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13 years old
North Carolina
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I am a furry-loving cat-loving girl who loves marbled bengals! Yes, I am my profile picture! I love my marbled bengal pelt! I have one blue eye and one lime colored eye, and my pelt looks like my profile picture! I'm very short and skinny, so please do not try to offend me. Instead, just squat down to my size. Feel free to talk to me!


My profile picture, but with one blue eye and one lime eye. Snowy marbled bengal. Very slender and small. Very long, bushy, densely-furred tail. Very pessimistic, hot-headed, and antisocial, but bighearted. Is very intelligent. Her best skill is being stealthy, but she isnt very strong. She is 15 moons old. She isn't exactly beautiful, but she isn't ugly either. HER FAMILY(besides her brother, created by Rainheart) IS OPEN. MATE IS BLADE. IS PREGNANT WITH 4 KITS.

Warrior of MoonClan



A gray marble Bengal cat, he is the brother of Wolfnight, a realist and adventurer. He makes some intense risks, and helps cheer up his sister. He helped her when their parents died, and relies on his instincts. Unlike his sister, he is very strong.

Warrior of Moonclan

;-; I love these children so much... *screeches* DON'T TOUCH THEM, YOU MONSTERS!! CROWFOOD-EATERS!! *pants, but keeps screaming relentlessly*




23 moons. Sleek, wiry, Silver with black and white flecks down sides, cheeks, ears, tail, belly. Pale yellow eyes. Is very cunning. Charismatic, a little clingy. He gets bossy, but at some points he comes out of his shell. He has always liked Wolfnight since the beginning of her being an apprentice. Now that they are older, his love for her has intensified. Wolfnight doesn't know this, but Blade has been planning since the first time he saw her to stalk her and eventually confess his love to her and remain with her, whether she likes it or not. Is planning to secretly have kits with her without the Clan knowing. AND HE HAS. CONGRAT, BLADE. YOU ARE NOW A FATHER.

NightClan Rebel Warrior



Moonkit/paw/drift(Female, youngest kit)

Very slender with long legs and ears, and of slightly smaller size than the average cat. Lilac with strangely violet-ish/lilac CLASSIC tabby markings. Silver lynx markings down legs. Silver ear tufts and tail tip. White underbelly, chest, muzzle, and paws. Pale blue eyes. Has a long, bushy tail, like her mother. Very timid and shy but, unlike her future mother, speaks up for what is right (Or, at least, speaks at all). Very intelligent, but not as much as her brother, Blizzardkit, who is a huge nerd. Parents are Wolfnight and Blade. FAKE FATHER IS OPEN.



Hazelkit/paw/wing(Female, second youngest kit)

Muscular and large. Very light brown with lime eyes. White paws and underbelly. Brown MACKEREL tabby markings with black flecks on cheeks, ears, forehead, under eyes, spine, underbelly, and paws. Very outgoing and funny, and loves playing jokes on her sister, Moonkit. Parents are Wolfnight and Blade. FAKE FATHER IS OPEN.



Mudkit/paw/splash(Male, second oldest kit)

Huge, with rippling muscles and a short tail. Flat-faced. Dark brown marbled bengal with light brown+gold marbled bengal markings. Black paws, ears, underbelly, tail tip, chest, and muzzle. Bright amber eyes. Is ambitious, cunning, sarcastic, and loud. Parents are Wolfnight and Blade. FAKE FATHER IS OPEN.



Blizzardkit/paw/breeze(Male, oldest kit)

Very long muzzle and ears with a HUGE lisp. Long, spindly legs. White with silver leopard spots.  Black paws and ears. Dark blue eyes. Very crafty, witty, nerdy(intelligent), and peaceful. Hates arguments. Wants to be a MEDICINE CAT. Parents are Wolfnight and Blade. FAKE FATHER IS OPEN.



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Reply Ember
11:48 PM on October 24, 2017 
No, the kits should be posted when they are born, which would be 14 days after Wolfnight's pregnancy is recorded.
Reply Redflare
7:46 PM on October 21, 2017 
hello 030 I look forward to rping with you in MC
Reply Ember
10:32 PM on October 20, 2017 
Hm, I'm probably not the best person to ask about that-- I struggle with making interesting characters. I have some resources up on the Help Page that might be helpful, though. It's under the Helpful Links section :)
Reply Ember
7:02 PM on October 20, 2017 
Welcome to the site! I'm Ember, the owner. If you have any questions or need some help, don't be afraid to ask :)

Be certain to read over the rules on the Home Page and check out all the guides at the top of The Help Page, they'll get you started with the right foot forward.