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"And you're just as weak as she is. Get out of my way!" Windwhistle snapped, swiping at Honeydusk and Horizonsight so she could get to Anat. Anat finally got to her paws, her eyes grateful for her sister and her...mm..mate..? But Windwhistle's words hurt. She growled and went for her but was knocked down once again by Moonclanner Northhaze. The usually timid tom had anger blazing in his eyes. "Three against one? That doesn't see  fair." He commented, and with that went at her claws first.

Silverpaw could tell he hit a nerve, and almost felt sorry for the tom. But it was soon ignored when he remembered how he had attacked Kiwipaw. He gasped when he felt his teeth wrap around his neck and repeatedly batted at his head with his claws.

Aloenight wondered if it was even safe to go back to Moonclan. He gently yet swiftly picked Kiwipaw back up and jumped down from the cabinets, eyeing the medicine cat den. He couldn't leave Morningdove and Silverpaw here by themselves, but he certainly couldn't leave Kiwipaw back at Moonclan in the cold. He saw that a Sunclanner was guarding the den and flattened his ears. He was torn now.


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