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https://wildscats.weebly.com/ ;(See pics and descriptions for all the cats listed below)

1. Skyblaze-male-Earthclan-single-warrior- pine

2. Wilson-female-Eclispeclan-single -med cat -lavender

3. Candlelight-female-Moonclan-single-warrior-  compost

4. Wildfrost- female-Sunclan-single- warrior, -  burnt things /storms/ lightning

5. Thundernight-male-Moonclan-apprentice, warrior, single - mud

6. Cloversong-female-Sunclan-single and ready to mingle- mentor-fresh cut grass

7. MallowFern- female- Earthclan-single- Warrior- peppermint

8. Chestnutpaw- male- Sunclan- single- apprentice- roasted nuts

9. Dewgaze-female-Moonclan-single-queen -roses

10. Flyingfox- male- Moonclan- single- apprentice

11. Jackalpaw-male- Sunclan- single-apprentice

12. Everdance- male- Moonclan- single -apprentice

13. Orangepaw-male- Earthclan-single-apprentice

15. Comingpaw-male- Sunclan-single-apprentice

 Total: 15/20      EC: 3/15      SC: 5/15       MC: 5/15      ELC: 1/15 .     STC: 3      

(look below for pairs) All crushes (Interested in....) could change, will do out of clan matches, but I do not just pair with anyone, we have to RP for Chemistry, so feel free to message me!:D 

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Reply ~Wild~
3:41 PM on December 26, 2017 

Skyblaze + Interested In Thunderlion but is also a player

Dewgaze + _(A big player)_________

Wildfrost + interested in Tweekleap_________

Mallowfern + Interested in Brokenclaw

Cloversong + Valerianpetal_________

Everpaw + ??????-


Thundernight + Interested in Wolfpaw

Candlelight+ Interested in Vanishingpaw

Wilson (med cat, so secrets) + _____________

Comingpaw +

Orangepaw +

Everpaw +



Reply DrownedInRed
5:53 PM on October 26, 2017 
XD I see, I feel like |I should change my name as well but idk what to :) *Looks at you with an ugly cry face* XD
Reply ~Wild~
7:20 PM on October 25, 2017 
Lol, I'm just so used to seeing your other pic and when I see the tiger, I'm like who dat? *Awkwardly pats on back to cheer up*
Reply DrownedInRed
7:18 PM on October 25, 2017 
Why not? XD I?m still the same person *cry*
Reply Insaneasylum
7:08 PM on October 21, 2017 
Yes!! I posted in Sunclan :)
Reply ~Wild~
5:37 PM on October 21, 2017 
I can be if you want me to!
Reply Insaneasylum
4:35 PM on October 21, 2017 
@Wild! are ya on!??
Reply LunarDrop
9:18 PM on October 6, 2017 
Hey don't forget to post EverKit's form on the character updates page
Reply ~Wild~
4:37 AM on October 5, 2017 
cool, sounds great!
Reply Ember
12:21 AM on October 5, 2017 
We can toss Cloversong and Coyotespirit together if you'd like, and see if they have any chemistry.
Reply Insaneasylum
7:46 PM on October 4, 2017 
Ahhh so you adopted my Candle :) that?s amazing!
Reply ~Wild~
5:12 PM on October 3, 2017 
A mackerel tabby with golden eyes. Mallowflight is adventureious and brave she may be small be she has a powerful voice. She is the polar opposite of her brother and is very ambitious. She is so small, like a runty runt. But that doesnt make her less spunky or fun. She has very overactive imagination and happiness but don't test her because she will mess you up despite her size. She relies more on skill. She leads an ordinary like with her brother (Flintpaw)), mother (Dawnwhisker) and father (Fleettail).
Reply Ember
2:01 PM on September 29, 2017 
(Regarding the sudden drop of members) I go through the member list and remove anyone who went unexpectedly inactive every few weeks. Those members are welcome to rejoin whenever they want, but I don't want a bunch of inactive accounts sitting around for organizational reasons.
Reply ~Wild~
11:40 AM on September 24, 2017 
Dawnwhisker's kits are due on the 30th Of August
Dewgaze's kits are due the 3rd Of October
Reply ~Wild~
12:44 AM on September 8, 2017 
Very attractive, Mainly white with grey splotches on his face, boots, ringed around on his tail and occasionally on his flank, longhair, black nose, and the most sky blue eyes possibly ever.
Skyblaze is an extremely handsome, insanely charismatic tom that lives in Sunclan. He is an amazing hunter and an okay fighter. He is an huge flirt, and will flirt will everyone whether it be a she-cat or tom. And he make a joke about anything and everything even if its a very serious matterBut one you get past that jerky outer layer of him, he is very sweet, sensitive. Not to mention loving, overprotective, and caring. But he hasn't loved anyone yet. So no one has seen that side of him. If this were a cliche high school movie, he would be the popular/jock/f***boy, that becomes nice when the nerdy girl becomes pretty, ugh.
Reply ~Wild~
10:19 AM on September 7, 2017 
Silver Siberian with gray eyes and a rather runty size for her age.
She was originally born in Earthclan but her mother didn't want her and her siblings, so she left them on the edge of Sunclan territory. After being left blind, and alone for several days without milk, she was the only one of her 5 siblings to be found alive. Alive but just barely. The experience left her with her name of wild as well as social and separation anxiety. Therefore she is cowardly, stutters has no friends and is only close to the queen who nursed her. At firsts appears shy and useless, but underneath all of her mental problems, she is funny, witty, bubbly, curious and very clever. She has a very active imagination which tends to come off as aloof and dumb. All of her movements are quick, awkward, and clumsy. She tends to hum to occupy the silence of her daydreaming.

