Warrior Cats
 of the Forest




Hollowbreeze is a small, lithe cream colored she-cat with dark ginger spots in her back and light ginger bpriands around her legs and tail. She has honey colored paws, ears, and muzzle and dark green eyes. Hollowbreeze was born to two rogues, who were part of a large gang, in a faraway city. The gang had strict rules and harsh punishments so Hollowbreeze is very well disciplined and sticks to the rules. She used to be bullied for her smaller size when she was young, and she hated her life, so when she was old enough to survive she left the gang and found herself living near the clans. She dislikes the forest, so she chose to live in the city, where she soon became respected for her excellent fighting skill and speed. Hollowbreeze has a low tolerance for complainers and weaklings and will make cats work for what they earn. She likes to have power over cats and is very unforgiving of those who break the rules. She is cunning and has a sense of when to fight and when to talk, but she is always longing for the fierce rush of battle. She is fiercely loyal and will back her decisions no matter what other cats think. She only wants loyal cats in her clan, and is not afraid to banish, or otherwise punish, the disloyal cats. 

(Shadowstorm: July 23, 2017)



Frecklemask is a dusky-gray she-cat with a light dusting of sandy freckles that form a mask on her face and a flea-bitten stripe down her back. She has a white splash on her chest and a white sock on her front left leg, and she is almost skeletally tall, gaunt, and thin. She carries herself with good-natured seriousness and is about as approachable as an EclipseClan cat can be. She thinks EclipseClan has been too open to outsiders in the past and hopes her ambition can bring her clan forward to a new age where EclipseClan is taken seriously by the other clans as a force to be respected. 
(Kamira: December 3, 2017)

Medicine Cat

Blackberry is an American Bombay cat with beautiful golden eyes. His name rather suits him as blackberries are known to grow on thorny bushes with prickly leaves. He is known for being just as prickly, and he treats his clanmates with a sort of tough love. He can come across as gruff, short tempered and mean, and is nothing to be trifled with when in a bad mood. But the blackberry bushes prickly leaves and thorny branches hide its sweet berries. Same with his attitude and temper. Once a cat really gets to know him, they'll find that he loves his clan and his clan mates more than he'd like to admit. He also has a bad habit of accidentally eavesdropping. He's not purposely trying to be nosy, but he has very good hearing. He always seems to know about things before being told. He has a very good memory, and hardly ever forgets anything. 
(Spirit: November 22, 2018)

Medicine Cat Apprentice


Marshmumble is a kittypet who watched the clan cats from a distance for her entire life before she decided to venture out to join them. Socially lonely and isolated in her twoleg home, Marshmallow changed her name to Marshpaw and became a Medicine Cat Apprentice of EclipseClan, hoping to feel a sense of purpose in her life. Marshmumble is a pale tortoiseshell with more gray than white and cream, and though she has a collar around her neck it is only because she can't get it off. She looks like a ghost, and her soft voice causes other cats to mishear her or overlook her in large crowds. 
(Weirdo101: January 25, 2018)



Thundersong is a jet black she cat with a thick fluffy pelt. Her eyes are a striking yellow orange. Thundersong is a hard cat to get to know and she has a very dark past and some terrible secrets. Is she evil or just misunderstood? 
(Sandrunner and Co.: August 8, 2017)


The pelt of the gorgeous Sunsetbreeze is an absolutely stunning mixture of oranges that is striped with generous blacks that help the curve of her slim figure. Her stunning light blue eyes sit perfectly above her muzzle, with a ring of green making them that much more beautiful. The way she scans the camp with her gentle, yet tempting gaze only matches her swinging gait, which is ever so gentle on the trodden ground. While there is a lot that can be said of Sunsetbreeze, especially by the toms or her lost sister, there is no doubt that she is caring and curious. She is compassionate, amusing, and gentle, but they are tainted with her want for more and the craving for the perfect tom. Her caring nature is what everyone falls for, especially when they want something or need help. Though, however perfect she seems, she is not. Her ego and rather rude ways can ruin even the happiest of moods, and especially when she isn?t the center of a cat's attention. Though, her curiosity can help save her from these moments. 
(PalletEclipse: September 3, 2017)

Yellow tom with brown eyes. Mean and a bit crazy. Use to be a loner.
(Python: September 3, 2017)

Smear is a Tuxedo, with his colors varying from the generic black and white to a small streak of gray beneath his tail. His eyes are ocean blue, with small flecks of lighter blue within them. His name originates from a white slash across his face, which the Twolegs thought looked like a "smear of white". He is muscular and sleek, normally seen strutting around the camp when not out hunting or patrolling. Smear shows a pervasive pattern of grandiosity in fantasy and behavior, a high need for admiration and lacks empathy for others. He also shows arrogant, haughty behaviors and is personally exploitative for self-gain only. He is not unintelligent; in fact he is quite cunning; which emphasizes that he is clearly not all brawn and no brain. He is a major flirt, and talks to even shecats who have mates. This doesn't excuse the fact that somewhere, he is willing to settle down with the right shecat, but its the trouble of finding one first. 
(Kixatanilopay: December 3, 2017)


A grey and white tom with yellow eyes. Very picky and blood driven. 
(Reaper: September 6, 2017)


Azureblaze is a Russian Blue tom with dark grey-blue fur and icy blue eyes with a navy blue ring. He has a splash of white on his neck and tail-tip. Azureblaze also has a dark grey nose that twitches when he's annoyed. He is a very brave tom, often reckless and outspoken, but he cares about his family very much. Azureblaze loves to climb trashcans and hang out with often not the nicest cats in the group, but has a natural leader instinct. Son of Willownight. 
(SpotTheCat: September 4, 2017)

Skybloom is a beautiful Russian blue she-cat with sky blue eyes and a fluffy tail. Despite being deaf, she has managed to learn how to hunt and fight fairly well, but sometimes it's a challenge. Daughter of Willownight.

(Shadowstorm: September 4, 2017)

Larkspring is a light brown tabby with ginger specks and amber eye. A great hunter Larkspring use to be from a house of pure breeds but one day his mother had him but he wasn't pure breed. the twoleg kit liked him but soon was disgusted of him as she learned of breeding. the twolegs moved way from their house leaving Larkspring to be by himself. He learned over time to hunt and once hearing about eclipseclan he went to join them hoping to recreate the sense of family again. 
(Lakeripple: September 14, 2017)


White and grey patched tom with golden eyes. He's deeply loyal and often times has his head in the clouds when training. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: September 23, 2017)


Wookiee is a large, brown Maine Coon. Swirling ebony stripes coat his pelt and his neck and muzzle are splashed with white. He is a strikingly handsome tom, with charming green eyes and a heart melting grin. He keeps his fur well maintained and spends most of his time flirting with she-cats. He is quite the ladies man but is always entirely respectful in his interactions with she-cats. Wookiee is witty and flirtatious, adept at navigating social situations from sheer experience. He will take the time to hunt and fight, so long as it impresses a female that he has his eye on. Wookiee is quite attached to his three Maine Coon companions and is often lounging about with them when not seeking out female companionship. He isn't particularly brave, nor is he particularly cowardly, but he has little interest in risking his life over the petty feuds that seem to plague the clans. Wookiee was born and raised in a gang, so his manners tend to be a little rough around the edges. 

