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June Gathering & Medicine Cat Meeting

Posted by L on June 7, 2018 at 8:30 PM

Hey everyone, sorry that this post is coming in a little last minute! 

The Gathering for June is scheduled to take place this coming weeked, from the evening of June 8th (Friday) through the afternoon of June 10th (Sunday) although can run a little longer if the plot requires. About 40 cats should be attending from each clan and please make sure that every member with an elligble character has at least one attending per clan. If you are unable to get a list together given the short notice, I will create one for you come Friday evening. 

The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (June 15-17). 

There are no set topics of discussion for this Gathering, although tensions should remain high given the murder that occurred at the last Gathering and the border skirmishes that have happened since last month. Let's try to use this event to bolster the war plot. 

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Reply Ember
10:27 PM on June 8, 2018 
Ember- Juniperspring
L- Duskpaw
River- Raincatcher
Mockingdeath- Riverwolf
SweetSucculents- Marbledquail,
DreamLotus- Bunnystep, Dreamlotus
HarmlessPoison- Brinepelt, Pricklegaze
Weirdo101- Ivyshine, Valley
Spark- Forestsong
BeautyisChaos- Snowleap, Cloverwish
Python- Scorchwing
Ruby- Stonejay
Leopardcloud- Castorpaw
Reaper- Nightmarehowl
Lakeripple- Nightfrost, Hoshi
DrownedInRed- Tigerstar, Rosebriar
Brokenfang- Plateaurain
Shadowstorm- Mottledmink, Turtlemoon
Honeyy- Dipperfall
Snowybreezes- Whisperingmeadow
Kingfish- Edelweissfield
Alienfish- Birchfox
Inky- Tangyheart, Inkysplatter
Kamira- Featherstep, Servalbelly
Castle- Quietstep, Dovesong
Sandrunner- Kazarian
GlassShatteringSilence- Solscar
Sunken- Lovise
Lav- Tundrapaw
Ember- Slatepelt, Frostpatch
L- Dawncatcher, Setekh
PalletEclipse- Bastet
River- Ivorydawn, Mirepaw
Mockingdeath- Vanishingflame, Enchantingmist
SweetSucculents- Doepaw
DreamLotus- Swansky
HarmlessPoison- Wasp Buzzing in The Air
Weirdo101- Sandheart
Spark- Redpaw
BeautyisChaos- Frostflight, Coppercreek
Python- Veinpool, Bullet
Reaper- Palefur
Lakeripple- Kindlefur, Bubblepaw
DrownedInRed- Eden
Brokenfang- Rabbitpaw
Shadowstorm- Deathpaw
Flickerwick- Slipknot, Pepperpaw
Honeyy- Anatstar
Snowybreezes- Shadepelt
Kingfish- Royaleblood
Alienfish- Windelk
Inky- Flintstriker, Clatterpaw
Kamira- Oakstump
Castle- Shadedmoss
Sandrunner- Osiris, Risingdawn
Kix- Omnipaw
Twitch- Leechstream, Badgerpaw
Gingerheart- Darkstride
Dapple- Dunestride
Ember- Panthergaze, Brackenstorm
L- Risingstar, Long May He Reign
PalletEclipse- Silverlion, Littledoe
River- Glasswind
Mockingdeath- Cryingreaper, Thunderstep
SweetSucculents- Mumble
DreamLotus- Guardianpaw
HarmlessPoison- Plashpaw
HornetFrost- Cloudedpaw
Weirdo101- Silverleaf
Spark- Spark of Young Flame
BeautyisChaos- Hickoryshade, Ravencall
Python- Smokecharge
Reaper- Chara
Lakeripple- Reedflower
DrownedInRed- Clear Puddle Beneath Cave
Wolf-flower- Speckledmane
Brokenfang- Lionpaw
Shadowstorm- Mysterydance, Beachsplash
Honeyy- Bleached Bone
Snowybreezes- Falconstrike
Kingfish- Wrathwaters
Alienfish- Duskfang
Inky- Axolotlsprout, Lostpaw
Kamira- Frecklemask, Magpie Song
Castle- Stormdream, Pirro
Sandrunner- Thundersong
GlassShatteringSilence- Dawnwatcher
Twitch- Bearclaw
Gingerheart- Petalpaw
Sunken- Randi
DDcat- