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17 years old
Midwestern, U.S.A.
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School.Yikes...I will be on more on friday and the weekend ;-;
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  1. Hey, i'm spotthecat, but please call me spot if you prefer. Here are some more facts about me!
  2. I am a Christian and have a strong belief that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
  3. I love fashion design and plan on majoring 'fashion studies' in college
  4. I really love singing and listening to popular music, especially Niall Horan and Harry Styles (RIP One Direction xc)
  5. I enjoy helping out people and making them smile
  6. I always take note of the little things in life :3
  7. I am actually pretty allergic to cats and have only had dogs as pets
  8. I have a Jack Russell mix named Colby, who is nine years old
  9. I have a stuffed cow named spot that I've had since I was four and that's how I got my user (don' judge xD)
(females=9 to males=6)(15/20)Cats In The Clans <3
MoonClan-Privetshadow|independent|mates w/ Ghostfang(Honeyy)|Singingjay|caring|kit of Kaiserstar & Sacredlotus|mates w/ Fallowbuck(Stag)|
Pearstorm|socially-awkward|kit of Dewgaze & Stonestory|no mate|Mousepaw(soul)|quiet|kit of Privetshadow & Ghostfang|no mate|
Chickadeekit(song)|happy-go-lucky|kit of Singingjay & Fallowbuck|no mate
EarthClan-Brokenstar|observant|mate tba|Maplewish|insecure|kit of Faintfox & Lighteningfire|mates w/ Galestorm(Red)|
Tousledcougar|foul-mouthed|kit of Vivitross|no mate|Loomingdusk|flirtatious,but motherly|kit of Vivitross|no mate
SunClan-Driftpetal|lady-like|kit of Lavenderfrost & Sunlion|mates w/ Wanderingbear(King)|
Wheatspot|loving|kit of Lavenderfrost & Sunlion|mates w/ Cindernight(Pallet)|
Ghostlywhisper|stubborn|no mate|Horizonsight|confident charmer|kit of Cindernight & Wheatspot|tbh crush on Anat(Honeyy)
EclipseClan-Azureblaze|determind|kit of Willownight|tbh crush on Psych|Everli|sweetie,but secretly malicious|no mate|part of Deliverance

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Reply ❄️SnowyBreezes❄️
6:44 PM on January 19, 2018 
Reply ❄️SnowyBreezes❄️
10:47 PM on January 18, 2018 
Pearstorm acts awkward around Whisperingpaw is he planning things?🤔
Reply spotthecat
5:32 PM on January 2, 2018 
Everli is a Singapura cat, so a rather small and lithe she-cat. Her pelt will be a warm silver-grey color that will slowly change into beige as it gets closer to her belly. From her belly to her neck and her muzzle will be white, around her eyes as well. Most of her tail is black, but the base is white. She has a very feminine, innocent face with large, pale blue eyes. Under her right eye, as if the only thing that ruins her pretty face, is a small scar running horizontally across her cheek from being punished as a kit from Nadia. Everli, although may seem kind and innocent, like a little sister you'd want to protect to most, holds a certain darkness in her mind. On the inside, the molly may be scared, but she knows fear would only kill her more. She follows orders well, ever since Nadia punished her, sometimes better than planned, such as an over-achiever and always strives for more. More bloodshed. More pleasure in her claws as her broken mind may want. Bloodshed and manipulation are what she has learned to do best, but her leadership skills fairly lack. She strives to keep her 'siblings' pleased and safe, even if it means putting her life at risk.
Reply Shadowstorm
4:10 PM on January 2, 2018 
Lol, well, he seems to like her, and she doesn't know how she feels yet (meaning she likes him but doesn't know it) so I guess that would work for them :)
Reply Shadowstorm
1:58 PM on January 2, 2018 
Psych and Azure are a thing right? XD Well, if they are can we maybe start hurrying it up a bit?
Reply spotthecat
4:29 PM on December 29, 2017 
Mousekit has returned cx
Reply Honeyy
11:21 PM on December 28, 2017 
Oh my goodness! D: also uh I saw Ghostwolf getting kinda too close. :C *grips up Privet* Miiine!
Reply Blossom
12:33 PM on December 26, 2017 
Okie dokie
Reply Blossom
9:44 AM on December 24, 2017 
Any kits available ?
