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11 Males -  10 Females [21/24]


Leafbark || Male II Warrior || Loving, Brave || Wolfdaze

Morningdove || Female II Warrior || Beautiful, Strong || Aloenight

Bearfang || Male II Warrior || Fun, Friendly || Available

Bubbledance || Female II Warrior || Excited, Confident || Available

Bunnyhop || Female II Warrior || Shy, Loving || Timberclaw

Kiwipaw (Kiwioasis) II Female II Apprentice II Courteous, Irritable II Available

Mosskit (Mossbuck) II Male II Kit II Friendly, Brave II Too Young!

Sprucekit (Sprucethorn) II Male II Kit  II Friendly, Playful II Too Young!


Sunsetbreeze || Female II Warrior || Egotistical, Gorgeous || Smear

Avellino II Male II Apprentice II Understanding, Arrogant II Available

Clarisse II Female II Apprentice II Vindictive, Obsessive II Good Luck.


Daisybelle || Female II Warrior || Happy, Respectful || Apep 

Caninespring II Male II Warrior II Playful, Troublemaker II Allurewhisper

Rainingmelody || Female II Warrior || Happy, Shy || Available

Hoofheart I| Male II Warrior || Strong, Country || Available

Smokethorn II Male II Warrior II Alluring, Handsome, Caring II Has other ideas.

Toxicmamba II Male II Warrior II Quiet, Cold, Actor II Not Looking

Brindlefawn II Female II Warrior II Gentle, Confident, Patient II Not really looking.

Midnightsphinx || Male II Warrior || Strong, Smart || Not Looking

Honeydusk || Female II Warrior || Daddy's Girl, Tough || Available

Hasani II Male II ApprenticeII Charismatic, Insensitive II Too Young!

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Reply PalletEclipse
3:33 PM on June 3, 2018 
Update -
5 Females - 2 Males [7/24]
SC: Bastet, Daisybelle
EaC: Silverlion (Lucyan)
EcC: Clarisse, Enzio, Emmy
MC: Littledoe
Reply PalletEclipse
12:33 AM on May 28, 2018 
Update -
3 Females - 1 Male [4/24]
SC: Bastet
EcC: Clarisse, Enzio, Emmy
Reply PalletEclipse
1:05 AM on March 18, 2018 
New Update Log!
Check Status!
Reply PalletEclipse
3:16 AM on March 13, 2018 
3/13/2018 Update:
12 Males - 9 Females [21/24]
Rainingmelody of SunClan is dead.
Grasskit of SunClan to be added.
Fire that Blazes at Night of SunClan to be added.
Reply PalletEclipse
1:38 AM on March 9, 2018 
3/8/2018 Update:
11 Males - 9 Females [20/24]
Willow's Shadow at Dusk of EarthClan to be added.
Reply Honeyy
3:12 PM on March 3, 2018 
I agree with Mossystar but I also want Midnightsphinx.
Reply Ember
2:06 PM on March 2, 2018 
Reply PalletEclipse
11:09 PM on February 23, 2018 
2/23/2018 Update:
10 Males - 9 Females [19/24]
Brindlefawn of SunClan is Dead.
Sprucekit of MoonClan has left the clans.
Reply Honeyy
12:28 PM on February 23, 2018 

That is all, buh-byee.~
Reply Alienfish
2:49 PM on January 25, 2018 
Do you play D&D?
Reply Ember
8:33 PM on January 23, 2018 
Oooh, I like the new profile pic!
Reply PalletEclipse
2:14 PM on December 31, 2017 
A little disclaimer about relationships:
When it comes to relationships, I am pretty open to trying things out, but there are a few things I require. First of all, the owner of the other character must be active and must understand grammar. I want to be able to enjoy and easily read each reply. Secondly, I want my relationships to be natural. I personally do not get so much out of planned relationships, and there is more emotion and work poured into each reply. Thirdly, I do not want an absurd amount of drama. Some drama is alright, as long as it is talked about between us, but nothing insane. Too much drama tends to push me away, and I become uninterested rather quickly. Thank you for understanding.
Reply Kingfish
1:12 PM on September 29, 2017 
Do you use Fire Alpaca to draw?
Reply Ember
12:36 AM on September 28, 2017 
Reply Staghoove
12:38 PM on September 24, 2017 
Reply Staghoove
11:54 PM on September 23, 2017 
Moo XD
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
8:56 PM on September 22, 2017 
Reply Staghoove
6:28 PM on September 17, 2017 
That's the same with me, because my whole family are all Giants fans it passed onto me. I like the Colts too though XD
Reply Staghoove
4:45 PM on September 14, 2017 
Ah, I'm not a huge fan of baseball but I like the Yankees :3 What football team?
Reply Staghoove
4:45 PM on September 13, 2017 
Giants!! Football or baseball? I love football XD