Warrior Cats
 of the Forest





Risingsun is brazen; outlandish. A muscular ginger tom with fierce green eyes, his physical appearance represents what one would come to expect of pride born cats, but his personality contrasts their chauvinistic chivalry quite starkly. He has a devilish charisma about him, with a forward and blunt disposition. He is not as regimented or structured as his fellow pride born cats and values his own individualism, as well as the uniqueness of others. Having escaped from his own past, Risingsun never judges a clan mate on their history, in fact he tends to avoid the subject altogether. He is far from diplomatic, which has the tendency to ruffle feathers, especially in socially fragile situations. His boisterous, cocky, and self-assured attitude can at times be too much for even clan mates, but one fault he does not possess is selfishness. He is a kindhearted tom, always willing to share a laugh or a smile. He doesn't see any task as beneath him and does not view anyone as a lesser simply on account of their rank. His past holds many memories he would rather not dwell in, so he rarely speaks of it. He traveled to EarthClan with his brother and his brother's mate. 

(L: December 19 2017) 


Glasswind is an individualist - he lives by his own code. Glass has pride in, and values, his own individuality, and encourages the same individuality in others. However, despite his desire to see uniqueness in others, Glass often finds himself feeling threatened, in a way, whilst around others as clearly individualistic as himself. This individualism extends to independence - although Glass is a strong asset to any team, from an advisor to a leader - Glass does have an impulsive independence that can interfere with cooperative efforts. This independence can lead to him going off on his own without consult, and these un-reviewed decisions can end in mistakes. As a branch of his encouragement of individualism, Glasswind holds the EarthClan belief that specialization is the key to clan success. However, Glasswind also makes it known that in order for specialization to lead to success, everyone must specialize in something. Glass preaches that all must contribute, not to the clan as a collective concept, but to the wellbeing of every individual with whom they share their lives. Glasswind is a strategist, and an analyst. Although he is a friendly presence, Glass can come off as a bit cold and calculating at times, when engulfed in the heat of an issue. From his sharp deductions comes a creeping paranoia and suspicion leading to his belief that people are often not what they seem - however, Glass tries his best to suppress this, well aware that some secrets are best left untold. His morals are fundamentally based in logic and his own personal, well-defined system of justice. This system of justice does differentiate Glass from EarthClan's tolerance-based identity, though he is not substantially intolerant himself; Glasswind simply places a higher value on adherence to a moral code of any sort than one may expect of the average EarthClanner. Glasswind is strict in upholding moral value, and when he feels someone has betrayed the basic moral standards of being, he will not hesitate to confront them to maintain community values - in times such as these, Glass can be quite intimidating. Glasswind's tolerance as an EarthClanner, however, comes in the form of awareness - he is well aware that others' conception of justice differs from his own, and simply encourages others to define their own beliefs within themselves, and to follow a general standard of ethics - one does not need to be perfect to meet Glasswind's expectations, but to act without motive is a crime against any code. Glasswind was raised in a city gang, in the heat of a chaotic war. From a young age, he fought as a soldier on the frontlines, alongside trusted comrades including a friend so close as a brother, in every manner but by blood. After a particularly devastating battle, Glasswind fled to the grounds of EarthClan, heavily injured, where he remained for several moons. Initially, he intended to stay only until he was healed, at which point he'd rejoin his comrades in their war. However, over his moons of healing, Glasswind found a liking for clan life, and decided to make a home for himself in EarthClan. Glasswind's principles of loyalty had never bound him strongly to his gang as a group, more fiercely centered around close bonds. His only regret is the brother he left behind. Glasswind is a lithe tom, built for quick, strategic combat. An alabaster pelt drapes his frame, laced with black tabby markings and a few faded, scattered scars. Glasswind's eyes are a chartreuse green. 
(River: January 15, 2018)

Medicine Cat

Tacere is a dull calico she-cat with no redeemable qualities about herself. She's not good at fignting, nor hunting, so she got stuck with the medicine cat posisition. Which she isn't even that good ato as she is clumsy and mixes up yarrow and marigold quite a lot. 
(Lav: March 18, 2018)

Medicine Cat Apprentice


A hairless, sphynx cat. Odd. Wears a sweater that some twolegs put on her. They had adopted her for a little bit, but she managed to get away! Just like the ninjas she had heard about from whoever. Or maybe escaping like escape artists? Likes to do things her way, even though she does it another cats way as well. Really good at her job, but also really bad at it. Can cure you in a limited amount of time, which is a lie when she tells you that. She?s a lot like a telemarketer, trying to sell you something. Walking into the camp of EarthClan with confidence, cats would sweat at the sight of her. Axolotl has a really weird sense of aura that follows her wherever she goes, despite being a medicine cat. Most cats hate being alone with her, but would also trust their lives in her paws. Strict and efficient, but also loose and not strict. Now, she carries herself upright, but also maneuvers her way around sneakily. Her mentor, Troutstone, has a really hard time with this. She always seems to be right behind him, giving him a heart attack every time she pops up to ask a question. Or she just sits there until he breaks apart. She usually gets the response, ?WHAT do you WANT?!? from him. She doesn?t really mind though, from how she responds back. ?Oh, nothing!? Now, despite the words, she talks very little to cats who are her patients. But, she might as well tell the whole clan about a she-cats pregnancy when she didn?t want it to be announced! Daughter to two loners, who may also happen to be rogues. Or ninjas, depending on the time of day you ask. Or the season. Oh well. EarthClan?s next medicine cat! Wonderful! 
(Inky: February 22, 2018)



Mercilesswinds is truly a force to be reckoned with. This tom is a mix between a ragamuffin and a Norwegian forest cat, allowing him to grow to a stunningly massive size. He has bright olive green eyes that seem nearly soul-less.His fangs protrude from his top jaw, making them one of the very first features seen. The second feature is what remains of his right ear and the tears in his left ear. The claws belonging to this tom are never sheathed. This is due to an unbreakable habit of always being battle ready. Mercilesswinds has medium-long fur that is gray in color with darker gray stripes. His underbelly, muzzle, paws, tail tip, and above his eyes are all silver in color. His spectacular pelt is riddled with unruly scars that he bares with pride. He has one running vertical down his right eye, one diagonal across his muzzle and two above his left eye. There is a massive vertical scar that branches off by his lft shoulder. Two scar reach down from his spine on his left flank, trying to meet with the four that come up from his stomach. The final scar is located on his hip. Mercilesswinds comes from a far away Clan where he was once a general, one of the few right beneath the deputy in fact. However, he was not born to this name. He earned it from his harsh, cruel and cold personality as well as how he showed no mercy to any enemy he battled. Despite his blood lust, he was extremely wise for a young cat. He proved this time and time again as he uncovered traitors, stopped inter-clan battles, provided tactics to win battles, and he was almost always right. This got him recognized by the leader of the Clan. He accelerated through the ranks of the Clan, eventually settling at a High General position. When he was older and more seasoned, he and the generals often patrolled together to discuss business. While out on a patrol with other generals, Mercilesswinds happened to come across a cat known as Firestorm. The other generals wanted to take him to their leader and deputy and discuss what they should do about it. Obviously this did not sit well with him and he immediately became snappy with Firestorm, having a short temper whenever the cat spoke. He tried to protest taking him to their leader, but alas he was far outnumbered. Though enraged by the trespasser, Mercilesswinds kept his cool. Even though Mercilesswinds was short tempered and wrathful, the trespasser knew he had to respect the general, so nothing more than squabbling took place between them. Once the leader accepted Firestorm into the Clan, the general had no choice but to accept this. Late one night, while taking a stroll to cool his ever-burning hatred, Mercilesswinds and Firestorm nearly run into each other. Though Mercilesswinds had no trust or faith in Firestorm, he decided it was his duty to figure out why the tom was wandering around so late. After a few harsh words of wisdom to the newcomer, Mercilesswinds and Firestorm began to build a friendship. The two trained constantly. The general wanted to make and equal out of him, which he did. The two became High Generals together. They fiercely fought side by side through many battles, slaying every enemy they came across. But it did not last forever. Eventually, Firestorm decided to part ways with the Clans of Old to search for a new, better style of life. Though saddened by the news, Mercilesswinds helped his friend prepare for a perilous journey. Who knew after so many moons, they would cross paths once again? His friend is now known as Foxstar.
(Mockingdeath & Co.: June 1, 2017)


Galepaw was taken in by the clan after being spotted outside his twoleg den. He agreed to come with and train as an apprentice. Galepaw is a fluffy white and light brown ragdoll, with chocolate eyes. He is light humored, kind, and just fun to be around. 
(DrownedInRed: July 19, 2017)

Tickpelt is a dark brown ticked tabby, his brown fades to a lighter cream at his paws and the tabby markings are close to a black. This tom is cunning and flirty, he enjoys the game and will play along willing. Even though he seems nice, Tickpelt is ver secluded and enjoys quiet, there is really nothing that could make him mad. He is a joker and enjoys laughing and messing around. 
(DrownedInRed: August 9, 2017)

