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Floating endlessly through space while fangirling over literally everything
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I'm going to be gone this weekend, so if you need anything, just comment on my page or send me a pm. I'll answer it when I get back.
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Hello! I'm Spirit, and I'm usually pretty crazy and random! Never feel afraid to have one of your characters barge into the lives of one of mine! I love it when people do something spontaneous like that, keeps things interesting for me! I also love to chat so never feel afraid to send me a pm!

Please pm me if you want to try and pair one of your characters with one of mine. I can't guarantee that they'll end up as mates, but if they have chemistry, I might agree.

my current characters: Female/Male Will die Soon  (11/20)


Hawkmoth-Male-mate:Exambientflames(Kix)-large gray tabby; grey-blue eyes; outgoing; likes to show off; cares a lot about outward appearance; rebellious; loves his family. Son of Faintfox and unknown.

Nadia- Female-Single/not really looking- Russian blue tabby mix; light blue eyes; deadly fighter; terrible and beautiful at the same time; really complicated backstory 

Shykit- Female- single/too young-Shyfox; small; fluffy; brick red paw pads; golden shaded tortoiseshell burmilla; streak of darker gold along her spine; cream colored paws; grey-blue eyes; Daughter of Hawkmoth and Exambientflames.


Foxfang-Male-single/to be determined-fluffy ginger tabby; three white paws & one orange one; vivid green eyes;tail tip muzzle & belly also white. Son of Mirrorfang and Flameheart.

Lionheart-Male-mate: Tigerfeild(Redflare)-deep orange tabby; unusually long and fluffy mane that's slightly darker than the rest of his fur; amber eyes like pools of fire. Son of Mirrorfang and Flameheart.

Owlpaw-Male-single/to be determined-Owlheart; dark orange w/darker tabby markings; pelt appears dappled in certain lights; smart; protective at times; big, brown, intelligent eyes; named after his father's old friend; Son of Mirrorfang and Flameheart.


Totaleclipse- Female- Single/Pansexual-pitch black; Sky blue eyes; party girl; flirty; not very motherly; has a lot of hidden anger; Daughter of Queenstride and Eclipsestar 

Absinthe- Male-Single/Asexual and Aromatic-black American shorthair; Heterochromatic, one blue eye one amber; long incisors; loyal to Nadia; one of the "siblings"; has a complicated backstory 

Risingdawn-Male-Single/falling for Dreampaw (Grimm)-Risingdawn;twin to Fallingdusk; mischievous; rebellious; black; white on tailtip, diamond on muzzle, right hind paw, splash on chest; green eyes; Son of Darkmoon and Tiger.

Ravenpaw-male- single/too young-Ravendeath; completely black; pelt looks purple-ish in some lights due to him constantly cleaning it; dark blue eyes; very quiet, but definitely not a wall flower; lone wolf type of guy; Son of Eclipsestar and Fang, but considers Queenstride his mother as well

Ghostlypaw- female- Single/open- Ghostlymelody; Pansexual; dark grey with lighter tabby markings; candle flame tabby; icy blue eyes; agile; sharp tounged; feminist; refuses to admit that Fang is her real father, and she claims to be the daughter of Eclipsestar and Queenstride.

Queenkit- female- Single/too young- Queentiger; Pansexual; Pretty bengal tabby mix; light green eyes; Daughter of Totaleclipse and Tiger.

starclan/dead/left clans-might return-Eclipsestar; Silverstorm; Dawnkit; Cougarpaw; Heatherpaw; Crow; Faintfox; Spiritsong; Leopardess;Darkmoon;Fallenleaf;Tiger; Blackpaw; Flameheart; Gingerpaw; Nightchourus; Jayflight 

Future kits: Foxspirit(Shyfox) Tigerfang(Lionheart)

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Reply Spirit and the gang
9:07 AM on January 19, 2018 
Hello. You've reached Spirit's voicemail. She is currently gallivanting off who knows where and can't come to the forums right now. At the tone, please type out your message. When you've finished typing, you may hang up or press one for more options. Beeeeeep!
Reply ~Wild~
9:43 PM on December 29, 2017 
Replied to Honeypaw in the territory.
Reply Orbit
1:02 AM on December 28, 2017 
Yes Hamiltrash
Reply Dapple
3:22 PM on December 21, 2017 
Yes! I'm excited to be back and RPing with you guys!
Reply Spirit and the gang
5:10 PM on December 17, 2017 
December apprentice mentor update:
Owlpaw(mine) - Foxfang (mine)
Gingerpaw (mine) - Ferretclaw (Snowbreeze)

