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Robinwing's Journey Add Video

The game can be found here: http://warriorcatsofthefo.wix.com/robinwing-flash-game It uses WASD controls and if you play the game once and want to replay it, you have to refresh the page since we didn't build in a replay button. This took a month and a half to make, both my partner and me working 4-7 hours a week on it (though with quite a bit of lollygagging until the deadline was nearing, haha), we're really happy with the way that it came out in the end and hope y'all enjoy the game. :) Here is the song we used: https://soundcloud.com/foolboymedia/forest-song My high score is a 28, it probably wouldn't take very much to beat.  I did the art and animations, my partner did the programming on the game.

Posted by Ember on January 16, 2015 at 7:46 AM 2208 Views

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Reply Ember
3:38 PM on October 8, 2017 
Reply ~XxWingsandThingsxX~
6:14 PM on February 27, 2015 
Really fun. record is 37!
Reply Ember
2:09 PM on February 8, 2015 
I think it would be best if we went back and fixed up a bunch of the glitches before trying anything xD
Reply Shadow
12:40 AM on January 21, 2015 
Whooo XD You should hold compitions for that every now and then it would be fun
Reply Ember
11:06 PM on January 20, 2015 
Congrats! You now hold the high score on the site! xD
Reply Shadow
10:33 PM on January 19, 2015 
Reply Shadow
10:27 PM on January 19, 2015 
I tried to get the rabbit and failed XD
Reply Ember
2:02 PM on January 19, 2015 
Thank you!
Go for the creepy floating rabbit, it'll give you a bunch of points.
Reply Fangchica
10:09 AM on January 19, 2015 
Oh my gosh, I couldn't even imagine mkaing a game, this is so cool, Ember!
Reply Shadow
3:20 AM on January 19, 2015 
This is awesome! And im terrible at it XD I cant get past 18
Reply Ember
9:11 PM on January 17, 2015 
Thank you :)
Reply L
7:43 PM on January 17, 2015 
This is so cool :o the animation looks great, very smooth and realistic!
Reply Ember
6:56 PM on January 17, 2015 
Reply Sunken
1:46 PM on January 17, 2015 
Oh nevermind I got it working! :D
Reply Ember
11:52 PM on January 16, 2015 
The purple boxes should be there, but the cat not showing up is weird. I'll go run it by my partner and see if he knows what could be causing it.
Reply Sunken
11:41 PM on January 16, 2015 
I click play and then it starts counting the seconds and no matter what it press the cat won't appear on the screen, as well as purple boxes showing up here and there.
Reply Ember
11:15 PM on January 16, 2015 
What's it doing for you?
Reply Sunken
11:11 PM on January 16, 2015 
I tried it and it glitches on me D:
Reply Ember
11:01 PM on January 16, 2015 
I lose more times than I don't, and I helped make the thing xD
Yeah, Robinwing was a character from a long time ago. She was sent by MoonClan to spy on BoneClan, and managed to save a bunch of cats there, among a few other pretty cool things. Her story is under The Battle of BoneClan on the history page. :)
This game was originally about her escaping BoneClan with Darkeagle and a few RiverClan apprentices, but we're still working on adding more to it. Future levels, if we decide to go ahead and make them, mighl have opening animations showing the other characters or other scenes from around then. We'll have t
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
10:50 PM on January 16, 2015 
I'll probably fail the first time xD I'll have my laptop in the morning though c: was Robinwing a character from the site?