With a rusty coat, broken up by inky, sleek, jet black stripes in patterns of tree on his shoulders and hips, two bands on his wrists, a dash on his chin, and in one stripe from his crown to his tail tip, a buff muzzle, cheeks, underside and paws, and a white dash on his chest, Knighfish is a captivating tom. As traditional in his family, he has one blue and one green eye, however much darker than past generations. He knows duty before pleasure, and is a phenomenal warrior, but of course, despite his order of work and delight, he is easily distracted by she-cats. He's a major flirt, to both toms and she-cats even if he does prefer female company; he loves the attention. But at the same time, his harmless flirting can easily wind him up in love, leaving him vulnerable to a broken heart when he doesn't restrain himself. Strong, but so sensitive when he lets his guard down.  He is also, as his family dictates, has a wicked streak. Despite the tenderness in him, he has the potential to let him impulses take over. If he sees something he wants, he'll get it, one way or another. He doesn't care who he has to cut down and push aside to achieve his goals. He very crafty about it, however, and has a strict ethic to how he gets his way; no matter how selfish or seemingly unethical his methods, his movements are subtle. He makes an impressive leader, and a formidable opponent if crossed. 
(Kingfish: August 8, 2017)

Hauntednightmares, called Haunt for short, is a very tall, muscular, black tom with a fawn dorsal stripe and white dapples. His eyes are a deep, emerald green and an alluring, ruby red. Quiet and mysterious by nature, he fits his name perfectly. Despite his rather looming, intimidating stature and silence, he's a gentle giant. He's easily frightened, especially by sudden, high pitched noises, and walks around as if he's afraid he might step on someone. In a fight, he prefers to subdue, but not kill his enemies, and even has the hardest of times killing prey. As a kit, he was the largest of his siblings, and was always seen by the other kits as scary. Though it hurt to not have many friends, he eventually learned to use it to his advantage; he never has taken lightly cats picking on his siblings, thus putting him in the permanent position of body guard. Son of Ghostwhispers and Staghoove. 
(Kingfish: August 11, 2017)

A grey tom with dark grey tabby markings and white on his paws,chest and muzzle. He was named after Lightningfire's son Falconkit later to be falconstrike who died while sleeping. Son of Lightningfire and Faintfox.
(Snowybreezes: August 21, 2017)

A tortoiseshell she cat with Amber eyes and grey feet with black toes. Dappledflower is deaf so she had to prove her worthiness.

(Snowybreezes: August 21, 2017)


Panther is a bulky she-cat with a thick black pelt and bright amber eyes. Her mother, Rustfeather, named her after the EarthClanner Pantherfang, who she was fond of. Her mother didn't expect a she-cat of such quiet dignity when Panther was born, but recieved it nevertheless. Panther is a reserved cat, but is always willing to step forward to help and support her clanmates. Difficult to frighten, graceful, intelligent, honest, and warm, she seems to thrive under the structure of the clan. While she tries to avoid overextending herself and being unable to meet expectations, in her attempts to be the best cat she can be, she can do exactly that. Underneath her almost impenetrable strong, collected, exterior is a constant feeling that she isn?t enough. She seeks approval from others and needs to be told that they?re appreciated in order to feel secure and welcome in the clan. Without this, she can become very emotionally vulnerable and will only blame herself for her perceived failure. 
(Ember: August 29, 2017) 

Midnightmagic is an averaged sized cat, compared to her brother and sister. She has a slim, delicate frame with very lean yet toned muscles. Her pelt is set on fire in the direct light of the sun. The ginger is bright and shiny. But it is not the only color she has. There is a dash of white on her nose and chest, and she has black paws. Darker ginger lines the fur above her sky blue eyes, spine, and engulfs her paws. She has faint dark stripes that are easier to see with some light. When Midnightmagic is in the moonlight, her pelt gets a ghostly glow to it and has a silver sheen. She is very good at tracking and hunting, so she focuses the majority of her free time to battle practice. Midnightmagic holds herself with a great deal of dignity, moves with elegance, and speaks with a hypnotically soothing voice. She is captivating. What she loves most, is knowledge. She tries to learn as much as she can so she can share stories or help fix things that are wrong. She is very caring, but her big heart can sometimes be a weakness. She is extremely brave and fearless, like her siblings Panther and Brackenstorm. She tries not to get too close to any cat, in fear it will cause her hard shell to deteriorate. Midnightmagic is the daughter of Hawthornclaw and Rushfeather. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: September 1, 2017)

Brackenstorm is gruff and masculine. He's always excelled at the physical parts of being a warrior and has a natural talent with everything from swimming to battle, but clan dynamics are another matter entirely. As much as he might try to support the clan and uphold EarthClan ideals, his emotional deafness and need to prove his worth can turn him into both a show-off and the prepetrator of unintentional cruelty. Unlike his sister Pantherkit who is constantly assessing the clan and her place is it, Brackenstorm was blessed- or cursed- with an unshakable sense of purpose and sees no purpose in assessing his weakness or striving for higher stations in the clan. Rather, he is content where he is. Brackenstorm is the son of Hawthornclaw and Rustfeather, and has inherited their dark ginger pelts and amber eyes. 
(Ember: August 29, 2017)

Light grey tabby with darker grey stripes and green eyes. she is always friendly with everyone. She doesn't like fighting,and inst very good at it, but she will do her best if she is told to fight.She prefers hunting to anything else, and usually goes hunting in her spare time with some friends. When not hunting, she likes to sit around camp and observe other cats. she is very good at reading cats and knowing what they are feeling. 
(Weirdo101: September 30, 2017)

Chara is a black tabby tom with amber eyes and a scar near the left shoulder of his neck that came from a fight with a loner. He was a loner who didn't think highly of other cats but he didn't need to care about any other way since he was by himself mostly. he had a brother who died to a monster. Soon he learned about the group of cats and decided to join. if he didn't like the cats around him, he could always leave. his a tough fighter and like earlier doesn't think highly of many cats. Some may wonder why he joined a clan in the first place, that he'll never tell. 
(Reaper: September 30,  2017)

Cryingreaper is a massive gray tom with black stripes. Like his father and sister, he too has the black markings that mimic a trail tears would create. His eyes are cold blue. No soul to be found. While his mother is very loving and caring, he grew up apathetic. It seems to run in his bloodline. Cryingreaperis fangs protrude menacingly from his upper maw. His claws are incapable of being fully sheathed due to their length. His paws and ears are black. His legs have one ring on them in ebony while his tail has three. Despite his lack of desire to socialize, he can often be foujnd around his sister Sixpence. Cryingreaper is extremely loyal to his family and friends. Though he is half blooded, his faith lies in EarthClan. His voice is very low and often monotone. His normal expression is bored and even irritated at times. He isn't easy to get along with but if one can tolerate his attitude, he will eventually warm up to them. This will reveal his charming, less aggressive side. Cryingreaper is the son of Cryingmoon, formerly of SunClan and Meadowpool. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: December 30, 2017)

Gray tom with one gray ear and one black ear he has a black chest and underbelly and a white tail with a black tail tip and white toes on three of his paws and black toes on his right hind leg, his front lower legs are black while his hind lower legs are white and dark gray, he has dark gray cheeks and blue eyes Jaykit is very quiet and stubborn, he is concerned on his looks and thinks he's a mess all the time. Due to that he keeps to himself and prefers to do his best quietly. Son of Snowcloud and unknown 
(DrownedInRed; October 1, 2017)

Thunderstep is a gray tom with medium length fur. This tom has ebony paws, tail tip, face and ears. His coloring is not as complex as some of his siblings. He shares the same emerald green eyes as Smokestorm. Thunderstep is a slightly larger than average sized cat. He has very wise paws, but this doesn't always help him stay silent. He walks a bit heavy, unless he is hunting or trying to be silent, then he is stealthy. His thick muscles enable him to be a fantastic fighter, but he is only a decent hunter. He has a deep yet soothing voice. Thunderstep is a fairly friendly tom. He enjoys a good laugh. Often times he will joke around with others in his down time. He enjoys border patrols and training apprentices. Thunderstep is extremely brave and loyal. Often times he will put himself in harms way to save others.He loves his siblings with ever fiber of his being and would do anything for them. Thunderstep is the son of Snowcloud. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: October 2, 2018)

Daring, patriotic, head-strong. Wrathwaters is a tom who believes in working hard for what he wants, and is not easily discouraged; come hell or high water, he doesn't step down when things get a little hard. He assumes control when things get out of hand, and can easily make decisions to help his clan mates, although some times he makes these decisions a little too quickly which can cause more damage than necessary. Sporting a blue-gray pelt with a silver underbelly, muzzle, paws and tail tip, and black ear tips, dorsal stripe and ankles, accompanied with beautiful baby blue eyes, he is a handsome tom, though he isn't vain about it. He takes strongly after his father Bluedragon, with some of his mother, Hiddenmoon's, coloring. 
(Kingfish: October 7, 2017)

Twistedtricks is an exact replica of Vivitross, but when full-grown will be much larger than a regular Ocicat. His eyes always look like they are on fire, and some say that he can stare into other's souls for he doesn't ever say much. Twistedtricks at first seems caring, welcoming, friendly, playful and possesses all of the good qualities of a good Clanmate. However, this facade merely conceals his actual nature. His true colors eventually reveal him to be a dark, sadistic, conniving, rage-driven, menacing and irredeemable tyrant. This nature was mostly brought about from his perceived betrayal from his mother for raising himself and siblings in a lie.  Twistedtricks is the first born of Vivitross and a loner. 
(Kixatanilopay: October 8, 2017)