Dapplepaw (Liger)- Hawkmoth (Mine)

Risingpaw (mine)- Mossyvine(Staghoove)
Littlepaw (Dawnflower)- Tiger (Mine)
Reply Spirit and the gang
5:02 PM on December 17, 2017 
Ravendeath is a black tom that constantly cleans his pelt so that it ends up shining almost a purple color in the light. He has dark blue eyes that stare intensely as if peering into the very souls of cats. He doesn't mind killing if he has to, and actually enjoys a good ambush, but he can't stand it if his paws are dirty for long, and will always wash them thoroughly after fighting. He is the silent loner type, preferring to watch cats rather than interact with them. Though he considers himself the son of Eclipsestar and Queenstride, his real father was Fang, and Rainstorm helped raise him.

Ghostlymelody is the exact opposite of her sister as far as pelt color. She is a dark grey she-cat with light grey candle flame tabby markings that contrast intensely against her darker fur. Her eyes are more of an icy blue than her sister's, and she's much more agile. She is sharp tongue, and not afraid to speak her mind. She is a feminist and believes that she-cats are just as capable of most things as toms are. She doesn't like to associate herself with her real father, or Rainstorm, a cat who helped raise her. She considers Eclipsestar and Queenstride to be her only parents, and any cat who says otherwise will likely face her claws.
Reply Spirit and the gang
8:27 AM on December 11, 2017 
Shyfox is very small, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for with fluff. She is a golden shaded tortoiseshell burmilla, and although she doesn't have the distinctive tabby markings of her father, she does have what appears to be a faint golden M on her forehead, a trait that most tabby cats have. She has a streak of darker gold along her spine, and her paws are cream colored. She also shares her mother's brick red pawpads, which are highly unusual. Her eyes are grey-blue just like her father's. Daughter of Hawkmoth and Exambientflames.
Reply Marshmallow
5:48 PM on December 8, 2017 
Hi! ^_^
Reply Spirit and the gang
12:17 PM on November 24, 2017 
Owlheart is a mostly dark orange, almost red tom who's tabby markings are even darker. His pelt almost appears to be dappled in certain lights, and he has brown eyes. He his named after a cat his father once knew. He is the son of Flameheart and Mirrorfang.

Gingerfang is a pretty ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws. She is the daughter of Flameheart and Mirrorfang.
Reply SummerRain21171
6:58 PM on September 30, 2017 
Haha probably not, I think it's been about two years, but hello all the same! Looking forward to rping with you sometime!
Reply Elm
8:11 PM on September 26, 2017 
More of a rebooted warrior cats rp, just with some minor changes to make it a bit of my own ^^
Reply Spirit and the gang
9:58 PM on September 25, 2017 


Reply Spirit and the gang
1:05 PM on August 7, 2017 
Splashpaw(Wolfquake23)- Flameheart
Foxpaw- Rosenettle (Elm)
Lionpaw- Peregrinefalcon (Silverwind)

Duckpaw (Nightsoul) - Speckledstream
Hawkpaw - Grackleflight(Ember)
Darkpaw - Rustfeather (Ember)
Fallenpaw - Shadowhunter(Nightsoul)
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
12:45 PM on August 3, 2017 
Thanks ♡◇
Reply Spirit and the gang
8:09 PM on July 5, 2017 
Note to self- new mentors-
Hawkpaw- sleeping badger (ripple)
Darkpaw- Elmcrest (Elm)
Spiritpaw- Hawthornclaw (Gingerheart)
Fallenpaw- Nebuladust (L)
Speckledstream- Risingpaw (Runningwish)
Reply Shade
8:44 PM on June 9, 2017 
They'll be born on the 14th.
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
1:34 PM on May 7, 2017 
Me too! I think I have it fixed. There was malware so I ran the program thingy to eliminate it c:
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
12:36 PM on May 5, 2017 
Okay awesome! We can rp them as soon as my laptop isn't running slow .
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
5:09 AM on May 5, 2017 
Which one of yours is mentoring mine? :)

Also, a late welcome to the site!
Reply Spirit and the gang
6:25 PM on April 24, 2017 
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!! =^-^=