Warrior Cats
 of the Forest



Tigerfield is a light ginger scottish fold with darker marbled tabby markings upon her fur. She has broad shoulder and huge flaming amber eyes that seem to scorch others. Even though the scottish fold breed is mainly laid out, Tigerfield is high strung and harsh. This makes her a reckoning force to be around, causing the others to not doubt her. The scottish fold, through her rough and prideful exterior, is actually sensible and wise. Every action she commits is based off of the sciences of pros and cons. Tigerfield relies on logic and expects every cat to be able to take care of the clan and each other, or as she says, " Iron sharpens Iron." Teamwork and depending on each other are essentail to the ginger cat's ideals, as it is the way to success. Even through her beliefs, Tigerfield can be seen as prideful, as she brags a lot. Getting underneath the large molly's skin is a heinous idea that should not be tested, as it will result in consequences for the certain cat. If her massive build doesn't put fear into her enemies, her strength in fighting will. While in battle, the she-cat has the strength of, what it seems like, two warriors. Abling her to dominate her opponents, and send them yowling away with their tails between their legs. With her massive build, keen fighting abilities, and sharp tongue, Tigerfield is not a cat you want after you. Even though all of it comes from a harsh past of betrayal and abandonment. After her father tried to brutally murder her mother for cheating on him, her mother abandoned the kit along the forest border to starve for the tension she cause between the couple. If it had not been for a fateful Moonclan patrol, Tigerfield would've been dead. After taken into the clan, she was harassed for her upcoming of a kittypet before clanlife, which lead to the bitterness in her personality. What no cat understands, is that Tigerfield doesn't want any others going through what she had to, and making sure the clan fits together as a whole, keeping eachother's backs in battle and daily life. After seeing through the she-cats rough layers, she makes a loyal clan member and will always be there for any cat that's in need of help. 
(DrownedInRed: July 9, 2017)


Brinepelt is a short-haired, seal-point Siamese breed that naturally possesses a rare mutation of vitiligo, passed on by genetics of her generation. Her coat is adorned with dashes and specks of blurred white that stripe her form in a starting contrast, breaking her silhouette into fragmented pieces. This she-cat never fails to daunt others with her robust frame sauntering through camp with her feet stick outward and all the while, sweeping out in powerful strokes to force the earth to bend beneath them. With slanted, dulled blue eyes and a broad, full face, Brinepelt emanates an aura of masculine authority that is hard-countered by her warm and deep voice. Though average in stature and weight, Brinepelt acquires a persona of an orderly matron--she desires for everything her certain way and will likely conjure a dispute with any cat who disagrees to the point of elitism--she is hard-won to lose an argument and is adept at commanding the attention of those around her. 
(Harmlesspoison: January 23, 2018)

Medicine Cat



Forestsong is a very pretty lilac point Siamese she-cat with rather soft and delicate features. She has light blue eyes. Forestsong has always had problems with her eyesight since she was born and as she grew her eyesight got worse and worse, till it finally failed her soon after she became an apprentice. She doesn't like socializing much with others she's not familiar with and tends to get snappy when others don't leave her alone. She seems to always be in a bad mood as she is mostly seen complaining about something. She is an introvert and prefers to spend time alone by herself and finds comfort with quiet and peace. The only one that she won't snap at and treat with respect is her mother, Softlullaby, whom she loves more than anything in her life. 

(Spark: February 19, 2018)

Medicine Cat Apprentice

From the moment she was found and brought into MoonClan, Blossomheart has never hesitated to ask a question. The tortoiseshell and white she-cat with striking green eyes is certainly not disruptive when the time calls, but when she doesn't sense any sort of immediate danger or need, Blossomheart can easily lose her filter and lapse into a sort of philosophical rambling that will often turn a listener's smiles into snores. Blossomheart holds a great curiosity towards the universe, and in particular StarClan. Constantly thinking aloud, the medicine cat quickly learned to block out others' disparaging words. Due to this, it wouldn't be unusual for one to tell off the she-cat only for her to shrug it off and continue without issue. Blossomheart's inquisitive nature can be her friend, but it certainly does not place her very high in the social structure of the Clan, as she often finds that many are not fans of her incessant ideas. One benefit of her thoughts is that she has grown quite proficient at adapting to situations as they occur, and thus can be a surprisingly focused cat when under pressure. It is under these occasions that Blossomheart can also show herself to be a decently good listener. Blossomheart always enjoys learning something new as well, so well she isn't very good in either, she has the ability to hunt for herself or to defend herself if absolutely necessary; however, Blossomheart firmly believes that StarClan will protect her from harm. If they don't? Well then she was clearly meant do go through the adversity. In general, Blossomheart is a devoted believer in all things StarClan, even though she sometimes passingly contradicts these beliefs through her musings of the universe. Blossomheart takes her duties very seriously when it comes down to it, and she personally believes in actively following the traditional medicine cat code, but she understands that these codes are not always to be followed to the letter, and almost always tries her best to understand those who break any sort of code. 
(Castle: April 14, 2018) 




Nightfrost is a jet black male with yellow eyes. Stubborn, hates she-cats, prefers alone time. 

(Lakeripple: July 10, 2017)

Orange Tom with white streaks going through his fur and dark blue eyes. A very outgoing cat Hoshi likes to take on any challenge. When he joins moonclan he keeps his name Hoshi because it means star. 
(Lakeripple: July 31, 2017)

Black tom with one gray paw, green eyes and a missing left ear. Nightmarehowl is very ambitious and loves to fight. he doesn't like kits but warm up to them over time, he makes trouble with the apprentices by blaming what he did wrong on them. he is short tempered at times and believes in himself as a warrior.
(Reaper: August 17, 2017)

A silver cat with yellow eyes. Swift tom, good hunter, he has no brothers or sisters. 
(Python: August 26, 2017)

A white tom with a single black spot on his left ear, green eyes. Sees himself as leader, jerkish at times. 
(Lakeripple: August 28, 2017)


Daggerstripe is a medium ginger-grey tom with deep black tabby stripes cutting neatly through his fur, with a distinctive black marking on his chin. His eyes are a charming yellow. He is similar to his father with a brave and charming nature, always looking for someone to have fun with, but very similar to his mother, he has a gentle and caring nature. He also loves kittens, hoping to one day have his own, that is, if he can settle down with the right she-cat. Son of Mamelukefang and Rosenettle
(Kingfish: August 28, 2017)

