Warrior Cats
 of the Forest




Stallionstar, formerly Stallionheart, is a tall and lean tuxedo tom with heterochromia. He has one dark forest green eye and the other is a dark brown. He has a white tipped tail to go along with his tuxedo pattern and unique eyes. Stallionstar is strongly devoted to his family and friends, but most importantly the wellbeing of his clan. He likes order and may come off as strict when it comes to first impressions, but once a cat gets to know him better it's clear that he enjoys some fun and is a caring family man. Stallionstar's only downfall is really just his headstrong attitude. When he is devoted to something he strongly believes in he refuses to stand down. He is the mate of Batear, he and Batear had love at first sight, and he loves her to bits as well as all of his kits. Stallion tries his hardest to be the best leader he can be. He aims to be humble in most situations and aims to have a time of peace during his reign as leader of Moonclan. 

(Staghoove: May 28, 2017)


Tigerfield is a light ginger scottish fold with darker marbled tabby markings upon her fur. She has broad shoulder and huge flaming amber eyes that seem to scorch others. Even though the scottish fold breed is mainly laid out, Tigerfield is high strung and harsh. This makes her a reckoning force to be around, causing the others to not doubt her. The scottish fold, through her rough and prideful exterior, is actually sensible and wise. Every action she commits is based off of the sciences of pros and cons. Tigerfield relies on logic and expects every cat to be able to take care of the clan and each other, or as she says, " Iron sharpens Iron." Teamwork and depending on each other are essentail to the ginger cat's ideals, as it is the way to success. Even through her beliefs, Tigerfield can be seen as prideful, as she brags a lot. Getting underneath the large molly's skin is a heinous idea that should not be tested, as it will result in consequences for the certain cat. If her massive build doesn't put fear into her enemies, her strength in fighting will. While in battle, the she-cat has the strength of, what it seems like, two warriors. Abling her to dominate her opponents, and send them yowling away with their tails between their legs. With her massive build, keen fighting abilities, and sharp tongue, Tigerfield is not a cat you want after you. Even though all of it comes from a harsh past of betrayal and abandonment. After her father tried to brutally murder her mother for cheating on him, her mother abandoned the kit along the forest border to starve for the tension she cause between the couple. If it had not been for a fateful Moonclan patrol, Tigerfield would've been dead. After taken into the clan, she was harassed for her upcoming of a kittypet before clanlife, which lead to the bitterness in her personality. What no cat understands, is that Tigerfield doesn't want any others going through what she had to, and making sure the clan fits together as a whole, keeping eachother's backs in battle and daily life. After seeing through the she-cats rough layers, she makes a loyal clan member and will always be there for any cat that's in need of help. 
(DrownedInRed: July 9, 2017)

Medicine Cat

SoftSkin is hideous. A hairless Sphynx who hasn't grown into his own skin, SoftSkin has folds and wrinkles adorning his body. With large ears and no fur, SoftSkin is pretty awkward looking and pays the price for it socially. Knowing no females would ever love him, he has resigned himself to a loveless life and has accepted the role as medicine cat -sacrificing his chance for a love life so that another has the chance. Despite being a romantic who grows attached to any girls who show him kindness, SoftSkin refuses to accept he is loveable. SoftSkin gets his name not due to the physical properties of his skin, but rather his poor self-confidence and sensitive nature. Whereas someone with "tougher skin" would shrug off minor inconveniences, SoftSkin passively accepts them and allows them to fester inside him, crushing his already poor self-esteem. 
(LunarDrop: September 13, 2017)

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Twilightsniff is a tiny white cat with a black tail. Her eyes are emerald-green. She loves collecting stuff, making her good with organization. She will help any cat with a problem, no matter what clan. She tends to stare at people for too long, making them uncomfortable. That however, is a habit she can't get rid of. She is very nice and easy to approach. She can block anyone out if she wants to though. 
(Ruby: December 5, 2018)



Silversnow is a delicate cat. She?s quiet, but gets lonely easily. She can have some trouble understanding her own emotions and motivations for doing things, despite being the sort of hard-working, bound by the book cat that others wouldn't even think of analyzing. Silversnow is easily frustrated despite her hatred of conflict and can let these feelings boil inside of her for too long, fixating on one thing for a very long time. She doesn't like to take risks and can be easily frightened and manipulated. However, her kindness shows through in everything she does. She has compassion for all cats, even those her clan is supposed to be fighting. Silversnow is the daughter of Honeyflame and Mossbranch. She has her father?s sleek grey tabby pelt, and her mother's delicate build and pale blue eyes. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)

While Autumn-night is concerned with the feelings of others and intuitive about people, she likes to take her own path and can be stern with others. She is sensitive and has a well-developed value system, though not necessarily following The Code or her leader, she is well-respected for her perseverance in doing the right thing. She can trust her own instincts above all else, and can be stubborn and ignore the opinions of other people. She always believes she's right and pushes others to be the best they can be, caring very deeply about their wellbeing. She's not a very chatty cat, so when she does speak, her words carry weight. Autumn-night is the daughter of Honeyflame and Mossbranch and carries a calico pelt, a sturdy build, and a handsome face. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)

Crimsonsky is defined primarily by his arrogant streak-- feeling far above the law and nothing sort of invincible, he lives to expect special treatment from everyone around himself. He's loud and outgoing, but has a quick temper and will always be the first to spark and argument. Crimsonsky refuses to think of himself as anything but perfect, but can be easily overwhelmed by a troubling situation. Strangely, he also really enjoys the presence of other cats and likes to include them in his dare-devil schemes. In particular, he likes the presence of his night-and-day sisters Silversnow and Autumn-night. He loves being a MoonClanner and beyond that, being the son of a respected warrior and a deputy. He follows the code and is the first to charge into the battle, liking the chivalrous light it puts him in, but regardless of his intentions, his clanmates can't criticize his courage or his commitment to the clan. Crimsonsky is a handsome cat, with a deep tabby pelt and a broad face. His parents are Honeyflame and Mossbranch. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)

Leafbark is a quiet cat. He has a strong sense of purpose, and has a big heart for his family. At points he will have deep conflicts between his head and his heart, causing him to shut off himself from others. Eventually he will come back, but at first he is usually really quiet. Even though he is quiet and only responds when he is prompted, once he has close friends he will talk their ears off. Just ask his siblings. He has a strong dedication to his clan, and has a strong will like his mothers. If he hears something that he doesn't agree with and wants to voice an opinion, he will usually bring it up. Leafbark is the son of Honeyflame and Mossbranch. He has his mother's soft ginger pelt with a white muzzle and paws, broad shoulders, and his father's amber eyes. 
(PalletEclipse: June 12, 2017)


Foxfang is a fluffy ginger tabby tom with three white paws, and one orange one. He has vivid green eyes. His tail tip muzzle and belly are also white. He has a terrible temper, and is easily aggravated. He try's to act tough, but deep down inside, he wants nothing more than affirmation for his actions. He searches for it in everything, and it is one of his key weaknesses. He is the son of Mirrorfang and Flameheart.  

(Spirit:June 23, 2017)


Lionheart is a deep orange tabby tom with unusually long and fluffy fur growing in a mane around his neck. This stands out because it is darker than the rest of his fur, which is also very long. He has amber eyes that are like pools of fire. He is the son of Mirrorfang and Flameheart. 
(Spirit: June 23, 2017)


Nightfrost is a jet black male with yellow eyes. Stubborn, hates she-cats, prefers alone time. 

(Lakeripple: July 10, 2017)

Aloenight is a thickly built tom cat with fur that reminds cats of the clearest night sky and calm glassy green eyes the color of fresh dew on the grass in the morning . True to the prefix of his name, Aloenight has a certain quality about him that exudes comfort and healing. Most cats would believe him to be a medicine cat with the kind of aura he carries around himself. He talks in a warm deep rumble and has large paws that seem to vibrate the earth as he walks, making him a not so good hunter stealth-wise. His build is quite intimidating, being the large cat that he is, but he's truly a sweetheart. He's kind to all cats and has a unwavering patience with a soft spot for kits. You can usually find him playing with them and letting them climb all over his large body while he relaxes in the sun. Aloenight, although he loves helping others, is truly a slacker at heart. He'll try to go out on patrols but this always ends up with him laying in the sun or trying to explore different areas of the territory and enjoying nature, barely coming back with any prey. So ideally, border patrols are his best bet. The only reason he is good at fighting is because of his large size and endurance, but he mostly only fights for self-defense. He sees no reason for petty quarrels and drama that other cats seem to thrive on. He will talk to any cat no matter what their age or where they came from. His face always has a content constant smirk on it and he is never easily riled up. 
(Honeyy: July 20, 2017)


Privetshadow is a pretty, silk black, short-haired she-cat with dark brown ears and a charcoal nose. She has lovely yellow eyes with a ring of grass green as well as pin-sharp claws. However, the limp leg she used to have is no longer there, making her a three legged Warrior due to a fight with cougars. Privetshadow has always been a very spirited she-cat who loves to talk to everyone within the clan and tends to be mature, yet entertaining. She is known to have a slight temper when siblings in the clan argue and believes that they should be very lucky to have each other, unlike her sister, Mousepaw, who fell limp to a monster as she pushed Privetshadow away from it. Unfortunately that's when Privetshadow's leg became unusable to her any longer. Privetshadow was devastated for weeks, but her mentor was able to help place her mind somewhere else, such as in training or patrols, which seemed to help a little. Yet, she still longs for her sister to be with her and thinks about her often. Privetshadow fell in love with a tom named Ghostfang and eventually they had two kits, Dipperkit and Mousekit, but after Ghostfang's sister, Stillpool left, he left with her and Privetshadow allowed him to take the kits as a reminder of her. The black molly never would leave the clan. After that, Privetshadow became independent again, but her heart secretly longs for someone to love and care for again, although she won't admit it. 