Reply Blossom
9:38 AM on December 24, 2017 
Reply spotthecat
7:41 AM on December 24, 2017 
Brokenclaw is now Brokenstar and leader of Earthclan!
Reply spotthecat
7:49 PM on December 4, 2017 
Brokenclaw is now deputy of EarthClan!
Reply spotthecat
6:20 PM on December 3, 2017 
Azurepaw is now a Warrior, given the name Azureblaze.
Maplepaw is now a Warrior, given the name Maplewish
Reply spotthecat
4:51 PM on November 25, 2017 
Loomingkit and Tousledkit are apprentices
Reply spotthecat
5:21 PM on November 14, 2017 
My KAISERSTAR BABE....Singingpaw is now a Warrior...Singingjay :****)
Reply spotthecat
4:06 PM on November 9, 2017 
Ugh my laptop will not work, so as of now, I really cannot update my character list on my profile ;-; But on here I will say: Privetshadow has returned to Moonclan as a Warrior, Pearkit is now an apprentice
Reply spotthecat
8:33 PM on October 31, 2017 
Ghostlywhisper is a lovely LaPerm she-cat. Her delicate, curly fur is dazzling to many and is snow white with silver flecks. Her eyes are a gleaming aquamarine.
Reply spotthecat
7:09 PM on October 24, 2017 
I will add Privetshadow back to Moonclan probably tomorrow ;-;
Reply spotthecat
11:12 AM on October 8, 2017 
Tousledcougar is a Ocicat and Bengal mix, but gains his pelt neither from his mother or father, but actually from his mother's father whom was a Siamese. He has a tan pelt with chocolate points and a dark brown tail-tip, front left paw, and back right paw. He has a white muzzle and a dark brown stripe running down his nose. Tousledcougar also has faint, cream colored stripes running across his paws, tail, and face. His eyes are a bright amber with orange flecks and his pelt is short and always ruffled in one way or another. Tousledcougar is a plain out troublemaker. He loves to argue with his brother and try to get him into trouble with him. He can have a sharp tongue, but often tries to hide it from his mother, not wanting her to be angry at him from that, let alone any other thing he's done. Son of Vivitross and a Loner.

Loomingdusk is considered to be beautiful by many cats. With a short, sleek pelt of an Ocicat and the captivating, grey spots of a Bengal, she really is something to gaze upon. This molly has long, agile legs and a thin body, which make her taller than the average she-cat. She has dark brown fur decorated with stone, grey spots alined with charcoal. Loomingdusk has charcoal black sides of her face to go along with a black tail-tip, chest and belly. She also has a deep grey muzzle and eye 'shadows', as well as white ears, toes and one white sock on her front, left paw. Her eyes are a very dark, forest green and glisten in the moonlight. Loomingdusk is a rather calm she-cat, considered to be very close to her mother and has motherly aspects. She, unfortunately, carries a somewhat flirtatious trait which naturally comes to her when she's around toms. She is rather observant though, and would never do anything too reckless. Honestly, Loomingdusk wishes that she did not have these beautiful grey spots, finding them to be a disgrace and image of her father whom of which was not of the clan. Daughter of Vivitross and a Loner.
Reply spotthecat
7:05 PM on October 3, 2017 
Pearstorm has always been a bit of an odd pelted tom. He is a dilute calico, Ragdoll mix, which is not very common in the breeds of cats, especially toms, but Pearstorm has no real issues. He is a rather fluffy furred tom with a mix of grays and pale ginger tan. Pearstorm has light brown eyes with green flecks that stand out very well from his light colored pelt, and has black stripes running along the sides of his muzzle as well as a charcoal nose. The tip of his fluffy tail is a stone colored grey, along with his chest, neck, stomach, legs, and inside of his ears. He also has silver tufts on his ears. Pearstorm has always been rather skittish around older cats, but an excellent listener when it comes to taking on orders. He wishes that his parents would accept him and that they could have a happy family, for he's taken notice of the mothers and fathers of other kits, and strives for this to happen. Although he may seem skittish at times, once you get to know him, Pearstorm is honestly a gentleman and works hard to fight in what he believes in. Not to mention, Pearstorm is a fantastic fighter. Son of Stonestory and Dewgaze.