close with her. Eventually, with enough charm, he was able to become her mate. His undying love for her will always burn brighter than the sun. She is the only one that can truly comfort him and keep him level headed. Apep's loyalty is to his family, the Clan, and his friends. Honeydusk is his favorite of his kits, though he is proud of Anat for becoming the deputy and his sons, excluding Hasani, respectable warriors. Apep had worked hard to throw off his father's bad blood. Sadly, the wrath he hides sometimes surfaces and shows him in bad light. Apep is the son of Set and Deathbringer. 

(Mockingdeath & Co.: June 15, 2017)

an Abyssinian cat, light brown, yellow eyes. Independent, curious, loyal. 
(Lakeripple: July 21, 2017)

Vanishingflame is a large Chausie mix, getting the chausie genetics from his father. His short silky pelt is a medium-dark oak brown with a single gray stripe that runs from his nose, along his spine and eventually engulfs his tail. He has a few dark gray stripes on his legs that almost form rings. He has cream colored fur that outlines his olive green eyes, and a splash of ginger fur on his chest. Vanishingflame's large ears grant him a keen sense of hearing. He is able to pick up the weakest of sounds, like a mouse scampering across loose soil. Vanishingflame is extremely playful, but he can be serious when need be. He is very loyal to his family, friends and Clan. He is rather intelligent, often weighing the pros and cons before putting a plan into action. He would rather keep his patrol safe over reckless endangerment. Vanishingflame is the son of Ploverwing and Tungstenwolf. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: July 16, 2017)

Tom with bi-colour, use to have black fur but had the white spotting gene making white spots appear on his pelt over time. Quiet usual, use to live in the city. 
(Python: August 28, 2017)

Slatepelt has taken his rebellion in a unique direction: following the Warrior Code to the letter. He is the son of Briarpath, a fiercely independent she-cat, and a nonSunClanner, but has always been so embarrassed by this fact that he tries his best to hide it and blend seamlessly into clan life. When he was young he stuck to the side of his uptight uncle Gorsepelt and has tried to be just like him. He works hard and tries to be out patrolling from dawn to dusk, . However, his attempts to be cog in a perfectly running SunClan machine sometimes backfire because of his self-righteous and arrogant attitude, and he often finds himself isolated from his clanmates. Slatepelt is a lankily built tom with a blunt face and a plain silver-grey pelt. 
(Ember: August 18, 2017) 

Frostpatch has always struggled to find her place in the clan. From kithood she?s felt the pressures from her clanmates to fit in perfectly as a group-minded SunClanner, from her mother to find her own path, as well as the tension of shifting clan relationships as EarthClan established itself as a permanent fixture. While she truly wants the best for his clan, she has trouble asserting herself enough to actually make the changes she wants. When she?s comfortable, she?s very chatty, but can take some time to warm up to new situations and cats. As he can have trouble saying no and avoids confrontation, she?s easy to take advantage of or push around. As well, her more empathetic nature can lead to her being an ?emotional sponge?: whatever the clan is feeling, she?s feeling tenfold. To add to her sense of not fitting in, Frostpatch is a very heavily built she-cat with a natural talent for fighting but absolutely no intuition regarding hunting. Frostpatch inherited her mother?s tortoiseshell pelt, but with white splotches and bright blue eyes. 
(Ember: August 18, 2017)

Nulcearburst, aka Burst, or just Nuclear, is a bit of a reckless she-cat, taking after both her mother and father. She is of the belief that rules are more like guidelines, and are made to be bent, if not broken. She doesn't believe her mouth can get her into too much trouble; only enough for it to be fun. Nuclear speaks her mind, albeit often too quickly, and doesn't mind causing a stir both with her words and actions, engaging in idle gossip, and majorly problematic rumors; starting them is even more fun, though. Named for her markings, Nuclearburst is a darling silver she-cat with a white muzzle, right eye patch, shoulder, and back left, and front right leg. She also has deep russet calico spots, particularly on her left eye and ear, front left leg, and full tail, with a mix of russet and white splatter marks on her back and sides. Her eyes are a deep brown like her father. Daughter of Briarpath and Shasta. 
(Kingfish: August 26, 2017)

Passion; that which drives us to overtures of joyous despair. Loyalty; that which leads us from peaceful presence, or that which withholds us from Schrodinger's future. Kindness; that which makes us our friends yet loses us our time. Windelk possesses in turns each of these virtues, which influence her life such that it is as it presently is. A large cat with the musculature of a SunClanner, from long legs to observant eyes. Black fur with speckled grey and brown; warm, greyish eyes in a stout face. A scratch on one arm, with an ever-changing history. Smooth tongued and sleek furred, but prone to blood and bristles that mar these qualities. Busy, but not too much. 
(Alienfish: September 23, 2017)

Enchantingmist is a medium sized, silver-gray she cat. She has very short fur due to her mother's peter-bald genetics. She has light blue eyes that fade to a deeper blue around the edges. Her pelt is sprinkled with rosettes that are somewhat darker than her pelt. Her muzzle, paws and under belly are a very light silver color. She has dark gray rings on her tail and markings on her face that mimic a tabby's. Enchantingmist is very sweet, thoughtful, and quiet. She can be rather talkative with cats that she has spoken to a few times. Enchantingmist is the daughter of Waterdroplet and Silentcrusader. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: July 6, 2017)

Twinsouls is a white furred tom-cat with one golden eye and one blue eye. He was born to a now dissolved tribe of cats in a distant land, having been accepted into SunClan after seasons of travel. His tribal name was Niizh Manidoowag, given to him in reverence when his baby blue eyes gave way to the relatively rare condition of heterochromia. Old tales lauded him as a hero, a famed fighter who had been reborn to lead the tribe throuth triumph. These fantasies were quashed when a particularly bloody battle with a neighboring tribe left each group in ruins. As an apprentice aged cat, he saw his parents and extended family members ripped apart in front of him and was forced to flee to save his life. When he joined the clans he took on the relatively untraditional name of Twinsouls, a loosely translated version of Niizh Manidoowag. Twinsouls highly values family ties and believes he owes his life, and his honor, to SunClan. He is a peculiar cat, who seems to have little interest in even the most beautiful she-cats of the clan. He is a rather stoic and deserved tom, preferring to keep to himself but more than willing to engage in polite conversation with his clan mates. 
(L: October 7, 2017)

Nightrivers is a black tom, his fur rippled with vague silver highlights, with a white splash across his chest, and a white streak running from his nose to between his eyes, which are a captivating sea green in shade. Nightrivers was born into a distant tribe, under the name 'Ziibi Nindaaw'. As a kit, Nightrivers led a rather ordinary life - with his flamboyant and daring demeanour, he had an abundance of friends, and was well-known throughout his small, almost family-like tribe. However, into his time as an apprentice, tensions between his tribe and a rival neighbouring tribe grew, and climaxed in a devastating battle, leaving both tribes decimated, to the point at which they fell into ruins and disbanded. For moons, Nightrivers travelled, in search of a home remotely like the one he had once known, before settling in down in SunClan with hopes of finding a new life. Nightrivers is a strange mix of an individual - he is polite, courteous, and respectful of the lawful authority, yet something of a reckless daredevil - he often rushes into situations without thoroughly thinking them through, is often guided more by his passionate heart than his logical sense, and won't hesitate to break minor rules if doing so would yield the maximum enjoyment. 
(River: October 8, 2017)

Brown with black stripes, sharp yellow eyes and a slightly torn ear. Nobody knows Hawkheart's true personality, he lairs his prey using all different kinds of manipulation, he is rumored to be a veil, murderous cat. 
(Lakeripple: September 23, 2017)