(L: September 30, 2017)

A dark grey pelt with orange eyes. Ashflower is a very friendly cat and gets along with everyone. She always follows the rules and any orders given to her. She loves to learn and is always wanting to help in some way. If she wasn't assigned to do anything, she will be hunting, playing with kits, helping apprentices, or just hanging with her friends. 
(Weirdo101: October 6, 2017)


Jitters is a british fold with yellow eyes. This cat seems to not have an ounce of self confidence in himself, his scared easily and is known to be the cat who hides in the warrior's den all day. He's okay at self defense and basic hunting but nothing else really, he tries to keep his distance so not to get in trouble.

(Python: September 30, 2017)

Everli is a Singapura cat, so a rather small and lithe she-cat. Her pelt will be a warm silver-grey color that will slowly change into beige as it gets closer to her belly. From her belly to her neck and her muzzle will be white, around her eyes as well. Most of her tail is black, but the base is white. She has a very feminine, innocent face with large, pale blue eyes. Under her right eye, as if the only thing that ruins her pretty face, is a small scar running horizontally across her cheek from being punished as a kit from Nadia. Everli, although may seem kind and innocent, like a little sister you'd want to protect to most, holds a certain darkness in her mind. On the inside, the molly may be scared, but she knows fear would only kill her more. She follows orders well, ever since Nadia punished her, sometimes better than planned, such as an over-achiever and always strives for more. More bloodshed. More pleasure in her claws as her broken mind may want. Bloodshed and manipulation are what she has learned to do best, but her leadership skills fairly lack. She strives to keep her 'siblings' pleased and safe, even if it means putting her life at risk. 

Nadia is a Russian blue who's light blue and silver pelt that is only broken by a few faint tabby markings on her legs, tail, and face. Her fur also gets significantly lighter as it goes towards her belly. She has light blue eyes, and a terrible beauty about her. She is not one to be trifled with when she's mad since she was trained from birth to be a deadly fighter. She came to the clans with a hidden purpose, but if you ask her, she will tell you that she joined Earthclan to escape an abusive relationship. 

Absinthe is a large coal black American shorthair with a powerful build. He has heterochromatic, meaning his eyes are two different colors. The left is a cold blue, while the right is a honey amber color. He also has a slight overbite which results in his incisors peeking out from his mouth like little vampire fangs. He doesn't give much away in terms of facial expressions as he has learned to keep a straight face for most of his life. Though he appears calm and collected on the outside, he secretly has a torrent of emotions on the inside that are just waiting to come bursting out. He is secretly scared of his sister Nadia, and so he is quick to please her and very loyal out of fear that something horrible will happen to him or his other siblings. Though he doesn't act like it, he really does care about them, and doesn't want Nadia to hurt them, and so he follows her in the hopes that if he does, someday she might let them live their own lives instead of answering to her. 


Stoneberry is an extremely beautiful cat and she flaunts it but she doesn't have the best personality and is extremely vain, so putting other she cats down is what she does best. Her shiny gray fur is still kittypet like and even after leaving her Two-legs many moons ago it still won't lose its shiny luster. She is a perfectionist and cleans her pelt and restyles it more times a day than any other cats.

(Up for Adoption)

Hades is a purebred charcoal bengal with sharp green eyes. He was born and raised as a kittypet, in fact he was a show cat before winding up in EclipseClan. His owner was driving to a show when they were involved in a car accident. In the ensuing confusion, Hades fled into the unfamiliar city and eventually stumbled upon EclipseClan. Despite being closer to his wild ancestors than a domestic shorthair, Hades is not equipped to handle a life outdoors. He has never had to hunt or fight in his life and lived in the lap of luxury while with his two-leg. He is a gorgeous cat, which often attracts the attention of others, but that is typically where his virtues end. He is a snide and pompously cocky tom. He won quite a few ribbons during his time as a show cat, and he feels that recognition entitles him to special treatment. He gives off a "better than you" persona and typically won't offer his clan mates the time of day. When he opens his mouth it is typically to whine, but his size and muscle mass makes him an intimidating feature of EclipseClan, and is usually the reason he is tolerated by the leadership. 
(Tangy: August 22, 2017)

Zeus is a purebred, handsome light ginger tom with bright gold eyes. He was raised to be a show cat and is very pampered. He was in a car crash with his owner and a some other cats his owner had, before managing to slip out of a cracked door. While he was running away he stumbled onto Eclipseclan. He is very timid and afraid of loud noises, which makes storms and other such things very intimidating. He has never really been outside of a car or building for more than a minute or two, and gets lost very easily. He has never had to do anything for himself all his life and has always enjoyed napping most of the day. Even though he isn't suited to the wild life, he is afraid he won't be accepted if he complains. This makes him stay quiet most of the time. He hates going outside of the camp and tries to stay as close as possible to home, in fear of everything that's in the city. 
(DDcat: October 22, 2017)

Hestia is a brown bengal with brown eyes. She was raised to be a show cat and she was very pampered she was in a car crash with her owner which resulted in her escaping through a cracked door she never worked a day in her life but is very energetic and sweet usually staying on cats good sides she had seen the city once but never wanted to go out side of her house she now wants to prove she can be helpful to Eclipseclan. 
(SnowyBreezes: October 22, 2017)

Artemis is a full-blood gray/light brown bengal with orange eyes that look red. Despite being raised and also being a really good show cat, she hated being cooped up. All she did was put on a show and love her owners. She was in a car crash which landed her in Eclipseclan. She felt free but suddenly worried that she'd have to provide her own food! Though, when she first hunted she was pretty decent at it. Not the best, not the worst. She hated the thought of getting her perfect pelt ruined with blood, meaning she didn't have a like for fighting. She knows when to act up and lead but also knows when to slink away into the shadows. She feels free in the wood. She will still never get over bed in the twoleg den, but she has proved to be a useful warrior in Eclipseclan. She is absolutely beautiful. She is not the cat who would sacrifice them self, but she is undoubtedly loyal. She is also very clever and knows the best places to hide. She was named after the goddess of the moon, hunting,wild animals, wilderness, and childbirth.She does enjoy the moon better than the sun, and she loves wilderness and hunting, but she is willing- almost wanting to have a mate. 
(Ruby: October 22, 2017)