(SpotTheCat: August 1, 2017)

Dutchflag is a long haired silver tom with darker grey classic tabby markings, and a white mouth and under belly. His eyes are a jade green. Dutchflag was a quiet, timid kit growing up, but after some time away from MoonClan to explore what else there was in their small world, he has returned to see his brother Reichstag as a more confident, yet still humble, tom. He is very affectionate and caring, but knows when he needs to worry less about others and take care of himself. Son of Reichstag and Raidsiren. 
(Kingfish: March 12, 2017)

Orange Tom with white streaks going through his fur and dark blue eyes. A very outgoing cat Hoshi likes to take on any challenge. When he joins moonclan he keeps his name Hoshi because it means star. 
(Lakeripple: July 31, 2017)

Spottedtone is a loyal happy warrior. He is a gray and brown tabby with a white ear. He grew up with Lashingstorm and has grown fond of her. They love to hunt together. He is a calm, gentle, caring cat. His eyes are yelllow like the sun and he loves to gossip. 
(Ruby: August 9, 2017)

Black tom with one gray paw, green eyes and a missing left ear. Nightmarehowl is very ambitious and loves to fight. he doesn't like kits but warm up to them over time, he makes trouble with the apprentices by blaming what he did wrong on them. he is short tempered at times and believes in himself as a warrior.
(Reaper: August 17, 2017)

A silver cat with yellow eyes. Swift tom, good hunter, he has no brothers or sisters. 
(Python: August 26, 2017)

A white tom with a single black spot on his left ear, green eyes. Sees himself as leader, jerkish at times. 
(Lakeripple: August 28, 2017)


Daggerstripe is a medium ginger-grey tom with deep black tabby stripes cutting neatly through his fur, with a distinctive black marking on his chin. His eyes are a charming yellow. He is similar to his father with a brave and charming nature, always looking for someone to have fun with, but very similar to his mother, he has a gentle and caring nature. He also loves kittens, hoping to one day have his own, that is, if he can settle down with the right she-cat. Son of Mamelukefang and Rosenettle
(Kingfish: August 28, 2017)

Fallowbuck is a large, and very muscular, light brown Manx with a buff underside and white spots all over his back. He has dark, amber eyes. He is bold and charismatic, the opposite of his sister, Fallowbuck prefers battle over hunting, he loves the thrill of battle. Fallowbuck chares one thing in common with his sister, he enjoys being in her company, the pair have been close since kithood, and remain that way. Fallowbuck and his sister, Whitedoe are the result of a short-time relationship between Staghoove and an unknown she-cat. 
(Staghoove: August 30, 2017)

River is a slightly smaller than average tom. This is due to his mother being a munchkin cat. He has his father's black classic tabby swirl, though his pelt is more of a sandy-gray color. His eyes are a vibrant green, full of mischief. River often wears a charming smile, it matches his too cool attitude. He has a nick in his left ear and a scar under his right eye. His eyes are outlined in cream colored fur. River is a very silver tongued cat. He is full of ambitious, and fearless. He always tries to prove that just because he is smaller than most, he is every bit as fierce. He doesn't let his size stop him. River trains relentlessly for battle, always asking large cats to train with him so he can practice taking down a larger enemy. It pays off for the most part. River loves his family very much and will do anything to protect them. Them, and their close family friends Loomingshadow and Speckledpool. He knows of his DawnClan origins, even though it is now known as EarthClan after it merged with NightClan. But he is loyal to MoonClan and only MoonClan. He is the brother of Reedfox and the son of Prairieowl and Knightheart. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: September 10, 2017)

Shila is a pretty snowshoe she-cat with crystal blue eyes. She looks very prim and proper on the outside and has a sophisticated air about her. She is very confident and never breaks stride as she makes her way through life by deceiving others and toying with their emotions. She isn't afraid to get her paws dirty and almost never lets up when she has a grudge against someone. Shila seems very outgoing and friendly but will turn against you in a split second if it will benefit her. She is very observant and a good judge of character and can also tell, most of the time, wether a cat is telling the truth or not. Her pretty features have made many tons fall for her, but she turns them all away, sometimes gracefully, sometimes bluntly, she doesn't really want to get engaged in any relationships for a good long while. 
(Shadowstorm: December 22, 2017)

Timberclaw is a light chocolate point siamese with blue eyes. This tom has strong body structure, his face constructed of strong cheek bones and broad shoulders. Timberclaw may come off as cranky and persistant, but on the inside, he is a kind tom. Timberclaw is a heart throb and likes to flirt, but on the inside he just wants a lady to keep and help. 
(DrownedInRed: December 25, 2017)

Quietstep is a coal-black cat with glaring yellow eyes that are easily seen in the dark. Quietstep has always had a lot to say, but not much of a way to say it. Quietstep was born mute. No one knew why, even the medicine cats. StarClan never sent any sign as to why she was chosen to have such a terrible fate. She lives with it though. Her eyes and face are quite adept at expressing her emotions, and thus she very much wears her emotions where anyone can see them. It helps when it comes to her interacting with others. Even with her condition, Quietstep forces herself to be outgoing. She often attempts to show off her abilities, and she always has some energy whenever she needs it. In all reality, she sometimes finds herself running away from the loneliness she sometimes feels on the inside. Even when she has friends to be with, she can never truly speak her mind. However, she never gets herself down, usually internalizing any negative feelings. She doesn't have incredible natural talent in hunting or fighting, but her hard work over the moons has allowed her to be above average in both categories. Something she's never been able to express is her slight lack of belief in StarClan. She's never been sure of their existence, mostly because of her lifelong bitterness about why she is the way she is. It would take a lot for another cat to figure this out though, so she's been through life with little argument over the subject. 
(Castle: December 27, 2017)


Black American bobtail and brown eyes. Hates almost anything, always wants to fight. 
(Lakeripple: September 21, 2017)

Jet black Tom with amber eyes. Blackdawn is not much of a talker but he'll talk with you anyway, he isn't much to look at since their are other cats with black fur like him so he looks average. Blackpaw has side he would like to keep hidden. 
(Reaper: August 26, 2017)

Stormheart is a ginger tom with dark tabby markings, black tail tip and tips of ears, and yellow eyes. He is reserved and keeps mostly to himself and doesn't make friends easily. He is socially awkward and if he is hurt he hides in his "shell" and doesn't come out for a while. Son Wolfdaze and Leafbark. 
(Shadowstorm: September 29, 2017)

Cloverwolf has a thick, medium haired, pristine white pelt and stunning green eyes. Clover is very intimidating and alluring with her gorgeous looks, she is also very manipulative and sly. Cloverwolf may appear serious but she is always ready to have fun, taking after her mother, she loves climbing trees and is a total pro at it. She strives to be friendly with everyone as she is a very social feline. She also takes after her mother with her unusually long and puffy tail. Daughter of Wolfdaze and Leafbark. 
(Staghoove: September 30, 2017)

Bunnyhop is a very quiet, and shy kit. She's a mommy's girl and gets extremely anxious when she isn't close enough to see or smell. While Bunnyhop is a very happy kit, she tends to shy off on her own, and isn't all that into playing. She really likes to run and jump though, and tries to get all over camp, and all over the trees and bushes of MoonClan. Bunnyhop is a light brown kit with almost darker siamese markings, and lovely blue eyes. Bunnyhop is the daughter of Leafbark and Wolfdaze. 
(PalletEclipse: September 30, 2017)

Bubbledance has always been very energetic, playful, and hyper. She loves to talk, and though her voice is very high pitched and energetic, she talks really quickly, and tries to fit as much as she can into one sentence. She can almost always be found bouncing around, trying to make as many friends as possible. Though when a cat talks bad about her, or anything she does, she becomes really quiet, and basically shuts herself off as a disappointment. Her pelt is dark grey like her fathers, and she has light brown socks, muzzle, and tail tip. Her eyes are a gorgeous blue. Bubbledance is the daughter of Lustereyes and Owlchirp. 
(PalletEclipse: September 10, 2017)

Since he was a kit, Bearfang has been extremely fluffy, much like both of his parents. Along with his fluffy pelt, he has large paws, and a large muscular build, much following the build of his father, and has piercing light brown eyes. His coat is a mixture of black and browns, with white paws and a white chest and muzzle, and his tail is pure black. Bearfang is very adventureous, and tries to get to places he shouldn't be, much to his mother's dislike. He always tries his best for his clan, regardless of his parent's forbidden relationship, and has always tried to prove his worth. Bearfang is the son of Lustereyes and Owlchirp. 
(PalletEclipse: August 21, 2017)

Northhaze is large and fluffy like the rest of his family. He's more of a gentle giant despite his muscular build. He always allows Bearkit to get into what he wants to and allows him to drag him on his little adventures because secretly he wishes that he was brave enough to do it. He wouldn't attract much attention to himself if it wasn't for his amazing fighting abilities. He loves getting into playfights with his brother. He's a mixture of his parents, with his mothers cream pelt and lighter ivory chest fur and paws and face markings but his markings are darker like his father's pelt color. He has stunningly bright blue eyes. He is the son of Owlchirp and Lustereyes 
(Honeyy: August 21, 2017)

Whindwhistle is a sarcastic yet cool-headed beautiful she-cat with a clever tongue and a quick wit. She has frequent mood swings at times that can range from super playful to withdrawn and brooding. She's very prissy and can come off as smart-alek and snappy. Daughter of Lustereyes and Owlchirp 
(Honeyy: September 10, 2017)