Lilysword is a golden fur with grey paws and pale green eyes. Is easily short tempered and loud. She is swift and fair, always helping others. She likes to drag cats into trouble no matter who they are. She hates seeing cats hurt. Older sister of Runekit. 
(Reaper: October 13, 2017)

A grey and white spotted tom with one orange left front paw and yellow eyes. Very proud tom who takes charge whenever possible, he never seems to frown and can fight about anyone if he really has too. 
(Python: October 28, 2017)


Light brown she-cat with amber eyes like her father. Reedflower is the kit of Deerdapple and Archfur, she is loyal, caring and ambitious. 
(Lakeripple: October 21, 2017)


Echostream is a spunky charcoal she-cat with a darker dorsal stripe and green eyes. She is fun-loving and a thrill seeker, which can get her into trouble since she usually sizes up her scenarios incorrectly. Even though she's a but of a heart-string-puller, she honestly means well; she would never intend to get someone else into trouble with her, and often acts alone in her ridiculous stunts. Echo is also quite affectionate. She loves her family, and is the kind of cat who adopts her friends into her own special family. Daughter of Foxstar and Shadowhawk. 
(Kingfish: October 30, 2017)

Nightfall is a very unique colored tom. His pelt is pitch black along his spine and ears, and fades to a deep, eerie gray. His paws and tail tip are ginger in color, as if they were stained by blood. But don't let that fool you, take a look a his charming smile and shining green eyes, though they have a slight tint of blue. He has medium-short fur, though it is very thick and sometimes gives him a fuzzy appearance. As his name would suggest, he is drawn to the darkness of the night. Nightfall thrives in the shadows and gentle silver moonlight. More nocturnal than his siblings and even most of EarthClan. But this does not prevent him from training and patrolling during the day. Nightfall is a rambunctious, happy-go-lucky kind of tom. He loves to goof around and play small tricks on his siblings and friends. He is extremely friendly and talkative. Always laughing or smiling. He is very brave, loyal, and strong. He is extremely protective of his family. If you wrong them, prepare for the worst repercussion. Though he hides it well, he can have a fierce temper. Nightfall is the son of Shadowhawk and Foxstar. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: August  1, 2017)


Thundersong is a jet black she cat with a thick fluffy pelt. Her eyes are a striking yellow orange. Thundersong is a hard cat to get to know and she has a very dark past and some terrible secrets. Is she evil or just misunderstood? 
(Sandrunner and Co.: August 8, 2017)


Empressglare is a dark russet she-cat with lighter ginger stripes running along her back and sides, and has one ruby-red and one sapphire blue eye. Her muzzle is marked with white, as are her toes and under belly. As a kit, her cousin, Knightfish, blamed her for the death of her mother and since then has become determined to show dignity and pride in herself, the grand-daughter of Kingfish. She carries herself with pride and grace, commanding respect by all, and does not pay ill will or offense with her attention. She holds a grudge against Knightfish for giving her the title "Nameless" as a kit, as she feels it robbed her of an identity for so long. The daughter of Sinfur and an unknown tom. 
(Kingfish: November 12, 2017)


Midnightscream is a ragamuffin mix. This allows her to have the size of a ragamuffin, but shorter fur. Though her breed is usually light beige and brown, her pelt is actually black with oaky brown points. Her leafy green eyes are outlined in a thin strip lighter cream colored fur. Her tail is rather lengthy, allowing her to maintain great balance in almost every situation. Midnightscream is a broad, muscular cat, despite being a female. Her lineage was specifically bred as guards to protect the Clan she was once part of. There is a single scar on the left side of her muzzle wrapping down under her chin. She has two scars on her neck, one on the right side and one on the front. She has a long scar running down her right flank, and a smaller cluster of scars on her left haunches. Due to specifically training in battle tactics and defense, Midnightscream is not the strongest hunter in the clan. But she does her best. She has amazing night vision, not allowing the dim to no light stop her from accomplishing her missions. In her old Clan, she was assigned to the Midnight Guard, hence her given name. Her birth name, how ever, was Quietsong. This changed. Midnightscream is incredibly tactful and intelligent. She always led the night raids, crushing any opponent her task force was assigned. She loved to torture the last enemy alive, letting their screams fill the midnight air as a warning to all those that dare threaten her clan. Her numerous victories and rumors of her methods led to the uprising of her name. Though she is cruel to most, she does have a soft side. This is clearly seen while she is in the presence of her friend Mercilesswinds. After the decline of her clan, Midnightscream left to wander on her own. But when she was cornered by a gang of rogues, Mercilesswinds came to her rescue. She would likely have been killed if it weren't for him. After he saved her, he invited her to join him on a journey to find a new and worthy home. Not only is she indebted to him, but she is ears over tail for him. But this is a pointless task as her friend is always set on the big picture and does not understand compassion. She is a hopeless romantic. Midnightscream is loyal to those she is close with, but no clan on its own. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: June 1, 2017)


A white she-cat with grey streaks going through her fur resembling a rib cage and light blue eyes. Skeletonfall is lazy and doesn't work much. She has a punny sense of humor and loves making bad puns. 
(Python: September 29, 2017)

Spark of Young Flame 

Spark of Young Flame, or Spark, is a breed of cat called the Japanese bobtail. It makes his appearance rather odd. He stands at medium built and height, with a rather feminine look to him. He's mostly snow white with a couple of ginger patches on his head, on his flank, and on his breed's traditional bobbed tail. His eyes are also unique silver color, which is the opposite of his sister's golden eyes. He has a large visible scar that starts around his torso and ends under his belly. Spark was named after the fire that raged at the tribe's cave in the mountains and killed his parents, in hopes he would one day be as powerful as the flame that took their home. He's rather adventurous character and likes to learn more and more about the world around him. He is very protective of his family and will do anything in order to keep them safe and sound. He's pretty bad at making decisions and often puts himself down when he makes the wrong choice, such as leading the tribe cats to the clans. He was trained as a prey-hunter when he lived with the tribe, but was supposed to train as a cave-guard. However the Stoneteller of the tribe had different plans for Spark and Ash. Spark's scar came from Ash, whom had gone crazy and attacked her own brother and almost killed him. This incident has Spark scared of his sister, although he knows it wasn't her fault. It Stoneteller who was training her to be a killing machine. It was one of the reasons they left the tribe and sought out a new home. 

(Spark: December 8, 2017)

A thick-furred Norwegian Forest cat, Aetos's color scheme is fairly simple. Dark grey with hints of black towards the end of his tail, paws, and tips of his ears, and soft blue eyes. Quite steady and calm, he's not one for drama- but if someone starts something with him, he will ensure he's the one to finish it. He hails from the mountains with a thick scar along his side and hind leg to attest to his travels. 
(Airmid: December 8, 2017)

Dewdrop That Shines in Daylight 
Dewdrop That Shines in Daylight, or shortened to ?Dew? or more commonly ?Day?, is a rather odd type of tribe cat. She?s rather shy, and not really welcoming to other cats. She tends to keep to herself, but that?s not very odd, is it? Now, besides that, she?s very beautiful. Her fur is soft and feather-like, the black and white splotches and marbling whisking off her pelt in a soft manner. Her eyes are a gentle blue, which are very pleasing to the eye. Her tail is long wispy. She moves with grace, which is why her mother gave named her dewdrops. She shines brightly, even though she doesn?t believe it. When she was a kitten, she was more open, but soon lost that spark when her mother became very ill. Her father, on the other paw, had gotten killed by falling out of a tree after a dangerous incident involving another tom. That haunts her, to this day, but she really tries to put herself out there. It may not work at times, but she really does try. 
(Inky: December 10, 2017)

Lightningblood is a handsome grey chartreux with yellow eyes. The chartreux Lightningblood is playful and fair,a bit of a flirt but will usually respect your personal space as long as you respect theirs. 
(Lakeripple: December 10, 2017)



Sootstep is a sleek black tom with an eye catching, emerald green gaze. The very tips of his ears are capped in white and a splash of alabaster stretches along the edges of his muzzle, giving him the appearance of a permanent grin. While this characteristic used to suit his personality fairly well, the harshness of life has aged and sobered him. He is no longer the young jokester of his youth, known by the name of Mischiefpaw. That side of him died the day his mother Eclipsestar did. He held the charade for awhile, but it was a futile endeavor. He isolated himself from his siblings and built a wall around himself. He refused to be so hurt ever again. The memories of his mother and the lingering presences of his siblings eventually drove him from his birth clan, and he joined EarthClan with Wolfeyes, then known as Carrionpaw. The serenity of the forest did Sootstep well and he quickly settled in to the natural and serene environment. He is a natural hunter, a skill he was never able to hone during his time in EclipseClan, and he far prefers it to fighting. He has developed an affinity for fishing in particular and often spends his free time lounging in the cool waters of the territory. He is a strong and confident warrior, marred with a cynicism not reflected in his closest friend: Wolfeyes. He likes to believe himself the rational one of the pair and insists that Wolfeyes' unflinching altruism would have gotten them killed long ago, had Sootstep not been there to steer them to safety. He is the son of Eclipsestar and Fang. 