The call of the waves has never beckoned to this cat. Waves are eternal, indifferent. They wear down the careful sediment of a thousand years' work, undoing everything that has come before, and never changing. Waxing, waning, in time with the moon. They are stagnant followers. Waves are of no interest to this cat - no, this cat lives for the storm. The adrenaline of that power, of that impressive, awe-inspiring display. Gods and mortals alike quake in the wake of that storm. The waves are not remembered, they are mentioned, like wind and grass and sun. Waves are weather; storms are history. And Poseidon will some day be history, too, he swears. Ambition drives this bengal - furious, violent ambition. This spirit, fostered in the warzone of competition and redoubled by the horrors of city life, drives a cat whose life has been devoted to himself. Raised idyllically, Poseidon sees no need for change. His ambition is eternal, but he wishes to see his dreams to fruition without any change on his part. Hunting? If he must, perhaps. But why hunt when there are such more relaxing methods of eating - like lying down and bickering? Plotting? Stretching and exercising? A cat of both routine and desire for greatness, Poseidon's grey-toned body and yellow-sparked eyes will need to do far more than they have ever done before to quench his growing thirst for a higher stature. When the car crash gave him a chance to escape, he took it without hesitation, because despite his resistance to change - despite his passive nature - he recognizes the need for change in the pursuit of his ambitions. And, so this, cat took to the streets, and pursued his dreams. He's just a lonely bengal in a cruel harsh world, with a big heart and a big brain - even if they're both devoted to himself. 
(Alienfish: October 22, 2017)

Ares is a large smoke grey purebred bengal with light green eyes. He has a beautiful bengal pelt with very large markings. He was once a very successful show cat. He came to Eclipseclan after the car carrying him, and some other show cats that he lived with, crashed. He wasn't injured, but the experience rattled him more than he'd like to admit. He bolted from the back of the car as soon as he could, and was about to collapse from exhaustion when he came across Eclipseclan. He wouldn't have stayed, except that he discovered some of the other show cats had found their way to Eclipseclan as well. He was named after the Greek god Ares, and like the god, he is much more violent than the other show cats he lived with. He isn't very good at hunting or fighting due to being raised as a kittypet, but he won't hesitate to fight if needed. His claws are sharp, and his large size usually intimidates others away. He isn't particularly liked by the other show cats since he is prone to abuse and violence. He is very prideful as well, and extremely flirtatious. However, he only wants a she-cat if they're useful to him, and isn't afraid to abandon them once he gets bored. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. 
(Spirit: October 22, 2017)

Apollo is a handsome tan marbled Bengal with dull green eyes. With a typically sleek and shiny pelt he is quite a sight. He is typically on the quieter side but he is very observant and can remember the smallest of details he picks up. Apollo is not a very skilled cat in any way due to being a pampered show cat most of his life, he will still put forth the effort to try to acclimate to clan life and become a successful warrior. Although, he wouldn't have ever arrived to the clans if it weren't for the wretched car crash that displaced himself and the rest of the Bengals. 
(Staghoove: October 22, 2017)

Hera is a pale tan, almost white, Bengal with large spots spattered over her soft, well groom pelt. She is a bit snooty at times and can seem selfish. However, she is actually a caring, giving cat, despite her spoiled upbringing as a pampered pedigree. She is very loyal to her friends, although becoming a friend to her is not easy. 
(Silverwind: October 22, 2017)

Athena is a pure-bred light-brown Bengal cat with many leopard spots across her wiry frame. She has pale-blue eyes. Athena is quite confident in herself, and is proud of her intelligence. She always thinks things out before she goes through with them. This often gets her mistaken as an introvert, but in reality, she enjoys conversing with anyone, at least as long as they aren't some simpleton. Due to her propensity for strategy, she is often quite successful in her fighting and plans in general, although she isn't the best at hunting anything live, often either scavenging or persuading her way into some fresh prey. She's not too humorous, but she'll smile at a good joke. Athena can be quite blunt as well, as she always prefers to get right to the point. 
(Castle: October 23, 2017)


Hephaestus is a proud pure-bred Bengal. His fur is on the lighter side, gray in color. His eyes are like fiery pits of amber. He is normally grumpy towards others that aren't from his breeding colony, though when need be he can be rather kind. Due to his former pampered kitty pet life, he doesn't really like the idea of padding around the dirty city. He'd rather keep his fur and paws clean. He often refers to border patrols as "border strolls" due to not fully adjusting to this new life. Hephaestus is rather sharp, despite being seen as a mouse brained kitty pet. He is extremely talented when it comes to reading the personalities of others. He pays such close attention to body language, tone, and the eyes of others that he is able to figure out what they are hiding. This reveals sarcasm, malicious intentions, lying, and the truth when he speaks to others. After moons of adjustment he learned how to fight and hunt though he dislikes both. He is decently good at them. Hephaestus will let some call him "Heph" or "Phaes" for short, since his name is difficult for some to say. His intelligence level is higher than most so he works smarter, not harder. His rival will always be Poseidon and he will always favor Hera for her motherly qualities. Over time he will learn to cooperate with the impure forest and city cats. Hephaestus was part of a breeding colony that consisted of pure bred bengals. When the vehicle the colony was traveling in crash, he escaped with the others.

(Mockingdeath & Co.: October 24, 2017)

Tallstride is a female that represents a mix of a Maine Coon and a Ragdoll. She has quite the long, shaggy coat with a dull sand-colored tint to it. The tips of her ears and her paws are painted a light shade of a cream color. The overwhelming amount of fur she has makes her seem like a tall and large cat, and so that's where the origin of her name comes from. She is a very pompous cat, as someone who values strength and their reputation. She's not rude, per se, but instead very clear in her convictions and goals, and is constantly pursuing them. Why she is so devoted to accomplishing her goals is that her former gang has shaped her into what she is now. The said former gang was composed of former Nightclanners and their descendants; she was one of those who had joined. Since Nightclan disbanded quite recently, she had been wandering around the city searching for a group similar to what Nightclan was and so she had found Eclipseclan. She believed that EclipseClan was essentially formed in an effort to recreate NightClan's glory and immediately joined. 
(HarmlessPoison: October 27, 2017)

NutmegSpeckle is a pale brown color with darker Brown spots. As a kit she was bad tempered and mean, which led her to being a fierce apprentice. Now as a warrior she is fierce, bad tempered and loyal to her clan but maybe a little too loyal. NutmegSpeckle would not hesitate to kill if her clan demanded it of her. She is rather bloodthirsty and battle hungry. 