Wispkit, Allurekit, Mistykit
Reply ~Wild~
10:52 PM on September 6, 2017 
Black cat with white underbelly, boots, nose, and around one eye. Teeth have not fully grown in yet and her eyes amber.
Wilson is a 7 moon old kittypet who loved his humans. But when a hurricane came and devastation reigned, he was displaced from them and found her way into the clans. She has a bright and bubbly personality and her kindness is often mistaken for weakness.She tends overly affectionate, and her tail is constantly moving just a reflex that she doesn't think about. She is quite a bit chubbier than most cats and when she is happy will playfully bite you. She finds softly headbutting you, and rubbing against you (like cats rub against twoleg's legs) playful, comforting, and a way to get your attention. If she like you, when she sees you, she will run, jump, swim, and squish through any narrow space to get to you.
Since she is a kittypet, no rank yet but will be an apprentice after she joins a clan
Nightclan Rebels
Reply ~Wild~
10:07 PM on September 6, 2017 
Russian blue with lighter underbelly and pale green eyes.
Cloversong is a queen in Sunclan who has leads a average life of a warrior. She was born and raised in Sunclan Her father was now an elder and her mother passed a few moons ago. When she became pregnant with 2 she wouldn't say who the father was and both her kits died just after birth. But 2 days after that she nursed an abandoned kit not even 4 days old found in the forest. She named her Wildkit after only living alone in the wild since birth. That was 3 moons ago. Her personality is warm, supportive and friendly and quick to smile. She rarely ever gets mad but is very protective and overly feminine, believing in the traditional values of a she-cat. She is very religious with her belief in Starclan and will do anything to protect her faith. She is the type of cat that doesn't set goals for herself but has very high exceptions and goals for her loved ones.

Drop dead gorgeous shorthair Ragdoll with white fur plus brown paws, face and tail, with gray eyes
Dewgaze began as rogue but she was unhappy with her lonely life so she joined Moonclan and mated. She has lived there for 2 years now. She is mean-spirited pretentious, self-absorbed and a sleaze. But she is also very good at lying and creating fake personalities so she is loved. She has had many illicit affairs and her most recent got her pregnant with 5 kits. She obviously couldn't hide that she was pregnant from her mate and when they were born she picked the one that looked most like her mate and abandoned the rest at the edge of Sunclan territory. Now three moons after that she is raising her son with her mate and is very anxious to dispose of her child at the hands of a mentor and become a warrior again.

American longhair with a gray underbelly, face and tail. The rest of him is white along with the tip go his tail. His eyes are royal blue
Thunderkit is 3 moons and is being abused by his mother Dewgaze. His father on the other is very loving and cherishes him more than anything in the world. He doesn't know about the abuse. Thunderkit is very playful, carefree and active often getting into great deals of trouble with his friends and getting punished by the leader. He just loves to mess around and have fun. His mischief is partly a way of dealing with the abuse.
Reply ~Wild~
10:06 PM on September 6, 2017 
She a snowshoe cat and a slim, athletic body with beautiful light pale dappled brown she-cat with white swirls around her paws, that swirl up to her legs. Her eyes are two different colors: one blue and the other green, underneath her eyes are white swirls.
Candlelight is a bright she-cat who gets along with everyone, always seems to find there good side instead of there bad side. Candlelight doesn't like to see her clanmate get in fights, and she especially doesn't like it when other cats treat cats like they are different. Candlelight has a soft voice that flows like the river, she doesn't get mad very often and always sticks up to those in need. She is Thunderkit's best friend and it is a cause to him that she gets in to trouble so much.
Reply ~Wild~
10:04 PM on September 6, 2017 
Ginger Maine coon with amber eyes and bright red nose.
She falls for love quickly, is very sensitive and often times tends to be quite tentative/hesitant. Yet if she gets close to you she will be creative and playful, occasionally too much for her age, which makes her love kits, any and all kits. In fact was the only kit in her family that survived the cold leaf bare, all of her litter mates died and she hopes that wont happen to her kits. While she loves being a warrior, her relationship with cats in other clans often makes battles hard to fight. And while she does think that she loves her mate, its is possible that he is only her mate because he is 1 of only 2 toms in the clan she is actually close to. She honestly believes that it is true love.