Dark ginger tom with dark stripes and dark ginger eyes. He's hot headed, stubborn, and the best friend you could ever make....or the worst enemy. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: September 24, 2017)

Sunfall is a ginger she cat. Her fur gets very dark as it goes down to her legs and under side. Her upper half is lighter yellow, like the burning sun. She was renamed Sunkit after her mother, Anput went missing and was later found dead. She had told them, and her father, she would be back at sun fall. This is her namesake. When she finally joins StarClan, she will be reunited with her mother. Her promise to see them again after sun fall will never be broken. Her original name was Lionkit, but she prefers this name due to the value. Sunfall is rather large for a female. She has a dark ginger 'mane' which she got from her father, excluding the color. Her eyes are piercing green. She has a light tan stripe outlining each eye. She is very fast. Her long legs and tall frame make it easy for her to chase down hares. She is decent at fighting but is always working to improve it. Sunfall is extremely loyal to her family, friends, and Clan. She will do anything to protect them. She is especially close with Grimsigh. Her kind heart and desire to help others can leave her vulnerable for an ambush. She is courageous and bold. Like her brother Grimsigh, the circle of life is interesting to her. Sunfall is the youngest daughter of Anput and Timelesslife. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: October 12, 2017)



Dawncatcher is a small but spirited ginger tom-cat with splashes of white marking his brightly colored pelt. He was born with the pride name Full of Sun, son to He Fights and Kindleheart. Tragically, his parents both passed when he was a kitten and his aunt, Eaglefrost, took over raising him. Halfway through his apprenticeship, his aunt made the decision to change his name to Dawnpaw so he would better blend in to clan life and rid himself of the "stain" of his pride ancestry. Eaglefrost decided upon the name "Dawn" as a testament to his grandfather, The Night has Passed, who was a head warrior of SunClan. "Catcher" was added to his name in honor of his other grandfather, Lightningcatcher, who had also been a head warrior of the clan. Much unlike the sires of his line, Dawncatcher is a happy go lucky and curious cat, more interested in having fun than diligently serving SunClan's goals. He is incredibly friendly and social, always willing to welcome new cats into his circle of friends and always ready to plop down for a long conversation about life. He has fun with the little things and always seems to be wearing a grin that stretches from ear to ear. 

(L: October 17, 2017)

Eden is a silver and grey ocelot patterned tom. He is sleek furred and cunning, with bright blue eyes. This tom has a longer muzzle and slim body shape, compared to his siblings, he is quiet and intelligent. Eden is more of a follower than a leader, and does whatever his sister Nadia says, within limitation of course. Even if he is considered a follower, Eden has a mind of his own knowing right from wrong. 
(DrownedInRed: October 14, 2017)

Wildbear is a sturdy built she-cat with long, thick, black-and-white fur. Her face bears noticeable black tear stripes under two gold-rimmed blue eyes, and her nose has a ginger patch. Wildbear has an especially long nape and withers, giving her a more feral look, thus providing her name. She is also more aggressive and unpredictable than her clan mates, though is not quite to the extent of reckless; rather, she does not keep a rigid schedule, and it's not always certain weather she will be calm or belligerent about a situation. Thankfully, she rarely takes out anger on her clan mates, but if she feels that one of her own has endangered the clan or has mate a crucial mistake, she'll give them an earfull in the least. While she is known to be aggressive, she also has a caring side that most don't notice at first. Wild acts very matter of fact, like everything is business, but once you realize that she cares, her business-like speech sounds like a caring mother-figure. Daughter of Grasseater and Growlingbear. 
(Kingfish: October 14, 2017)

Pale yellow tom with dull blue eyes. Not much of a talker but does stuff when needed. Doesn't show excitement often but will show a small smile sometimes. 
(Reaper: October 28, 2017)

Big tabby tom with grey fur that is almost black and amber eyes. Father of Ravenpaw, His mate is unknown, he is usually silent but that's because he has lisp and can't say the letter s which when he says it sounds like the letter z. 
(Python: November 3, 2017)

A tan she-cat with yellow/brown eyes. She appears always friendly and happy, and makes friends easily. She likes being in the nursery with kits, and hanging out with friends. Though she never shows it, she often is sad and depressed as her mother and father both died when she was little. She rarely opens up to show her true feeling, and only to her closest friends. 
(Weirdo101: November 4, 2017)

A Orange and white Cymric cat with brown eyes. His very cheerful, he supports and helps who he can and will try to take charge but has a slight weakness to being a door mat when he is. Very fluffy, he doesn't like being cute and sometimes fluffy but that's only when its very hot. 
(Lakeripple: November 5, 2017)


Risingdawn is a troublemaking black tom with a white splash on his chest, right hind paw, tail and ear tips , and a white diamond on his nose. He is the identical twin of Fallingdusk, and when the two are together, they cause a lot of trouble. He is the more independent twin of the two. Son of Tiger and Darkmoon. 
(Sandrunner: September 26, 2017)

Klorel is a rather large tom cat. His fur is medium short in length. His face fades from black to silver, the silver being toward his muzzle. Gold tinges of fur below and above his depthless blue eyes, make them pop in color. The muscles beneath his pelt are a mix of bulk and lean muscle, making him equal when it comes to his skills in hunting and fighting. In his free time he will hunt or practice fighting moves so he can increase his skill. He has a charming smile with a laugh and attitude to match. Klorel is a kindhearted tom, though he is well aware of his handsome looks which makes him a bit self rightious and overly confident. He does his best to not break under the pressure of a stressful or dangerous situation. His loyalty to his clan is only out matched by his loyalty to his family. He is protective of his siblings, especially Anat and Honeydusk. Klorel knows of his grandfather's wrong doings, so he tries his best to veer far from that path. Though he knows there is darkness deep within his soul. Klorel is the son of Apep and Daisybelle. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: November 3, 2017)

Petalspring is a beautiful light brown molly with tan spots dappling her fur, and deep, ocean blue eyes. She is friendly and kind with her friends, but stubborn and teasing with her siblings, and sometimes her parents. Though she may come across as too teasing of her littermates, she loves them and would never push them farther than they could go. Petalspring loves to hang out with her friends and is always up for patrols and hunting, she also loves the beauty of leaf-bare and has a thicker coat so she can stay out longer. Daughter of Starflame and Hawkfleet. 
(Shadowstorm: November 7, 2017)

Stormcloud is a Dark grey tom with lighter grey blotches scattered throughout his pelt. This tom is fairly large and has icy blue eyes like his fathers. Even though this tom has a mean look to him, Stormcloud is a gentle giant who like to goof around. Stormcloud is a tom that anyone to get along with, especially the she-casts. He has an undeniable charm around most of the females but only enjoys he game. 
(DrownedInRed: November 7, 2017)


Daisybelle is a strong, yet dainty she-cat with a slight southern accent due to being raised by Honeysplash and Grasseater. She was found in an older shack outside of Grasseater's family property, and was named after Grasseater's mother, Daisy. She is brown with black paws, with a white tail tip and muzzle. She has bright green eyes, that sparkle with happiness and life. She is adopted by Honeysplash and Grasseater, but believes they are her real parents, and won't listen to cats who try to tell her otherwise. 
(PalletEclipse: June 5, 2017)


A pure black she cat with yellow eyes. Ravenblood is a cat who likes trouble and blood. she loves a good fight and hates having to stay in one place for to long. She thinks cats should be more blood driven and taught how to kill. 
(Python: December 10, 2017)