Kobrastep is a massive bright ginger maincoon tom with dark ginger paw's and tail. He has bright green eyes and would be a carbon copy of Sunstrike his blood father if not for his dark ginger leopard like spots that he inherited from his mother Lynxfur. Kobrastep is straight forward, honest, respectable, sincere, and a very powerful fighter. His mothers are Queencobra and Lynxfur and he has two sisters Snakerain and Goldenstorm whom he is very protective of. 
(Sandrunner and Co.)

Frozenflower is a delicate silver and white she-cat with grey eyes. She is a shy, softspoken she-cat who fears offending anyone. She fears conflict, often going along with whoever is in charge. She has a tendency to let other cats walk all over her, having trouble standing up for herself or saying no. She is very kind, always trying to find the good side in others. All she wants is to make others happy, even at the cost of her own feelings. 
(Up for Adoption: December 10, 2017)



TotalEclipse is a pitch black cat who has startlingly sky blue eyes. She's had a pretty bad childhood so far, and has turned out to be more violent than her siblings Nightchourus and Queencobra. Daughter of Queenstride and Eclipse. 

(Spirit: July 10, 2017)

Mistyrain is a pretty charcoal bengal she-cat with lovely silver eyes. She is fiercely independent and is aggressive towards cats that she doesn't know. She is protective of her family, but likes to spend her time alone. Daughter of Tiger and Darkmoon. 
(DDcat: September 26, 2017)

A flirty, smooth-talker is exactly who Elixir is; like her name, she tends to entice toms into a trance with her silky, hypnotizing tone and body. She's blessed with a lean frame accentuated by smooth curves--a natural feature of the breed of Somali--and being so-gifted has made her to be narcissistic and self-indulgent. Her fur, not too long nor too short, is pure white with a cream colored tint to it and her eyes are shown as a glistening, clear green. Elixir was once a pampered house pet, always getting what she wanted with only a little purr and a single flick of the tail. However, tired of the life her former owners gave her, she simply left. She was bought and passed onto new owners frequently, as they only judged her by her looks. This leads to her pestering others to make them love her, just like how her former owners loved her. Though, despite all of these unfortunate traits, she is remarkably generous and enamored of the ones who do befriend her. 
(HarmlessPoison: November 19, 2017)

Silent is a blackish greyish tom with dark stripes around his legs and eyes like stone,grey and cold.Silent also has a broken tail part of his tail sticking up the other part downward.Silentnight isn't very trusting and doesn't state his emotions.Silentnight was like any other kit but his mother was abusve and if he told anybody of who she beat him she would kill him.So he learned don't trust anyone and don't express things.But his you can break through his tough outer shell Silent is caring in his own way. 
(Snowybreezes: September 22, 2017)

Mockingbird is an orange cat with yellow eyes, speckled with flakes of green. Her nose has faded white above it and her chest fluff has white in the shape of a heart. She is also has a fiery spirit and is rebellious at heart. Though she has a kind heart, it is hidden by the barrier she puts up to protect herself from getting hurt. As for her history, she is born like any normal warrior, but she lives her life with caution, trying not to get too attached to a cat. She also has logical thinking, but she knows it will be her partial downfall as it has already happened where she got injured while thinking about the moves she would do. That was the final time she thought while fighting. 
(Dream Lotus: November 23, 2017)

Sunfrost is a brindled dilute tortoiseshell, with bright green eyes the color of spring grass. Her chest and belly are white, along with three paws excluding the hind left one. She's naturally a small, lithe cat, and not much strength to show for it. While Sunfrost seems sassy and charismatic, her true personality is kept under lock and key, only revealed to her closest friends. The real Sunpaw is playful and sensitive, and she knows when someone is sad, no matter how hard they might try to hide it. She can be a bit standoffish at times, often making sarcastic comments when not needed and insulting other cats on accident while trying to be funny. Using her charm, she figured out early on that she could seduce twolegs into feeding her. This often works, but she remains quite skinny due to hardly ever eating herself. At around two moons old, Sunfrost was kicked out by her housefolk, who decided they didn't have room for another cat after her mother gave birth. She was left wandering EclipseClan territory, soon to be found (wink wink nudge nudge). The suffix "frost" was given to her because of her cold, unwavering beauty, and under that beauty there is a soft, welcoming spring only known to those brave enough to break the ice. 
(Sunfrost04: November 28, 2017)


Fallenash is a white she-cat with grey speckles like pepper through her pelt. She has clear sky-blue eyes and a cheery smile. From kithood, Fallenash has held a lengthy scar going down her leg from an attack, preventing maximum movement. From this Fallenash walks with a heavy limp, unable to stretch her leg due to the tight scar tissue. Fallenash is a kind and gentle she-cat that contradicts the salty nature of her clan, she always looks for a way to help others and to make another cat happy. 
(Ruby: October 23, 2017)

Cow is a bi-color black and white tom, with black spoltches scattered throughout his pelt. Despite his mother being a short hair, Cow is longhaired and pretty large like his father. This tom has soft pale green eyes and is very kind. Though he can come off shy and timid, Cow will always be the first to help. His mother is Bentley and Father Ari. 
(DrownedInRed: November 22, 2017)

Aspenflight is an orange short hair tom. He has green eyes and has a smile on his face wherever he goes. But he has a secret. (MIRACULOUS!)Cough) He has depression. He has a smiling face, but despite that, you can see the emptiness inside his eyes. He goes about, ripped fur on his front paws sometimes, and says he got into a small fight with a badger but got away. He got depression because he was abandoned by his parents because he wasn't good enough.
(L: December 5, 2017)

A slim, black she-cat with a lighter gray underbelly and white tail tip, her golden eye color hints at the fiery attitude she's got going on. Very sarcastic and known for smacking cats if they say something..particularly questionable, she does try to be more on the reasonable side with her temper. 
(Airmid: December 9, 2017)


Ashbracken is a tiny tom. He has ash-like fur and blazing orange eyes. He likes to make people smile and loves healing cats. He is very loyal but will question cats if needed. He loves to watch cats and often just sits around camp. He is very good a remembering things and his very good with herbs and cats. 
(Ruby: December 24, 2017)