(L: December 13, 2017)


Troutstone has never known much of a family - his father was far removed from the picture from birth, and his mother was distant in her love - but this has never bothered him all that much, and over the years, he has drifted from the little connection he did have with his mother, to the point where he has little to no personal contact with her. As an apprentice, Troutstone trained as a warrior for several moons, and excelled in many areas of skill. On track to becoming a swift and lethal warrior, it was a simple miscalculation that will forever haunt Trout for its role in crippling his future. On a calm and contemplative walk through the territory one night, Trout ended up at Hawk's Tree, and, after taking a leisurely swim in the river there, he found himself on the wrong side of the shore, in a small park forest in EclipseClan Territory. Failing to realize this, due to the late-night darkness and his dulled awareness due to lack of sleep, Trout ventured further into the forest, and unknowingly passed over a road on a train bridge. After several minutes, Trout came to the realization that at some point, he had left EarthClan Territory, and turned back, however he came across a thunderpath cutting through the forest. Although he spotted a car in the distance, he assumed it was too far away to pose any threat, and, in his impatience and overconfidence, he rushed across - just in time for the car to hit his hind legs, his right leg taking the brunt of the blow. By morning, Trout had dragged himself back to camp, having passed out several times in the territory, and was barely saved from death due to blood loss and shock. Left with a severely and permanently mangled right hind leg, resulting in a heavy limp and chronic pain, Troutstone's hopes of becoming a warrior were ruined - and, with reluctance and a bitterness that would remain with him for the rest of his days, Troutstone turned to the path of the medicine cat. Trout doesn't generally act in a manner all that resemblant of his age - he speaks with a dull pessimism and misanthropy generally present in those with years of life experience - though he always manages to have a childish reluctance to do what is asked of him if it doesn't seem particularly interesting. Trout can be quite arrogant, though not in a boasting way - he is simply overconfident in his own abilities, holds strong to his beliefs, and rejects any doubts others may have of him, as he often believes his skills to be superior. Troutstone has a rather light, dusty grey-brown pelt, with light brown and grey tabby markings. His eyes are a vivid shade of teal. 
(River: December 22, 2017)

Oceanwhisker is a tan and black ocelot. Yep, Ocelot. Despite them being wildcats, and large cats, he is actually rather small. Since he was accepted into the clans, he has been trying his best. Though he is more the size of a Savannah cat, he has an interest in trying to find other cats like him, but has not yet 
(Dream Lotus: December 29, 2017) 

City of Laurels is a tortoiseshell tom cat with vibrant green eyes. He is the brother of War Returned, and has been at his brother?s side since the two were cast out of their pride at the age of apprentices. He is a tall and nimble tom, with a thin body and prancing stride. He has an elegance and fineness about him that most find rather captivating. His emerald orbs are eye-catching, and the painted crimsons and obsidians of his pelt are worth admiring. He is an intelligent and perceptive warrior, adept at navigating social situations and reading the emotions of others. While he isn?t much of a fighter, his strikes are calculated and appropriately timed, which means if he does land a hit it will be severe. He?s a level headed counter to his often rash and outspoken brother. 
(L: December 19, 2017) 

Looking to Heaven is a tortoiseshell male, and the lifelong mate to City of Laurels. He is a sturdy and muscular tom-cat, with thick cheeks and piercing golden eyes. He was abandoned by his pride as a kitten. He was the only male born to his pride in generations, and had the misfortune of being a tri colored cat, an obvious sign of a sterile tom. He survived in spite of this and quickly learned how to thrive as a solitary hunter on the harsh moorlands. He is confident, uncompromising, and would like nothing more than to see the ways of the prides choke out their dying breath. He accepted the SunClan way of life readily, glad for the change of scenery and the diversity of company. 
(L: December 19, 2017)



Wolfeyes ventured through most of the clans during his youth. He was born to a queen in MoonClan, the only living kitten among his stillborn siblings, but the she-cat had been hysterical with grief and guilt and attempted to bury him nonetheless. One of his clan mates saved him, fishing him out of the hole and returning him to his distraught mother. She never treated him kindly after the incident and abandoned him the moment he was weaned. She had left him with nothing other than the haunting name: Carrionkit. Too young to understand his mother's cruelty, Wolfeyes had ventured from MoonClan's camp in search of her and was swept away in the river. He was rescued by an EclipseClan warrior, and spent the remainder of his kithood and part of his apprenticehood in the clan. He eventually fled the city with a friend and settled in EarthClan, where he took the name Wolfpaw. Wolfeyes is missing the hair follicles necessary to grow an undercoat, a genetic mutation found in the two-leg bred breed: lykoi, which he closely resembles. His roan colored coat thins and fades entirely at his face, paws, and legs, giving him a werewolf-like appearance. His eyes are a deep amber, the only part of him that looks truly alive. He is a thin and skeletal looking tom, unable to put on much fat or muscle. He suffers through leaf-bare and is susceptible to sicknesses. Despite his ailments and rather tragic history, Wolfeyes is a kind cat who has a tendency to believe the best of everyone. He is an old soul, wise beyond his years, and always willing to help out a clan mate in need. A calming aura hangs about the tom-cat. He believes his purpose in life is to better the experiences of those around him. Wolfeyes is the son of Stargazer and Bloodbath. 

(L: December 12, 2017)

Magpie Song 
Magpie Song, (known by those close to her as Maggie) is a beautiful small, lithe black she-cat, with a perfectly symmetric white muzzle, chest, belly, and front paws. She has summer-green eyes with light blue flecks near the iris. Maggie is a 'princess' cat in the pride group, as she is Dusk's daughter with a male other than Reign, making her the one with the least relations to him. As such, she is expected to step up and become a queen of the pride- she is also expected to come Head Female when Rivers dies, on account of her bloodline. She is terrified of this possibility, but is also terrified of running away from the only life she's ever known. Maggie is mute to others outside the pride, and her family spreads a rumor to the clan that she is actually deaf so that she can effectively spy on her clanmates and other cats if need be. In reality, she isn't deaf- just silently brooding, waiting for the oppurtunity to speak up but unsure if she can. 
(Kamira: December 13, 2017)

Mysterydance is a dark gray she-cat with black ears, paws, tail, and muzzle and a black swirl on her right side. She also has pale blue eyes that seem to glow in the dark. She is very reclusive and prefers to be alone, which gives her a very limited amount of friends. She has a knack for climbing trees and spends most of her time in them, mainly hiding from her clanmates. Though she dislikes being around other cats too much, she knows that the clan is the best lifestyle for her, so she does her share of the work and makes sure to be seen in camp every so often. Daughter of Snowcloud and unknown. 
(Shadowstorm: December 23, 2017)


This individual is proof that even the most beloved of adages are not ubiquitous, for her curiosity exceeds that of her peers by many degrees, and yet she is still alive. Silver furred with peculiar brown markings on her ears, feet, and as three thick bands on her tail, Duskfang is as unassuming as they come; her naivety shines through her bright, green eyes, and her kindness is only succeeded by her boundless inquisition - an inquisition that at times exceeds social acceptability and a regard for one's own life. As the daughter of Tornwhisker and Grayfrost, one must wonder if her tendency to look too deeply into things might cause her some trouble. 

(Alienfish: December 25, 2017)


Sixpence is a tan she-cat with jagged black stripes, including dark stripes under her azure eyes like tear marks. She was named for her large paws, each front paw having six toes. She's duty-oriented, and spends her time trying to improve her own clan and help them thrive, while simultaneously investigating what is happening in the other clans so she can understand how to best protect her fellow warriors. Her goal is to promote peace among all the clans, however that may need to be achieved, even if it means less-than-peaceful means to get it. Daughter of Cryingmoon and Meadowpool. 
(Kingfish: December 29, 2017)

Addertooth is a pale ginger mackerel tabby, with fur that fades to lighter hues of cream and off-white around his extremities, and dull amber/brown eyes. Adder is a deceptive tom - he is charming, charismatic, and seems to say all the right things, yet he is incredibly egocentric and arrogant, making little attempt to hide these traits. Rather, he uses them in his alluring performance - twisting overconfidence to sharp wit, arrogance to a devilish charm, and selfishness to an odd, toxic ability to make others feel wanted, needed. Adder is not just deceptive in his nature, but manipulative in his ways - to him, the ends justify the means. Adder has a lithe yet muscular build, lending well to the combat that thrills him so deeply. Addertooth was born to the leader of a forest gang, where he was raised to the age of a young warrior, before he was run out by his power-hungry father, fearing that Adder would attempt a coup. 
(River: January 4, 2018)

Jackalhowl is a small brownish gray tom with bright brown eyes. Jackal is friendly and quite a talker. He loves making friends and always having someone to be around. With an ego much bigger than he?ll ever be, Jackalhowl tries his best to win any competition, especially when it comes to hunting. Son of Coyotegaze and Speckledpool. 
(Ddcat: January 10, 2018) 

Alaric is a well muscled bengal mix, with a deep charcoal pelt and captivating pale eyes. He is a foreign born cat, exiled from his homeland after a war that left him a traitor to his own people, and a stranger to those he fought for. He is a well spoken and eloquent cat, an air of authority about him that comes across as intimidating. He is emotionally composed and often stoic in expression, making him hard to read. He is intelligent, observant, and extremely protective of his son, Araluen. He gets along well with those who possess a similar soldier personality and is distasteful of vulgar behavior and reckless actions. His dialect is clear and concise, which has a tendency to come across as elitist. 
(L: January 16, 2018)