Sandtsunami is the proud son of Desolatestar and Pineheart. Like his mother and father, Sandtsunami is a large cat with a fluffy pelt that keeps him warm during the long and cold leaf-bares. It?s color is tan like sand, just as him name portrays. His ears, face, legs and tail are dark brown, and his eyes are blue like the sky. Sandtsunami is a tough tom who isn?t afraid to speak his mind, and has quite the backbone. His build is muscular with long and strong legs, perfect for battle. But he isn?t very fast so he finds it troubling to chase down SunClan?s preferred prey: rabbit. Despite this, he is determined to make his mother proud. He?s a hard worker, and will do everything in his power to become a warrior worthy of being the leader?s son. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: November 29, 2017)

Endlessocean is a massive tom, like his brother. He has a thick-medium coat of fur due to his Norwegian Forest Cat - Maine Coon bloodline. The tan underbelly and face of this tom contrasts with the darker brown upper half of his body. His frighteningly long fangs protrude from his maw with ease. An intimidation factor to add onto his deep rumbling voice. He has faint brown markings under each eye, mimicking a trail that tears would create. These markings travel to his jawline where they vanish under his chin and cease. His eyes are a deep yellow with a hint of blue. They are outlined by cream colored fur. The paws, ears, muzzle and tail of this tom are pale tan, almost white in color. Endlessocean has three rings on his tail and one on each leg that are ebony in color. He has tabby stripes that are a burnt sandy-yellow hue and darker than his brown upperside. Like his mother, his markings are extremely light. Like his father, Endlessocean is very muscular. He is constantly training to improve his strength and speed. His favorite prey to hunt is rabbit, of course. Endlessocean is a dauntless feline. His brave, ambitious, bold persona will be the death of him. He is extremely protective of his kin and close friends. Due to being the son of Desolatestar and Pineheart, he feels like he needs to do his best for everything. This leads to him never being able to relax for more than a few heart beats. After all, he has the bloodline that can be traced back to two leaders of SunClan; Endless-star and Desolatestar. Pineheart was the only parent he had after his mother's tragic death while he was still a kit. He sometimes still has nightmares, flash backs of when his mother was killed before his eyes. Often times when he is alone, he finds himself reliving that moment, thinking of what he could have possibly done to change the outcome. Endlessocean is the first born son of Desolatestar and Pineheart. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: December 1, 2017)

Ternshore has struggled to fit in since he was a kit. While he can keep up with the rigors of SunClan life and has some natural talent in hunting, he has never felt satisfied with himself and worries that his clanmates pity him. As a result, he's often tugged between the impulses to make friends in an attempt to find a place within the clan for himself with a hefty dose of forced humor and chattiness, and to stay alone where he won't be judged. However, while Ternshore can occasionally be a downer and wallow, he is also non-judgemental and can act as a trusted confidante to cats who welcome him- and all his insecurities- into their lives. Ternshore is the son of Desolatestar and Pineheart and because of this parentage which only intensifies his feelings of being a disappointment or the odd one out. He takes after his mother in appearance, with a hulking frame that he feels like he's never quite grown into, and a dramatic sandy-colored tabby pelt. 
(Ember: December 1, 2017)

Fire that Blazes in Night 
This beautiful she-cat shows no shame towards her family with the beautiful decoration of her pelt. While not being the most complex design, this orange and white lady is very kind and motherly. Blaze, for short, has a fiery personality - and shows no passion in hiding it. She likes to put her thoughts out there with the rest of her tribemates and very rarely stays quiet in conversation. Her feisty personality creates a certain aura about her that one would wish to continue their bloodline with, and she intends to keep the pride blood running as long as she lives. Her bright golden gaze also has a commanding authority, despite the softness her pelt may bring about. 
(PalletEclipse: December 12, 2017)

Shade is a dark tabby she cat with Amber eyes. Shade is loyal to her clan and her clan only she prefers to be alone not liking the company that comes with clan life.she doesn't want a mate as it will be a distraction towards her real goal becoming leader. 
(Snowybreezes: December 16, 2017)

Sun Shining Through Trees 
Sun is a yellow and white she-cat with bright green eyes. She has yellow socks, and is a medium fur length American ringtail. She is a sweet cat, but is rather brave too. She loves to battle, but only when needed. Her saying is that "If the battle isn't needed, don't be stupid" Meaning, don't attack or provoke another cat unless you have to. She was born a stray kittypet, but by a chance of luck, she was almost murdered by a monster. But, another tribe cat rescued her. Sadly, he was murdered in her place. 
(Shadowstorm: December 17, 2017)


This large she-cat is maple brown with white on her face, neck and paws. Unlike most of her siblings and half siblings, she is slender like her mother. She has deep, burning amber eyes that captivates almost any cat that looks into them too long. Her pelt is covered in deep oak colored rosette spots. Tazmainiantwister has a dazzling ivory smile. A long scar running the length of her left flank can be seen if one looks closely enough. She acquired an injury long ago on a patrol with Qeb and Desolatedunes when they encountered a badger. Tazmainiantwister is often called "Taz" by her kin and close friends. But if a cat she does not know well calls her "Taz" she will snap on them. Nothing irritates her more than someone using her nickname without an established relationship. She seems to have a way with words, charming others to do things that she'd rather not to. At times, she can be very malicious. Lurking with in her heart is blood lust and a terribly short temper. Beautiful and pure on the outside, but damaged and dark on the inside. Tazmainiantwister cares deeply for her immediate siblings, but less for the yellow-gold half siblings. She actually rather despises them, mainly due to their unique coloring. She finds their pelts interesting while hers is rather bland, making her jealous. If it came down to it, she would fight tooth and claw to save her annoying half kin and her more joyous siblings. Tazmainiantwister is the daughter of Standingbear and Brindlesplash. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: February 2017) 


Pebblepelt is- for a lack of a better description- not quite unique, in the appearance department. A solid, light gray pelted cat and with green eyes, she?s not an immediate attention grabber. She?s quiet in unfamiliar environments, preferring to listen- in environments she knows well, though, she?s loud and friendly, openly trying to make those around her laugh. She rarely appears to take things seriously then, even if she is- she just doesn?t know how to show it. 
(Airmid: December 21, 2017)

Pinekit and his sister, Hollykit, were found tossed out in a two-leg bag just after their birth. They were found and raised by a SunClan queen, Honeyfeather. Pinekit is a solid black tom with medium length hair and blue eyes. 
(ImaTootle: December 26, 2017)



Lunardance is a petite, silver-pelted sweetheart with a heart three sizes too big and too ready to listen to anybody's woes, be they true or false. She's not the best at finding out falsities at first, but each learning experience teaches her a little more- and she never forgets who lies to her about what. Forgive, but not forget.