Blackrabbit isn?t as skittish as his name may imply, though he could never be described as brave. Rather, Blackrabbit seems to live in grey areas-- he?s not particularly good nor bad at anything, not particularly calm or quick to anger, and most of all has never seemed to hold any strong moral beliefs. The question of StarClan?s existence does not bother him and he?s rarely bothered by his actions, even if they may be considered immoral to another cat or directly contradict The Warrior Code. To Blackrabbit, the world is a fundamentally rational place and he considers getting too heated up about anything to be silly. This attitude means that he rarely makes any enemies, but also struggles to form any real connections and can occasionally be prone to bouts of sullen loneliness. Mostly, Blackrabbit prefers to keep his head down and let life pass him by with as little trouble as possible. He works when he must, rests when he must, talks when he must-- but never makes a scene. Blackrabbit is an unusually small cat with a plain black pelt and amber eyes, and is a brother of Dieseltooth and Kudzuthroat. 
(Ember: January 1, 2018) 

Dieseltooth is all raw power-- she?s an exceptionally gifted fighter (though has never much bothered with the mundane task of hunting) and spends a good deal of time showing off this prowess. Of her siblings, she?s the most strongly wedded to the ideals of The Clans and while this means that she?s loyal to her clan as a while and generally follows the Warrior Code, she?s also quick to criticize others and strongly believes that cats who don?t carry their own weight have no place within the structure of the clan. She?s highly ambitious and driven, but her ability to lead is compromised by her inability to see things from other cats points of view or to fully respect the power of the other clans. Dieseltooth isn?t an exceptionally pretty she-cat, which her average looks only made all the more drab by her ordinary dull grey tabby pelt and amber eyes. She joined the clans as an apprentice alongside her two brothers, Blackrabbit and Dieseltooth. 
(Ember: January 1, 2018)

Kudzuthroat is, above all else, adaptable. He?s always had some talent with learning new things and is a competent fighter and hunter, alongside having the unusual trait of having no great dislike for water and mud. His flexibility extends beyond these simple skills into his morality, though, and he?s been known to hold out on choosing a side until it becomes apparent who is going to win. He slinks between different groups with charismatic ease and holds no great loyalty to anyone, except perhaps his two siblings, and generally only values the clan as far as it helps him live comfortably- though, of course, he would never openly admit this. To his leader and those he wishes to impress, he is the model of a perfect warrior, which only makes him all the more dangerous when he changes sides and begins to blossom in enemy lines. Kudzuthroat has a wiry build, complemented by a dull grey tabby pelt and the same amber eyes as his siblings, Blackrabbit and Dieseltooth. 
(Ember: January 1, 2018)

Grey and has dark grey ears, tail tip, and paws, hazel eyes, and torn ears and many other scars from battle - She is terrible at fighting and never got the hang of it. She is really good at hunting anywhere. She gets along with her clanmates well enough, but loves kits. She likes to take care of any cat she can, and likes to hear stories from the elders. 
(AlexisAndRiver: December 11, 2017)


Ravendeath is a black tom that constantly cleans his pelt so that it ends up shining almost a purple color in the light. He has dark blue eyes that stare intensely as if peering into the very souls of cats. He doesn't mind killing if he has to, and actually enjoys a good ambush, but he can't stand it if his paws are dirty for long, and will always wash them thoroughly after fighting. He is the silent loner type, preferring to watch cats rather than interact with them. Though he considers himself the son of Eclipsestar and Queenstride, his real father was Fang, and Rainstorm helped raise him. 
(Spirit: December 13, 2017)

Ghostlymelody is the exact opposite of her sister as far as pelt color. She is a dark grey she-cat with light grey candle flame tabby markings that contrast intensely against her darker fur. Her eyes are more of an icy blue than her sister's, and she's much more agile. She is sharp tongue, and not afraid to speak her mind. She is a feminist and believes that she-cats are just as capable of most things as toms are. She doesn't like to associate herself with her real father, or Rainstorm, a cat who helped raise her. She considers Eclipsestar and Queenstride to be her only parents, and any cat who says otherwise will likely face her claws. 
(Spirit: December 13, 2017)

Hope's Rain 
This American Curl-Russian blue mix is a sweet angel. She finds a home in Eclipseclan despite the fact that she's nothing like them. Her heart is big and her kindness known no bounds. She's hard to anger so if one does manage to push her buttons she will attack since she has no control over herself once she gets angry. She hates watching food being wasted, as a kit she grew up in a gang of cats know as Dragon's Scourge which was demolished by gang they had never enountered before it consisted of a few cats with weird names but there is one can whose name and appearance she will never forget, Solaris. During her time with this gang she learned how to fight, hunt, beg, and steal, since her gang was small and consisted of a few of them. Her shoulder has a deep scar on it the forms a big S marking, a mark each one of her fellow Dragon's Scourge members had. She wears it with pride, it being a sign of who she was. Despite Hope's kindness, one will notice she tends to look down on males, seeing them as inferior to her and she-cats, how she was taught in the gang. Hope's Rain ears are small and curved back, showing her relations to an American curl, but the rest of her is a fluffy blue-grey representing her Russian blue. Her eyes are a deep navy blue. 
(Lav: December 23, 2017)


What could one say about dear Delano? He is certainly a little devious, always coming up with asinine ideas and challenges in order to entertain himself throughout the day. He finds himself always growing bored of things, including other cats around him. This is the main reason this tom has always been a wanderer, going to and from different areas of the city until he promptly grew bored of them. Another, less significant reason is that Delano is in love with the ladies. All kinds from every walk of life, and does not hide this fact. Though through Delano's daredevil suave exterior, he is...exactly the same to his core. See, he isn't one of those stereotypical toms that is "hard on the outside soft on the inside". What you see is what you get. Some cats take this as a challenge to try to get to know Delano better and chip away at what they think is a false facade he tries to put up, while others keep their distance. This doesn't bother the tom either way, for he doesn't try to form close relationships with anybody. He'd rather know everybody yet have no real friends than only know a few and get attached to them. This bengal-abyssinian mix is truly a sight to behold, his silky fur evenly roasted to a deep golden brown with a strikingly pale yellow gaze. He is tall and lithe with an angular face and prominent fangs. 
(Honeyy: December 21, 2017)


Aparrion is an orange tabby tom with black legs, tail, ears, and splotch over his right eye. His eyes are a mixture of green and blue, resulting in a rather light cyan color. His partially flame colored pelt isn't the only thing that draws gazes his way. Aparrion is strong and handsome, and exploits these traits to the fullest. While it is not clear if he considers himself as a good Clanmate or not, it is obvious that attention is turned his way and this serves to fuel his already massive ego. If something disgusts him, he will be quick to say it. A narcissist who sees himself as superior to everyone around him, Aparrion is proud, boorish, somewhat uncultured, and sometimes impolite towards those he finds dirtied of Clan life. Aparrion maintains a rather close relationship with all three of his siblings, especially Avellino. Aparrion is the son of Sunsetbreeze and Smear. 
(Kixatanilopay: December 26, 2017)