Being the first of the duo to open his eyes, Ghostfang wandered out of the Nursery when he was barely able to walk. This scared his mother half to death, so his father decided to name him Ghostkit. He is a long legged, lean bodied tom. Agile and nimble, his tall legs carry him quickly and stealthily throughout the forest. He excels in climbing and his long tail helps him keep his balance. Ghostfang's pelt is mostly a sleek white, with faded brown spots decorating the lower half of his body and darker brown stripes zig-zagging up his front legs and back legs. He is almost a spitting image of his father, but a little more bulkier due to his Norwegian Forest Cat genes. Good-looking and charismatic, Ghostfang is always smirking or grinning. This reveals his unusually long incisors, so long that they slightly show under his lips, intimidating but also intriguing any cat around him. He is able to join any conversation if he wished, and isn't afraid to start a conversation with a random cat he doesn't know. Ghostfang, due to his muscular build, can hold up in battle fairly well. He will use his opponents strength against them, and with his high endurance level and determination to be better than others, he can last much longer in battle than most. He is fiercely loyal and will defend his clan with tooth and claw. Only his sister comes before the clan. He is completely devoted to being his sister's keeper. Much to Stillpool's annoyance, wherever she is, it's almost given that Ghostfang is close. 
(Honeyy: May 3, 2017)

Although she seems very feminine, sweet, and honest, she is anything but. Being the exact opposite of her brother, Stillpool has an icy personality, sharp tongue and sharp clawed she will dominate even those stronger than her. Her greatest strength is her mind, witty and sarcastic, this she cat thinks things through. She is logical though a bit irrational at times. She does not express her emotions openly, but does experience deep feelings that she tries to repress. She constantly complains about how Ghostfang tries to protect her, insisting that she does not need to be protected. Stillpool stole a little bit of everything from both her parents, while Ghostfang resembles their father more. Her pelt is mainly a feathery white. Dark chocolate inherited from her father frames the round face she gets from her mother. Her face is devided by soft gingers to striking browns then immediately gets darker as it reaches the tips of her ears. Both ears are coated in a dark chocolate color. All four paws are snow-white but dark stripes criss cross up to the middle of her leg in sort of a "leg warmer" with faded brown around the stripes. Her tail also goes from this faded brown to a chocolate-y color as it reaches the tip. She also inherits her blue eyes from her father, although hers is a more metallic silvery blue washed with her mother's amber. She is a beautiful cat but hates having it pointed out, and of all things, never EVER call her "sweetheart." 
(Honeyy: May 3, 2017)

Brown tabby with white paws, belly, and muzzle, and green eyes. Doesn't talk much, if she is talking its only when out doing whatever job she was assigned to do. If she wasn't assigned anything, she can be found out about in the territory either hunting and enjoying being alone, or sitting in camp watching all the other cats around her. She doesnt have many friends, likely because she is very shy. She is very mysterious because she never opens up to anyone about anything. However, if one would take the time to become her friend and spend the time with her, they would realize she is totally different then she seems. She can be very silly and playful and happy if she lets herself. 
(Weirdo101: September 30, 2017)

Acornwhisp is a grey Maine Coon with gold eyes. She was born in a small den east of the Two-leg place after her parents were killed by foxes and they accidentally missed her stuffed under a pile of leaves. She loves to listen to the sounds of frogs and droplets of water in the forest. She isn't considered a very brave cat considering her size. Her favorite things to eat are voles and mice. She likes to have fun and mess with people and likes to "Gently" key word GENTLY wrestle kits only using her paw. 
(ImaTootle: October 2, 2017)

Duskwatcher has all of his father, Stonestory?s, obstinance, but none of his charisma. Ever since kithood, he?s been quick to criticize and complain, but slow to actually act, and even slower to back up his words or put himself in any sort of danger. He has no skill with social nuance, but instead of recognizing his own mistakes, Duskwatcher will just go on about how thin his clanmates? skin is. He?s large and intimidating, with a ragged warm-gray pelt and amber eyes, and has the build of a brawler, and might have been a formidable fighter if he had the inclination for it. Instead, Duskwatcher spends his time about the camp, both creating and spreading rumors to pass his time. Under this rough exterior hide his own demons, including a desperate fear that he isn?t worthy of others? love and a deep sense of not belonging in MoonClan. 

Mottledmink is a massive, fluffy, shelburne buff colored she-cat with a cream colored underbelly, legs, and muzzle, the underside of her tail is also a pretty cream color. She has spots around her eyes that are a light brown, both of her long ears are this color as well as the fuzzy tufts of fur on the tips of her ears. Mottledmink has stunning ice blue eyes which leave those she passes in awe. She is a cold cat, she enjoys getting into other cat?s heads and watching the fear and insanity show in their eyes. Mottledmink is quite a tomboy, and ladylike would be the last word to describe her. Daughter of StoneStory and Dewgaze.

(Shadowstorm: October 3, 2017)

Pearstorm has always been a bit of an odd pelted tom. He is a dilute calico, Ragdoll mix, which is not very common in the breeds of cats, especially toms, but Pearstorm has no real issues. He is a rather fluffy furred tom with a mix of grays and pale ginger tan. Pearstorm has light brown eyes with green flecks that stand out very well from his light colored pelt, and has black stripes running along the sides of his muzzle as well as a charcoal nose. The tip of his fluffy tail is a stone colored grey, along with his chest, neck, stomach, legs, and inside of his ears. He also has silver tufts on his ears. Pearstorm has always been rather skittish around older cats, but an excellent listener when it comes to taking on orders. He wishes that his parents would accept him and that they could have a happy family, for he's taken notice of the mothers and fathers of other kits, and strives for this to happen. Although he may seem skittish at times, once you get to know him, Pearstorm is honestly a gentleman and works hard to fight in what he believes in. Not to mention, Pearstorm is a fantastic fighter. Son of Stonestory and Dewgaze. 
(SpotTheCat: October 3, 2017)

Dutchdraft is a tuxedo tom with the exact looks of his father except he has a fluffy coat rather than his father?s sleeker, shorter fur. Dutchdraft also takes after his father having heterochromia, he has one brown eye and one forest green eye. Dutchdraft has a very similar personality as his father, friendly, outgoing, headstrong and he is immensely devoted and loyal to his clan. Son of Stallionheart and Batear. 
(Staghoove: October 3, 2017)

Kazarian is an interesting tom, seeming to be a mysterious jack of all trades with an unknown past. Kazarian(or Kaz to his 'friends') is a rare Selkirk Rex mixed feline, as he has short curly fur, with a long narrow muzzle making him odd yet undeniably handsome. This curly furred tom is a wiry average height tom, with dark blonde fur that shines with tinges of copper in the sun. He has one white right leg, a splash of white on the left side of his face, another on the right side of his muzzle, and still another on his chest. His eyes are a striking blue green, but even more interesting than his looks is his ability in battle. Kazarian grew up fighting nearly every day of his life for every breath of his existance. His fighting prowress is almost unmatched though you wouldn't know it by looking at this strange wiry tom. His personallity ranges from lazy and laid back, to snarky and witty, mysterious and dark, and rarely still to warm and tender. Kazarian rarely talks about his past remaining tight lipped about his dark secretes, though his tattered left ear and neck scars can raise eyebrows and questions. Kaz isn't one to warm up to people quickly, but when he finally does it's always worth it. You couldn't have a more loyal warrior, a truer friend, or a more loving mate despite his clan-mates doubts about him. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: September 30, 2017) 

Amberfern is a soft chocolate and mocha colored tortoiseshell with dark chocolate colored fur on her muzzle, chest, legs and ears. Toes on her front left and back right are cream colored, while her toes on her other paws are black. 
(Silverwind: August 23, 2017)

Cinder is a very large tom, being that he is both part Maine Coon, on his father's side, and part Norwegian Forest cat, on his mother's. He has a solid Charcoal pelt that is slightly paler around his neck; this fur forms a sort of mane around his neck and down his chest. His paws are very large and his claws are proportional to his paws, meaning he has very long claws that he can use if he needs to. His eyes are pale green with flecks of amber edging his irises. Son of Kaiserstar and Sacred. 
(Silverwind: June 14, 2017)

Sagebelly has the characteristics of a Japanese Bobtail breed, with his oddly small tail to the plain color of his fur; an even mix of light grey and a dusty brown. Something that immediately catches your attention is the tenebrous hue of his two olive green eyes; they glimmer with maturity. His muzzle is splashed with a bright, vivid white compared to the dull color of his pelt and continues down from his neck to his belly. A murky color of greyish-brown leaves a line running along his slightly crooked spine, which was caused by an incident of falling from a tree. All four of his legs are lightly toned a darker shade of brown, along with white splotches decorating his toes. He seems like a reserved, almost taciturn cat but with a little hard work and motivation, his walls can break. His history resides in Moonclan; he was born in Moonclan, he was raised in Moonclan, he became a warrior in Moonclan, mostly everything normal happened in Moonclan. Because of his life being bland, nothing is thrilling anymore. He expects the very least of things and is not very optimistic. 
(HarmlessPoison: October 22, 2017)

Featherstep is a long-haired, thick-set grey tabby maine coon. She has bright orange eyes and her fur is a light gray classic tabby pattern overlaying a dark gray that lightens to her almost white belly. She is very practical in her thinking but tries to ignore this side of her in favor of compassion. She loves her clan dearly but thinks they are too open to outsiders. Born to Littleclaw and an unknown father, she was born and raised within the clan in a litter that included her much smaller sister, Galepaw, who failed to thrive as a kit and as an effect was a very tiny cat like Littleclaw. Galepaw continued to decline well into her apprenticeship before passing the week after Featherstep's warrior ceremony. 
(Kamira: August 24, 2017)

