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This site does a very good job of reminding me how old I am.
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Reply Redflare
6:51 PM on December 5, 2017 
Ah.... okay then : we could still try Rosepaw if you'd like either as friends or "friends"
Reply Redflare
6:47 PM on December 5, 2017 
Well, she just started.... XD perhaps I'll make a cat
Reply Redflare
6:43 PM on December 5, 2017 
Rosepaw it is then :) She's a sweet little thing, but has insecurites.... Perhaps Races Eagles could teach her a few things
Reply Redflare
6:36 PM on December 5, 2017 
Ah okay *looks at all my cats in SC*
oke if you want drama, I suggest Barksong or Littlepaw
but if not Rosepaw could use a......."friend"
Reply Redflare
6:33 PM on December 5, 2017 
Yes and no..... I guess, She's in EC SC righttttt?
Reply Redflare
6:18 PM on December 5, 2017 
Female "friend" eh? *smirks evilly*
Reply Ember
1:46 AM on November 19, 2017 
Thanks! I might need it, haha.
Reply Liger
6:18 PM on November 18, 2017 
Welcome back!!!
Reply Ember
10:39 PM on November 17, 2017 
This species has never been studied before, the only things we were able to dig up were a handful studies on amphibians. We're also using about a third of the dose used in those studies.

It's possible that something else contaminated the samples somehow or the embryos themselves had some weird mutations, so we're doing it again with a bigger sample size with embryos from several different parents.

I wish we could let them grow a few more days, but because after seven days their nervous system becomes developed enough that they can feel pain, we don't have the clearance for that -sigh-
Reply Ember
8:22 PM on November 17, 2017 
We expected craniocartilage deformities, and we did get that, but the fishs' eyes have a very cloudy appearance as well. Nothing like it was reported in previous studies, though what we suspect is the affected protein is also a major component in amphibian eyes, which were the subject of all other published work about the chemical we're working with.
Reply Ember
7:16 PM on November 17, 2017 
Well, we had an entirely unexpected result that my professor couldn't explain. So we got an extension on the project and are raising up a second batch to see what happens. So... good? Bad? Time consuming, at the least, since I'm going to have to keep driving back and forth between campus over the break to collect data.
Reply Ember
6:24 PM on November 17, 2017 
Congradulations!!! That's great news!
Reply Ember
5:15 PM on November 17, 2017 
Welcome back!
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
11:03 AM on November 17, 2017 
Reply River
8:08 PM on August 11, 2017 
Obviously xD
Reply River
7:56 PM on August 10, 2017 
The 'Favorite Ships' page of you character site is the sixth most viewed out of 23 threads, and the most viewed in its section on the forum board...
Reply Blossom
10:50 PM on August 6, 2017 
Remember Doggo?
Reply Blossom
9:19 PM on June 12, 2017 
Click my username
Reply Ember
6:36 PM on May 9, 2017 
Good luck on your exam!
Reply Ember
10:30 PM on April 29, 2017 
I was actually still considering having her have that next litter until I saw she was supposed to retire this month. Oh well.