River is a slightly smaller than average tom. This is due to his mother being a munchkin cat. He has his father's black classic tabby swirl, though his pelt is more of a sandy-gray color. His eyes are a vibrant green, full of mischief. River often wears a charming smile, it matches his too cool attitude. He has a nick in his left ear and a scar under his right eye. His eyes are outlined in cream colored fur. River is a very silver tongued cat. He is full of ambitious, and fearless. He always tries to prove that just because he is smaller than most, he is every bit as fierce. He doesn't let his size stop him. River trains relentlessly for battle, always asking large cats to train with him so he can practice taking down a larger enemy. It pays off for the most part. River loves his family very much and will do anything to protect them. Them, and their close family friends Loomingshadow and Speckledpool. He knows of his DawnClan origins, even though it is now known as EarthClan after it merged with NightClan. But he is loyal to MoonClan and only MoonClan. He is the brother of Reedfox and the son of Prairieowl and Knightheart. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: September 10, 2017)

Shila is a pretty snowshoe she-cat with crystal blue eyes. She looks very prim and proper on the outside and has a sophisticated air about her. She is very confident and never breaks stride as she makes her way through life by deceiving others and toying with their emotions. She isn't afraid to get her paws dirty and almost never lets up when she has a grudge against someone. Shila seems very outgoing and friendly but will turn against you in a split second if it will benefit her. She is very observant and a good judge of character and can also tell, most of the time, wether a cat is telling the truth or not. Her pretty features have made many tons fall for her, but she turns them all away, sometimes gracefully, sometimes bluntly, she doesn't really want to get engaged in any relationships for a good long while. 
(Shadowstorm: December 22, 2017)


Black American bobtail and brown eyes. Hates almost anything, always wants to fight. 
(Lakeripple: September 21, 2017)

Jet black Tom with amber eyes. Blackdawn is not much of a talker but he'll talk with you anyway, he isn't much to look at since their are other cats with black fur like him so he looks average. Blackpaw has side he would like to keep hidden. 
(Reaper: August 26, 2017)

Stormheart is a ginger tom with dark tabby markings, black tail tip and tips of ears, and yellow eyes. He is reserved and keeps mostly to himself and doesn't make friends easily. He is socially awkward and if he is hurt he hides in his "shell" and doesn't come out for a while. Son Wolfdaze and Leafbark. 
(Shadowstorm: September 29, 2017)

Brown tabby with white paws, belly, and muzzle, and green eyes. Doesn't talk much, if she is talking its only when out doing whatever job she was assigned to do. If she wasn't assigned anything, she can be found out about in the territory either hunting and enjoying being alone, or sitting in camp watching all the other cats around her. She doesnt have many friends, likely because she is very shy. She is very mysterious because she never opens up to anyone about anything. However, if one would take the time to become her friend and spend the time with her, they would realize she is totally different then she seems. She can be very silly and playful and happy if she lets herself. 
(Weirdo101: September 30, 2017)

Mottledmink is a massive, fluffy, shelburne buff colored she-cat with a cream colored underbelly, legs, and muzzle, the underside of her tail is also a pretty cream color. She has spots around her eyes that are a light brown, both of her long ears are this color as well as the fuzzy tufts of fur on the tips of her ears. Mottledmink has stunning ice blue eyes which leave those she passes in awe. She is a cold cat, she enjoys getting into other cat?s heads and watching the fear and insanity show in their eyes. Mottledmink is quite a tomboy, and ladylike would be the last word to describe her. Daughter of StoneStory and Dewgaze.

(Shadowstorm: October 3, 2017)

Kazarian is an interesting tom, seeming to be a mysterious jack of all trades with an unknown past. Kazarian(or Kaz to his 'friends') is a rare Selkirk Rex mixed feline, as he has short curly fur, with a long narrow muzzle making him odd yet undeniably handsome. This curly furred tom is a wiry average height tom, with dark blonde fur that shines with tinges of copper in the sun. He has one white right leg, a splash of white on the left side of his face, another on the right side of his muzzle, and still another on his chest. His eyes are a striking blue green, but even more interesting than his looks is his ability in battle. Kazarian grew up fighting nearly every day of his life for every breath of his existance. His fighting prowress is almost unmatched though you wouldn't know it by looking at this strange wiry tom. His personallity ranges from lazy and laid back, to snarky and witty, mysterious and dark, and rarely still to warm and tender. Kazarian rarely talks about his past remaining tight lipped about his dark secretes, though his tattered left ear and neck scars can raise eyebrows and questions. Kaz isn't one to warm up to people quickly, but when he finally does it's always worth it. You couldn't have a more loyal warrior, a truer friend, or a more loving mate despite his clan-mates doubts about him. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: September 30, 2017) 

Whisperingmeadow is a beautiful lilac point Siamese. Whisperingmeadow's voice is soothing a sweet but she can be harsh when needed. Her mother was killed by two-legs as well as her father.Her sister when insane soon after their deaths and wandered off into the unexplored parts of the city leaving the lilac point behind.After her sister's disappearance Whisperingmeadow started off towards the forest so stumbling into Moonclan. 
(Snowybreezes: November 26, 2017)


Brown with black stripes and yellow eyes. 
(Python: August 26, 2017)

Dipperpaw has stolen almost all of his fathers looks down to the build of his body, his long tail, handsome face, and sharp prominent fangs. The only thing that differs from the two is the mixes of blacks and greys that swirl about Dipperkit's body. Taking the colors from his mother, Dipperkit is a fairly good looking charcoal bengal with strikingly pale yellow eyes flecked with a deeper amber. Observational, sharp-witted and calculating, Dipper strives to get the respect from cats much older than him. He's not good at talking to other cats but is confident in himself and his abilities. After leaving his his birth clan with his father and his sister, he was the one that convinced his father to come back to his mother after he had gone into a deep depression. He's the son of Privetshadow and Ghostfang.
(Honeyy: September 11, 2017)


Rosenettle is a light ginger based she cat with darker ginger tabby markings, underbelly, and feet, while having amber eyes. Despite her beautiful looks, Rosenettle is insecure and prefers being alone. She's quite and clever, but can have a really bad temper if angered. Rosenettle has trust issues and won't let anyone close to her other than her family. 
(DrownedInRed: November 8, 2017) 

A cream based she-cat that fades to a dark brown down her limbs and a dark underbelly with a brown face mask. She has brown eyes and is a kit to Dewgaze and StoneStory. Orchard's personality is a sweet and loving she-cat, she loves flowers and the sunset. She always tries to look on the positive aspect of life. This can make her hard to mentor since she takes time to notice the little details and often wanders off. 
(DrownedInRed: October 3, 2017)



Bunnystep is kind and caring, but extremely shy and easily distracted by shiny things. She is mostly found hanging around in her own lala land or with the medicine cat helping them about. She is a brown-tan she-cat with green eyes. Her history is that she used to be with another clan, but everyone had forgotten the name overtime, and called it by it's new name, Earthclan. But when she was almost an apprentice, her parents made it so that it looked as though she had been killed, when she in fact was taken to Moonclan. Reason for such things? Her parents were close to dying, due to illness that they called whitecough. That was all they told her as she was sent to live with Moonclan.