(Airmid: December 29, 2017)

Dune is devilishly handsome and charming by nature, though terribly aloof more often than not. He is charesmatic and friendly, though his honest intentions of friendliness often are misinterperated as flirting and tend to get him in trouble. Though he?s never been in a relationship before, he has known for some time that he doesn?t desire she-cats. He doesn?t hide his sexuality, but doesn?t bring it up often either. Doesn?t see a reason to. Though perhaps if he did, he?d get in less fights with other toms for complementing their mates. But honestly, he was just telling her she was beautiful inside and out, every she-cat deserves to hear that, right? But anywho... Growing up he lived the life of a loner with his parents, his brother, and his grandmother. His grandmother, who went by the name of Willow, was a clan cat many moons ago. His grandmother told stories of clan life, and after her passing he left his family to seek the clan that she had been raised in. 
(Dapple: January 8, 2018)


Slipknot is a mischievous tom that is prone to sticking his nose in the wrong places. However, he is also very efficient in getting out of trouble, with a smooth tongue and a quick mind. And his charmingly crooked grin helps too. A chocolate brown cat with hazelnut eyes, Slipknot isn't the worst looking of cats, but his loud personality makes him averagely placed in the scale of attention-worthy toms. His parents are thought to have orphaned him, but his origins are in SunClan, even if his bloodlines aren't known. 
(Flickerwick: January 3, 2018)

Brewingstorm is a very large tom. His medium length fur is a deep gray with splashes of black mixed in. His muzzle is white, blending well with his hazy pelt. He has golden-yellow fur under his stormy blur eyes like his grandfather, instead of the stripes Apep and his brother have. Brewingstorm's large black paws allow him to move with stealth. Though he is a large cat, he can be quick and agile when he deems necessary. His exceptionally muscular body is more adapted for fighting and taking injuries. Brewingstorm is rather quiet. Like the rest of his kin, he is very loyal. His ambition sometimes clouds his judgement. Though Daisybelle and Apep both taught him to be kind to she cats, he isn't very interested in love. This leads to problems as he is chivalrous and some mistake this for interest or flirting. Brewingstorm likes confrontations and fighting. His short temper helps spur these things along. He has always been a mischievous cat since kithood. Though others may not use this name, he lets his kin call him 'Brew'. The prefix "Brewing" was given to him due to the mixing colors of his pelt. The suffix was given to him as a warrior due to his unpredictable mannerisms. Brew is rather close with Klorel, his older brother is able to keep his temper in check when needed. He will do anythi ng for his family. They mean everything to him. Brewingstorm is the son of Daisybelle and Apep. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: January 2, 2018)

Wildblood, next to Acrticwish may perhaps be the most interesting of the whole littler of abandoned mountain kits. This maincoons pelt is thick, short, and Black as night with a blood red hue along his spine, neck fur, chest fur, and along the top of his tail. His nose is black and his eyes are a captivating liquid silver. This massive tom rivales Kobrastep in hight and muscle mass, though his battle skills far out rank him. With the blood of the tribe, and cold assassin's running through his veins this tom really hit the jack pot. A natrual fighter, Wildblood seems to know all there is about fighting and more. He is also adept at hunting and only once in a blue moon does this tom come back empty pawed. His nose and eyes are exceptionally sharp, as are his fishing and swimming skills. If he had lived in the mountains he would have been one of their most prised assets. Perhaps he would have even been the Cheif of his tribe. Wildblood has a head for battle tactics, and tracking. He is very mysterious, sharp, powerful, intense, and only jokes around and shows his soft side to a select few cats. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: January 9, 2018)


Jackalhowl is a small brownish gray tom with bright brown eyes. Jackal is friendly and quite a talker. He loves making friends and always having someone to be around. With an ego much bigger than he?ll ever be, Jackalhowl tries his best to win any competition, especially when it comes to hunting. Son of Coyotegaze and Speckledpool. 
(Staghoove: January 10, 2018)

Desertpaw is a hotheaded cat with enough of a silver tongue to work her way into a situation. She can't seem to learn when to stop when she is ahead, and ends up getting herself in more trouble instead of out of it. All in all, Dessertpaw is a kind enough to the others, despite her self-conscience self thinking she isn't good enough. As for her history, She was raised among the shadows, living alone most of her life. Until she was given apprenticeship a few months ago, she was just another kit. Then suddenly she was just an introverted cat. Introverted, was the wrong word. Scared others were just tricking her was better. Hence her also being very.. Suspicious of others. 
(Dream Lotus: January 20, 2018)


Pineflame is a solid black cat with blue eyes. His favorite past times are wrestling with his sister and telling stories. When he was only a day old he was thrown out into a field along with his sister in a sack by two-legs and that caused his leg to break. It healed well but it's still a little stiff and it can cause him to trip. 
(Imatoote: January 21, 2018)

With a handsome bengal spotted ginger-and-buff coat, flashing green eyes, and a seductive countenance, Royaleblood certainly takes after her father in the charm department. She also has a mean streak that comes out in a ruthless, yet eerily playful way, like she doesn't realize just how dangerous she's being. Like her mother, though, she's energetic and feisty, an ambitious warrior who wants to be the best she can be, and typically has a fairly light personality. She can take a joke and has thick skin, making her the ideal friend to tease. Her biggest issue, though, is that she has commitment issues. Though she likes the idea of security and affection, she also likes the freedom to do whatever she wants, and is a little bothered by certain kinds of touch. She doesn't have any solid reason to be like this; she just is. 
The daughter of Kingcobra and Tazmaniantwister. 
(Kingfish: January 22, 2018)


Fatalstrike is a somewhat large tom. His maple coat has dark ginger rosettes that break the solid ocean. His underside is a lighter ginger-tan color. The eyes of this tom are quite captivating. He somehow wound up with bright yellow eyes with flecks of green in them. More than likely from his mother's side. His muscles are thick and very defined, able to be seen rippling beneath his short pelt. Fatalstrike is, like his sister and father, a rather charming feline. He uses his silver tongue to help talk his way our of less than desirable situations. His tact and agility come from his mother. Due to the genetics and personalities of his parents, he has an extremely short temper. Once this tom is angered, very little can be done to help calm him. Fatalstrike tries to remain distant from others. He refuses to let others get to know him easily. All of this is due to a traumatic incident when he was a kit. While traveling from SunClan's Territory to the Loner City, the small group he was with was attacked. His mother was killed in front of him while all the other members of the group were moderately to severely injured. His stone personality and harshness towards others is to protect his already destroyed heart, but he will never tell this to anyone who has no reason to know the truth. Brother of the cunning Royaleblood. Fatalstrike is the son of Tazmainiantwister and Kingcobra. 

(Mockingdeath & Co.: January 23, 2018)

Swansky is easy to well.. Easy to know on first sight. She is extremely motherly and kind, similar to Goatmom from UT. But mess with her babies and you will end up with a dinner of scratches. She tends to put herself before her kits when protecting them, but for food it is her kits. She is a new queen about to have her kits soon, so she is inexperienced, hence her being motherly. She was born into Sunclan by a kittypet and a sunclanner warrior. Both met in secret until she was born. Her father lied and said that she was just a kit he found wondering around and he followed the warrior code, but only she knew the secret. Soon it was forgotten over the moons, and she now doesn't know, but after she was brought to the clan, her father just... Left her. 
(Dream Lotus: December 4, 2017)


Snakerain is a pure black bengal she cat with even darker black leopard like spots, much like a black panther. She has her aunt Blitzstorm's icy blue eyes and her mother's large pointed lynx-like ears. Snakerain is loving, mischievous, and very intellegent. Snakerain is a very gifted fighter, but prefers to use words over claws. Her mothers are Lynxfur and Queencobra and her siblings are Kobrastep and Goldenstorm. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: November 9, 2017)

Leaves that Fall in Autumn
Description and History: Autumn is a strawberry red bobtail with a white chest, toes, and ears. Her eyes are orange and yellow, one yellow, and the other orange. Right is orange and left is yellow. She is more of a shy type, despite her excellent skills in hunting, Autumn is more bashful and modest. Think of a schoolgirl in anime, that one new girl is basically her as a human. Autumn was not born into the pride, but she joined. Her old name was Fall, hence her new name as Leaves That Fall In Autumn. 
(Dream Lotus: December 12, 2017)