Born from a rather luxurious and egotistical family, Avellino?s pelt echoes his origins. His fur is covered in black and dark hues of brown and orange. The black covers his legs and his face, and follows down his back and tail, with the mixtures of brown and oranges covering the rest of his body. The black that surrounds his well-rounded face helps bring out his gorgeous blue eyes, that seem to watch over she-cats with a heightened interest. Though these gorgeous looks can be deceiving when it comes to Avellino. Two of his most apparent qualities are his discreteness and his ability to be understanding. He is also spontaneous, surprising, and rather independent, though these aspects of his personality help cover his malicious underlings. His understanding, however, is what most people depend on him for, and the way he can charm a room into submission with barely a smile. However, Avellino hides a few unwanted qualities behind that charming smile. His arrogant nature and irresponsibility cause plenty of problems - often on personal levels. His understanding nature tends to make these cases far and few between. Avellino is the son of Smear and Sunsetbreeze. 
(PalletEclipse: December 26, 2017)

Fencerunner is a young pale yellow tabby she-cat with olive-colored eyes. She joined the clan as a young kittypet who ran away from her twolegs after they began locking her out at night, forcing her to find her own shelter. She grew up in a different city with her mother and littermate brother until they were one day caught by the twolegs and separated. Fencepaw was adopted quickly while her black brother and tortoiseshell mother were put to sleep. Fencepaw took this well outwardly but inside it has left her feeling alone and barren in the world, a fact that makes itself known with random bouts of unexplained anger and sadness if something reminds her of her missing family. If she can keep a clear head, Fencepaw is an excitable apprentice with a high amount of energy, which she dedicates to practice fighting, trying to build the small amount of muscles she possesses and attempting to prove herself as a prior outsider in a sea of clan cats. 
(Kamira: December 28, 2017)



Queentiger is a very interesting mix of bengal and tabby. She has a beautiful golden brown, chocolate, and cinnamon colored pelt with dramatic dark brown tabby markings and large bengal spots on her back. Her eyes are a light green, and she is the daughter of Tiger and Totaleclipse. 
(Spirit: January 8, 2018)

Tigerflame is a light brown bengal tabby mix who has very bright grass green eyes. She is an interesting mix breed cat as she has her father's pelt which sports both bengal spots and tabby markings. She has unusually long whiskers, and she is the daughter of Tiger and Totaleclipse. She only fights if needed. She sees no gain in fighting. Tigerflame tends to not listen to anyone, making her reckless. She hates when cats are more "powerful" than her. She also loves to hunt and listen to birds sing. 
(Ruby: January 8, 2018)

Wildblood, next to Acrticwish may perhaps be the most interesting of the whole littler of abandoned mountain kits. This maincoons pelt is thick, short, and Black as night with a blood red hue along his spine, neck fur, chest fur, and along the top of his tail. His nose is black and his eyes are a captivating liquid silver. This massive tom rivales Kobrastep in hight and muscle mass, though his battle skills far out rank him. With the blood of the tribe, and cold assassin's running through his veins this tom really hit the jack pot. A natrual fighter, Wildblood seems to know all there is about fighting and more. He is also adept at hunting and only once in a blue moon does this tom come back empty pawed. His nose and eyes are exceptionally sharp, as are his fishing and swimming skills. If he had lived in the mountains he would have been one of their most prised assets. Perhaps he would have even been the Cheif of his tribe. Wildblood has a head for battle tactics, and tracking. He is very mysterious, sharp, powerful, intense, and only jokes around and shows his soft side to a select few cats. 
(Sandrunner and Co.: January 9, 2018)

Jumble is a stocky, fluffy dark gray Maine Coon-Bengal mix with silver eyes. He is very judgmental and will only hang around cats he deems worthy of his presence, so he has only a few friends. He is boastful and thinks he knows everything because he is obviously the Starclan given gift to all the clans. He tries to stay on the leader and deputies good sides, so that he can be favored above the rest and hopefully achieve a higher rank someday. He isn't very interested in she-cats, but when it suits him, he will make them think that he loves them and then just keep them on the side till he's in the mood again. He doesn't care much about others feelings and will not hesitate to tell you what's what if he thinks your wrong, and your always wrong if you disagree with him. He is the son of Mistyrain and Wookiee 
(Shadowstorm: January 15, 2018)

A ginger Bengal-Maine Coon mix with a white underbelly, muzzle, and two white spots above her dark green eyes. Daughter of Wookie and Mistyrain. 
(Dapple: January 15, 2018)

Mirna is a light black cat with darker stripes all over her. She has grass green eyes. She despises competition, making her not the best with other cats trying to show off. She speaks what she thinks and is very honest. She is a very adventurous cat and sneaks off when possible. Her claws are a little to sharp for her. She wishes her brain was the same. She is the kind of cat that confesses she did everything, even if she didn't. She is the daughter of Wookie and Mistyrain. 
(Ruby: January 15, 2018)

Coyotesnap is a fuzzy fur ball. He is a Main Coon who looks like a acorn. He is light-ish brown with a white muzzle leading down to his stomach. His eyes are pure yellow. He looks like a big mean bully, but on the inside is a sweet cat. He loves to make cats squirm, making him pretty flirty. He is the complete opposite of his looks, not at all reckless. He hate adventures. He almost never feels it when a cat bumps into him or when he trips. No cat would ever wan to see him with his fur all the way fluffed out. He is the type of cat that would hide behind a tree when the odds are against. Despite this, he is very loving and loyal. He is the loving son of Shere Khan and Firelily.
(Ruby: January 16, 2018)


Ever since she was born, she was always a bit temperamental. She gets angry at the slightest things, which has earned her the prefix: prickly. She?s a very sensitive and overly-frightened cat as well, with fur always on edge and up for protection. She also has a condition where she can't sheathe her claws. A lot of her physical attributes contribute to her prefix as well. Now, her colors are basic. She had a bright ginger pelt, with black markings all over. Pricklypear has long, black socks on all four of her legs, which contrasts with the ginger that makes up her base coat. She also has a white, pear-like marking on her forehead. She's pretty much a generic calico. Now, after a battle, her mood and attitude changed. She?s more soft and obedient, but still won?t hesitate to speak her mind if it comes to it. She also has a sharp and witty mind, but it?s also still filled with thoughts of violence. She can still get angry at times, also, which comes from the thrill of the battle. It never seemed to leave her, especially with all the scars that came with it. Three scratch marks over her left eye, leaving her half-blind in that eye. She also has a large scar on her chest, tired of being stretched and pulled apart during healing. It still never healed correctly though, leaving her with a huge patch of fur missing. It really does add to her prissy attitude. 

