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MoonClan (1): Raincatcher
SunClan (7): Ivorydawn, Saros-suns, Eternityhunter, Sagepaw(hollow), Shadowpaw(tides), Jaykit(shadow), Nightkit(souls)
EarthClan (4): Glasswind, Addertooth, Couragepaw(path), Resilientpaw(step)
EclipseClan (1): Wren


Feline // Humanized

Raincatcher (left): https://goo.gl/qLrPNK // https://goo.gl/59Zz23

Ivorydawn: https://goo.gl/PGeduU // https://goo.gl/7o7Pn1
Sarospaw: https://goo.gl/on78MK // https://goo.gl/T9WMW2
Eternitypaw: https://goo.gl/TmwQ4N // https://goo.gl/PDD9Fw
Sagepaw: https://goo.gl/A3S5JV // --
Shadowpaw: https://goo.gl/yvL4N2 // https://goo.gl/wrrpPM
Jaykit: https://goo.gl/Y5qwQ1 // --
Nightkit: https://goo.gl/Fku51e // --

Glasswind: https://goo.gl/6zDTXa // https://goo.gl/ZJm2Se
Addertooth: https://goo.gl/UgK8fZ // https://goo.gl/7PQ46P
Couragepaw: https://goo.gl/pa78Sr (by Lav) // https://goo.gl/Xb4NEb
Resilientpaw: https://goo.gl/PS8ddn (by Lav) // https://goo.gl/TuSFnQ

Wren: https://goo.gl/VZRgVu // https://goo.gl/4wxDux


Email: [email protected]
Skype: riversoul9
Discord: #4846

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Reply Gingerheart
8:47 AM on May 31, 2018 
Thank you! I?m hoping I can stay for a little while :)
Reply Ember
10:09 AM on May 24, 2018 
Reply Ember
7:07 PM on May 20, 2018 
Yep, adding it right now :)
Reply Dreamshade
8:56 AM on March 28, 2018 
Reply Ember
10:03 PM on March 22, 2018 
Especially since I didn't realize she was becoming a main character, so I didn't have the sense to look back and read or save some of the posts!
Reply Ember
9:15 PM on March 22, 2018 
I was out of town for the most exciting bits of Sunkenstar?s arc and wish I?d been around for that
Reply DDcat
11:28 AM on March 16, 2018 
thank you River for the welcome back, sorry it took so long to reply back XD
Reply Prince
10:54 PM on March 14, 2018 
Thank you!
Reply Brightpaw
7:48 PM on March 10, 2018 
Thanks so much for the info!
Hope you guys have a great day!
Reply Shexie
12:25 PM on February 11, 2018 
Thanks so much River! :D
We'll definitely roleplay once I have some time and have started making my characters
Reply Rainlight
1:09 PM on February 10, 2018 
Thank you!
Reply Comet
12:51 PM on February 10, 2018 
Thank youuu! And yeah, I?ve been on and off through the years but I finally have time to role play again.
Reply Tangy
4:44 PM on February 7, 2018 
thank you!
Reply Airmid
11:25 AM on February 5, 2018 
Late thank you, luv
Reply L
7:56 PM on January 31, 2018 
If you want to do another doggo request you can. Just pm me with doggo's location and the character(s) you'd like drawn!
Reply AlderWing
8:14 PM on January 26, 2018 
How do I Roleplay?
Reply Foggy
8:18 PM on January 25, 2018 
Thank you for the welcome :)
Reply Airmid
2:57 PM on January 21, 2018 
THanks, luv
Reply Insaneasylum
11:46 AM on September 4, 2017 
Hey I'm on, want to rp them? Mauka and Heronpaw?
Reply Liger
9:38 AM on August 21, 2017 
Shadecloud who? XD