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On my computer, bring the introvert I am
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So boreddddddddddddd
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Hi! Welcome to my profile! That's all I'm gonna say. :D  CATS: 18/20 Planning to kill:  Any font


I'm awesome                                               Very social

I'm currently doing wrestling and soccer               I HATE cleaning up my room

PLMS FOR LIFE                               ALEXANDER HAMILTON

Reading=bae                       I'm jewish

I have 1 dog, 2 cats, a lot of fish, 1 bunny, 3 chickens, and yeah. We also have a coyotete pack and a black bear family in our neighborhood. Also cute little wild bunnies! <3

MC: Spottedtone, Midnightpaw(glance), Medicine cat: Twilightpaw(sniif), Stonepaw(jay), Sunnykit(feel), Specklekit(shine), Lakekit(willow)



Applepaw(SC), Leafsong(EC), Wrenfeather(MC), Applefeather(SC) Sorrelfall(MC), Flurrysnow(MC) Thistlefire(LEFT SC) Dappledbreeze(LEFT EC), Noisebreath(EcC), Tornwhisker(EC), Heartgaze(EC), Lashingstorm(MC)

That's all! :D

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Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
10:40 PM on May 16, 2018 
Cats: None
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
10:26 AM on April 30, 2018 
MC: Twilightsniff
EcC: Artemis, Eris
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
2:35 PM on April 7, 2018 
Artemis is due April 20th.
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
2:32 PM on April 7, 2018 
MC: Twilightsniff
EcC: Artemis
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
12:42 AM on April 6, 2018 
Moonclan: Twilightsniff
Sunclan: Rubyred
Eclipseclan: Artemis
Reply Spark
9:19 PM on March 11, 2018 
Hello. I was wondering if possibly we could make an arrangement? I wanted to somehow get my character Forestpaw to get a slot as a medicine cat. Thank you.
Reply Ember
12:19 AM on March 10, 2018 
I've heard good things about FireAlpaca
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
12:49 PM on February 28, 2018 
SC: Blitzpaw(fall), Rubyred
EC: Sprucepaw(leaf), Sandkit(blush), Acornpaw(pelt)
EcC: Tigerkit(flame), Mirna, Coyotepaw(snap), Artemis, Foxkit(blood)
I know Sunnykit and Specklekit are apps, It won't let me do my About Me :c
After school today, I promise I'll start RPING again!
Reply HarmlessPoison
6:17 PM on February 17, 2018 
When I tried saying it, it sounded like I didn?t have any teeth. At that point, I kinda just gave up xD
Reply Ember
6:18 PM on January 9, 2018 
Happy birthday!!!
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
2:09 AM on November 14, 2017 
If anyone wants Tornwhisker to kill one of their unwanted cats, message me! I'm trying to get him more evil. :)
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
7:56 PM on November 13, 2017 
True. xD
Reply Ember
6:14 PM on November 13, 2017 
That's really more of a question for a therapist or psychiatrist than a bunch of random internet teenagers.
Reply Ember
5:05 PM on October 27, 2017 
To upload art, go to the art pageadd photos. Then, create a new album with your username as the title, and upload using the upload button. It's possible that the upload button just won't show up, if that happens usually updating your flash player or changing the browser helps.

Prisoners are usually dependent on the plot and they're fairly rare. Right now, it doesn't make much sense for the clans to take a prisoner, but it might at some point in the future.
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
8:19 AM on October 23, 2017 
If anyone wanted to, how would they become a prisoner? Sorry for asking so much questions, I'm just soo curious about EVERYTHING!
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
10:43 PM on October 20, 2017 
Ok! Thank you!
Reply Ember
10:27 PM on October 20, 2017 
On this roleplay, members are considered entirely separate from their characters. Clans are an in-game entity, so a member would never ?join a clan? themselves. Instead, they?d have original characters belonging to the clans.
To create a character, go to the Character Updates Page and follow the ?New Character? form. As soon as the character has been posted, you're welcome to start roleplaying. You don't have to wait for it to be approved or anything like that.
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
10:00 PM on October 20, 2017 
How do I know I joined a clan?
Reply DrownedInRed
5:04 PM on October 19, 2017 
no problem ;) look forward to roleplaying with you :)
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
5:02 PM on October 19, 2017 
Ok thanks!