(DreamLotus: November 24, 2017)

Softlullaby is the sister of Silentwhisper though she doubts they have the same father. She is a chocolate-point cream siamese with a bobbed tail and a small head. Though she loves her brother, she feels they've drifted after the death of his beloved and wants desperately to become close again. She is a tart and honest cat and has trouble holding her tongue in obvious situations, but makes up for her barbed tongue by always attempting to acknowledge her blunt words with an apology. Especially now that she's in the queen's den with kits that she can't tell of a father, this comes in handy as she is slowly ostracized from the clan.
(Kamira: August 26, 2017)

Edelweissfield is a white she-cat with a black mask marking and nose and ginger splotches, bright and fiery like her mother's fur. Her normally rounded eyes are an emerald green like her mother's with vague hints of azure like her father's eyes that are only noticeable when she is ill or stressed. Edelweiss is a fairly reserved she-cat, mostly because she holds herself in such a high esteem. She makes quick judgments of character, deciding if they are worth her time and energy or not. If she does so decide someone is worth her attention, she is more easy-going and care-free. Unfortunately, this can lead to her being a little too open and can lead to her turning her friends into whipping posts if something particularly upsets her; she tries not to, and feels awful when she catches herself doing it. Daughter of Gingerheart and Reichstag. 
(Kingfish: December 18, 2017)

Birchfox is a brownish gray tom with black overcoat, he has white paws, ears, muzzle and a white strip in the middle of his tail and green eyes. He is a fighter and spends most of his time practicing battle moves and preparing for any attack that might come. He is very serious about protecting his clan and helping them prepare, which makes it hard for him to have time for things like fun and friends. Though he is very ready for battle, he also cares deeply about his clan and always makes sure that the queens, kits, and elders are taken care of before himself. He isn't one to try and shirk his responsibility and gladly takes on any tasks that's given to him, wether it is great or small. He hates cats that just laze around when there's work to be done and tries his best to always make himself better than them, and never let himself reach the point when he is as low as them. Birchfox is the son of Cariboustep and a loner. 
(Alienfish: December 28, 2017)



A quiet yet fairly muscular Savannah, the muscular she-cat's large appearance tends to be misleading. Her name does hint at her fairly sweet personality, although this sweetness also tends to manifest in the form of mother-henning to the point of suffocation for those that know her. She has the typical Savannah coat- golden with irregular black spots, coupled with green eyes.

(Airmid: December 17, 2017)


Tangyheart is a simple grey classic tabby with four white mittens and thick short fur. Her build is slightly smaller than average, but nothing major. Her personality seems nothing more than average at first glance, somewhat outgoing, friendly when she needs to be. She views herself higher than her peers, superior. Along with this comes pride that is easily damaged, yet she?d risk everything to defend. She does not take criticism well. Control plays quite a factor in her life, too. It is satisfaction and comfort, for as long as she is in control no mistakes can be made, correct? She most definitely knows when it cannot be gained, but if an opportunity is given to take the grand chair she will, in fact, snake in. Politically, she is a proud believer in the older ways and thinks the code comes before everything. In her opinion, the current clans are far too loose, and the borders between them do not seem to be defined enough. She is friendly to other clancats but keeps to her beliefs. Loyalty to her clan comes before everything to her. Tangyheart is overall average appearing at first, yet once you get a zoomed in image she is clearly an owner of a rather ugly personality. Her past is something not often discussed, between her and her friends or her and anyone. It is easily assumed she is rather shameful of it. Whether it will eventually surface nobody seems to know. 

(Inky: December 4, 2017)



Halflight has always been a timid soul. Although he harbours a kind heart, that kind heart is rarely seen, masked by a firm silence, broken only in the most provoking of times. Halflight is a quiet and reserved tom - although he is quite courageous in tangible situations, he suffers under a curse of hesitance and anxiety around his clanmates, thus only ever speaking in a cautious, quiet voice, barely above a whisper. Halflight wants only to care for others - to see another in pain of any form is more of an upleasant experience to this tom than being in pain himself. Halflight was born to the MoonClanner Foxwind, and a mate never known, however his mother died in his birth, leaving him to be raised by two loving adoptive parents. Halflight's lineage was never a secret to him, nor was it ever a bother, despite how sensitive a soul he may have been - he viewed the tale of his mother as no more than a melancholic family heirloom, grateful for the love of his adoptive parents. Half is of an average size and a slim build, a short alabaster pelt draped over his frame, spotted with a few black smudges around his face, paws, and tail. His name is derived from his heterochromia, with a blue right eye and a left eye which further defines his name, fading from an amber half to a hazel/green half.

(River: January 2, 2018)



Marbledquail is a dilute calico, siamese mix. He has baby blue eyes and little tufts of fur at the tip of his ears. Marbledquail is a very feminine tom, making some cats quite confused when talking to him. He can be quite a scaredy cat at times, adding to his odd aura. He's also a bit of a drama queen, making his stories seem quite extravagant. He's very much gay, and would most likely be the she-cat in the relationship. Marby is a proud gay and it can often make him hard to talk to.

(SweetSucculents: July 3, 2018)



Lionclaw is a muscular and handsome Maine Coon. His main color is brown but his muzzle is black. His pelt is filled with brown, white and black. His eyes are a dirtier kind of yellow. He is a strong cat, but is a huge softy towards the cats closest to him. He has a lot of bravery in him and protects as many other cats as he can. He will get very mad if someone steals someone elses attention away from him, or if someone ignores him. His anger could get the best of him, but he tries fixing as many problems as he can. As for his skills, he is a talented fighter, and can run and swim well. But his climbing talent is not as good because of how heavy he is due to how muscular he is. As for his past, he grew up with only his brother. His family had abandoned them in the woods, so they grew up togethert alone. All was good until his brother wanted to leave to the city to try to find their family. Lionclaw wanted to stay in the forest, so they split ways. Maybe one day they would meet again, but Lionclaw wanted to focus on himself and not worry about his brother.