Clear Puddle Beneath Cave 
Clear Puddle Beneath Cave is a beautiful silver and grey longhair tabby. Her fur shines in the light unlike any others and brings a magnificant vibe around her. Puddle, shortened, is a quiet and shy she-cat with many walls built up inside her. Though she loves the silence, Puddle often enjoys the company of the cats she trusts, the cats she came to the clans with. The silver tabby is often seen wandering around alone, and by herself, as she finds that's when she's the happiest. 
(DrownedinRed: December 8, 2017)

Long May He Reign 
Long May He Reign is a handsome, fire colored tom with glaring emerald eyes. He is battle scarred, fearless, and unwavering. Where family matters are concerned, his word is law, but he has a great amount of respect for SunClan and their laws. He has combined pride customs and clan law whenever possible in relation to his group, and at the end of the day his loyalty is to his leader. He is often considered cruel and barbaric, given his different cultural background, but his personality is fairly typical among his kind. He is a strategic, war hardened tom. 
(L: December 12, 2017)


Polarice is a playful, kind, enduring, she-cat. She likes to make friends, but ends up hanging around males more often. Her pretty white longhaired coat was passed down from her mother before she died at a young age. She has glacier blue eyes that have hint of grey in them, and a petite build. This femine framed she-cat looks like she wouldn't be much use in battle, but her teeth are sharper than her claws. Polarice is oblivious to her surrounding, always in a dream-like state, she talks with a whimsical feeling flowing through her voice and always twitches her nose. 
(DrownedInRed: January 11, 2018)


Smolderingphoenix is a slender built feline. She, like her mother, has two tones of yellow-brown fur. Her left fang protrudes slightly from her maw and the left side of her pelt is a bit messy looking since it will never lay flat. Her front left paw is dark brown while the other is perfectly white. She has sparkling blue eyes. Smoldering is a very sweet and lovable warrior. She is very kind to every cat she meets. She is extremely energetic and positive. Her bubbly personality can sometimes bother others but she doesn't mind. Smoldering is the sister to Jackalhowl and the daughter of Speckledpool and Coyotegaze. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: January 12, 2018)

Beachsplash is a silver tabby tom with light blue eyes and a white patch of fur over his left eye. He has a very cautious nature and prefers to take the safer route in life, thinking that it will help him live longer than his carefree siblings. He goes on adventures with them to solely be the voice of reason on their dating feats, but he is often ignored anyway, but he still takes his own advice. Despite his siblings social and wild natures, he tends to be quieter and a bit antisocial, but he still talks to cats when they approach him, he is anything but rude. He is very good at hunting but prefers to skip out on the battle training, he figures if they are ever in a battle, he can stay behind and protect the queens and kits. He is the son of Reena and a rogue. 
(Shadowstorm: January 13, 2018)

Dauntless-scream is a rather large tom. His large size is thanks to having the genetics of a forest cat and ragamuffin. His pelt is dark gray with even darker tabby stripes. He is the first born of Midnightscream and Mercilesswinds. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: January 17, 2018) 

Quakingmoon is an average sized cat, despite her large cat genetics. Her pelt is pale gray, borderlining silver. She has faint markings. Quakingmoon is the last born of Midnightscream and Mercilesswinds. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: January 17, 2018)


Sapwing is a very shy and quiet cat. She likes to hunt alone and is quite skilled at finding voles underground. She used to be a rouge and soon fell in love. They became mates till she found out he was just using her and when he found out she was pregnant he left her as quick as he could and she has never truly trusted anyone since 
(Up for Adoption: October 27, 2017)

The best word to describe Wrinkledface is: grandmotherly. She isn't anyone's grandmother, nor does she ever intend to be, but she was born an old soul. She is a small, long-haired, Persian-like cat whose family history of bad breeding resulted in her shockingly flat muzzle and cartoonishly large eyes. The shape of her face causes her pink tongue to often protrude from her mouth ever so slightly, but you'd be unwise to laugh at her. She's a tad grumpy- as her permanently frowning face seems to indicate- but ultimately her heart is in the right place. She cares immensely about the well being of every cat in her clan and considers each of them family. As such she protects them and berates them like they're her own flesh and blood. She's grounded and has a good head on her shoulders, despite being a little rough around the edges. Wrinkledface is a strong proponent of individualism and doesn't believe that EarthClan should be governed by a strict set of principles, but should be adapted to properly serve the needs of each member. Were it not for her flat and wrinkled features, she would likely be considered a beautiful cat. She has soft, silky white fur and piercing emerald eyes, which admittedly make her look even more ridiculous. Wrinkledface is eighty percent poof and twenty percent fire. 
(L: September 22, 2017) 


When Sky was a baby, she was raised in a tribe as Clouds that cover sky. But when she was only 3 days old, she was stolen from the tribe. She was taken to a clan called Eclispeclan. But that cat nurtured her for a few days died as the camp was then filled with the dreaded greencough. Somehow, Sky managed to stay safe, despite having gotten it herself. This was because she was now in the Medicine cat's care. The cat cared for her until eventually the medicine cat retired after the green cough. Thus begins the life of Skypaw, the striped she apprentice. Skypaw is a white cat with lilac stripes and lilac ears. She has purple eyes, that are sometimes pink in certain lights. She has lilac paws also. She is similar to the looks of a white tiger, with lighter stripes on her legs and tail. Sky is a dare devil and loves to hang around the males of camp. But most of the time, the really rowdy ones are the ones that try to tell her to go play with girls, she just ignores them and plays with the other males. She also likes to hunt, train, and help. She has a hard time trying to tell when it is time to play and when it is not, so she often needs help to remind her. She is also really forgetful and often thinks down upon herself, thinking she is less than she really is. But she puts on a brave face and tries not to let sadness show around others for fear of what they would think. She can't handle rejection really swell, so she often sits alone and tries not to get too close to many cats. 
(DreamLotus: February 10, 2018)

Frecklemask is a dusky-gray she-cat with a light dusting of sandy freckles that form a mask on her face and a flea-bitten stripe down her back. She has a white splash on her chest and a white sock on her front left leg, and she is almost skeletally tall, gaunt, and thin. She carries herself with good-natured seriousness and is about as approachable as an EclipseClan cat can be. She thinks EclipseClan has been too open to outsiders in the past and hopes her ambition can bring her clan forward to a new age where EclipseClan is taken seriously by the other clans as a force to be respected. 
(Kamira: December 3, 2017)

Stormdream is a small yet lithe she-cat with a mixed pelt of grays and blacks. Her eyes are a sharp ice-blue. Stormdream is a very driven individual. If she believes that someone is attempting to get in the way of something she feels needs to be done, she will go to any length to get past said cat. She believes in StarClan, but believes that every cat is responsible for their own destiny, and that StarClan exists merely to provide guidance and advice to the Clan, much like a medicine cat. She will defend her Clan at all costs. However, she is no stranger to skirting around the Code when she feels necessary. When she has time, Stormdream often spends it wandering the territory, staring off into other territories and swimming in one of EarthClan's many waterways. Due to this, she often distracts herself with her wandering thoughts and eyes. A lecture from a warrior could easily go in one ear and out the other, all while the she-cat thinks of what it must be like to live in the city. Stormdream can be quite short with cats when she feels as if her time is being wasted, but if she truly believes something important is being directed her way, such as a speech from a leader, she listens with an intensity not seen from many other cats. While she holds her Clan in high esteem, she often feels held back, which is one of the things that fuels her strolls in the wilderness. Although she would deny it at any chance possible, she has been on one or two treks out of EarthClan territory. They've never lasted long though, as Stormdream often feels a homesickness that she can't hide. She loves the marsh as much as the Clan itself. Her lithe and slender form lends to her swimming ability being relatively high, and she enjoys catching fish. However, her ability to get distracted easily often messes with her hunting when it comes to land prey. When it comes to fighting, Stormdream relies more on her agility and reflexes than strength or raw ability. She would most likely be described as an 'okay' fighter. Overall, Stormdrean is a very distant cat, but one whose dedication is clear to see. That is, when she can be seen. She is not averse to companionship, but for one to be friends or more with this flighty she-cat, they'd need to be patient and willing to deal with her dry and occasionally harsh words. 
(Castle: November 21, 2017) 

Pirro is a large, muscular, ginger tom whose pelt appears to blaze in the sun. His eyes are a dark amber. Pirro is a very arrogant cat, mostly due to how he was raised, and he's completely devoted to their cause. He especially is devoted to his 'sister' Nadia. Even if she doesn't necessarily feel the same, he'd do anything to keep her safe, no matter what that would be. He takes pride in being her bodyguard, and takes himself seriously. He often looks down on other cats, which gets him into many unnecessary confrontations. 
(Castle: November 3, 2017)

Stormchaser has a roguish curl to his smile, and the glint of a rebel in his pale green eyes. He?s a traveler, vagabond, who has passed through many civilizations but never seems to stray long. He has the persona of a scoundrel, but boasts a type of rugged charisma that is either endearing or infuriating. He has the personality that others either love, or love to hate. He is an extrovert to the core and possesses a tendency to insert himself at the center of any drama. He enjoys being the center of attention, but also genuinely enjoys the company and friendships of others. He prides himself on his ability to recall names and faces, regardless of how briefly they had interacted or how long ago they had met. He?s a flirt and always seems to have to get a word in edgewise. The moons he has weathered have dotted his muzzle with strands of silver, but his age has not reduced his charm. He is a relatively large, gray tabby with a deep ashen marble patterning. 
(L: February 13, 2018)