Flintstriker is rather tall Savannah Cat. She takes pride in her height, although it could give her away rather easily. Now, as for personality, she's rather sweet. She's a good friend to have around, since she has a nice attention span to sit and listen to another cat talk for a long period of time. Flint is always ready to help, despite what she's doing. Sometimes her helping can be overbearing though, and someone needs to tell her to back off. Though she'll get hurt, she'll understand. She can't always be happy. Now, as for markings and pelt color, she has the regular Savannah coat. A golden base with black spots and lines that shine against the sun. She is a third generation Savannah, with longer legs than most cats. She can run pretty fast, but has a bit of a damaged respiratory system due to an accident she had as a kitten. But, she doesn't let that hold her back. She pushes herself as hard as any other apprentice. Now, after making the change from the EclipseClan Camp back to the SunClan Territory, her mind became hard and solid. She pushed herself harder, letting herself go faster and do greater things. She still had a soft spot for a special she-cat and her kittens though, not wanting to break the relationship between her and them. She wanted them to stay close. Flintstriker(Flintpaw at the time) took some interesting injuries at the temporary camp. Her legs, which are long and luxurious, have large patches of fur missing. They look like a butcher shop, her pink skin showing through. It doesn?t slow her down though, and she won?t let it. Long after these injuries healed, Flintpaw began to feel strong about herself and the way she held her composure. She had grown into a full Savannah Cat, as said in the description earlier. Tall and lengthy, Flintstriker towered over others in her late apprenticehood. Although this is a huge advantage, it tended to push other away. Her long time best friend, Eaglefrost, was sometimes even intimidated by it. Of course it was only for a little bit, and she hoped to stay by Eaglefrost?s side until the very end. Flintstriker aspires to make her friend proud of her, even if she goes to StarClan plenty early. She?s always working hard to protect her clanmates, and she tries to think about what she says before she says it.

(Inky: February 1, 2018)


Oakpaw is a solid brown tabby cat with a single splotch of white in the middle of her left flank. She is built like a lynx, low to the ground and powerful, and her tail is a short bob that usually stays flagged upwards. She is mostly quiet, but not for being shy- she simply has a rich inner mind that she prefers to keep to herself. When she does speak, it is worth listening to. Every response of hers is carefully calculated to be genuine and truthful, evoking the best of the cats around her. (Oakstump) 
(Kamira: February 2, 2018)

​ Leechstream is a slender black tom with green eyes and a big ego, born in the heat of battle next to a leech filled creek, he thinks hes the best warrior in the clan and if he senses any weakness he makes it his mission to weed it out. Even if that method will eventually be his undoing, he sees no wrong in his actions. 
(Twitchkit: February 21, 2018)

Rabbitpaw is a slender bodied, tabby mix tom cat with deep amber eyes that appear red in certain lighting. He has one long scar down the back of his left fore leg and wraps up toward his shoulder on the same side. As a kitten he was born under Owlbrooke of SunClan, but soon after his birth he was abandoned by his mother and left in the care of Sunclan queens, the queens never hiding the truth from him. As Rabbitpaw grew and lived in the clan he became more determined to find his mother, and about half a month after becoming an apprentice, he ran off to find her. Settling into MoonClan where she had settled down, and for a short time that's where he stayed. Gaining a mentor and finally settling down for a new life, but shortly after a bad storm, Rabbitpaw and Owlbrooke had vanished. For 3 months nobody could find a trace of the apprentice, though in reality he had been with his mother, a devious cat who plotted to use her son to help her take down SunClan, teaching him to fight, to hunt, to kill every way she knew how. Now Rabbitpaw has resurfaced in SunClan, though most of the thoughts that run through his mind now. Aren't his own. 
(Twitchkit: October 22, 2018)


Wasp Buzzing In The Air

Wasp Buzzing Through Branches, or preferably known as Buzzing, is one of the many sons of Long May He Reign. His coat resembles the distinctive qualities of a common short-haired tortoiseshell along with the typical olive-green eyes. Although, his personality differs from the rest from his half-brothers and sisters, he is known for provoking extreme reactions out of others and is likely to induce drama, only for his amusement. As his name represents, Buzzing, he certainly indulges himself in gossip and does not provide much aid to his tribe or clan, causing him to be looked down upon. 
(HarmlessPoison: February 12, 2018)

Stars That Fall 
Stars That Fall, or Starfall, is a white, grey, and black calico with soul seeking eyes. Her blue eyes have bits of white in them which look like stars at night. Starfall is extremely loyal and is of apprentice age. Despite having any actual knowledge of most things, she observes and waits for others to state facts before she says something. She almost never brags, but when she does, it is for real things that happened. Back when she was a kit, her mother, open if you wanna play her (*Winky wonk*), was mostly her only best friend. Still is, and Starfall shares EVERYTHING with her, that is how much she trusts her mother. And only her mother as most of her family and step-mothers dislike her because of her pelt color. 
(Dreamlotus: February 13, 2018)


Saros-suns is a slender, dark-furred tabby, with flashes of silvery white across his underbelly, chest, and muzzle. His eyes echo the customary heterochromia of his family - his left is a dull, bluish violet, while his right is a dark teal. Saros isn't the most pleasant of cats to be around - he is reckless, impatient, and doesn't care much for rules. Respecting his elders has never come naturally, and he makes a habit of taunting and mocking his peers and those younger than him. Saros can come off as quite elitist at times because of this, though he is reluctantly loyal to the friends and family he does have. Saros-suns has some issues with commitment and belonging - he doesn't hold strong bonds or loyalty to groups, which often leaves him feeling out of place, without many strong convictions or morals that align with a particular group. Saros is a descendant of the SunClan leader Epochstar, though he doesn't flaunt his heritage much - to be seen as riding on the legacy of others would be a nightmare to Saros. He is the son of Windcrest, a former SunClan warrior, and the brother of Tidewhisper, born into the Resurgam family and left to find the clans as a rite of passage, of sorts, into the life of a warrior. 

(River: February 18, 2018)

Tidewhipser is a thick pelted, grey tom with light, sea green eyes. His expressions are always soft and gentle, never seeming to show any inch of frustration. Tide is known to be the peacemaker, always going out of his way to bring light to a conflict, even if he has no part of it. He finds that daily clan life has more purpose than the struggles, which can make him quite the social butterfly, even if he is soft spoken. The tom has incredible amounts of patience, putting him on kit watching duty not being a rare sight, but he would never complain. It seems everyone these days can?t say no to the little balls of cuteness, and Tidewhisper would gladly support that notion. There are little to no things that can make him mad, but known ones are unmotivated violence, injustice, disrespect to others and prey, wet fur, and strangely enough, pinecones. They just.. Look so.. Weird? Being the pacifist he is, Tide is unfamiliar with combat, and quite frankly, terrible. He is a delicate, petite tom, strength not being in his favor. Ushering anyone and everyone, he will make sure he is left behind to watch the camp when a battle party is sent out. He has a much better time hunting though, his patience and light paws being a gift for hunting birds. Of course, he will make sure to drop a couple of feathers in the nursery when the queens aren?t paying too close attention. However, Tidewhispher in unbelievably naive and gullible. If he trusts someone, which isn?t too hard to accomplish, anything they wish for Tide will grant to the best of his ability. Unless it is directly against his already established likes and dislikes, the tom does not find any trouble in cleaning out his schedule if they need him. This sadly does leave him open to being bullied, and defenseless in both departments of physical and verbal. But, that does not change that all Tidewhisper wants to do is share and spread good energy throughout his clan. Tidewhisper is the son of Windcrest, as well as being the brother of Saroslight. 
(L: February 18, 2018)

