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Hello! I’m Ember, the owner of Warrior Cats of the Forest. We’re a roleplaying website based on Erin Hunter’s Warrior Cats with four original clans.

The site works on the basis of group collaboration, from developing complex characters and planning wide reaching storylines, to participating in the forums writing the character interactions. Think of it as online improvisational drama. Through the roleplay and out of character interactions, members help each other improve their creative writing skills and make meaningful friendships.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] or using the Contact Us box to the right.

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Characters Up for Adoption






Sapwing 5/11

Plumpaw 5/11


Vodka 5/11

Busch 5/11

Mead 5/11

  • Characters remain up for adoption for two weeks before being deleted, after which they cannot be claimed.
  • To put a character up for adoption, to adopt a character, or directly transfer a character, post in the Character Updates Page using the format provided.
  • Once a character is up for adoption or listed for transfer it will no longer count towards their former owner's character limit, but the former own may no longer play the character. 
  • A member may reclaim a character at any time before they are adopted by another member. After a character is claimed by its new owner, the original owner cannot reclaim them unless the new owner agrees to return the character.
  • Leaders and deputies cannot be put up for adoption or transferred between members.