(Hero: January 4, 2018)

Pomance is a short legged, munckin, she-cat. She had the normal spaced out tabby design with very few spots on her otherwise white pelt. Complimenting her strange appearance is her distinct heterochromia. One of her eyes are light blue, the other a amber brown. Pomance, named after distilled brandy, has a neutral personality. Besides her gang members, Pomance has a shadiness about her. Other swing in extreme directions in personality, while she goes along with most of it. Despite her lovingly adorable looks, Pomance has a sharp tongue and doesn't like feeling discriminated. 
(DrownedInRed: January 7, 2018)

Stonejay is a light gray Tom with black stripes all over his back, head, tail, and paws. The tip of his tail is white. His eyes are a beautiful blue. He is pretty introverted, preferring to be alone. Though, he is not afraid of cats approaching him. His claws and teeth may not be sharp, but his mind is, making him a pretty powerful enemy. He is always ready to hop out of camp. Hunting is his hobby, and he hunts when he can. He prefers to only speak if needed, meaning when he speaks, cats should listen. He is the son of Singingjay and Fallowbuck. 
(Ruby: January 7, 2018)

Juniperspring is a chatty, excitable, and optimistic cat with a dash of mischievousness and a flexible understanding of The Warrior Code and clan hierarchy. She gets along well with most cats, but isn't afraid to speak her mind or hold her ground when they have disagreements and can sometimes dig herself into a hole by picking an argument with the wrong cat or lying to get out of punishments. She's close with her uncle Crimsonsky, who only brings out her extroverted features and doesn't do much to limit the trouble she often finds herself in. Juniperspring is a pretty she-cat with olive green eyes and a long snout that centers her expressive face. Her pelt is soft and of medium-length, with dilute tortoiseshell markings splashed with white across her ears, muzzle, paws, tail-tip, chest, and stomach. She has a prominent scar across her shoulder that she sometimes gives wild explanations to, though in reality it's just a weasel bite that got infected. She is a daughter of Wolfgaze and Leafbark and has a bunch of kin throughout the clan, including a handful of siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Suffice it to say, she loves her clan and her kin and couldn't feel at home anywhere else. 
(Ember: January 27, 2018)

Mistypath is a grey cat with leopard like prints on her pelt. She has multiple personality disorder. She has 4 personalities but only 3 are known. The first one is Somber, she is rude-natured and will pick fights she cannot win. The second one is Raina, and she is very odd and can do idiotic things to get Mistypath hurt. Her third personality is the one that is most often in control, This ones name is Mistypath and she considers herself to be the best. The fourth personality will only appear if they are in grave danger. He is only known by the other personalities. He is extremely unforgiving and cruel and if they mess up he will punish them. He is emotionless and will do anything to get his way.
(Imatootle: January 27, 2018)

Turtlemoon is a white Cornish Rex with dark ears, tail, and muzzle. She is very shy and usually hides behind her brother when she is scared or doesn't like the situation. She is loyal to her family and whatever friends she makes and hates to see another cat in pain. She usually gets to tongue tied when cats try to talk to her and depends on her brother to fix things that go wrong, even though she can't always be near him. She is the daughter of Orchardpool and Stormheart. 
(Shadowstorm: January 28, 2018)

Dreamlotus is a shy and sweet cat, but has problems. She has adhd and also forgets things easily. Luckily she is getting much better, but these problems are going to get her in trouble one day. She also is self conscience and thinks she is the opposite of what she really is. She often avoids anything reflective as she is scared that she is ugly or scary. As for her history and appearance. Dream is a calico cat with bright blue eyes. She has a heart made of white fur on her chest, saying it is a special design. Her history is that her parents died saving her from a fox after she wandered off too far. They managed to keep it at bay until Dreampaw left, but she still blames herself. for the death. Though it wasn't her fault. 
(DreamLotus: January 24, 2018)

Due to having the apperance of a Cornish Rex cat, Pricklegaze is often shunned and disliked by others. What worsens his predicament even further is that he is an albino, which is a quite tenuous characteristic for cats to have. His fur is pure white and the inside of his ears have the color of bleached pink, due to the lack of pigment--which is one of the many factors of being an albino. His eyes certainly do grab the attention of other cats, hence his name being Pricklegaze. His slanted eyes do tend to linger on others and because the irises are colored a vivid red, cats do feel perturbed. He is highly sensitve to light so he has a tendency of staying inside the camp, most especially in his nest. Because of that, he is singled out and is labelled as an outcast. Unfortunately, this all leads up to his personality; he is suspicious of other people's intuitions and is awfully sensitive. Pricklegaze is also quite mature for his age but that is because he has experienced so much. Despite all the negative things said from other cats, he is actually considerate and trustworthy. 
(HarmlessPoison: January 30, 2018)


Silentpaw, or as she used to be know, Midnightpaw, is a black cat with purple eyes. Her necklace was "Lost" But.. She only hid it in her nest in the apprentice den, for fear that she might lose it because of the leader. Since she joined Moonclan, she speaks more and more. This tend to be a bit odd. Her old wavery and raspy voice is now replaced with a voice that sounds like a gentle dove. Similar to a queens, but younger. She is still mute, or partially. But she hates to not answer question and other things like that, so she tends to try and answer the question as best as possible. In that way, she has a vast understanding and understand questions even warriors might now be able to know. She isn't sure how, but for now.. She tries to stay quiet, hoping Stallionstar, her new leader, is nicer to her than Sandstar and the others who ignored her. 

(Dream Lotus: February 2, 2018)



Bravecry is a rather small tom, coming around the size of an apprentice fully grown. He is a mostly white cat with black patches that seemingly randomized on his pelt. He has bright blue eyes. Bravecry has always been alone, his parents were murdered soon after he was born and the seemingly timid tom was always having trouble making friends or even socializing for that matter. He's always put himself down for being so cowardly and unable to make friends. However that changed soon after one of his friends was attacked, the next thing he knew he was tearing into the flesh of the cat that had attacked his only friend. He didn't want to loose anyone like he had lost his parents. In order to save his friend, he transformed into the complete opposite of his previous personality. He became willing to fight in order to protect those he considered dear to him. The once timid tom, became a merciless fighter with the courage of a lion. He decided to strip himself of his former name, not liking that he was named after his small height and chose the pre- Brave.

