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If you're interested in making a pride cat shoot me a pm for more details.
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MC: Beartooth || Brambleheart || Maplepaw(sky) || Antlerpaw(strike) || Buckpaw

EC: Wrinkledface || Morningsun || Otterchirp || Sootpaw(step) || Wolfpaw(eyes)

SC: Eaglefrost || Dustfur || Twinsouls || Dawncatcher || Silvertongue

EcC: Shere Khan || Wookiee || Ravenkit || Rook-kit || Crowkit(feather)

Find My Doggo and Get One Art Request! (Rules and how to play)

Troutpaw for River

Top 4 for Staghoove

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Reply L
5:51 PM on March 19, 2018 
Current Character List:
EarthClan: Wrinkledface, Sootpaw, Wolfpaw, Oddkit, and Lionkit
SunClan: Eaglefrost, Twinsouls, Dawncatcher, When Dusk Gives Way to Starless Skies, Where the Heavens Lay Upon the Earth, Long May He Reign, Two Rivers Running, Red Thunder, Fox Kitten, Remember, Feather of a Hummingbird, and Leaves Many Footprints
Reply Airmid
10:23 PM on March 15, 2018 
Webs is really screwing around with the profiles, huh?

It's been a while since I've seen y'all- you doing okay? (Also, Webs isn't letting me reply to messages :l sorry about that)
Reply Airmid
9:25 PM on March 14, 2018 
hello hello hello, long time no talk
Reply Ice
8:18 PM on February 28, 2018 
That's fine! I was just looking for an Earthclan cat to balance out my other characters. Yeah, I like your site so much, that I am going to make my own. :)
Reply Ice
10:34 AM on February 28, 2018 
Also wanted to let you know that everytime I need a name suggestion for a character, I look through your character site since it has so many characters.
Reply Ice
10:12 AM on February 28, 2018 
Hello. I was wondering if I could make a kit of Wrinkledface and Brokenstar. I am looking for more characters, is the reason I am asking. :)
Reply TabiKat
10:15 PM on February 10, 2018 
I refuse to spend more than 10 minutes looking for your doggo. I don't even want an art request, I just want to see if I can find it.
Reply Blossom
7:34 PM on February 5, 2018 
Reply Staghoove
7:49 AM on February 3, 2018 
But do you triple doggo dare me to find your doggo?
Reply BeautyIsChaos
8:46 PM on February 1, 2018 
Oh, thank you for the explanation! XD Sorry if it' a bit late, I've been quite busy as of late X3
Reply River
7:58 PM on January 31, 2018 
Ah, yay! I do have more than one character now, so you won't be drawing the same one every time xD
Reply River
5:07 PM on January 31, 2018 
I think I'm still at my doggo limit, but I found your doggo!
Reply Alienfish
9:05 PM on January 22, 2018 
"Effectiveness is determined not by success compared to any societal expectation, but rather based on its ability to produce anything of any value. Tangentially, value is determined not based on what society demands, but on what we as individuals devote ourselves towards."

In other words, I think it was very effective - from a certain point of view.
Reply Alienfish
2:58 PM on January 22, 2018 
That's one way to end a campaign. I presume that the DM didn't originally plan for you to kill the king?
Reply Alienfish
12:01 PM on January 22, 2018 
Those are some very inordinately bad rolls. But bad luck always seems to make the best moments.
Reply Alienfish
6:17 PM on January 21, 2018 
Jobs? Families? Such despicable tokens of an archaic society, falling into disarray.

Any particular stories you want to share about these in-depth campaigns?
Reply Blossom
8:53 PM on January 14, 2018 
Random comment
Wrinkledface reminds me slightly of Snowymist. The same poofy white fur, green eyes, varying degree of Persian, and grouchy attitude.
Reply Ember
9:56 PM on January 8, 2018 
I'm with River, that sounds like a great drawing concept.
Reply River
4:53 PM on January 8, 2018 
Ooh, it would be very cool to see a version of that with the new clans!
Reply Sandrunner and Co.
9:19 PM on December 28, 2017 
Love your profile!