(Inky: February 2, 2018)


Spidersilk is a brown, long haired classic tabby American Curl with long legs, green eyes and a cream underbelly. The she-cat looks suspiciously like a previous Eclipseclanner who has since passed due to a bite from a Massasauga rattlesnake. Yeah, sure Spidersilk may be the daughter of Mossyvine with a striking resemblance to the strong tom, but her personality is very different from her father's. She is kind and loving, clearly an easy cat to become friends with, although she may seem soft, on the inside she has the ability to be a powerful warrior. Her mother had been a loner, hiding within Moonclan's territory, only to be killed by a starving fox in the cold moons of leaf bare not too long after leaving Spidersilk at the border between Eclipseclan and Moonclan when she was a kit, in hopes that somebody would recognize her resemblance to Mossyvine and take her in. 
(Staghoove: February 4, 2018)

Mesquitekit is a new Eclipseclan member, the daughter of Demeter's first wild litter. She is an intelligent cat who prefers to sit back and observe the clan's comings and goings in order to learn, and is silently thinking all the time and likes to ask questions more than she cares to answer them. She is a warm colored brown tabby bengal with a rust-colored fur that lightens towards her belly. She has black and white rings on her tail and wide, curious eyes. She looks like a small tiger, only fluffier and with less fighting ability. 
(Kamira: February 5, 2018)

Foxblood is a she cat with short, thick, bright ginger fur. She has black socks on each leg and has a white maw and tail tip. She has venom-like green eyes. She grew up never knowing her family, making her feel rejected. She is VERY shy, reserved, and keeps to herself. She barely ever talks. When she does talk, cats should listen. Despite her quietness, Foxblood loves the exhilaration of fighting and battles. The tiny quiet she-cat we know becomes a monster of claws. She tries not to kill, but can get carried away. With very few friends, and no family of her own, Foxblood seems like she will never be satisfied. She is unknowingly the daughter of Thundersong and Tickpelt 
(Ruby: February 8, 2018)

Scornfulgaze is a critical, brash, indomitable, tom. He has a sharp tongue and will not think before saying something to offend someone. Even if he is seen as hateful and bitter, the Scornfulgaze is just insecure about his past. With his mother being Thundersong, and his only sister, that he knows of, being Foxblood, he always felt alone. He never had a father figure in his life and tries to hide the fact that it has any effect on him. He takes after his mother's pelt color and eye color, but has his father's figure. Scornfulgaze has a pitch black coat, with scorching amber eyes, he is an orential cat, like his father, Tickpelt. This tom finds battle and fighting natural to him, having a strong build with power packed within his muscles. He, despite his ability to blend in well, is not the best hunter. 
(DrownedInRed: February 8, 2018)

Brimstone is a rusty somali with black paws, black tail, and a black back running down his spine from his forehead to his tail, all fading into his vibrant coat. His eyes are a piercing jade, clashing with his pelt. Brimstone is one of three mischief makers within his clan, more rebellious with more brawn than brain. He is more well known for his consistency with being foolish, never taking anything seriously. However, criticize him for it, and the more aggressive side of the tom is unleashed. Taking both the sins of wrath and pride into his own paws, the questioning of his loyalty and kin will light a fire in him. Instead of being reasonable or resorting to possibly talking about the conflict beforehand, the thoughts will pass right through him, as if transparent. His brothers will be the ones to forcefully drag him out of a battle, the anger running his motivations. His wrath even extends to sometimes of pure cruelty, sometimes sneaking prey when it is needed somewhere else, sneering at others, and intimidating others for the fun of it. Perhaps the only saving grace for this tom is his prideful ego, wanting to build it sky high. If anyone else is bullying others, or even acting remotely like the usual Brimstone, the tom will gladly go out of his way to show them a lesson. After all, only he believes he can do such things. Brimstone might appreciate others that can hold their own, but attention seekers or those going out of their way to befriend him will immediately be turned away. He finds it much more amusing to bother others than vice versa. As bad as Brimstone can be, no one can judge his strength as a warrior. Think of him as a jock if anything, his performance as a warrior ideal. In a patrol, he will definitely establish himself as the top performer, and what makes it even worse, it is most likely the case. Although, he does miss prey quite often from being too brash or impatient. Though, Brimstone will never admit his flaws, always tip-toeing around arguments if he isn?t already yowling at the top of his lungs. It is a wonder if anyone can find some sympathy in such a horrific cat. Brimstone?s parents are unknown, but he is the brother of Cerberus and Erebus 
(Alder: February 17th, 2018)

Named after the hound that guards the devil's realm, Cerberus lives up to the title. The dark black tom has a figure of strength and a thick pelt that only heightens his degree of build, creating a terrifying image. His amber eyes of fire give looks of anger, strength, and an undying passion for war. Along with his brothers Erebus and Brimstone, the trio makes a deadly, and mischevious, force. Taking the two deadly sins of greed and gluttony, Cerberus is a tom to be reckoned with. Between himself and his brothers, Cerberus is the tom that took the middle line between lazy and battle hard. He is a tom that wants everything, but will only do something about it when it's something of dire want or need. He is a battle-hungry force once he begins, or joins, a fight, but other times you will find him feasting on prey that he doesn't need. While he understands clan law, he prefers to be on his own when it comes to food and the amount he eats. While his brother's often tease him or get onto him about his food intake, Cerberus has been known to lash out even on them, and even more so on those he doesn't know. It will be a day when this beast of the devil's creation's shell is shattered and proof of a heart is found in this dark body. Cerberus is the brother of Erebus and Brimstone. 
(PalletEcclipse: February 17, 2017)

Sporting a storm of dark gray and black hues, Erebus is named after a mythical god born from chaos. His thick pelt and broad frame allows for him not to get into too much trouble from others no matter what his actions, due to cats just being that intimidated by him. He is the youngest of his brothers Cerberus and Brimstone and it shows through his lazy and flirty nature, a true personification of the two deadly sins Lust and Sloth. This cat is an Eclipseclanner to the core, never wanting to actually 'hunt' and would much rather use his charming looks and striking yellow eyes to persuade two-legs and she-cats alike into giving him whatever he wants. He's more of a 'laid back' kind of cat and spends most of his days sleeping while going out at night to explore, though never explains to anyone else what it is he specifically does. Despite his personality, there is a dark unsettling aura about this tom that usually casts him off as a mysterious type. Erebus is the brother of Brimstone and Cerberus. 
(Honeyy: February 17, 2018)