As a kitten, she was born with only one sibling. A brother, strong, reliable, and sarcastic. Unrelated to that, she?s very curious. She can get herself into odd situations, like getting caught in a bramble. Or stuck in some wet mud from the day before?s rain. She?s not very cautious, and that?s what causes most of these...accidents. Although she?s is very open about the funny parts of her life, she has a hard time trust other cats. You have to show your trust before getting close to Eocenedash. She may rely on others too much though, which has caused these trust issues with her. Her brother showed his trust at a young age, causing them to be fairly close. When they were apprentices, they brought up the question, ?is there more than where we live? If so, how much?? And so, they brought it up with Resurgam, where they told them to go off into the world, to a place named SunClan. It was quite like their home, where they had lived out all of their kithood and some of their apprenticeship. Now, though, they had to serve their clan. To protect these cats who had brought them in so kindly. Eocenedash matured quickly once she was brought in, become softer, and stricter. She treats most of her clanmates like she would her brother. That?s most of her personality, caring for others. Performing well. Being loyal. Those are her guidelines, and have been since the day she could think about anything. Now, as for pelt colors, she closely relates to a smoke cat, but doesn?t carry the correct traits. There are white splotches on her face, and on her black right leg. The rest are variations of grey, which rift out farther than the rest of her black fur. Her pelt pattern consists of black tabby markings, straight, thin lines that cover her back and flanks. She is the sister to Eternityhunter, and daughter of Salamanderfang and a loner, Gem. 
(Inky: February 18, 2018)

Eternityhunter is a short-furred, silver tom with black mackerel tabby markings. In his eyes, he inherited his family's heterochromia trait - the left a dull violet and the right a shade of teal, darkened and dulled through the generations since his ancestor Epochstar of SunClan's vibrant turquoise. 
(River: February 19, 2018)


Omnilight is an exact replica of his father, Omnistar. He is light gray in color with black "rings" around his legs and a black tailtip. He has dark gray tufted ears and yellow eyes. His claws are always half unsheathed, for they are too long to be sheathed completely. He has an abnormally large frame with well toned muscles. Omnilight is a chameleon who adapts to any environment to make others comfortable. Cold, calculating, manipulative, smooth, smug, and cruel, Omnilight is a proud and extremely ambitious cat with a hunger for admiration, power, and chivalrous honor. Being lineage of Omnistar, he feels like he's a shadow of his father and constantly betrays his pawsteps to make his own. This is why Omnilight is nothing like his father. As for his mother, Ambrosia, he is very rebellious towards her but loves her to pieces. Sometimes he will purposely try to get on her nerves and then use his all too familiar looks to get back on her good side. 
(Kixatanilopay: February 14, 2018)

Extraordinarily fluffy and thick-pelted, Pepper doesn't really have a SunClan build. Sure, her father is huge and she received her pelt from him, but her mother (just as huge) doesn't have that fluff. Why her!? Is what she asks when her troublesome fur gets caught on sawgrass and wheat. Pepper is a medium-grey cat with darker grey and black speckles peppering her pelt, giving her her name. Orangish-white fur, presumably from Ambrosia, lines a y shape on her neck, convering two toes on her front left paw as well. Black also covers the tip of her bottlebrush tail. As a big cat, Pepper feels that she needs to take lead and command, filling her father's pawsteps. However, she's just not that type of cat. She dislikes hurting her peers and is one of the sweetest she-cats you can meet. Her amber-yellow eyes are sunny and bright, slightly masking her frightening figure, huge claws, and long fangs. Daughter of Omnistar and Ambrosia. 
(Flickerwick: February 14, 2018)

Red is a medium-sized russet tom with golden amber eyes. He resembles his mother more than his father and because of this tends to look up to his mother more. He discovered that his vocal cords are messed up, something he was born with and finds himself unable to speak. He's calm and collected with a sort of mature air to him. Son of Omnistar and Ambrosia. 
(Spark: February 14, 2018)

Lostcry is not quite as lonely or lost as his name suggests. Outgoing and a natural social butterfly, he prefers to think he attracts other cats like honey does flies; this may not be always true, however, due to his strong personality which can drive away just as it does attract. The name does originate from a quiet apprenticehood and being the quieter kit of the litter; however, he blossomed as he grew older. Of the typical slim Sunclan build, with a dark gray coat that's speckled with black; and a single black sock on his front left paw, in addition to blue eyes. 
(Airmid: February 15, 2018)

Blazingsky is a medium sized cat with bright ginger fur. She has white on her legs that engulf her paws. This ivory color can be found on her ears, tail tip, and running from her forehead to her underbelly in a strip. She is the daughter of Littlepetal and a loner. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: February 24, 2018)


Kingbear is a white Maine Coon with cinnamon high lights and his mother's blue eyes. He has a very matter-of-fact air and seems like he is very rigid, but is in fact rather caring. He is also incredibly stubborn and intelligent, but despite his intelligence, he thinks simple tasks beneath him, and hates to be doubted or questioned, which can lead him to make arrogant and stupid mistakes. King strives to be leader, and since he was a kit, has believed in the power of self-fulfilling prophecy, working his way to what he wants. He can only hope that his hard work pays off. Son of Driftpetal and Wanderingbear. 
(Kingfish: February 27, 2018)

Ragingflames is a bronze-tinted-blonde coloured cat with blue eyes and anger management issues. He is of an average height, more muscular than most (in a lean kind of way), with fur that is longer around his neck and head, creating the appearance of shaggy curls. Many things anger or upset Raging, and you can almost see the build up to him going off, with his face heating and him blustering terribly. Raging isn't very good with words, preferring to show and act, although most of his acts put him in fights or dangerously-awkward situations. He usually acts on impulses, is able to hold his own in a fight, and is charming in a slightly ruggish manner. Oh, and he's also extremely homosexual. 
(Flickerwick: March 3, 2018)

Black Magic 

Magic is a black and white striped cat with a purple eye that is not covered with bangs, and a navy blue eye that is covered with bangs. She is not currently with bangs, as she was born a day ago. As for her personality, she is extremely bubbly and outgoing, and also a dare devil sometimes. She has a shy streak to her, but only if it is a new cat. But that tends to not be a problem as she will make friends with them if they wish. She is also a lucky-like cat somehow. As for history, when she was born from a kittypet named Crystal, her family couldn't afford them. So the family set them outside. The mother took her only baby to a clan she used to know as Sunclan. She set it outside the area she knew they occupied and left hoping to have someone find her before it was too late.
(Dream Lotus: March 6, 2018)

Raindrop is Blue-ish grey with darker swirls in fur. Her front left paw is white, along with the tip of her tail and her muzzle. She is very shy and is always hiding behind her siblings, Brambleheart and Flametail. She barely goes anywhere without them because she does not like to be by herself. She will rarely start a conversation on her own, and when not with her siblings she will be hiding or hunting out in the territory. Despite her shy nature, she is very skilled in the ways of hunting and fighting. She also gives remarkably good advice to her siblings and anyone who happens to become her friend. 
(Weirdo101: March 10, 2018)

Harefoot is a black she-cat with grey paws and blue eyes. Harefoot ever sense she was a kit had wanted to be a Medicine cat when it finally happened she was exited as she knew about Mapletail the last medicine cat.
(Snowybreezes: March 19, 2018)

