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Silverwind (busy)

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The Rise of DuskClan
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Warrior Cats of the Forest

http://silversrpcharacters.freeforums.net/ << Character List is found here, in the chatbox on the bottom of the page.
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(on) in username = able to rp | (busy) in username = spotty replies for rp and chat | (off) in username = for the most part offline; possible chat, but no roleplay

Cats - Males: 8 | Females: 13 | Total: 21/24

May leave/die | Will die/leave | Needs work

SunClan (8)

Silvertalon, Badger, Vixensong, Pandadance, Imhotep, Desertpaw(flare), Howlingpaw(bear), Littlepetal

MoonClan (9)

Flamingdeath, Franticwail, Reedfox, Splatterdrop, Darklotus, Smolderingkit(storm), Emberkit(swirl), Cinderwolf, Amberfern

EarthClan (2)

(DC) Smallstep {MC}, Ash || (NC) n/a

EclipseClan (1)

Swiftflight, Hera

Prisoners: N/A

Future kitties

MC - n/a | NC - n/a | DC - n/a | SC - n/a


Likes: Roleplaying, reading, writing, art, animals

Dislikes: Spiders, rude people, being ignored, fish of any kind (both for food and live fish), any kind of bug (except butterflies and some moths), the sound of moth wings beating against a wall or window (creepy stuff right there O0O), Pop-Up ads

Pet Peeves: Forks scratching a plate, squeaky doors, charcters knowing things in-game that were only mentioned out of character, posts and/or scenes being casually ignored/overlooked (ie. those with badly injured, dead or fighting characters, right in the middle of camp)

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Reply Leopardcloud
5:44 PM on October 18, 2017 
while talking to you...
Reply Leopardcloud
5:43 PM on October 18, 2017 
I got banned from the random chat
Reply Leopardcloud
5:42 PM on October 18, 2017 
Reply Kingfish
11:13 PM on October 11, 2017 
Reply SummerRain21171
6:57 PM on September 30, 2017 
SILVERWIND! *tackle hugs* Man have I missed you! How have you been? I'm looking forward to rping with you again!
Reply Alder
8:13 PM on September 26, 2017 
Awe its okay ^^ If you wanna check out my new site, I can send a pm about it!
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
11:22 AM on July 4, 2017 
We need to rp Knight and prairie again o.o
Reply ❄️SnowyBreezes❄️
11:30 PM on June 12, 2017 
I dislike those things to like leaftail died and I had to say hello dead cat here meadowheart died and no cat knew
Reply Blossom
9:13 PM on June 12, 2017 
apparently i'm a zombie now. I can comment on stuff but my account is deleted. i don't know why this is happening
Reply Skyfall
7:04 AM on June 10, 2017 
Wow! I wasn't expecting Smallpaw to do that!
Reply Skyfall
6:42 AM on June 2, 2017 
Maybe Panthercry for Pantherpaw?
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
11:05 AM on June 1, 2017 
Thank you Silver!!
Reply Tangy
12:52 PM on April 8, 2017 
Silver!!! :D Thanks! I look forwards to that, too!!!
Reply ♡GhostlyBunnie♡ Lav
11:34 AM on April 6, 2017 
Attack on Titan (Not my favorite by all means but still a good watch)
Spice and wolf (I think you were talking about this one)
Kamisama kiss
Say "I love you"
Kimi no Todoke***
Boku no hero academia***
Kuroko no basket***
Free!! ***
devil is a partimer***
I couldn't become a hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon
Akatsuki no Yona***
7 deadly sins***
Blue exorcist
Madoka Magica***
Hunter x Hunter***
Wolf children
Natsume Yuujinchou
Ouren Highschool host club
Spirited away
Food wars
No game no life
Black butler
Angel beats
Yuri!!! on ice
.....Anthem of the heart (RAGES)
Golden time
Kamisama kiss
special A
Fairy tail
Detective conan
THe world is still beautiful **
Reply Lost
3:57 PM on March 24, 2017 
Hey, I was wondering if you were interested in doing a pairing?
Reply Kingfish
11:15 PM on March 19, 2017 
Blackswan isn;t in your list of past characters. 3:
Reply Lost
2:28 PM on March 9, 2017 
Thanks, I hope we can roleplay a bunch like we used to.
Reply Alder
7:31 PM on March 7, 2017 
Yeah! That will be better ^w^
Reply Alder
7:14 PM on March 7, 2017 
Awe thanks!! Sorry if I don't get back to notes right away too ;; I have been kinda neglecting DA since I wanted to try and focus on here more lol.
Reply Alder
5:07 PM on March 5, 2017 
SILVERWIND!!! //shrieks