(Spark: February 3, 2018)



Tsarstep is a Moscow Tabby, a White tom with extremely dark grey stripes, on the verge of being black, with pale blue eyes. He's got a slimmer build with very lean muscles, and doesn't look like he makes much of an opponent, leading him to being underestimated. Tsar prefers to think of himself as the life of the party and a direct heir of royal blood, knowing that his grand father was a prince, despite it having no meaning here in the clans. He was left in the clan to be cared for after his father decided that he needed to see the world, and his mother followed him, thus leaving him to raise himself, and in doing so has led to some nastier habits. He's emotionally cold, and rarely commits to anyone, often bouncing from one love interest to the next. He can be cruel, not just in word, but in deed as well. Son of Regalstones and Hysterialaugh. 

(Kingfish: February 1, 2018)



Quietstep is a coal-black cat with glaring yellow eyes that are easily seen in the dark. Quietstep has always had a lot to say, but not much of a way to say it. Quietstep was born mute. No one knew why, even the medicine cats. StarClan never sent any sign as to why she was chosen to have such a terrible fate. She lives with it though. Her eyes and face are quite adept at expressing her emotions, and thus she very much wears her emotions where anyone can see them. It helps when it comes to her interacting with others. Even with her condition, Quietstep forces herself to be outgoing. She often attempts to show off her abilities, and she always has some energy whenever she needs it. In all reality, she sometimes finds herself running away from the loneliness she sometimes feels on the inside. Even when she has friends to be with, she can never truly speak her mind. However, she never gets herself down, usually internalizing any negative feelings. She doesn't have incredible natural talent in hunting or fighting, but her hard work over the moons has allowed her to be above average in both categories. Something she's never been able to express is her slight lack of belief in StarClan. She's never been sure of their existence, mostly because of her lifelong bitterness about why she is the way she is. It would take a lot for another cat to figure this out though, so she's been through life with little argument over the subject. 

(Castle: October 27, 2017)



Dovesong has a coat of grays and whites that mix to make her appear as if she is silver. She has pale amber eyes that appear almost yellow. Not long after she was born, Dovesong and her sister were left alone in Moonclan territory, with little to no sign as to why. She's always held the event within her, wondering on the inside whether it was her and her sister's fault that they were left alone. However, she's always internalized it, instead trying her hardest to gain the respect and attention of her Clanmates. To some, Dovesong can be a bit annoying , as she sometimes may seem stuck up or like a show off, but in all reality Dovesong can't help but act out. However, while Dovesong enjoys a competitive relationship with her sister, she's always worried that Ashwind might grow to be more renowned in the Clan, and so she tries hard to beat her sister in anything they do. This means that if one were to suggest the two of them as similar, she would bristle at the thought. When she's not around her sister, Dovesong can be a bit introverted, internalizing her issues and bottling it all up. This sometimes leads to her exploding at small things, contributing to her reputation as a bit of an attention-seeker. however, in the end, Dovesong just wants to be loved.  

(Castle: December 13, 2017)



Solscar is a introverted cat of no specific breed with copper-amber eyes eyes and a pelt of brown, hazel, and black splashed all around. He?s a pretty bad hunter, an okay fighter, but he truly excels in swimming and fishing. He has an almost tail length cut on the side of his stomach, and the scent he gives off is is like brackish river water, muddy salt that?s somewhat clean. As a kit, Solscar developed anti-social habits, despite being the one of the strongest kits, and would only talk to the elder cats. His tendency to never talk with anyone else eventually earned him the nickname Solkit, directly translating to _the lonely kit_, and it stuck. When he was a moon old, he received a slightly lazy mentor name Stormvine, who, to put it simply, lost Solpaw to twolegs the day of apprenticeship. For the next two moons or so, he lived the indoor kittypet life until the twolegs got a kit of their own who was allergic to cats. He was then sent to an alcoholic, abusive relative twoleg. He spent the next whole moon and a half eating possibly the worst food of his life, until one day the twoleg went crazy and cut deeply into his side with a giant metal claw. (That's not literally what happened. The owner was completely drunk, and Solscar had pissed him off, only to get the unexpected result of being harshly stabbed. The stabbing part was literal; the twoleg isn't insane.) It was by sheer luck that he jumped aside the window quickly enough to not die of blood loss or more cuts. But soon after he jumped, the blood loss did make him faint. He would then wake up later, finding that two rogues, one named Mudpelt and the other using the alias Darkhope who was also an amateur medicine cat and got lucky this time around, had nursed him back to health. For the next two moons, the rogues scavenged around, inevitably causing trouble wherever they went. But the rogue life didn?t fit Solscar, and when the other rogues pushed him too far by trying to convince him to sneak into Eclispeclan he started yelling at them. The argument eventually grew into a fight, in which the rogues were too distracted to notice animal security. Fortunately Solscar escaped, but his friends weren?t so lucky. To today, he believes that his friends are locked up in the fear place due to him, and he desperately wants to go rescue them (if this idea gets enough support, it could turn into a _minor plot_, but if it doesn?t get support it?ll just be part of the character plot, which?ll probably kill him in the end) but he knows going alone will probably kill him. Still though, everyday he prays to starclan hoping that his friends will come back, and he decided to join moonclan wishing that it would appease his ancestors.

(GlassShatteringSilence: February 16, 2018)



Valleykit is an average sized kit, and she is siamese, just like her mother and has blue eyes. She is quiet, and doesn't like to go anywhere alone. She tends to stay near her siblings or mother, or also any friends which she might make. Despite her age, she is fairly clever and figures things out easily. She can read other cats emotions easily as well. However, she sometimes finds it difficult to express her own emotions, sometimes making her seem a it cold hearted. none the less, she can be a great friend to those who understand her. 
(Weirdo101: February 12, 2018)

Meadowclaw is an overconfident cat who thinks she can take the whole world on with one paw. She has heavy tunnel-vision, focusing only on one goal at a time and is willing to do almost whatever it takes to get there. She often doesn't think of consequences to her actions, and when they arise she will only bitterly accept them. Despite this flaw, she does love her family and wishes for a more unified and closed-off clan rather than the open-border fluidity the clans have now. Meadowclaw is a mostly white calico with dots of ginger and black on her back that look like a flower field dancing in the breeze. She is Softlullaby's kit and sister to Mountainkit, Tundrakit, Plateaukit, Valleykit, Beachkit, and Gladekit. 
(Kamira: February 19, 2018) 

