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Make the clans great again

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Make the clans great again
What's this? Spirit posted something that's not sad and depressing for once? Lately I've posted a lot of deep and dark pieces, so I've decided to branch for once and post something humorous for a change. So I realize this isn't exactly relevant anymore, but I thought I'd post it anyways. I got the idea a while ago, but I didn't start drawing it until a few days ago. If you couldn't tell, it's LunarDrop's character Stonestory. For those of you who either weren't on when this happened or joined afterwards, Stonestory was a Moonclanner who attempted to take over Moonclan. When Mossystar died, he went to the Moonstone and attempted to get nine lives from Starclan before the current deputy could. You can read more about that on the history page.
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9:12 PM on February 14, 2018 
Not me clan!
Mockingdeath & Co.
1:00 AM on February 11, 2018 
Oh goodness he is an angry floof ♡♡ Definitely love the mug! When I bring Rippling back he is gonna have a little surprise ;D
5:25 PM on February 10, 2018 
I love the texturing on his ears, and overall it's quite a detailed, comical piece :D
Spirit and the gang
11:35 AM on February 9, 2018 
@Stag I think this is the first piece I've done that is even remotely funny since most of the art I've done has either been a death tribute or an adoption.

@Shadow XD Yes all hail the all mighty Stonestar!

@Ember/Sandrunner/Lunar/All those who've commented about the mug Honestly, that's my favorite detail too! I didn't intend on it referencing what a bad parent he was, but now that it's been brought to my attention, I'm even more glad that I included the mug in the photo.

@Lunar I personally am not fond of the man either, but I was more thinking the slogan itself fit him more than the comparison to Trump. I thought Stonestory was under the impression that he was Starclan sent to rule Moonclan, and that he thought it was minus to him to "Make the clans great again." Also, I voted on your pole that he should go to Starclan because like you said, he never thought what he was doing anything wrong. The cats of the Darkforest, at least on this site, seem to want to be there.

@Alienfish Hmm, I hadn't considered that. Maybe he's just finished and is now editing his paper, or maybe he paused to take a selfie before finishing it. It's all in how you look at it. ;-)
9:49 PM on February 8, 2018 
StoneStory never wanted to "take over MoonClan" persay, more that he felt the position of leader was rightfully his and was stolen from him. Not only that, but StoneStory was never a follower. It was his way or the highway. He was too strong willed and self righteous to ever think of himself as evil or doing anything wrong. Up to his dying moment he never thought he was doing anything wrong. He thought he was standing up for what needed to be done and that everything just went terribly wrong.
6:02 PM on February 8, 2018 
I would say something about how much I love the mug, but that's been covered in great detail. Instead, I'll comment on the "Plans to take Over MoonClan" sign, and the fact that the marker is right beside it. Makes me wonder what this symbolizes? Did he only just write up his plans and 'fix' his mug? Or is he always ready to add new things to his plans?
11:46 PM on February 7, 2018 
ooooh my goodness... aside from the Trump reference (who stonestory is nothing like, I absolutely loathe that 'man') this is hilarious. I love how no 1 dad is crossed out because he's a garbage parent (one of his children is actually up for adoption if anyone wants).

Thanks for this- it's a great pick me up. I missed seeing my buff lynxie boy.
2:04 PM on February 7, 2018 
Pfft, the mug is a great detail.
Sandrunner and Co.
11:14 PM on February 6, 2018 
XD love it. The mug and the paper made me laugh
10:03 PM on February 6, 2018 
All hail Stonestar!
9:29 PM on February 6, 2018 
Omg this is hilarious XD