CorianderBlossom is a pure black cat with red spots. She was a quiet kit, rarely heard. As an apprentice she became rather determined to be the best, and this trait has carried on as she became a warrior. She has undying loyalty to her clan. She follows the rules of the warrior code carefully and precisely, and obeys the commands of those of higher rank than herself. CorianderBlossom loves to hunt and prides herself on bringing back prey for the clan. 
(Hornetfeather: November 2, 2017)


Owlheart is a mostly dark orange, almost red tom who's tabby markings are even darker. His pelt almost appears to be dappled in certain lights, and he has brown eyes. He his named after a cat his father once knew. He is the son of Flameheart and Mirrorfang. 
(Spirit: November 11, 2017) 

Whisperingmeadow is a beautiful lilac point Siamese. Whisperingmeadow's voice is soothing a sweet but she can be harsh when needed. Her mother was killed by two-legs as well as her father.Her sister when insane soon after their deaths and wandered off into the unexplored parts of the city leaving the lilac point behind.After her sister's disappearance Whisperingmeadow started off towards the forest so stumbling into Moonclan. 
(Snowybreezes: November 26, 2017)


Brown with black stripes and yellow eyes. 
(Python: August 26, 2017)

Dipperpaw has stolen almost all of his fathers looks down to the build of his body, his long tail, handsome face, and sharp prominent fangs. The only thing that differs from the two is the mixes of blacks and greys that swirl about Dipperkit's body. Taking the colors from his mother, Dipperkit is a fairly good looking charcoal bengal with strikingly pale yellow eyes flecked with a deeper amber. Observational, sharp-witted and calculating, Dipper strives to get the respect from cats much older than him. He's not good at talking to other cats but is confident in himself and his abilities. After leaving his his birth clan with his father and his sister, he was the one that convinced his father to come back to his mother after he had gone into a deep depression. He's the son of Privetshadow and Ghostfang.
(Honeyy: September 11, 2017)


Mousesoul is a white she-cat with a mix of both her mother and father's pelt, making her have straight, but curly-ish fur. She has small brown spots like Ghostfang, as well as some large brown patches. Like her father, she gains his white pelt with zig-zags across her front legs. Yet, Mousesoul has a bit of her mother shown on her pelt, with a black streak on her tail, black paws, and black tips on her dark brown ears. The pretty molly has a cherry-pink nose as well as minty green eyes that have a slight metallic tint. Mousesoul is very family orientated and isn't much of a fighter, but she would do anything to be with her family. She can be quite skeptical of newcomers and it takes a lot to get close to her, but she can be adventurous, timid, polite, and an absolute sweetheart to the maximum. At times, she likes to get her brother in trouble, but only when he does something to annoy her. Did I mention that Mousesoul is a daddy's girl? Oh, that she is. When leaving her birth clan, the only connection she really had with anyone there was her mother, so although she missed her, the brown and white molly moved on. That was until her excitement grew of coming back. Sister of Dipperpaw. Daughter of Privetshadow and Ghostfang. 
(SpotTheCat: September 11, 2017)



Singingjay is a pure grey she-cat with very faint black stripes on her back and white-tipped, fluffy tail. Her eyes stand far out from her pelt, and much like her father's, are a brilliant cerulean blue that show great fiery determination within them, along with curiosity. She also has a rather lithe frame, covered in long, thick fur as well as a charcoal nose. Singingjay holds a sense of innocence and a kind smile to those around her. She loves to talk about the most random things and learn just about everything there that she possibly can. Singingjay has also been told to have a lovely singing voice, and often hums while doing her work a little, but other than that is usually found talking. She is very girly and sweet, and is very family orientated, but she loves to make both of her parents proud. That means that she can be a bit of an attention hog, but tries to do it in the best way possible and hates to see when other cats are left out. Little sister of Kaiser II, Cinder, Jaggedbasil, and Glacierfreeze. Daughter of Sacredlotus and Kaiserstar. 

(SpotTheCat: August 14, 2017)

Soft hues of tan and grey cover the face, back, shoulders, and tail of this beautiful white she-cat. Her clear blue eyes sit comfortably in her soft pristine face, watching lovingly over the woods she has lived in for so long. Though below her clear blue eyes a thin scar stretches from her nose, created from a battle in her apprenticehood that leaves a memory showing that her soft innocence was long lost. Morningdove, though her delicate frame, stands strong among her clanmates. Yet there's something alluring, almost incomprehensible, about her, perhaps her want for justice, or her rather fortunate past. But nonetheless, she tends to be easily sociable, and often leaves other cats wanting to know more about her. 

Hollow is a ginger she-cat with black stripes on her tail and a large scar a cross her eye as well as a limp leg.Dispite these wounds Hollow is still kind and has a good heart.Hollowfeather likes being around she-cats more than toms and is very flirty when it comes to toms. 
(Snowybreezes: November 22, 2017)


Rosenettle is a light ginger based she cat with darker ginger tabby markings, underbelly, and feet, while having amber eyes. Despite her beautiful looks, Rosenettle is insecure and prefers being alone. She's quite and clever, but can have a really bad temper if angered. Rosenettle has trust issues and won't let anyone close to her other than her family. 
(DrownedInRed: November 8, 2018)


Female Running through unfamiliar land, Honey slipped and fell a short ways, hitting her head roughly against hard stone. When she came to, she held no memory of her past, where she came from, or who she was. She holds a bright perspective on life, despite the hard hand she was dealt. Battling to remember her past, she must raise a kit whose father she can?t remember, and learn to adapt to a world she isn?t sure how to live in. Her pelt is a light cream, almost white, with slightly darker cream blending up from her legs, nose, ears, and fluffy tail. Her eyes are a pale blue, and her nose a soft pink. Her fur is fluffy and fairly long.



Wolfdaze is a jet black and fluffy cat with bold yellow eyes. She can be awful sneaky and playful and is always down for a good challenge, she may lose sometimes but be warned, she will kick any cats tail at tree climbing. She is the loving mate of Leafbark and caring mother to many little ones. 


A cream based she-cat that fades to a dark brown down her limbs and a dark underbelly with a brown face mask. She has brown eyes and is a kit to Dewgaze and StoneStory. Orchard's personality is a sweet and loving she-cat, she loves flowers and the sunset. She always tries to look on the positive aspect of life. This can make her hard to mentor since she takes time to notice the little details and often wanders off. 
(DrownedInRed: October 3, 2017)



Bunnystep is kind and caring, but extremely shy and easily distracted by shiny things. She is mostly found hanging around in her own lala land or with the medicine cat helping them about. She is a brown-tan she-cat with green eyes. Her history is that she used to be with another clan, but everyone had forgotten the name overtime, and called it by it's new name, Earthclan. But when she was almost an apprentice, her parents made it so that it looked as though she had been killed, when she in fact was taken to Moonclan. Reason for such things? Her parents were close to dying, due to illness that they called whitecough. That was all they told her as she was sent to live with Moonclan.

(DreamLotus: November 24, 2017)



Terrastain, known to most as Terra, is a golden Abyssinian with light brown streaks. Her eyes are copper colored with small flecks of green. Her body shape is slender and fine-boned, making her out to be about a medium-sized cat. Her legs are long in proportion to her graceful body with small, oval shaped paws that are dipped in white. She has the trademark 'M' shape on her forehead in a darker brown. However, she does NOT have front claws. This is fairly obvious when she's fighting, which is why she doesn't do it much. She has her own tactics for hunting because she believes that she can be useful, even without foreclaws. Terrastain is known to be sassy, being defensive of her own accomplishments and giving friends attitude when prompted. No amount of yelling and accusations can beat down her stubborn nature. However, she will not stand for being overlooked and is clever and strong enough to do something about it. Despite this, Terrastain is an encouraging friend; kind to all even when someone makes an error, no matter what the say or do, she maintains a friendship. Terrastain is the firstborn daughter to Malu and Kotakket, sister of Stormi.

(Kixatanilopay: August 21, 2017)



Ashfire's ambition burns bright like a fire. The desire that haunts him is power, not of a warrior but of a leader. All his life there has been someone ahead of him, and he is ready to take the lead. In fights he is vicious and ruthless, blinded by dreams of becoming leader. But when you really get to know him he is not so bad with a mind based more on peace than brutality and his hunger for power is because he feels there is always a way to make something better and feels he knows it. Ashfire is a Havana Brown cat with a greenish yellow color to his eyes he is a black with a brown tint to his fur he is slim,strong,and fast with very long legs.

(Ashfeather: March 6, 2018)



Mangledfeather is a pretty she-cat, if you can get past her scars and her missing eye and paw. Both presents from a gang of starving foxes when she was only a new apprentice. Despite her handicaps, shes fairly well balanced since she had to get use to them in order to be a warrior. Mangledfeather is blunt, but a kind she-cat, shes seen true hardships and believes that others need to understand not everything is perfect or will go their way. She enjoys conversing with others and laying out in the sun. Mangledfeather is an brown tabby norwegian forest cat. Her right eye is a pretty brown while her other eye is scared over and missing. Along with her missing eye her front right paw is gone leaving only a stub. Along her pelt are scars of fox bite and claw wounds.