Plateaurein rings true to this Somali tom, his pelt the color of red clay burning in the sun. He has a strong personality, coming off as bold, impatient, and brash. Plateaurein likes to live in the moment, not wanting to take time to look at the small things, he lives in a fast paced manner, always on the edge. This Somali tom like to be the center of attention, giving him an egotisical and narsistic personality. Plateaurein thinks of himself as a high rank, and believes he's better than anyone, he always tries to prove his point, placing him into many arguments. He is the son of Softlullaby and unknown. 
(Brokenfang: February 19, 2018)

Vermilionbright is a generously proportioned russet tabby with a solid white tail along with softly rounded blue eyes, evident with hints of curiosity and innocence. He is unquestionably the definition of happiness as his demeanor gives off a bubbly, eager aura and he always seems to be optimistic, no matter the situation. Admittedly, this comes as a disadvantage as he cannot figure out the mood if it is portrayed as solemn--he's rather naive to certain situations. As his attitude bears hindrances, such as not comprehending the concept of adverse emotions, being an easy victim for manipulating, his self-assured outlook on life being perceived as galling, Vermilionbright pays no heed to this and so, his buoyant personality persists. 
(Harmlesspoison: February 13, 2018)

Raincatcher has always had a bit too much pride for his own good. He is certainly not arrogant, nor is he outwardly boastful - however his internal pride makes it hard for this tom to admit his mistakes, or apologize for his wrongdoings. A chain reaction ensues from this, which has, overtime, built up as a massive guilt complex within Rain - feeling an incredible shame and guilt for everything he has done, but never quite managing to swallow his pride long enough to apologize for anything, and diminish that guilt. At heart, Rain is a good cat - he is loyal, if a bit unreliable at times, and always tries to see the best in others, rarely holding grudges. Raincatcher has a white pelt, with grey tabby patches across his back, head, neck, and tail. His eyes are a dull grey-blue in shade. Raincatcher is the brother of Summerwind. 
(River: February 18, 2018)

Summerwind is similar in appearance to her brother, Raincatcher. The same white fur covers the majority of her body, while the same tabby patches envelop her back, neck, head, and tail, only more brown in shade than Rain's grey. Summer is an upbeat, daring soul, who has an infuriating tendency to get things right the first time. Summerwind lives for the thrill - she never quite feels alive until she's in a situation one step from death. Unlike her brother, Summer's fierce loyalty to her friends manifests in passion, rather than forgiveness - if anyone wrongs her friends in the slightest, she is always the first one on their case, and the last one to forgive. Summer has a strong, large build, making her quite the skilled and powerful combatant. 
(River: February 18, 2018)

Despite this apprentices name, Snowpaw is NOT sensitive. This name was given because at birth she was very pale and to add to it, she was born during the snowing seasons. She is very protective of her younger adopted sister, Inkykit. Despite not looking like the younger kit by much, the two tend to stick together like glue. Snowpaw is also kind to her sis, but if you so much as hiss at her, you might as well have signed a death sentence. Not really, but Snowpaw is protective. Snowpaw was also born as a sick and frail kit, but as she got older, she got better. Because starclan helped her, she tries to honor it in every way she can.
(Dream Lotus: February 19, 2018)


The first words cats would use to describe Inkysplatter are: overly excitable. She is very energetic, always. Her personality is a bit over the top and hard to deal with, but overtime she becomes caring and loyal. She can (and will) tone is down when she needs to. You can't always be happy and making jokes. There's no way to avoid seriousness. So, when she needs to be, she can be serious if it comes down to it. Now, Inky's appearance is definitely something to behold. She's rather big, with broad, masculine shoulders. Her muscles ripple through her short pelt, and her back legs are her most prized possession. Longer than her front, they constantly put her at a tilt. She sees that as her only disadvantage. As for colors, she is black and white. There are big, ink-like chunks spread across her body, which include her face, shoulders, paws, and tail. And so to mention her tail, she was born with a short one! It flicks around when she's happy. As for goals, she's never really had one set in stone. She did want to be leader as a kit, but don't they all? So, for now, she chooses to be a warrior. 
(Inky: February 21, 2018)


Sapphiremist has a deep blue russian pelt, one much like her grandmother's with bright blue eyes. It is obvious the blue molly has had a past life, as she is extremely intelligent, knowing more than a cat should. She lives a very basic down to earth lifestyle, and is often organized and enthusicastic. Her dependable and wise personality draws others in, making her a good friend. Sapphiremist likes to make other's feel good about themselves, often dealing out compliments and cheery smiles, yet on the inside this beautiful she-cat is plauged with insecurites and is often hurt by indifference. Like her father, Stallionstar, Sapphiremist is noble, and understanding, carrying the kindness and patience of her mother, Batear. 
(DrownedInRed: March 7, 2018)

Tundrastorm as a fairly large tom, his father unknown. Tundra is a dark orange colored tom, with white siamese and tabby markings. He has pretty amber eyes that are bursting with life and energy. Tundrastorm enjoys running,climbing, hunting, and training. Pretty much anything that requires him to work up a sweat. He is fairly family orientated and act like everyone in his clan is his sibling, always calling then bro or sis, even if they really arent. His mother is Softlullaby 
(Lav: March 10, 2018)

While her given name is the traditional pride title of "When Dusk Gives Way to Starless Skies" she is often referred to as Nightfall, or simply Fall. She is a beautiful cat, with short ebony fur criss crossed by slightly darker tabby patterning. A unique feature common in her ancestry: she is a chimera. The right side of her face is a pale silver blue, split straight down the center as though she's wearing a mask. Her right eye is an emerald green while her left eye is a pale ice blue. Her front right paw is capped in white, she has a white patch on her chin, and a white splash along her chest. Fall was born in blood. Her MoonClan mother was murdered by Smokethorn late in her pregnancy and each of her kittens were ripped from her still living body. Fall was the only one lucky enough to survive and Smokethorn took pity on her. Rather than ending the young kitten's life, he brought her back to SunClan where she was taken in by a then pregnant Eaglefrost. She is the biological daughter of Brambleheart and Maplesky, with a name that was meant to be Vervainkit. 
(L: March 7, 2018)

Castorfeather is a small Havana Brown with a kinked tail, he is super protective of his Clanmates and will do anything to help them. Castorpaw is also named for one of the stars, just like Canopuskit. Long before he came to the Clans, he was a small sickly kitten whose mother died. As the only surviving kit of his litter, he was first named Castor and had his name changed into Castorkit when he first entered the Clans. 
(Leopardcloud: March 8, 2018)