Firbreeze is very much an easygoing cat. Maybe its from all the jokes she's shared with her sister over the moons, or maybe she was always so, but exemplifies the "Go with the flow" mentality. However, even with that, she often goes out of her way to do things that seem fun to her, no matter if they are frowned upon by the Clan or not. Firbreeze loves life in SunClan, mostly because of how relaxed it can be at times, even with that sense of kinship that comes with being in such a group. She likes socializing and hunting, but mostly tries to rely on avoiding fights rather than jumping into them. She's a kind cat, but one who won't hesitate to play a joke on you if you put your guard down. Firbreeze has a lovely light brown tabby pelt with soft amber eyes. 
(Castle: March 23, 2018)

Rabbitpaw is a medium-sized gray and white American Bobtail with green eyes. Rabbitpaw is very focused and never takes her eye off the ball. She knows what she wants and never shys away from her goal. She holds herself to a high standard and has a complex about losing. She is very competitive. In battle she is quick and clever, always thinking one step ahead of her opponents. 
(Brokenfang: March 24, 2018)

Clattercry is a longhair-Manx mix, with a short bobbed tail which strictly relates to rabbit fluff. All down her face and back, she has brown tabby markings that seem to fade off into a swirling madness of beautiful and love. Her underbelly, and a spot above her left eye, are creamy and delightful, mixing with the brown like how the ocean swirls with its almighty waves. Born to a loner, Clatterkit was not wanted and given to SunClan as a prize of death. She was very weak, hadn?t been fed, and wasn?t breathing properly. She still had trouble breathing to this day. Now, growing up, she formed some bad habits by sneaking off with others who had a bad set of skills beneath their fur. She falls in love rather easy, jumping around and around - hoping to find the right tom-cat for her. She also has trouble falling out of love, so an obsession takes over. And one by one, and bashes Toms into submission under her paws of cupid?s Love. Now, she also tends to fake being afraid, which basically means it?s hard to know when she?s actually afraid. This gets her out of a lot, but the toll of lying built up later in her life, leaving her clanmates to not believe her when she?s actually afraid. Daughter to a loner. 
(Inky: March 31, 2018)


The oldest daughter of Midnightsphinx and Snakerain, this she-cat keeps the family pride in their heritage. Bearing an egyptian name that is tradition on his father?s side of the family, Bastet lives up to the meaning of her name. This beautiful black bengal has gold highlights around the her eyes, giving little highlights into her egyptian heritage with their design. Named after Bastet, the goddess of protection, she lives up to that title. Much like her father, she puts her family protection above that of anything else, but lives to serve SunClan with her life. And with this fact, it is found that Bastet is nearly an exact copy of her father?s personality - very serious, very strong, very independent, and very determined to show her worth. The she-cat holds no meaning of the word shy - speaking up when she shouldn?t and telling what she has on her mind without hesitation, and of course, being extremely blunt. Her blue eyes are icy like her fathers, which demand respect despite the fact of her age. Bastet is extremely prideful of her egyptian heritage, and will carry it on till death. Bastet is the daughter of Midnightsphinx and Snakerain. 
(PalletEclipse: April 2, 2018)

Mireshade, the son of Snakerain and Midnightsphynx, is a pitch black tom with light, murky green eyes. A cold, calculating, often ignorant and overconfident tom, Mireshade always seems to be picking some sort of verbal quarrel, disputing the opinions of others and spewing 'logic' as a way of putting them down. Mire lives in contradiction - whatever story benefits him best is the one he tells, even if it's precisely opposite of the truth, or the story once told. Mireshade has an odd system of relationships with others - he doesn't appear externally too close to anyway, as these bonds manifest in accomplishment and work - those he is closest to are often the ones he fights with the most, yet works best with in a team due to these fights to keep the air clear. With a strong, solid build, Mire excels as a warrior, but falls rather short as a hunter of SunClan. 
(River: April 3, 2018)

Sagehollow, daughter of Snakerain and Midnightsphynx, is a white she-cat, with patches of grey tabby pelting across her back, tail, neck, head, and face, where she harbours two hazel-green eyes. Sagehollow is the model of a SunClanner - with a slim, lithe form built for speed, and a group minded, cautious, and dedicated spirit, she has always felt at home within her clan. Sage has a diplomatic tongue, lending well to difficult situations where escalating to violence is less than desired. However, if violence is necessary, Sage has the will to train hard enough to hold her own in a fight, even if she is much more predisposed to hunting. Sagehollow is generally a rather kind and cheerful cat, always looking for someone to talk to and new friends to form close bonds with. 
(River: April 3, 2018)

Heatherpool is a small but proportional light gray/lilac tabby she-cat with pastel blue eyes. Though her entire aesthetic is ghost-like and frail, she has dramatic black tear-marks that streak her face and outline her muzzle, giving her the appearance of a cat in grief. She has mittens on her front paws, socks on her back ones, and a white chest and tail-tip. Heatherpool has a sweet and nurturing temperament with a tendency towards drama, but falls short almost everywhere it takes to be a warrior. She is the daughter of Snakerain and Midnightsphinx.
(Kamira: April 3, 2018)

Named after the Egyptian god of the underworld for the warm red and tan hues of his pelt- Osiris is a very large tom, tall, broad and well muscled with strong handsome features. His eyes are the most striking of blues, a bright color that one could compare to a cloudless sky. His short thick pelt is a warm tan color that is a bit darker on his head, ears, neck, chest, and belly fur. Rusty red tigerish stripes show on his back and legs while his tail consists of rings and a tip of the same rusty color. A milky alabaster blots his chest and chin, and his eyes are rimmed with dark red markings that clash with the striking blue palor of his irises, due to his egyptain heritage. Osiris is proud of both of his large family and his heritage which manifests in his protective nature when it comes to those he shares blood with. This tan tom sometimes be a bit harsh, but he is strong, corageous and outspoken. He never acts with out thinking things through, and often says that the mind is a cats greatest weapon, though his battle skill are nothing to sniff at. He can also be a bit of a jokester, and is very loving but this side of him is not an easy one to bring out of him as he only shows it to those closest to him and is usually very reserved twords strangers. He is the proud first born of Midnightsphinx and Snakerain. 
(Sandrunner: April 3, 2018)

As his name represents a deity of ancient Egypt, preferably known as Set, a god whom controls with such brutality of disorder, covetousness and violence--Setekh himself seems to emulate these as his traits, apart of his demeanor. The likelihood of a verbal or physical dispute conjuring as a result of him is considerably high as he adores attention directed to himself and has a tendency of being envious of others to a very great extent. Despite his attractive looks--a brawny physique, a solid black pelt with gold-tinted swirls adorning his fur, along with narrowed, olive-hued irises--his said personality merely mars his good looks. Son of Snakerain and Midnightsphinx.
(L: April 4, 2018)

Deathwish is a thin, pitch black she-cat with eerie blue eyes. She is a cat of few words and prefers to just observe from a distance. She rarely sleeps in the camp but always returns before dawn and ignores any questions asked about where she had been all night. She enjoys lying in the sun where there is no one to disturb her and mainly hunts alone. Though she has very few friends and her personality makes her hard to approach, she is loyal and will always stand by her clan. She was brought to Sunclan as a kit when, in the depth of leaf-bare, she was found beside the dead body of her mother. She was raised by the Sunclan but feels as if she will never fit in due to being born outside of the clans. 
(Shadowstorm: April 9, 2018)

​Badgerpaw is a black and white tom, sleek and thin, able to fit in small places. After a fox attack badgerpaw was presumed dead, losing his mentor, his friends, and his sister, missing for a week before the bloody tom had dragged himself back into camp, though it was clear much was different. Badgerpaw blames himself every day for the attack, if only he had caught the scent earlier, if only he had been more attentive, he suffers terrible nightmares and during the night you can find him pacing the camp border, he tries his best and works his hardest ,not wanting to be a burden to the clan. 
Rank: Apprentice 
(Twitchkit: April 21, 2018)