(Lav: December 10, 2017)

Softlullaby is the sister of Silentwhisper though she doubts they have the same father. She is a chocolate-point cream siamese with a bobbed tail and a small head. Though she loves her brother, she feels they've drifted after the death of his beloved and wants desperately to become close again. She is a tart and honest cat and has trouble holding her tongue in obvious situations, but makes up for her barbed tongue by always attempting to acknowledge her blunt words with an apology. Especially now that she's in the queen's den with kits that she can't tell of a father, this comes in handy as she is slowly ostracized from the clan.
(Kamira: August 26, 2017)

Warwolf is a maniacal sociopath with dark, fiery amber eyes. He is pure black with a dark brown underbelly, tail stripes and two dark brown bands on each wrist and ankle. Warwolf has an overbite and unusually long upper incisors, causing them to show even when his mouth is closed. Warwolf inherits long, sharp, menacing claws from his grandfather, Ghostwolf. He is an absolutely massive cat and has a stocky, muscular build. He gets his size from his father, a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat mix, which also leaves him with longer fur. Warwolf is headstrong and independent. He often expresses his dire hatred of others by baring his teeth, growling and raising his hackles when approached. Due to his massive stature and his immense rage he poses a threat to many creatures, especially rival cats and those who dare challenge him. He enjoys tormenting and striking fear into the hearts of others. Warwolf is incapable of making friends or even getting close to others, but if he gets used to a she-cat of his type, which is a dark, maniac-like cat like himself, he may consider becoming mates and possibly having kits, although if he ever does have kits they will not ever have a kind, loving father, rather a tough, uncaring, and cruel father, who would ignore them and would rather do nothing for them. Warwolf is an all around sadist that enjoys the clear, writhing pain of others as blood runs red from his paws. Son of Ghosthowl and a loner. 
(Staghoove: December 3, 2017)

Ashwind has a dusty, mottled grey pelt, highlighted with hints of a ginger tone, and warm, golden amber eyes. She has a rather slim, athletic build, and is slightly smaller than the average cat. As a newborn, Ashwind was abandoned in MoonClan territory, along with her sister, Dovesong. Due to the lack of a parental figure in her life, Ashwind naturally grew into an attention-seeking kit, though not in an obnoxious way; seeing as her sister was in the same situation, and thus a perfect standard for comparison, Ashwind strived to be better than the one she cared for more than anything - and in this desperate reach to be better than Dovesong, Ashwind quickly became very competitive with her sister, to the point where at times, she seemed downright rude and dismissive. When not around her sister, Ash's personality changes greatly - she is still highly motivated and competitive, though not in a rude or dismissive way. She is quite upbeat and witty in her remarks, and is rather daring and reckless, charging head first into risky situations without a moment's hesitation. 
(River: December 13, 2017)

Dovesong has a coat of grays and whites that mix to make her appear as if she is silver. She has pale amber eyes that appear almost yellow. Not long after she was born, Dovesong and her sister were left alone in Moonclan territory, with little to no sign as to why. She's always held the event within her, wondering on the inside whether it was her and her sister's fault that they were left alone. However, she's always internalized it, instead trying her hardest to gain the respect and attention of her Clanmates. To some, Dovesong can be a bit annoying , as she sometimes may seem stuck up or like a show off, but in all reality Dovesong can't help but act out. However, while Dovesong enjoys a competitive relationship with her sister, she's always worried that Ashwind might grow to be more renowned in the Clan, and so she tries hard to beat her sister in anything they do. This means that if one were to suggest the two of them as similar, she would bristle at the thought. When she's not around her sister, Dovesong can be a bit introverted, internalizing her issues and bottling it all up. This sometimes leads to her exploding at small things, contributing to her reputation as a bit of an attention-seeker. however, in the end, Dovesong just wants to be loved. 
(Castle: December 13, 2017)

Edelweissfield is a white she-cat with a black mask marking and nose and ginger splotches, bright and fiery like her mother's fur. Her normally rounded eyes are an emerald green like her mother's with vague hints of azure like her father's eyes that are only noticeable when she is ill or stressed. Edelweiss is a fairly reserved she-cat, mostly because she holds herself in such a high esteem. She makes quick judgments of character, deciding if they are worth her time and energy or not. If she does so decide someone is worth her attention, she is more easy-going and care-free. Unfortunately, this can lead to her being a little too open and can lead to her turning her friends into whipping posts if something particularly upsets her; she tries not to, and feels awful when she catches herself doing it. Daughter of Gingerheart and Reichstag. 
(Kingfish: December 18, 2017)

Redstag is a large ruddy-brown colored Manx with dark green eyes. He is much like his grandfather, Staghoove in being humble and talkative with others, he is very muscular and is an excellent hunter. Son of Cariboustep and a loner. 
(Staghoove: December 20, 2017)

Birchfox is a brownish gray tom with black overcoat, he has white paws, ears, muzzle and a white strip in the middle of his tail and green eyes. He is a fighter and spends most of his time practicing battle moves and preparing for any attack that might come. He is very serious about protecting his clan and helping them prepare, which makes it hard for him to have time for things like fun and friends. Though he is very ready for battle, he also cares deeply about his clan and always makes sure that the queens, kits, and elders are taken care of before himself. He isn't one to try and shirk his responsibility and gladly takes on any tasks that's given to him, wether it is great or small. He hates cats that just laze around when there's work to be done and tries his best to always make himself better than them, and never let himself reach the point when he is as low as them. Birchfox is the son of Cariboustep and a loner. 
(Up for Adoption: December 28, 2017)

A particularly small and sickly cat, Winter has always been prone to misfortune. Caught in a storm? A guaranteed case of the sniffles for the next couple of days. A small fall off of a sunning rock? Dislocated shoulder. It never seemed to escape her, making her wary of where she placed her paws. She walks as though a single paw step could break her, though that wasn't far from the truth-- she was a very fragile cat. Winter is a white cat with a light grey tailtip and ear tips, some scattered grey speckles freckling her cheeks as well. Her eyes are a cerulean blue, and although they are sleepless, they are usually full of cheer and good humor. Despite being plagued by trouble, Winter bounces back easily, being a bubbly and naive cat. She trusts and forgives easily, although this can sometimes lead her into some tricky situations. Kind-hearted, but hides her troubles. Eventually this could burst out from inside of her, but until then, Winter will continue keeping her secrets to herself. 
(Flickerwick: December 28, 2017)

Midnightglance is Black with a gray underbelly, face and neck, white taip tip, ear tip, paws, chin and nose with yellow eyes. She is a beautiful cat. She is the daughter of Cariboustep and a loner. She is very outgoing and enjoys talking to people. Her social abilities never dwindle, making her a very easy cat to talk to. She doesn't have much like for fighting, yet she will fight if she feels threatened. She spends a lot of her time hunting. She constantly feels like she has to prove herself even though she is a very loyal cat. 
(Ruby: December 28, 2017)

Brown and dark brown tabby with hazel eyes. She is very confident in almost everything and is is pretty good at fighting and hunting. However, she sometimes doesn't get along with her clan mates because argues a lot when she disagrees with someone. She thinks she has the best ideas and hates to admit that she was wrong. 



Misty is a silver tabby with bright blue eyes.Misty is a friendly she-cat even though she is mute she usually welcomes a potential friend with an open heart.But she is also sassy with a sharp side to her.

(Snowybreezes:  December 16, 2017)

Finchheart was born to a rogue and a barn cat. His father, the rogue, took Finchheart away from the farm they had lived on after his mother had died due to a illness. His father trained him until he was strong enough to survive on his own. Unfortunately, his father was killed by another rogue.
(Orenbi: December 16, 2017)



Rowanblossom is a drop dead gorgeous red point Highlander with pretty blue eyes. Being a Highlander, Rowan has curled ears and a cute, bobbed tail, and is a polydactyl, meaning that she has more than the usual amount of toes on each foot, in her case, she has six of them on each. Rowanblossom is sweet and loving, and a bit flirtatious and she, just like her brother, has a special love for water. She is the sister of Stonecreek.

(Staghoove: December 9, 2017

Stonecreek is a handsome blue classic tabby Highlander with contrasting, bright amber eyes. He, like his sister has six toes on each foot, a fuzzy bobbed tail and unique curled ears. He is kind to all and very sociable, yearning to be able to be friends with anyone and everyone. Although he is friendly, he is fiercely loyal and devoted to doing anything to protect his clan, even if it meant death. Stone is very close with his sister, the two were tightknit since kithood and will forever be by one another's side. 
(Staghoove: December 9, 2017)



Lunardance is a petite, silver-pelted sweetheart with a heart three sizes too big and too ready to listen to anybody's woes, be they true or false. She's not the best at finding out falsities at first, but each learning experience teaches her a little more- and she never forgets who lies to her about what. Forgive, but not forget. 
(Airmid: December 29, 2017)


Tangypaw is a simple grey tabby with four white mittens, and thick fur. Her build is slightly smaller than average, but nothing major. This cat has a tendency to want control constantly. And she isn?t afraid to manipulate others to get it. Along with this she carries a bouncy personality that attracts friends easily. She is always open to new cats but doesn?t always make the first move. Her personal morals are valued above clans? and if she has to break rules to stick to them, she most definitely will. With a strong belief in Starclan Tangypaw personally enjoys the old ways of everything, and will put up a ?If they wanted this changed, they?d do it themselves? argument. Change is nothing but an enemy to her. Watching the current clans go against the ?old ways? is disturbing to her but it would never be enough to drive her away. She enjoys what she has, and will not complain. But she will not hesitate to take more either. Tangypaw?s past is not something to be discussed with anyone. It is something shared only with herself. Shameful and awkward, she wishes to hide it forever. 