Servalbelly is a warm tan she-cat with black dots that run in lines down her entire body that break her silhouette up into many fragmented pieces. She has dull amber eyes and an aloof, goofy personality. She is truly the blonde sister of the group, and though she is quite tall, she finds herself lagging behind her siblings often just because she is distracted by her surroundings. She is the daughter of Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(Kamira: March 9, 2018)


Leaves Many Footprints is a mostly white tom cat with a patch of orange over the left side of his face with a ginger tipped tail and ears. He has a Heterochromia mutation, making his right eye an ice blue and his left eye a flaming golden. Footprints is a noble and upstanding tom, tending to adhere to the customs of SunClan rather than the customs of the pride given how he was raised. He has a great amount of respect for his father and values his siblings, but he does not have an unbreakable bond with his family members. To him, SunClan comes first, and his family's strange relationship comes second. He is a tall tom with long legs and medium length fur. Footprints possesses mediocre skills in both hunting and fighting, much to his parents' disappointment. He is the son of Two Rivers Running and Long May He Reign. 
(L: March 12, 2018)


Where the Heavens Lay Upon the Earth is Eaglefrost's only biological child. He is a chimera, with a mixed tortoiseshell pelt. The right side of his face is ginger with a deep golden eye. The left side of his face is black with his mother's shadow tabby patterning, and an ice blue eye. He is a tall and slender tom-cat with a body shaped for moorland living. While he possesses a traditional Pride name, he is true to his SunClan roots. He often clashes with the pride born cats in the clan given his similar ancestry, but different upbringing. His mother often refers to him as "Horizon" which is then shortened by friends and family to simply "Rise". He is the son of Twinsouls and Eaglefrost. 

(L: March 13, 2018)


Flutteringbee, soft, full of emotion. Strongly resembles a bumblebee, which are very touchy. The slightest bit of, well, anything, can trigger Flutteringbee?s emotion wall. Now, as for her coat colors and patterns, she is a golden Siberian with fur that looks the fuzz on a bumblebee, except much longer. Her eyes are the opposite of her brother, meaning that her left eye is a green, and her right is a glowing yellow. They appear much larger than her brothers, as well as brighter. They can be told difference though, unlike Desertmoth?s. Now, Flutteringbee has a terrible case of Tourettes. It?s easily noticeable, the way her head flips to the side a few times every few minutes or so. It looks like she is trying to wink, but it?s not working. Sometimes her left, front paw goes along with it, causing her to stumble. This doesn?t keep her from being a wonderful warrior though, she tries extremely hard to catch up to her brother. Her ties to her brother are very important, and she doesn?t want to be left behind in all his hard work. 
(Inky: March 17, 2018)

Birdy is a grey tabby scottish fold with light brown eyes. He is a sweet heart who falls inlove way too easily. He loves birds and they are his favorite snack, though as he is a sweetheart who cares about others and only wants everyone to smile, he will not eat anything or do anything that makes others sad. Birdy thinks everyone is perfect in their own right and thinks everyone should be happy the way they were born. Though, as much as this tom loves, he's easily offended and once he feels offended he gets pouty and will refuse to speak to anyone until someone gives him a snack. Because of all of his snacking, he has turned into quite the chubby tom. Birdy was a kitty-pet who loved to eat, but when he turned 6 moons old he was abandoned in a box. He stayed in that box for 3 days before he left the box and wandered to moonclan, starving. 
(Lav: March 25, 2018)

Swift Willow 
Swift Willow is a lean brown and white tom with bright green eyes. His body is built for hunting and running, which he is very good at. He can be described as "cutely pretty" and "adorable" but never really growing out of this phase. He's keen and intelligent with an outgoing personality. He is social and likes nothing more than to show off in order to get attention. He hails from the mountains and is from the Tribe of Rushing Water. 
(Spark: March 25, 2018)

Ravencry is a solid black Bombay cat, with varying eye colors. One eye is a soft blue- and the other is a little bit more on the mossy green side. Despite her foreboding name, she?s a sweetheart who enjoys showing her friends and family physical affection, and fiercely mothers those around her. Now, she?s soft- but she enjoys thrills a little too much as well, whether that be performing dangerous tricks up in the trees of their forest or engaging freely in fights, with no regard to her own safety. Should she be called out on being a hypocrite- she?s more likely than not to brush it off and turn the attention to the questioner. 
(Airmid: March 28, 2018)


Rustlefeater is a longhair-Manx mix with fluffy brown tabby fur. Her underside and the left side of her face is a creamy white color that have light brown tabby markings. She has pretty green eyes that mirror her carefree attitude. Born to a loner that abandoned her in three forest. Rustlefeather had wandered her way into Moonclan's camp, unaware that she was just abandoned. One could say Rustle has 2 flaws but she sees it as a talent. She is really slow on the uptake on things and is really a livings to the things around her, except when it involves food. She is extremelt picky and will only eat prey that has reached her standards or is a mouse or squirrel. She has 3 siblings in the clans that she is blissfully unaware are missing. 
(Lav: March 31, 2018) 


Canopus-splash is a small but lithe amber eyed she-cat. With silvery fur that flows like a river under a shining moon, she holds her head high even in the face of danger. This small Somali is very curious and inquisitive. While being very small, Canopus-splash has a big heart. She lives as a fighter, ready to defend her Clan in a war, but also ready to lay down and surrender if the unknown happens. Her name represents one of the faraway stars, just like her shining pelt. 
(Leopardcloud: April 4, 2018)



A particularly small and sickly cat, Winter has always been prone to misfortune. Caught in a storm? A guaranteed case of the sniffles for the next couple of days. A small fall off of a sunning rock? Dislocated shoulder. It never seemed to escape her, making her wary of where she placed her paws. She walks as though a single paw step could break her, though that wasn't far from the truth-- she was a very fragile cat. Winter is a white cat with a light grey tailtip and ear tips, some scattered grey speckles freckling her cheeks as well. Her eyes are a cerulean blue, and although they are sleepless, they are usually full of cheer and good humor. Despite being plagued by trouble, Winter bounces back easily, being a bubbly and naive cat. She trusts and forgives easily, although this can sometimes lead her into some tricky situations. Kind-hearted, but hides her troubles. Eventually this could burst out from inside of her, but until then, Winter will continue keeping her secrets to herself. 
(Flickerwick: December 28, 2017)