Viper is a muscular thick furred tom. His pelt is a striking yellow with thin black stripes. Two "V" shaped stripes loom above his eyes. The others spill down from his spine. He has ocean blue eyes that seemingly swallow the soul of those looking into them as the waves do ships. Viper is a loyal warrior. He never lets his emotions cloud his judgement. He is usually care free and friendly. Every now and then his temper will get to him and he will snap. He is fairly close with Crashlightning. Viperstrike is the son of Thundersong and Tickpelt. 
(Mockingdeath & Co.: February 11, 2017)

Mumblepaw is a soft gray tabby kitten with soft orange beneath her markings which make her look slightly like a tiger. She's got warm sea-blue eyes and a twisted muzzle which sticks out to the right side. Mumblepaw is completely mute and physically unable to talk normally. When she was a kit she got into a fight with an older tom who smashed his muzzle and nearly ripped her throat out. She managed to heal muzzle-wise, but she lost his ability to speak which prevented her from wanting to become a warrior. She was so horrified of becoming rage driven like the apprentice that ruined his life that she tried not to show up to her own apprenticeship ceremony. Mumblepaw is a meek and timid cat with a strong belief in StarClan, though she does have some beef with them. She has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which prevents her from sleeping in the apprentice den or going into a certain place in the territory. Instead of sleeping in the apprentice den, she made a makeshift den near the entrance made from reeds and moss. It's not ideal, but it's better than being woken by horrible nightmares of her "incident." 
(SweetSucculents: December 20, 2018)

Rainwhisker is a white and gray American Shorthair with gold eyes. She is a kind and gentle cat who hardly lets negative comments affect her. She tries hard to see the best in everybody and has a problem of being too nosy. Rainwhisker lived outside of the clans for as long as she could remember. Her mom, who had clan descent, named her Rainkit and trained her up until she became Rainwhisker. Soon after her mother gave Rainwhisker her warrior name she died. She lived alone until she finally got bored and decided to see what was so scary about clan life that caused her mom to avoid them. After finding nothing out of the ordinary Rainwhisker decided clan life seemed nice so she approached the border and sat until a patrol took her in. 
(Rhea: February 21, 2018)

Bearclaw is a brown maine coon born under Wolfscar and to his lesser knowledge, Nightbird of Eclipseclan. Hes an optimistic warrior who tries to see the best in everything and everyone, after his younger brother Mistpaw was adopted into the clan, hes been doing everything he can to be a good role model to him, and any apprentice. 
(Twitchkit: February 21, 2018)



Randi is a sleek silver and black marbled cat with short fur and deep brown eyes. A flirtatious and tomboyish she-cat, Randi aimes to please no one but herself and her prey. She is independent and finds only selfish joy out romance with others. She?s a goof ball and a smart alec as well, creating quite a few contradictions here and there. 

(Sunken: February 24, 2018)



Tempestsong is a large, solid gray Maine Coone with bright greenish-yellow eyes. Very sweet, her size tends to mean there's more of herself to snuggle up with others- she aggressively mother hens most who she meets and is very much a peacemaker over a fighter. 
(Airmid: February 26, 2018)

Speckledmane is a rather large and bulky tomcat, not due to his amount of muscle, but his amount of fur. He is very strong for a cat who has less muscle than others, and can manage a job that involves body strength. Do not be fooled by his huge appearance though, he is one of the most loving and caring cats you could ever meet. He takes orders well and in turn gives orders well. He has a strong sense of belief that every cat should get along, and not discriminate against each other. His eyes are a warm brown and shows sympathy for the unfortunate. His maine-coon-like coat is a very light brown, almost tan. His fur on his neck is thick, resulting in something that looks like a miniature mane. The fur there is covered in little, dark brown speckles, building up on both of his ears. He has a habit of getting flustered when given compliments, the tips of his ears growing hot every time one is given. 
(Wolf-flower: March 4, 2018)


Kelpiesplash is a tan she-cat with a dark maple dorsal coat, a pale underside and muzzle, and deep black spotted-tabby markings- likely a visual illusion caused by a mix of her father's classic tabby markings and her mother's bengal spots- and her eyes are blue like both of her parents. She has a random genetic mutation in the form of deep red lynx points. Kelpie is an energetic and playful Scottish lass, and is known to be very affectionate with everyone, yet at the same time has a dark sense of humour and can be a bit rough, though it's unintentional. Daughter of Mallardcry and Jayhawk. 
(Kingfish: February 28, 2018)

Maplekit is a pale ginger kit with dark ginger markings. Her dark ginger markings look like whirlpools and she has a slightly ginger stomach, a marking on her chest that looks like a maple leaf, cream ginger toes and a cream ginger marking, swirling around her left eye. Her eyes are bright emerald green. Maple's tail is the same dark ginger as her fur markings and it has a cream ginger tip, in the shape of a diamond. Maplekit is a curious cat and slightly a troublemaker and she loves exploring. She is a fast runner and can outrun most of the kits in her clan. She is brave and ,despite being a kit, she will protect her clan from any danger that threatens them. She is a bit sassy. Maplekit is quite sweet though and if anyone needs help then the will be there, even though her parents didn't do that for her. Maple is quite stubborn, like a mule, and if she doesn't want to do something, she will stick by it. Shes a bit like Squirrelflight. Maplekit will try to prove herself as much as she can, even without parents, to be the best warrior she could ever try to be and she will stick by the cats that she loves until they are brought to hunt with StarClan. 
(HiddenFlame: February 28, 2018)

Lostsea is well....lost. She always seems to be somewhere where she's not supposed to be, due to the fact she's blind. Ever since she was born, she couldn't see the beauty of the world. Although not being able to see, she's had plenty of cats to tell her where things are, along with how she looks. She is a beautiful grey tabby, sleek fur and a long tail that she makes sure is clean and presentable. This leads into her personality. As for that, she is hard on a lot of cats. It's due to the frustration of being blind. She never knows how to act. So, it puts her in a bad mood...always. Whenaround her, you need to be very careful about what you say. 
(Inky: March 1, 2018)

Blueberryfreckle is a average sized white tom with black spots. He has rather long skinny legs with a bobbed tail. He seems outgoing with a rather odd speech pattern. 
(Ddcat: March 3, 2018)

Plumkit is a dark brown tom with black eyes. His fur appears curly but it's just because he hates grooming himself unless he falls into mud. He often walks around camp daydreaming about his future. When he trains he becomes dazed and distracted. 
(Up for Adoption: March 9, 2018)

Midnight of Peaceful Dreams 
Midnight of Peaceful Dreams is a tenderhearted she-cat, her emerald eyes always seem to have this warm feeling to them, even when staring down her enemies. Midnight can be considered cowardly, but shes actually just jumpy. She wont run away but wil most definatly jump 3 feet in the air. Shes a fairly large she-cat as her father was a maine coon. Her mother was a fairly large cat as well, but not bigger than her father. Midnight is a black she-cat with white large white spots on her pelt and three small white ones on her side. She has this tuff of fur that hangs over her eyes where her mothers glorious golden fur slips in, she has tried to tame this fur, but to no avail as it grows back fast. Over both of her eyes she had golden lines that have 3 points sticking up in the middle, like a star that was never finished. Lastly, along with the annoy tuft of hair, there are a few stands fur that stick up, refusing to lie flat no matter what she tries, even if she removes it with her claws itll grow back shortly. Midnight remeber s little of her past, but she knows that her care taker isnt her real father. She vaguely remembers her mother being mangled by dogs and her father was no where in sight. Shes happy the she was found by Spark, and treata him like the father she lost. 
(Spark: March 10, 2018)

Lion resembles a long haired Scottish fold, with ears that are folded over and a deep, ginger marble patterning along his fur. He boasts long, pale ginger fur around his neck, resembling a mane. He is the son of Tigerfield and Lionheart. 
(L: March 10, 2018) 

Leopardshine is a pretty grey Scottish fold with large black marble tabby markings. Just like her mom, she has the trademark folded ears of a Scottish fold cat. Her fur fades to a light grey on her chest and stomach, as well as on her tail tip and mouth. She has beautiful sea foam green eyes. Leopard is a bit shy and mysterious, she is quite a wanderer and she can often be found off on her own exploring and trying to discover new things for herself. She is the daughter of Tigerfield and Lionheart.
(L: March 10, 2018)

Oddapple is a flame point himalayan with wide blue eyes and a flat muzzle. He was given the prefix "Odd" shortly after his birth due to his head tilt, a birth defect that causes him to hold his head at an angle. He isn't the most balanced of cats, but he hardly lets the tilted head slow him down. He is the son of Wrinkledface and Brokenstar. 
(L: March 10, 2018)

Notchedfin has always been, well, odd. He?s generally a sweet cat and hates to see others in pain, but has trouble understanding social cues and norms. He?s socially awkward and can be too blunt or get too involved in situations that don?t really involve him. This is especially true when he sees other cats being bullied or hurt- he can be trusted to step in immediately, even if he doesn?t really get what?s happening. Worse, he always wants to believe the best in other cats and can be easy to manipulate because of it. Notchedfin is an unusually good tracker, but isn?t a particularly skilled hunter or fighter. He is the son of Wrinkledface and Brokenstar and gets his name from the notched appearance of his chocolate points. He is similar to a himalayan cat in appearance, with a creamy body, brown tabby points, long fur, a round body, short legs and a flattened face. He?s by no means a handsome cat and can even have some trouble exerting himself for long periods of time because his flattened muzzle can make it difficult for him to breathe. 