(Tangy: December 4, 2017)

A small, lean tuxedo tom with bright green eyes and a half-pink-half-black nose and white muzzle. He was born to a kittypet mother who didn't want her kits to be taken by two-legs so she ran away to give birth. He was the only surviving kit of his litter, his mother being unable to protect all her kits from a hungry fox. As soon as he was weaned off of her milk his mother sent him away, feeling unable to protect him. He joined the clans when he was barely six moons old. He is a skilled hunter, however his fighting skills need work. He is very stubborn and hard-headed, making him difficult to teach at times. He is quite intelligent despite this, picking up on new skills and concepts relatively quickly. He is very open and friendly to other cats, able to make friends easily. He is extremely ambitious and dreams of becoming leader someday, however unlikely. He prefers to lead rather than follow, so obeying orders can sometimes be a challenge for him. 
(Spirit: January 5, 2018)

Emberswirl is a timid soul, not being aggressive by any means. She can, however, hold her own if she needs to. She has brown fur with fiery ginger swirls and stripes and golden-yellow dusted on her neck, chest, belly, and on her paws. She has semi-dark blue eyes. Daughter of Flamingdeath and Darklotus; sister of Smolderingstorm. 
(Silverwind: December 31, 2017) 

Smolderingstorm is a very dark brown Bengal, much like his father, Flamingdeath. He has flame markings on his face and that same colored fur is splashed on his neck, chest and belly. The underside of his tail is white and he has dusty green eyes with pale off-yellow flecks. Son of Flamingdeath and Darklotus; brother of Emberswirl. 
(Silverwind: December 31, 2017)

This small little she-cat is far from shy, though her adorable features and big green eyes may say the opposite. This dainty little she-cat is a fluffy mix of blacks, greys, and creams, each in their own respect, but the black outweighing the rest, as it covers the majority of her body. Her very fluffy tail is the main portion of the cream color. Kiwioasis's personality is very formal and respectful, much like her fathers, though she has a tad more resourcefulness and consideration thrown in there. She's also extremely imaginative, curious, and a great companion. Though one of the things she is known most for is her resourcefulness and imagination - as when paired together they make her virtually unstoppable in her feats. Though, Kiwioasis isn't all perfect and considerable. She is extremely irritable, and when someone says something that rubs her wrong, she isn't afraid to show anger or irritation, which may cause whoever she's conversing with to see her as rude or heartless, though she is quite the opposite. Kiwioasis goes by the nickname 'Ki-Ki' - originally by her father - only by her family. Kiwioasis is the daughter of Morningdove and Aloenight. 
(PalletEclipse: January 7, 2018)

Chickadeesong is a grey Manx mix with caramel flecks, a fluffy, cream colored chest and she has a black splotch on her right ear. Her eyes are glistening with dark amber and her tail is bobbed similar to her father's. Chickadeesong is very happy-go-lucky and wants to live in the moment. This lovely molly tends not to take things as serious as she should, but loves attention and can get distracted really easily, although she loves to help out when she can and is a big daddy's girl. She is the daughter of Singingjay and Fallowbuck. 
(SpotTheCat: January 7, 2018)

Antlerstrike is a chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat. She was born to Singingjay and Fallowbuck of MoonClan and was raised with the traditional clan values. She is a beautiful speciman of a cat, with different shades of light brown, tan, and white splattered across her pelt and inquisitive, pale blue eyes. She is a fiery and spirited warrior, always willing to head out on a hunting patrol or practice her battle techniques. Most wouldn't dare to go toe to toe with her, fearful of her sharp claws and even more so of her sharp tongue. She's rash and tends to be hotheaded, which can get her into trouble with her mentor and higher ups of the clan. She has a good heart and sees herself as a hero, willing to rush into the blaze without a second thought. 
(Silverwind: January 7, 2018)

Stonejay is a light gray Tom with black stripes all over his back, head, tail, and paws. The tip of his tail is white. His eyes are a beautiful blue. He is pretty introverted, preferring to be alone. Though, he is not afraid of cats approaching him. His claws and teeth may not be sharp, but his mind is, making him a pretty powerful enemy. He is always ready to hop out of camp. Hunting is his hobby, and he hunts when he can. He prefers to only speak if needed, meaning when he speaks, cats should listen. He is the son of Singingjay and Fallowbuck. 
(Ruby: January 7, 2018)

Owlfeather is a small brown she-cat with lighter brown flecks running through her pelt. She has pretty and dark amber eyes, much like her father. Owlfeather is a generally happy cat, she enjoys the company of others but does sometimes enjoy some time to herself to take and walk through the forest. Daughter of Fallowbuck and Singingjay. 
(Staghoove: January 8, 2018)

Silver has a personality that almost mirrors his father's. He is quiet and friendly, open to speaking to any cat but not being able to muster up the courage to actually initiate conversation. He is extremely respectable towards the ladies, remembering to always be a gentleman like Aloenight teaches him, but is also a bit of a tease like Morningdove. He unconsciously always gives she-cats little pet names and this usually gets him in trouble. Beneath this soft and sweet exterior, Silverkit has a mean and devious core. Even though he will never outwardly be upset or angry, because how he is perceived is important to him, he can hold grudges and be extremely immature and overreact in retaliation to anything that doesn't please him. This leads to episodes of him sulking or staying out in the forest for days at a time to distance himself. Silver is a charmingly handsome tom, stealing both his mother and father's best features. His father's solid but elegant stature and his mother's soft fur and slightly upturned eyes. His fur is a smoky storm of light greys, dark greys, and creams, almost having an identical pelt of Kiwi's but missing the black. His eyes are a gentle faded green. Silver is the son of Aloenight and Morningdove. 
(Honeyy: January 8, 2018)


Leopardsplash is a mysterious she cat with an interesting back story. This maincoon's pelt is short thick and golden in color with black leopard like spots with beautiful emerald green eyes. Her ears are pointed like a lynx with black ear tips. Her underbelly, chest neck and muzzle are white while her tail tip is black. She is the daughter of Kazarian of Moonclan, and Jackal of Sunclan who were mates when they lived in the mountains before Kaz disappeared. She is Ambitious, sharp, playful moody, intense, and very noble. She like her other siblings doesn't remember her family much though she does get flash backs often, mostly of certain white she cat from Earthclan who also had leopard like spots.. Leopardsplash is exceptional at fighting, climbing, and tracking. 

(Sandrunner and Co.: January 9, 2017)

Smallwhisper is a rather small tom as he only comes to a size of an apprentice fully grown. His pelt is mostly white with black splashes that almost appear random, as they swirl around his chest, around his eyes and at his paws. He has dark blue eyes. Smallwhisper is a timid soul, freaking out at the smallest noise or even his shadow and he has really bad social anxiety, that really prevents him to get into conversations or make friends, even though he wants so badly to have a bunch of friend, but since he has grown that has since eased down and he has become less jittery Although when he opens up to someone he is able to have pretty intelligent conversations, as he has many views on the way the clans operate and believes that there are things that should be changed in order to make them better. He hates fighting more than anything, because he can't fathom even harming one hair on someone's else, even if that said someone was attacking him in battle. So in short, this tom is just a timid soul wanting to make friends and serve his clan the best he can.
(Ice: February 3, 2018)


Sunnyfeel is a light orange with a gray stomach and neck and orange eyes. She is very over-protective when it comes to the cats she loves. She would easily give up her life for any cat in her clan in a heartbeat. She is so fiercely loyal, it scares some cats. She uses her mouth a lot more than her class and loves to out-smart any cat. She dreams of one day being able to win a battle by herself. Daughter of Lashingstorm and a loner. 
(Ruby: January 12, 2018)

Speckleshine is a ashy/light gray with a white tip of the tail and dark blue eyes and a scar on his front right paw from a thorn at birth. He has a huge disadvantage of being blind and mute. He managed to pull through and survive. He often shows his mood, so cats know how he feels. He communicates with his tail and gets angry when a cat doesn't know what it means. He knows he will never become a warrior, yet he will help out with his clan and do whatever he can. He has no interest in being a medicine cat, but helps them out if he's needed. He is fast yet lacks a sense of smell and direction, making him come in with fresh injuries every day. Son of Lashingstorm and a loner. 
(Ruby: January 12, 2018)

Streakdash is an all white she-cat with gray ears, muzzle, and tail, and dark blue eyes. She has a great love for her siblings, and would do anything, especially for her brother Speckleshine. She's overall a fairly friendly cat, and she's very willing to stop and listen to someone's problems, or to just be there for them if necessary. She loves the scents of the forest, and that helps fuel her love of hunting. She's not much of a great fighter, but when those close to her are in danger, she can grow quite fierce. Streakdash is loyal, trustworthy, and empathetic, although she does occasionally get into some mischief. 
(Castle: January 13, 2018)



Brownotter is a dark brown tabby tom with bright green eyes and a long tail. He is fun loving and carefree, spending most of his time playing around with friends or family. He is very social and spends every waking moment with at least one of his friends, but he can get kind of annoying after a while, since he always wants to do what he wants and do things his way. He is very loyal and will protect his clan with everything he has, wether the threat of great or small makes no difference to him. He is the son is Reena and a rogue. 