Featherstep is a long-haired, thick-set grey tabby maine coon. She has bright orange eyes and her fur is a light gray classic tabby pattern overlaying a dark gray that lightens to her almost white belly. She is very practical in her thinking but tries to ignore this side of her in favor of compassion. She loves her clan dearly but thinks they are too open to outsiders. Born to Littleclaw and an unknown father, she was born and raised within the clan in a litter that included her much smaller sister, Galepaw, who failed to thrive as a kit and as an effect was a very tiny cat like Littleclaw. Galepaw continued to decline well into her apprenticeship before passing the week after Featherstep's warrior ceremony. 
(Kamira: August 24, 2017)

Acornwhisp is a grey Maine Coon with gold eyes. She was born in a small den east of the Two-leg place after her parents were killed by foxes and they accidentally missed her stuffed under a pile of leaves. She loves to listen to the sounds of frogs and droplets of water in the forest. She isn't considered a very brave cat considering her size. Her favorite things to eat are voles and mice. She likes to have fun and mess with people and likes to "Gently" key word GENTLY wrestle kits only using her paw. 
(ImaTootle: October 2, 2017)



Fightercry is a broad-shouldered tom. A brown-furred Maine Coone with green eyes, he's more eye-catching due to his size, and not any special pelt or eye color. Beyond that, he's fiercely protective but friendly, putting family above all, even himself. 
(Airmid: April 18, 2018)

Cleric has unusually large and pointy ears, a calm attitude, and the trademark grey-fur-with-white-chest-and-green-eyes "Jaystar" appearance that runs in his family. He isn't one who is easily riled up, and could be called the peacemaker in his family. Yet, he prefers to observe the situation instead of resolve it, slightly indifferent to the endeavors of others. Cleric is part of the unusually named litter of Winter, his father unknown. 
(Alienfish: April 18, 2018)

Bardkit is a pointy-eared tortoiseshell she-cat brindled black and yellow. Her green eyes are lively and her enthusiasm is intoxicating as she tells stories, sings, and dances to entertain those around her and keep up morale. She has a large white splotch on her chest two white front socks and her tail is uniquely skinny. She is part of Winter's litter. 
(Kamira: April 18, 2018)

Roguestep is a black furred Tim with place grey spots under his eyes, looking like freckles dappling his fur. He is the smallest of his siblings, using his pelt and small size to slink in the shadows and strike when his enemies least expect it. He?s cold hearted and quiet, preferring to be alone. He isn?t above stealing from others. He uses underhanded tricks in battle and has no quarrel no set person, as he hates everyone. He has dark green eyes that glowering on others with hatred. His mother is Winter and his father is unknown 
(Lav: April 18, 2018)

Brownglade is a dusty-brown mackerel tabby tom with subdued, gray-hinted eyes, likewise to his mother, Featherstep. Though born rather diminutive, he has grown quickly and it is evident he will become a strong, willing warrior--if only his mother will allow him to. 
(HarmlessPoison: April 30, 2018)

Quietflame is not quiet, like her name suggests. She is the loudest kit in her litter. She often belts out songs that she hears in camp and she gets in trouble for it by her mother, Acornwhisp. She doesn't care though and will still do it much to the displeasure of others. She's overconfident and aggressive when it comes to competition. She is the daughter of Acornwhisp and Apollo. 
(DDcat: May 3, 2018)

Grey and gold she cat with bright blue eyes. She is fun and daring and loves to learn. She is also clumsy and tends to get hurt easily. Daughter to AcornWhisp and Appollo 
(HornetFrost: May 4, 2018)

Description and History: Hailing from MoonClan, she is a black cat with crisp dark copper eyes, and white ears, to her inconvienence. Close to the age of an apprentice, she is unlike most kits since she would rather lurk in the shadows than prank other kits; she would prefer to listen to others conversations rather than elders? stories. Generally, she is a bad hunter and an even worse fighter, but her tendency to stalk means she knows more medicines and poisons than most cats do ( but most definitely less than an actual medicine cat. ) The only time she can fight okay is when she is fighting out of pure rage ( not fear, not lust, not self-preservation, not abnegation. ) 
(GlassShatteringSilence: May 14, 2018)



Silversnow is a delicate cat. She?s quiet, but gets lonely easily. She can have some trouble understanding her own emotions and motivations for doing things, despite being the sort of hard-working, bound by the book cat that others wouldn't even think of analyzing. Silversnow is easily frustrated despite her hatred of conflict and can let these feelings boil inside of her for too long, fixating on one thing for a very long time. She doesn't like to take risks and can be easily frightened and manipulated. However, her kindness shows through in everything she does. She has compassion for all cats, even those her clan is supposed to be fighting. Silversnow is the daughter of Honeyflame and Mossbranch. She has her father?s sleek grey tabby pelt, and her mother's delicate build and pale blue eyes. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)

While Autumn-night is concerned with the feelings of others and intuitive about people, she likes to take her own path and can be stern with others. She is sensitive and has a well-developed value system, though not necessarily following The Code or her leader, she is well-respected for her perseverance in doing the right thing. She can trust her own instincts above all else, and can be stubborn and ignore the opinions of other people. She always believes she's right and pushes others to be the best they can be, caring very deeply about their wellbeing. She's not a very chatty cat, so when she does speak, her words carry weight. Autumn-night is the daughter of Honeyflame and Mossbranch and carries a calico pelt, a sturdy build, and a handsome face. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)

Crimsonsky is defined primarily by his arrogant streak-- feeling far above the law and nothing sort of invincible, he lives to expect special treatment from everyone around himself. He's loud and outgoing, but has a quick temper and will always be the first to spark and argument. Crimsonsky refuses to think of himself as anything but perfect, but can be easily overwhelmed by a troubling situation. Strangely, he also really enjoys the presence of other cats and likes to include them in his dare-devil schemes. In particular, he likes the presence of his night-and-day sisters Silversnow and Autumn-night. He loves being a MoonClanner and beyond that, being the son of a respected warrior and a deputy. He follows the code and is the first to charge into the battle, liking the chivalrous light it puts him in, but regardless of his intentions, his clanmates can't criticize his courage or his commitment to the clan. Crimsonsky is a handsome cat, with a deep tabby pelt and a broad face. His parents are Honeyflame and Mossbranch. 
(Ember: June 11, 2017)


Batear is a black,silver, and white tortie with green eyes and has abnormally big ears. Batear is a reserved shecat that likes to mingle with others and is pretty decent. She came in as a loner before being a apprentice and learning the clan's lives.
(DrownedInRed: June 4, 2017)