Mist is a silver tabby with light blue eyes.Mist dosent have much of a past. 
(SnowyBreezes: February 18, 2018)


Coldstare is average sized silver/gray tom with white paws, chest, and ears. He has deep blue eyes, like an ocean. Like his name suggests, he's rather cold and quick to anger. He loves to use sarcasm to whip the less intelligent into shape. He is the fraternal twin of Warmgaze and often picks on his older brother for being the goody goody. 
(Ice: February 23, 2018) 

Warmgaze is a warm russet ginger tom with white ears, paws, and chest. He has the same deep blue eyes like his brother does. Kind and caring, this tom is just like his names suggests. Though kind and caring, he has a darker side to him that is easily angered and annoyed, though this something only a few will see. He loves his little twin brother more than anything and enjoys picking on him. 
(Ice: February 23, 2018)



Demeter is a purebred bengal with all her papers in order, though she?s so far from the F1 generation that she has none of the wild instincts of her distant kin and-in all but looks- is all but a tame kittypet content to curl up on a twoleg?s lap and purr. She has a very mature beauty, with sharp grey tabby markings, a silver pelt, and flame-tipped paws, face, and tail that is reflected in flashes of ginger highlighting some of her spots and stripes. Her eyes are ginger and complement her thin, refined features. She joined the clan with a handful of kin after accidentally being set loose by their breeder and her lack of warrior training shows: she?s rarely inclined toward violence and is a picky eater who can?t hunt for herself. Rather, she makes herself useful to the clan by raising kits. She?d had several litters before joining EclipseClan and while she always finds it painful when her kits are taken from her, she?s learned to turn this into her own harsh style of motherhood in which she sets the kits on a path to become strong warriors. She?s entirely devoted to her kits until they prove themselves unworthy of the clan, at which point she?s capable of entirely turning against them as if they shared no connection whatsoever. When she isn?t caring for her kits, Demeter enjoys lounging in the camp and chatting with the other she-cats of the clan. Toms make her nervous and it?s very unusual for her to seek them out. 
(Ember: October 22, 2017)


Psych is a beautiful pure white she-cat with dazzling purple eyes. Despite her pretty features, she is much like her brother, Bullseye, but less rude and more sarcastic. She has little respect for her elders and only makes friends when she can get something out of it. Sister of Bullseye. 
(Shadowstorm: August 30, 2017)

Foxsong is a red queen with a white muzzle reaching to her chest and stopping in a point. She has markings going halfway up her legs and a white ended tail. Her eyes are a green with blue flakes. She also has a black mask going around her eyes and a spot of black by her nose. She is going to adopt Mint, and has noticed the kit going around without a mum. Her breed is a Somali. She used to be inside a pack of dogs, hence her almost hostile nature towards some cats. Despite this, she has a golden heart and is nearly as big as her head. 
(Dream Lotus: December 11, 2017)


This gorgeous she-cat has shown that despite her rather unkempt surroundings, a stunning regality can still shine through. The abyssinian pelt that covers this she-cat is a beautiful orange, with tinges of black along her back and paws, and a soft, white muzzle. Her eyes are a intriguing green, that seem to hold some kind of gentleness, though it may not be so pure. Clarisse has a deeper personality then what meets the eye, but she is vindictive and obsessive - and that?s just the tip of the iceberg. Then you add the fact that she is selfish and always striving for a unrealistic perfection. She has made many enemies due to these facts, and then you add her dominating nature, making the matters only worse. Though, fair is fair for this seemingly evil queen, and she has a few good sides as well. She is rather loving and sympathetic to those she can trust. Unfortunately, her obsessive nature tends to ruin whatever good comes from those traits. Clarisse is the daughter of Smear and Sunsetbreeze. 
(PalletEclipse December 26, 2017)



Willowhawk is a Russain Blue mix with blue-green eyes and a dark gray nose. She is proud of her Nightclan heritage and is slightly a snob to anyone who isn't part of her clan. She is also very proud that she was named after a Nightclan warrior, who was also her grandmother, Willownight. She is very opinionated and isn't afraid to speak out for what she thinks is right, no matter who opposes her. She enjoys hanging around with older cats, thinking that she'll learn more from Warriors than from cats her age. She is the daughter of Psych and Azureblaze. 
(Shadowstorm: February 26, 2018)

Sheerwind is a Russian Blue mix with a beautiful, intricate white detailing, almost as though it were dashed lines on the sides of her both blue-grey face and chest to her belly. The molly is over all snow-white and has a pink nose. She was born of Nightclan descent and is a Russian Blue mix. Her eyes a sparkling sea blue, but something haunts her. Sheerwind was born mute and cannot speak, but she can hear and tries to help others understand her. She finds it self deprecating and can actually be quite stubborn with a temper that could claw your ear off. She despises not being able to express her thoughts and therefore tends to hold in everything until she can no longer take it. She just wants someone to listen to her, anyone. Daughter of Psych and Azureblaze. 
(SpotTheCat: February 26, 2018)

ColdStorm is a very shy cat, he would much rather go off by himself then hang out with his clan mates. A very loving tom, he will show affection to those he is close to, especially his siblings. ColdStorm is a very patient cat, however, when push comes to shove he is not afraid to shove back, he will defend his family and clan with tooth and claw.He is a Russian Blue mix whom of which has a blue-grey pelt with dark splotches and white toes as well as around his navy eyes. He is the son of Azureblaze and Psych and sibling to WillowShadow, SheerWind, and TorrentFall. 

(Ddcat: February 27, 2018)

Torrentfall is a Russian Blue mix with a blue grey pelt and a rather interesting white back with blue-grey striping. His eyes are of sea blue and his tail has white stripes as well as a white tail-tip. Torrentfall is an extremely cowardly and anxious cat frightened easily by almost anything. Despite this, when he or his Clanmates are in the complete face of danger, he will stop at nothing to save them. Though he is willing to risk his own life to protect his Clan at all costs, his irrationality sometimes causes others to doubt his intuition. Torrentfall has been presented as an almost entirely selfless tom, working to benefit others with usually little to no regard for his own well being and risking his own life dozens of times simply to assure his Clanmates safety. He is the son of Azureblaze and Psych. 
(Kixatanilopay: February 28, 2018)

Mintkit is a small gray and silver she-cat with pale green eyes. She was originally born to a loner mother but was given to the he Clans as her mother wasn't able to provide for her. She is inquisitive, thoughtful, a fast learner, and a bit cynical at times. She is reserved but still messes around with that he other kits. 
(Corundum: March 10, 2018)