(Ember: March 10, 2018)


Even as a day-old kitten, Cariboubleat has been a busy little bee. Filled with energy despite her weight and height, she always seems to hold herself high. She does what she can for her clan, even when she?s not feeling her best. Her signature Caribou-like pelt is what really stands out about her. White from her chin to behind her ears. White underbelly and a few grey spots alongside her mostly brown pelt. A bit of a calico mixture, but really just bicolor. Named after her grandmama, she pretty much looks exactly like her, as well as act like her. Sometimes it was creepy, but only to her mom. Not really too her siblings either. All named after animals with hooves, her and her siblings sure sound like a herd disturbing the EarthClan camp. Their older sister Maggie will sometimes join in on their antics, but other times she?s doing...well...other things. Cariboubleat has four siblings, one half-sister, and is daughter to Dusk and Reign. 
(Inky: March 23, 2018)

Elkwind is a beautiful dusty tan she-cat with reddening fur shadowing her legs and belly, and turning the shaggy fur on her chest into a sheen of shiny curtain. In a crowd, she can be instantly recognized by her striking brown gaze and warm, regal demeanor. She is quiet and regal in her actions, stalking silently, whispering things in the ears of those around her like an informant. Her brilliance lies in her social intelligence and her ability to know who is angry with who, and have a pretty good idea of why, and she tends to be a peacekeeper between clanmates in a natural display of leadership. Her one flaw is that she wishes to be a queen, and finds herself fantasizing what her and every tom's kits would look like. She has four siblings, Cariboukit, Deerkit, Buffalokit, and Magpie Song, her half-sister from a different father. She is the daughter of Dusk and Reign. 
(Hornetfeather: March 23, 2018)


Fightingspirit Is a pretty light brown tabby whose legs and underside are a pretty floofy white. She has one green eye and one eye that is both blue and green. She is a sweet warrior but she was born with slow reflexes and struggles with managing her weight making her a chubby cat. She smiled non the less, it doesn't matter if she's on the heavy side, she's a great fighter and loves to fight, though, only for the right purpose.. She is a kit of Silentblossom and Harvey 
(Lav: April 1, 2018)

Gentleheart is a white fluffy tom whit grey patches and black tabby markings. He has fuzzy blue eyes and has trouble seeing things. To him the worls is blurry, not completely blind, but blind enough to live his life at a disadvantage. He's quite silent, but he has a kind heart, not minding to help others if they need it. He is a son if Silentblossom and Harvey.
(Lav: April 1, 2018)

GallentKnight is a brave tom, his pelt is a brilliant white, with smudges of silver fur around his body, these patches of silver fur shine when the light hits the giving them the impression pieces of armor. He has mismatched eyes, his right eye is a pale green, while his left eye is a beautiful yellow. GallentKight is a brave and just warrior, he stands up for the weak and leaves no warrior behind. He is a very giving cat if he has something that others do not he will give it away to them without hesitation. He always priorities the queens and kits if the camp is under attack, he is loyal and would never attack an enemy that is clearly unable to fight back. GallentKnight will protect those he holds dear to the death, a very loyal cat to the end he would much rather die then be swayed to join another clan or threatened for information if held captive. He has an odd calming yet charming personality, he is very cheery when in camp, but in battle, he gives everyone energy to keep fighting. GallentKnight is a rather large well built tom, he uses his strength to win battles, because of his size he is not the fastest cat in the camp, the kit of Silentblossom and Harvey. 
(Ddcat: April 1, 2018)

While Guardianheart may look feeble and weak, this small calico cat is most definitely not weak. She is a guardian to her family, and even from an early age, the showed no fear what-so-ever. She always tries her best to defend her siblings, often teaming up with them on pranks or taking the blame for something she knows they did. Given this fact, her name is often shortened to Guardian, as her siblings cannot say Guardiankit(Heart) quite that well. 
(Dream Lotus: April 2, 2018)

Honorspirit is a mostly pure white tom with a ginger patch above his ear and a ginger tail. He has bright green eyes. When he was younger, he was attacked by a fox and lost his left eye in the process. He's rather feisty and outgoing. Son of Silentblossom and Harvey. 
(Spark: April 1, 2018)

Couragepath is an earthy brown tom, with white tabby markings that lace his pelt. The same snowy white covers the fur his chest, while amber gems for eyes adorn his face. Courage is a troubled soul - the son of Silentblossom, a mother who died in kitbirth, and Harvey, a father he never knew, he's never known any family but his siblings. Courage is a giver - he gives everything he has, and more, to ensure those he loves are happy. However, this often leaves him with nothing left to care for himself, which can easily launch him into crises of emotionally, and mentally, burning out. Couragepath lives up to his name - although he is rather quiet, he exemplifies the courage his name dictates in everything in everything he does. Couragepath is generally a rather optimistic, friendly, and encouraging individual, always looking to bring out the best in others. 
(River: April 3, 2018)

Resilientstep is physically fragile, but mentally, the paragon of his name. Much like some of his littermates, the children of the deceased Silentblossom and the removed Harvey, Resilientstep is rather quiet - however that quietness is not a result of a timid shyness, rather a more distant, elective silence. Resilientstep's relations revolve around a deep trust - the same trust which takes great efforts to earn, and even greater efforts to earn back once lost. Around those Resilient doesn't know all that well, he is rather aloof, to the point of rude and dismissive. His stubborn independence and value on self-sufficiency shows clearly in these situations, though they are present in his close relationships as well - Resilientstep is simply more open and vulnerable around those he's close to. Resilientstep has a drive to accomplish, and to be the best. Every spare second he has, he trains to be a better warrior, and if that training has a setback of any sort, his toxic guilt complex pushes him to blame himself. Resilientstep, physically, is plagued by a weakness he strives to overcome - he has a small frame, proving disadvantageous in many cases of battle, and inherits some of his mother's weakness, in a susceptibility to sickness and the trait hemophilia - a clotting disorder that makes even the smallest of scratches potentially deadly. Resilientstep is an earthy brown tom with a smear of lighter brown across his chest, underbelly, muzzle, and paws. Black tabby markings lace his pelt, while two sectorally heterochromic eyes display a blue-green fade. 
(River: April 3, 2018)

Plashwaves is an average-sized tom with physical features similar to the breed of a Cymric--akin to his siblings, Rustlefeather, Clattercry, and Drizzlestep whom he had not known in his early childhood. With blue-gray patches adorning his unsoiled white fur along with navy-colored eyes, this tabby takes deep consideration in maintaining his appearance frequently, as this is only apart of his personality. It could go as far to claim that he has an obsessive compulsive disorder as his actions do clearly express so. Plashwaves is known to be rather inhibited, in which he is wary of others' opinions of him and attempts to act more audacious, as opposed to his general, reticent self. Essentially, he had developed a phobia of water due to a childhood incident but in dread of receiving judgement for it, he personally requested the leader for his name to be based on water to show that his fears cannot control him, although, they still persist. 
(HarmlessPoison: April 5, 2018)


Araluen is a bengal mix with coal colored fur and light blue eyes. He is a wide-eyed, innocent child who observes the world with a sense of wonder despite the tragedy he has experienced in his short life. He is an inquisitive and curious cat, relatively sheltered from the threatening world by his father. 
(L: April 16, 2018)

Black Feather 
Black Feather is the product of a violent crime, although you wouldn't know it by the way she acts. Ashamed of her upbringing and past, she tries to hide any and all relationship to this fact and has become quite adept at spinning tales to skirt around the subject if it ever comes up. An attention-seeker at her heart, she acts out through pranks and mischevious tricks, craving relationships, and warmth but shying away from devotion and strong emotions. Black Feather sports a black pelt with light grey tabby patterning, and golden eyes. 
(Airmid: April 19, 2018)

Broken Eggshell 
Broken Eggshell, or most commonly known as Egg, is a large non-binary cat. They have white cute with large black marking that resemble large spots. They have orange amber eyes and looks the most like their father Erberus. Egg wasn't always non-binary, they used to associate with being called their birth gender until they finally cracked under their mothers pressure and hatred that they were born a male. Yet, Egg didn't feel female so they dashed all associations with gender and declared themselves as non-binary. They aren't picky about it and doesn't mind it if others refer to them as a male, as to others thats what they were. Egg wants hmtheir mother to be proud if them, but all of their efforts are all for naught. They eventually gave up trying to please their mother, and loathes them, but when ever Ash is near them, they stutter and shake, as they are terrified of their own mother. He is the second oldest, but the largest of Ash of dying embers and Erebus' unwanted offspring. 
(Ember: April 19, 2018)