(Shadowstorm: January 13, 2018)

Despite her name Poplarlust is not named for any lustful or alluring behavior, rather for her looks. Poplarlust is stunningly beautiful. With her pale, warm grey coat and brown-grey underbelly and her lovely turquoise eyes, what's not to love? Not to mention her unique pattern, she has black spots adorning the soft fur on her back running all the way down to her long and fluffy tail which has three bold stripes. She also has three black tear drop shaped markings on her forehead as well as two in the corners of each eye. Although she is beautiful, Poplar is a loving but shy cat, she prefers just being alone, or in the company of her parents or siblings. She is the daughter of Wolfdaze and Leafbark. 
(Staghoove: January 27, 2018) 

Mossbuck is a very loving, loyal tom. While he doesn?t have quite the gentle properties of his mother, he still has a loving heart and a strong-willed mind. He?s a total sweetheart, and sometimes very shy, but overall is much like his late grandfather, Mossystar. His black and white pelt is what mostly represents him, with the same amber gaze and the white markings that go down his face, back, and paws. Mossbuck is the son of Leafbark and Wolfdaze. 
(PalletEclipse: January 27, 2018)

Juniperspring is a chatty, excitable, and optimistic cat with a dash of mischievousness and a flexible understanding of The Warrior Code and clan hierarchy. She gets along well with most cats, but isn't afraid to speak her mind or hold her ground when they have disagreements and can sometimes dig herself into a hole by picking an argument with the wrong cat or lying to get out of punishments. She's close with her uncle Crimsonsky, who only brings out her extroverted features and doesn't do much to limit the trouble she often finds herself in. Juniperspring is a pretty she-cat with olive green eyes and a long snout that centers her expressive face. Her pelt is soft and of medium-length, with dilute tortoiseshell markings splashed with white across her ears, muzzle, paws, tail-tip, chest, and stomach. She has a prominent scar across her shoulder that she sometimes gives wild explanations to, though in reality it's just a weasel bite that got infected. She is a daughter of Wolfgaze and Leafbark and has a bunch of kin throughout the clan, including a handful of siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Suffice it to say, she loves her clan and her kin and couldn't feel at home anywhere else. 
(Ember: January 27, 2018)


Mistypath is a grey cat with leopard like prints on her pelt. She has multiple personality disorder. She has 4 personalities but only 3 are known. The first one is Somber, she is rude-natured and will pick fights she cannot win. The second one is Raina, and she is very odd and can do idiotic things to get Mistypath hurt. Her third personality is the one that is most often in control, This ones name is Mistypath and she considers herself to be the best. The fourth personality will only appear if they are in grave danger. He is only known by the other personalities. He is extremely unforgiving and cruel and if they mess up he will punish them. He is emotionless and will do anything to get his way.

(Imatootle: January 27, 2018)

Beechstep is a friendly tom, upforth and out going like his father. This Cornish Rex tom always looks to make friends and is protective of his sister. Beechstep is one to always offer a helping paw towards others that need it and in this case he can get underneath other?s paws. He is close to his parents but likes to branch off into others and is known to get into trouble, especially for his friendliness. Son if Orchardpool and Stormheart 
(Spirit: January 28, 2018)

Turtlemoon is a white Cornish Rex with dark ears, tail, and muzzle. She is very shy and usually hides behind her brother when she is scared or doesn't like the situation. She is loyal to her family and whatever friends she makes and hates to see another cat in pain. She usually gets to tongue tied when cats try to talk to her and depends on her brother to fix things that go wrong, even though she can't always be near him. She is the daughter of Orchardpool and Stormheart. 
(Shadowstorm: January 28, 2018)

Dreamlotus is a shy and sweet cat, but has problems. She has adhd and also forgets things easily. Luckily she is getting much better, but these problems are going to get her in trouble one day. She also is self conscience and thinks she is the opposite of what she really is. She often avoids anything reflective as she is scared that she is ugly or scary. As for her history and appearance. Dream is a calico cat with bright blue eyes. She has a heart made of white fur on her chest, saying it is a special design. Her history is that her parents died saving her from a fox after she wandered off too far. They managed to keep it at bay until Dreampaw left, but she still blames herself. for the death. Though it wasn't her fault. 
(DreamLotus: January 24, 2018)

Whitelightning is a pure white cat with one forest green and one dark brown eye. She's a kind and considerate cat, and the younger sister of Stallionstar. She had heard from her parents all about Stallion's fascination with the forest when her older brother was apprentice-aged, and about how he left them for the forest one day. They lived comfortably and were at peace in an old barn with a few horses and twolegs that came around every day, but upon the rather unfortunate death of her parents, Whitelightning set off in search of her brother. She learned a lot about him upon finding him and was excited to live within Moonclan after arriving. 
(Staghoove: January 25, 2018)

Burningsun is a golden furred tom with a white tail tip and white paws. He has striking green emerald eyes, the stunning resemblence of his mother, Shimmeringsuns. Burningsun is a calm young tom, always taking a logical approach to tough situations. He doesnt enjoy talking to others, but he does love singing to his sister, more specifically, the song their mother taught them. He loves his mother dearly, he hinself took her death the hardest. He is grateful that she managed to bring him and his sister into the world before her death of old age a few moons later. Burningsun doesnt talk about it since it doesnt bother him, but his hearing in his left ear is pitiful to say the least, unable to hear from it at all. He is the only son of Shimmeringsuns. 
(Lav: February 11, 2018) 

Sunshinemelody is a pretty golden furred shecat with a black stripe that starts around her neck and travels down thr middle of her back and ends at her tail tip. Along with her back her paws and ears are black as well. Her left eye is a pale white blue and her right a dark cerlean blue. She is more sociable than her brother, but while she is more sociable, her singing is a little less than pleasant, its not bad, but its not something most find enjoyable, no matter how much she moves to sing. Sunshinemelody is the only daughter of Shimmeringsuns. 
(Lav: February 11, 2018)


Lakewillow is a light gray she-cat with a dark grey tail, paws, and face. Her eyes are light blue. She is a very lazy cat, often just sitting around and being well, lazy. She loves to sleep for almost the whole day. Though that one time of the day, usually the evening, when she's not lazy, cats better watch out! She is as fast as a jaguar and as hyper as a chipmunk. She goes on hunting sprees, catching tons of prey. She acts like a kit who looks an adult. She is the daughter of Wolfgaze and Leafbark. 
(Ruby: January 20, 2018)

Due to having the apperance of a Cornish Rex cat, Pricklegaze is often shunned and disliked by others. What worsens his predicament even further is that he is an albino, which is a quite tenuous characteristic for cats to have. His fur is pure white and the inside of his ears have the color of bleached pink, due to the lack of pigment--which is one of the many factors of being an albino. His eyes certainly do grab the attention of other cats, hence his name being Pricklegaze. His slanted eyes do tend to linger on others and because the irises are colored a vivid red, cats do feel perturbed. He is highly sensitve to light so he has a tendency of staying inside the camp, most especially in his nest. Because of that, he is singled out and is labelled as an outcast. Unfortunately, this all leads up to his personality; he is suspicious of other people's intuitions and is awfully sensitive. Pricklegaze is also quite mature for his age but that is because he has experienced so much. Despite all the negative things said from other cats, he is actually considerate and trustworthy. 
(HarmlessPoison: January 30, 2018)

Tsarstep is a Moscow Tabby, a White tom with extremely dark grey stripes, on the verge of being black, with pale blue eyes. He's got a slimmer build with very lean muscles, and doesn't look like he makes much of an opponent, leading him to being underestimated. Tsar prefers to think of himself as the life of the party and a direct heir of royal blood, knowing that his grand father was a prince, despite it having no meaning here in the clans. He was left in the clan to be cared for after his father decided that he needed to see the world, and his mother followed him, thus leaving him to raise himself, and in doing so has led to some nastier habits. He's emotionally cold, and rarely commits to anyone, often bouncing from one love interest to the next. He can be cruel, not just in word, but in deed as well. Son of Regalstones and Hysterialaugh. 
(Kingfish: February 1, 2018)

Tiny from birth, Fenneckit has a honey-colored pelt and brown eyes. He is the son of Rose, and has no other family that he knows of. 
(Dapple: February 4, 2018)

Valleykit is an average sized kit, and she is siamese, just like her mother and has blue eyes. She is quiet, and doesn't like to go anywhere alone. She tends to stay near her siblings or mother, or also any friends which she might make. Despite her age, she is fairly clever and figures things out easily. She can read other cats emotions easily as well. However, she sometimes finds it difficult to express her own emotions, sometimes making her seem a it cold hearted. none the less, she can be a great friend to those who understand her. 
(Weirdo101: February 12, 2018)

Frozenkit’s muscular frame is tall and agile; long legs built for climbing, and even better, enduring stamina. Hiding those muscles is thick, white fur. Being a Ragdoll, her coat always keeps the soft look and feel of kitten fur, which, unfortunately for her, is very hard to maintain. Oftentimes you will see her pulling and gnawing away at the long strands until the fur along her chin is chafed and raw. Both her tail and the two triangular spots bordering her crystal-blue eyes are a fawn gray, which contrast considerably well with her snow-white coloring. Frozenkit is rather aloof, with little interest in others' issues. Being as candid as she is, the daring kitten has no problem dishing out what's on her mind, no matter how brutal it may seem. If ever someone comes to her for guidance, she'll respond with a snappy "Fix it yourself or quit your complaining." But as indifferent as she may seem, Frozenkit carries genuine empathy for others and shows it through other means. Those fleeting moments is what brings her and those she cares about, so close... if they can bare to stand her sassy quips. Frozenkit was born to Paintedleaf and Hawkfeather; two loving parents who wished nothing more than to raise herself and her brother, Tinderkit, in to young and respectable warriors. However, things took a drastic turn when the pair failed to return to MoonClan's camp. Many fortnights passed where the Clan searched for the lovers, but to no avail; there wasn't the smallest trace left. Wrought with sorrow, Frozenkit closed herself off to the rest of the world. Why did she matter? Her parents were gone and there was no logical explanation, but a lingering thought remained: they despised her enough to abandon her. 
(Shexie: February 12, 2018) 

