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I?m back for now guys! Testing to see if my break was long enough xD
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I want all of my available cats to be involved in more natural romances that have little to no planning involved. And if you have a cat that can’t or will not stay loyal to mine then I am not interested. If you are considering having your cat leave mine for another, or if you are wanting to have your character do something that could destroy their relationship PLEASE PM ME FIRST TO MAKE SURE I’M OKAY WITH IT! If you are not interested in following these rules, then please find another cat to be mates with yours. Please don’t think I’m being bossy or anything, these are necessary things when roleplaying with me that will keep problems from blossoming.Thank you!


Gingerheart ~ Female ~ Queen ~ Kind, daring, caring ~ Reichstag 

Ravenfrost ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Shy, short fuse, smart ~ Blackrain

Rosepaw(fern) ~ Female ~ Apprentice ~ Kind, caring, mostly happy ~ Available 


Redpine ~ Female ~ Warrior ~ Silly, kind, compassionate ~ Available 

Tallpine ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Smart, sometimes paranoid, friendly ~ Available

Phantomclaw ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Very intelligent, quiet, short fuse ~ Available 

Hollowheart ~ Female ~ Warrior ~ Very intelligent, enjoys killing, devious ~ Not interested 

Dawnpaw(light) ~ Female ~ Apprentice ~ Compassionate, friendly, sensitive ~ Currently Unavailable

Foxkit(cry) ~ Female ~ Kit ~ Strong, protective, kind ~ Too young!


Pineheart ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Kind, strong, loyal ~ Desolatedunes 

Quailtalon ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Friendly, strong, kind ~ Available

Deerleap ~ Female ~ Warrior ~ Kind, gentle, beautiful ~ Brokenhearted/Unavailable 

Sandpaw(tsunami) ~ Apprentice ~ Apprentice ~ Kind, proud, strong ~ Available 

Grizzlybear ~ Male ~ Warrior ~ Massive, strong, caring ~ Available


Rainstorm ~ Female ~ Queen ~ Moody, easily irritated, antisocial ~ Good luck XD

Nettlepaw(thorn) ~ Male ~ Med Cat Apprentice ~ Mostly quiet, caring, loyal ~ Not interested 

||Male, Female||

Deceased: Darkrose, Scarecrow, Nahassa, Moonfall, Shadow, Crowpaw, Yoru, Coalpaw, Stormberry, Greystorm, Leopardfrost, Briarwing, Hawthornclaw, Foxstar, Dovekit, Silverkit, Cinderkit

Hollowheart’s Kill Count: 10



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Reply Kingfish
3:48 PM on December 27, 2017 
Possibly, but she's so sporadic in activity, I don't know if they'll be able to have kits. XD But yes, Mallard is a player. XD
Reply Kingfish
2:21 PM on December 27, 2017 
Wanna try Malardcry and Redpine, and/or Phantomclaw and Jayhawk?
Reply Riversong
11:08 PM on December 23, 2017 
Reply Kixatanilopay
8:39 PM on December 23, 2017 
Sure. Whenever you want is fine.
Reply Kixatanilopay
6:33 PM on December 23, 2017 
I could make it so he accuses the wrong cat?
Reply LunarDrop
11:08 PM on December 11, 2017 
I suppose I'll request StoneStory dragging himself to the MoonStone in his final moments.
Reply Kixatanilopay
7:45 PM on December 10, 2017 
Hollowheart could take one of Omni's lives :o
Reply BeautyIsChaos
3:01 PM on December 3, 2017 
Aw, I was just browsing and saw Deerleap ? she seems so sweet! :3 *All your characters are quite unique!*
Reply Gingerheart
4:08 PM on December 2, 2017 
Profile Updates:
Hawthornclaw of EarthClan is dead
Reply Gingerheart
11:01 AM on November 21, 2017 
Profile Updates:

Briarwing of SunClan is dead
Reply Gingerheart
4:04 PM on November 9, 2017 
Profile Updates:

Dawnkit(light) - Female - Kind, caring, compassionate - Too young!
Reply Wolf-flower
11:14 AM on October 30, 2017 
Hey, I live in Hyrule too. Watch out for those Moblins.
Reply Insaneasylum
5:36 PM on October 27, 2017 
Ya it has!!
Reply Insaneasylum
5:27 PM on October 27, 2017 
Alrighty! I can?t wait to rp with you again :)
Reply Insaneasylum
5:14 PM on October 27, 2017 
NP! You should! I think I killed of Briar Rose....I don?t know for sure, but I am thinking of making Briar Rose a daughter. I feel like Briarwing would be like. ?Briar Rose?? XD You know I?m going to do it. (I?ll post in Sunclan)
Reply Insaneasylum
5:10 PM on October 27, 2017 
*pats Gingers back* Shhh it is going to be alright...
Reply Insaneasylum
5:08 PM on October 27, 2017 
Awww that?s so sad :( makes me want to cry... I have been thinking of making a daughter of Briar Rose... that looks like her...
Reply Insaneasylum
1:03 PM on October 27, 2017 
*gasps!* What happened with Briarwing and Honeysplash? Are they still together? Please tell me they are!
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
9:28 PM on October 16, 2017 
Hollowpaw can kill Anput in a week c:
Reply Gingerheart
5:29 PM on October 16, 2017 
Profile Update:

Moonrise has left the Clans
Milkynose has left the Clans