​Twitchpaw is a white tom cat with yellow eyes, twitchpawwas brought into the clan by a sickly young queen who died soon after his birth, because of the complications twitchpaw was born with twisted bones and a crooked jaw, due to his defects, its presummed he wont become a warrior. Basic tasks like running, climbing and sometimes even walking. He tries to stay positive but he finds it easier to cut himself off from other cats, especially his rival, leechpaw. 
(Twitchkit: April 21, 2018)

Doeviridity is an adventure obsessed Ashera cat with the largest golden eyes. Some say if you look hard enough you can see the suns rays lining her pupil. Doe has a calm blonde pelt which are thatched with black splotches which are placed strategically around her golden meadow of a pelt. She's got a black nose and streak which goes up to between her eyes. As her name would suggest, she's quite naive and innocent. As much as she loves adventure and exploration, she can be quite oblivious, which tends to hold her back when she wants to be involved. She's a loud gal, which only adds to her interesting personality. 
(SweetSucculents: April 22, 2018)



As a kitten, Gentledaisy was very open and playful. But, when her mother died when she was near apprentice age, she went through a whole personality change. She took less time to play, and more time alone. Her demeanor became shy, and she talked to less cats overtime. Despite all this, she tries to stay happy. She?s very good around younger cats, especially ones who are having hard times in their life. It usually ends up with them liking her. With this big heart, it manages to get her into lots of trouble - surprisingly. She has a very nice motherly figure, and personality to get along with it. As for her coat, it is soft and downy, like kits fur. That?s one thing she got from her mother. Most of it is white, but covered by golden tabby markings on her back, paws, tail, and face. She has three mittens, and one sock that goes all the way up to her flank. Her eyes are a soft green color, and goes along with her pastel coat and aesthetic. Gentledaisy, when she is ready, would like to have a mate, along with kittens. It?s her number one goal, besides keeping the cats she loves safe. 
(Inky: December 3, 2017) 

Mothflame doesn?t like to think too much. She does what feels right in the moment and doesn?t dwell in regrets or possibilities. The Warrior Code has always slid off of her something like water on a duck, but that isn?t to say she?s a bad cat. In fact, quite the opposite. Mossflame is very compassionate and loyal to her clan, even if she?s never been known to follow rules to the letter. While this attitude can make her something of a black sheep in the think-before you leap SunClan, her instincts make her both an excellent hunter and fighter. Cats have even teased her for having a rabbit-brain for how well she can read them?not to mention her generally flighty nature. Mothflame is the daughter of Honeyflame and Briarwing, though she takes so strongly after her mother?s appearance it?s difficult to spot where her father came into the picture. She has a feminine, soft appearance, complemented by medium-length calico pelt and pale amber eyes. 
(Ember: September 6, 2017)

Night of Endless Dreams 
Night of Endless Dreams, or simply Night, is a pure black she-cat with bright gold eyes. She is the daughter of Long May He Reign and has a deep loyalty to her pride and clan. She is usually quiet and doesn't want to compete for her father's approval with any of her siblings. Though she prefers to remain neutral, she will not hesitate to react if she or her family is threatened. Night likes being in the company of her pride much more than the clans, but she still tries to fit in as best she can. She prefers to hunt with only her closest friends, as she feels she can trust them to back her up more if trouble should arise. She doesn't have the greatest battle skills, but she makes up for it in her well practiced hunting techniques. 
(Shadowstorm: December 12, 2017)



In many ways, Burdockbone is a perfect SunClanner: he?s cooperative, cautious, and traditionalist, with a wiry frame and long legs. He wasn?t born with any natural talent in hunting or particular speed, but through hard work he?s become a skilled hunter and can hold his own in a fight, though is by no means a spectacular fighter. Burdockbone is the son of Gentledaisy and Ternshore, making him a full-blooded SunClanner as well. Burdockbone has a short, sand-colored tabby pelt splashed with white markings across his chest, muzzle, and three of his paws. His eyes are an ordinary amber, complementing his generally ordinary appearance. However, he stands apart from his clan in a few key ways. He?s unusually interested in matters of StarClan and is fascinated by clan history, to the point that he voraciously searched for new stories even beyond his kithood and beyond the borders of his own clan. He?s also unusually accepting of outsiders and has a generally positive perception of the other clans, in place of the common SunClan suspicion of their neighbors. 
(Ember: April 17, 2018)

Macawscreech is a famously flamoboyant Sunclanner, with a tan pelt and white underbelly and tail-tip, coupled with amber eyes. This alone doesn't make him stand out- what he's known for is exploring borders and the territory to collect colorful feathers, and he's even willing to trade little favors for accessories. He seems shallow- and he likes to keep it that way, due to emotions being...fairly complicated for him. 
(Airmid: April 18, 2018)

Eaglestrike is an white and brown striped she-cat with brown eyes. She's a loner and tends to like to be by herself. She's not really close to any of her siblings or mother. 
(Spark: April 23, 2018)

Light brown tom in sunclan. Mean to others but protective of his sisters Eaglekit and Blossomkit. The oldest of the siblings he is slightly bigger than them. He is feisty and prone to fighting. 
(Hornetfrost: April 27, 2018)

Shadowtides is a slender, lean tom, the physical epitome of a SunClanner built for a life running in the moors. His pelt bears a siamese point pattern, fading from a medium grey out into darker hues of grey and a pitch black at its most extreme points around his face, paws, and tail. Shadow's eyes are a common sky blue. Shadowtides is an eternal optimist - he is cheerful and resilient, insisting that there's always something to look forward to in life. Shadow thrives on friendship and bonds - bonds which he'd defend with his life in an instant. Shadowtides isn't always the best with using his head - he acts on passion rather than logic, often out of a fierce desire to protect those he cares for. Because of this tendency, Shadow can be rather impulsive and reckless at times - all with the best of intentions. Shadowtides was abandoned as a nearly newborn kit in SunClan territory. In absurd luck, the SunClan warrior Nightrivers stumbled upon him, and adopted him as his own. 
(River: April 28, 2018)

Scorchwind is a slender firey ginger and brindled brown mixed she cat with white legs, a white underbelly, chest, neck, and muzzle. Her eyes are a bright sunflower yellow. She is as sweet and brave as her mother Honeydusk, and as noble and intense as her fatger Sandstar. She is very family oriented, and trusts her sister like no other. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: May 10, 2018) 

Driftrunner is a slender long legged she cat with a short tan tabby coat that is broken up by a few dramatic splashes of white across her flanks, chest, neck, and face. Driftrunner's eyes are a warm green, like new leaves in spring time. She is the daughter of Russetfall and Mothflame. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: May 10, 2018) 

In many ways Fen is like her mother: she?s pigheaded, determined, opinionated and unafraid to speak her mind. She also shares her mother?s calico pelt and amber eyes, but that?s where the resemblance ends. Fen is also arrogant, overly proud of her SunClan birth, judgmental, and unaccepting of outsiders. While she makes a great show of following SunClan?s ?others before yourself? values, she?s usually doing it out of vanity and to make a point of what a good SunClanner she is- in contrast, of course, to her less blatantly-acting clanmembers. To make the matter worse, Fen actually is unusually skilled in hunting, but expects everyone else to have the same natural ability. Fen was born to Mothflame, who was acting as a mother for Russetfall and Risingdawn. 
(Ember: May 10, 2018)