Wide and stocky, much akin to his father, is how Tinderkit is built. He is normally referred as the "Walking Wall", due to his extremely fluffy fur and large body. His coloring and markings is that of a dark brown tabby, with the slightest hints of white on his chest, nose, and mouth. To add to the tom's intimidating appearance, he has intense amber eyes that appear solemn upon first glance, but are alight with mischief. Quite unlike his counterpart, Frozenkit, Tinderkit is an easygoing tom with a witty sense of humor. If he isn't babysitting his sister and her sharp tongue, he's off looking for someone else to befriend and look after. He has a great sense of duty, almost as if the tom has his own "warrior code" that he adheres to. As somebody who has a great moral compass, he's a great friend to have by your side, as he would go to great lengths to accommodate anyone's needs, so long as they coexisted with what he believes in. Tinderkit was born to Paintedleaf and Hawkfeather; two loving parents who wished nothing more than to raise himself and his sister, Frozenkit, in to young and respectable warriors. However, things took a drastic turn when the pair failed to return to MoonClan's camp. Many fortnights passed where the Clan searched for the lovers, but to no avail; there wasn't the smallest trace left. Tinderkit remained optimistic; not because he wanted to, but out of obligation for his sister who seemed to be unraveling before his eyes. If Frozenkit could not carry on by herself, he would become strong enough for the both of them. 
(Shexie: February 12, 2018)

Born to Softlullaby, this pretty cream she-cat has white points and sharp, light blue eyes. She has a lot to say and isn't afraid to say it, no matter the consequences. She is very intelligent, but that makes her outlook on the world less than bright. She has to serve as the voice of reason for most of her siblings, always cautious. She loves her family and her clan with all her heart, however, and will work her hardest to serve them. Her greatest fear is to be ignored, which is why she always tries to be the first to speak up. She doesn't know who her father is but doesn't really care, determined to be strong even without one. She is quick to judge and slow to forgive, except when it comes to her family. Her siblings are Mountainkit, Tundrakit, Plateaukit, Valleykit, Meadowkit and Gladekit. 
(Up for Adoption: February 19, 2018)

Meadowclaw is an overconfident cat who thinks she can take the whole world on with one paw. She has heavy tunnel-vision, focusing only on one goal at a time and is willing to do almost whatever it takes to get there. She often doesn't think of consequences to her actions, and when they arise she will only bitterly accept them. Despite this flaw, she does love her family and wishes for a more unified and closed-off clan rather than the open-border fluidity the clans have now. Meadowclaw is a mostly white calico with dots of ginger and black on her back that look like a flower field dancing in the breeze. She is Softlullaby's kit and sister to Mountainkit, Tundrakit, Plateaukit, Valleykit, Beachkit, and Gladekit. 
(Kamira: February 19, 2018) 

Plateaurein rings true to this Somali tom, his pelt the color of red clay burning in the sun. He has a strong personality, coming off as bold, impatient, and brash. Plateaurein likes to live in the moment, not wanting to take time to look at the small things, he lives in a fast paced manner, always on the edge. This Somali tom like to be the center of attention, giving him an egotisical and narsistic personality. Plateaurein thinks of himself as a high rank, and believes he's better than anyone, he always tries to prove his point, placing him into many arguments. He is the son of Softlullaby and unknown. 
(DrownedInRed: February 19, 2018)

Foresteyes is a very pretty lilac point siamese with light blue eyes. Very intelligent and very sassy, the she-cat has a sharp tongue and knows how to use it. Starting from birth, she has had problems with her eyesight and after she was named an apprentice, her eyesight completely failed her. Daughter of Softlullably and a loner. 
(Ice: February 19, 2018)

Vermilionbright is a generously proportioned russet tabby with a solid white tail along with softly rounded blue eyes, evident with hints of curiosity and innocence. He is unquestionably the definition of happiness as his demeanor gives off a bubbly, eager aura and he always seems to be optimistic, no matter the situation. Admittedly, this comes as a disadvantage as he cannot figure out the mood if it is portrayed as solemn--he's rather naive to certain situations. As his attitude bears hindrances, such as not comprehending the concept of adverse emotions, being an easy victim for manipulating, his self-assured outlook on life being perceived as galling, Vermilionbright pays no heed to this and so, his buoyant personality persists. 

Pretty long-haired white she-cat with pale blue eyes. A rosy-nosed cat who loves excitement and adventure. She's kind and loving, obedient and honorable, nimble and loyal. 



Batear is a black,silver, and white tortie with green eyes and has abnormally big ears. Batear is a reserved shecat that likes to mingle with others and is pretty decent. She came in as a loner before being a apprentice and learning the clan's lives.
(DrownedInRed: June 4, 2017)



The first words cats would use to describe Inkysplatter are: overly excitable. She is very energetic, always. Her personality is a bit over the top and hard to deal with, but overtime she becomes caring and loyal. She can (and will) tone is down when she needs to. You can't always be happy and making jokes. There's no way to avoid seriousness. So, when she needs to be, she can be serious if it comes down to it. Now, Inky's appearance is definitely something to behold. She's rather big, with broad, masculine shoulders. Her muscles ripple through her short pelt, and her back legs are her most prized possession. Longer than her front, they constantly put her at a tilt. She sees that as her only disadvantage. As for colors, she is black and white. There are big, ink-like chunks spread across her body, which include her face, shoulders, paws, and tail. And so to mention her tail, she was born with a short one! It flicks around when she's happy. As for goals, she's never really had one set in stone. She did want to be leader as a kit, but don't they all? So, for now, she chooses to be a warrior. 
(Inky: February 21, 2018)

Sapphiremist has a deep blue russian pelt, one much like her grandmother's with bright blue eyes. It is obvious the blue molly has had a past life, as she is extremely intelligent, knowing more than a cat should. She lives a very basic down to earth lifestyle, and is often organized and enthusicastic. Her dependable and wise personality draws others in, making her a good friend. Sapphiremist likes to make other's feel good about themselves, often dealing out compliments and cheery smiles, yet on the inside this beautiful she-cat is plauged with insecurites and is often hurt by indifference. Like her father, Stallionstar, Sapphiremist is noble, and understanding, carrying the kindness and patience of her mother, Batear. 
(DrownedInRed: March 7, 2018)

Tigerfang is a flamboyant Scottish fold she cat. She is ginger cat with darker ginger marble markings, and she is an almost complete copy of her mom in appearance. Well, except for her ears. Her ears don't completely fold down like a traditional Scottish fold, but instead they are only partially bent, making her look permanently confused or uncertain. This isn't true at all. Tiger is almost never uncertain about anything. She is is stubborn at times, and she isn't exactly a "look before you leap" type of cat. She has dark amber eyes that blaze like fire when she's mad. She is the daughter of Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(Spirit: March 9, 2018)

Servalbelly is a warm tan she-cat with black dots that run in lines down her entire body that break her silhouette up into many fragmented pieces. She has dull amber eyes and an aloof, goofy personality. She is truly the blonde sister of the group, and though she is quite tall, she finds herself lagging behind her siblings often just because she is distracted by her surroundings. She is the daughter of Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(Kamira: March 9, 2018)

Gypsyvanner is a white she-cat with ginger splotches all throughout her pelt. She has beautiful eyes, quite like her father?s one is forest green and the other a dark brown. Gypsyvanner is friendly and sweet, she enjoys talking and being near others. She is the daughter of Stallionstar and Batear. 
(Staghoove: March 10, 2018

Leopardshine is a pretty grey Scottish fold with large black marble tabby markings. Just like her mom, she has the trademark folded ears of a Scottish fold cat. Her fur fades to a light grey on her chest and stomach, as well as on her tail tip and mouth. She has beautiful sea foam green eyes. Leopard is a bit shy and mysterious, she is quite a wanderer and she can often be found off on her own exploring and trying to discover new things for herself. She is the daughter of Tigerfield and Lionheart.
(Staghoove: March 10, 2018)

Tundrastorm as a fairly large tom, his father unknown. Tundra is a dark orange colored tom, with white siamese and tabby markings. He has pretty amber eyes that are bursting with life and energy. Tundrastorm enjoys running,climbing, hunting, and training. Pretty much anything that requires him to work up a sweat. He is fairly family orientated and act like everyone in his clan is his sibling, always calling then bro or sis, even if they really arent. His mother is Softlullaby 
(Lav: March 10, 2018)


Lion resembles a long haired Scottish fold, with ears that are folded over and a deep, ginger marble patterning along his fur. He boasts long, pale ginger fur around his neck, resembling a mane. He is the son of Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(L: March 10, 2018)

Pumatooth looks different from the rest of his siblings, this tom has little to no tabby markings and is considered an augori tabby. Thw stripes that he does have are faint and barely noticeable in his light ginger coat. Pumatooth is named after a large cat that patrols the mountains, and to no avail, the tom can't hide his resemblance. He has a strong stature, with broad shoulders, large paws, and thick short fur. His eyes are amber like his mothers and his tail is tipped of with black. This tom, despite his intimidating demeanor, Pumatooth is outgoing and friendly, but doesn't see the end to his own strength. Unlike his mother's stuck up and harsh ways, he prefers to be laid back and social. He is the second born to Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(DrownedInRed: March 10, 2018)




Reichstag, his name meaning "Age of the Empire", is a mottled-russet and white tom with black markings, including sock markings on his legs tipped with white toes. A Chimera, he gains his black markings from his fused sibling bearing his mother's markings, while he bears his russet and white from his father. His eyes are blue like his father's. Unlike Dutchflag, and more like his name implies, he is a lot like his father: charming with an attractive outward appearance as well as countenance, but also has an entitlement. He believes that he deserves to be respected and should get what he desires, including territory, food to his particular tastes, and relationships. If something stands in the way of this, he thinks nothing of getting rid of said obstructions by whatever means necessary. More rational than his father, Reich prefers blackmail and destroying reputations to murder; he has friends for that. He is also very organized. Reichstag cannot stand disorder. If anything is out of place, it makes him incredibly irritable. Though he acts rude, he doesn't act irrationally over it, and he's likely to get over it if amends are made or a deal is struck. But, the deal had better be more in his favor than the other party's, or else, it's a no go.