Bleached Bone 
Bleached Bone has always had a certain nonchalant attitude about her. Ever since she was a kit she has been completely unbothered by any and everything that happens around her. Others may look at this characteristic as her being careless but it is actually a coping mechanism she has built to protect herself from the circumstances that she had been dealt at birth. Being the product of a forced hook up, Bleached Bone has learned not to take anything to heart. This attitude makes it hard for her relationships, whether personal or professional, to flourish in any kind of way. She keeps everyone except her siblings at arms reach from her, never allowing anyone to get to know the real Bleach. On the inside she is incredibly self-conscious due to the fact that she never had the approval of her mother and had no idea who her real father is, though she hides this by putting on a front of having immense confidence. "Fake it 'till you make it', is something she strives to live by. This confidence usually results in her flirting with any tom or she-cat that crosses her path and toying with their feelings, though she feels guilty about it later and usually pushes them away. Bleached Bone is a very pretty she-cat with immaculate medium length fawn-colored fur with intricate pale gray tabby patterns. She has lighter golden eyes and always seems to have a relaxed calm smirk on her face. 
(Honeyy: April 19, 2018)

Eagle's Throat 
Eagle's Throat is a mostly pure white tom with brown patches placed around his body almost randomly. His is the only one of his siblings to own his uncle's silver eyes. He is an adventurous character with a courage of a lion. Although he has a bad temper and has a hard time controlling this. Son of Ash of Dying Embers and Erebus. 
(Spark: April 19, 2018)


Lionthorn is a gold tomcat with orange eyes except for his ears and paws which are black.Lionkit's also has a black mane, hence his name Lionkit. Lionkit from the moment he was born could not digest milk. As a result, he had to find other ways to feed until he could stomach solid food. As a result, he was always smaller and skinnier than his clanmates. His parents both died in battle, leaving him all by himself. Due to his small stature, Lionfang knew he would not be able to last in straight brawls and a cat like him had to fight using unconventional means. So he learned all kinds of submissions and aerial stunts to fight.When he was a kit, Lionthorn was always angry. He believed the clan had betrayed him and as a result, caused trouble whenever he could. When he was an apprentice, Lionthorn decided he would makew the clan notice him and admit they were wrong about him. However, because he couldn't fight like normal, he had to work three times a shard as any other apprentice just to hang with his denmates before he decided to make submission moves his primary offense, Now no matter the situation, Lionthorn can take down an opponent and make them tap out in the blink of an eye if they're not careful. Near the end of his apprenticeship, he suffered a nasty concussion, causing him t be made a warrior late. After he healed, he had a change f heart embracing the clan. Lionthorn is as close to a redneck as a cat can get and even has the heavy southern accent to go along with it. He is also a smart alec rarely taking anything seriously. Some would describe him as crazy, even go as far as a lunatic due to his tendency to do things that make people question if he's all there. 

(Brokenfang: April 17, 2018)

Fallen Birch 
Fallen Birch often finds herself at the mercy of others. She?s not weak, certainly not, but she is certainly more of a follower at times than she should be. Going by ?Fallen,? the she-cat has always wondered why their mother is the way she is to them. Fallen often thinks that due to this, she and her siblings must have done something wrong, right? However, she tries her hardest to keep positive thoughts. Much like her mother, she is a Japanese Bobtail with white fur along with varying shades of gray. Her amber eyes appear almost yellow at times, although her gaze is almost never anything but kind. Fallen is a very trusting she-cat, and she often relies heavily on her siblings to keep herself moving. Of course, she is sometimes a bit too trusting for her own good, but Fallen always tries to see the best in other cats. 
(Castle: April 20, 2018)



Despite her grumpy LaPerm look, she?s actually quite fun. She?s probably the most trouble-making in the gang, or the function. She has problems keeping her mouth shut and most cats just look down on her like she?s a kitten. She is just a party animal after all. Getting crazy. Her eyes are a warm honey amber, like a hole you could never get out of. That?s why she seems so intimidating when she gets serious. She investigates clan cats, sees what they know about places where catnip is. It?s quite amazing, her stare. It looks funny from a distance, but you don?t want to get caught underneath it. You?ll be like a pinned mouse. Now, her pelt is a pretty lavender tint, curly as can be. Her and Guinness both share this trait, the curly coat. Daughter of two loners. 
(Inky: January 7, 2018)



Smudgedink is a white tom with large black markings that look like smudges, like a wrong awnser someone's eraser failed to erase. He has these beautiful striking yellow amber eyes that are a light yellow and fade to a darker orange. He's quite the pawful, he usually turns up in the medicine cat den with wounds, some he self inflicted in his excitement, others, well, let's not talk about those. He doesn't stand out much in the camp, or anywhere really, but there is one place that. Well, it's his calling. And that's in the heat of battle, his white fur dyed red from his enemies. He doesn't attack those unless he's told do, and he doesn't follow orders from just anyone, only those who earn his respect.If others wanted to describe him, as anything, it would be a "weapon", if hes told to attack someone he will, and he'll smile while doing so, it's best to avoid gettijng pinned under him as his sadistic side emerges full bloom and will enjoy torturing his victim. Though, hurting him doesn't do much to him either, as he loves the feeling of claws in his pelt and teeth sinking into his flesh. Outside of battle, he's an earnest tom, no issues striking up a conversation is no biggie to him. When he was a kit, he was casted away from his kitty-pet home and he traveled to Earthclan as a now free an independent kit, who was soon to die from starvation or being eaten, until he was saved by Tickpelt and made into the weapon he is today. 
(Lav: April 22, 2018)

CloudedInk is a black she cat with white patches like ink beinf earased from a blank page. Her brother SmudgedInk is the only cat she trusts and she will follow him anywhere. Her short term memory is spotty and it causes her to freak out and try ro harm herself but her older brother is the only cat to keep her from going ro far. She is bold and loves ro learn but sseparate her from her brother and a freak out will follow and she will black out trying to find him again. She doesn't mean to hurt others in these moments but it usually cant be avoided. 
(Hornetfrost: April 27, 2018)



Anemonebloom is a pretty curly haired she-cat with a lavender base and darker tabby markings. Her eyes are a solid golden in color, much like her mothers. She carries a soft tone of talk, but also refers to herself as the princess, despite her brother being the prince. She?s very much a brat in sorts, and her parents just fuel it with plenty of coal. She always seems to have a sharp tongue, and always has something witty to say back if a cat insults her. In some times it can be funny, but in others it can be hurtful or rude. There is no inbetween. Daughter of Fireball and Amaretto.

(Inky: May 7, 2018)

Charlotte is a silver furred Egyptian Mau mix with pale, forest colored eyes. She was rescued from EclipseClan territory by Risingstar when she was a kitten. Her mother had stumbled into the yard of a vicious dog, and the creature had murdered her and very nearly killed Charlie as well. Risingstar pulled her away in the nick of time and brought her to EarthClan, where she was immediately accepted. Orphaned at an early age, she grew up viewing Risingstar as a father figure. She has taken after him in some aspects, but for the most part developed her own, independent personality. She?s a rough and tumble kind of cat, with a sharp tongue and the fighting spirit that has her getting up each time she?s knocked down. She?s blunt, a natural leader, and proud to a fault. She echoes Risingstar?s forthright dialect but her bluntness tends to manifest in her actions rather than her words: which essentially means she has a propsensity to get into fights. 
(L: May 16, 2018)



Penguinflight is a black tom with a white throat, chest and underbelly. The backs of his ears have "tiger spots", the white circles most common on the big cats. His eyes are a delightful shade of amber, almost the same warm hue of honey. His front left leg was born slightly shorter than his other three legs, causing him to walk with a slight limp. As an apprentice, he broke his nose during a training, and ever since has had a crooked nose. A Defender by personality, Penguin is sensitive to others' feelings and emotional needs, but is also not afraid to speak the truth, even if it might sting a little. He doesn't like much change, or at least, not very big changes. He prefers tradition and order; disorganized and untested ideas make him somewhat uneasy. Although very introverted, Penguinflight still likes attention, and often underestimates his enjoyment of social interactions. He's all around a very sweet creature,having both the tenderness to be lovable, but the firmness to stand up for himself and others. 
(Kingfish: April 18, 2017)


Brokenfang is a long-haired ragged tom that has a rough exterior. He is a black Bengal tom that looks just like his father, Pantherfang. He was brought in by his father and his brother Foxstar. Brokenfang was trained by his older brother and at first was looked down at part due to his father's shady past. Brokenfang had to work 3x as hard as anyone else but still felt as though it wasn't good enough, making him develop a complex towards failing. When his father passed, it sent him to a dark place. Due to the demons he had to deal with, his older brother Foxstar announced to the clan that Brokenfang had to temporarily leave the clan for his own good. After moons of torment, Brokenfang finally returned home 
(Brokenfang: May 13, 2017)



Pondstep is a goofy, fun-loving blue-point siamese with dull green eyes. She doesn't have any taste for violence and can even feel a pang of sadness while hunting-- though, the path of a medicine cat has been blocked to her as well due to her natural tendency to jump between one thing and another, with nothing taking her attention for more than a few moments. As a result of these competing traits and obligations, she's chosen a life of motherhood where her compassion can best help the clan. She does her best to support her clan and make sure that everyone's kits grow up to their full potential, wherever it is that that potential lies. However, her emotional intelligence ends when it comes to more negative emotions. She struggles when grief or anger strikes and can shut down and become incapable of caring for herself, let lone any other cats. Pondstep was born in DawnClan to Mourningdeer, who died in her apprenticehood. 

(Ember: May 14, 2017)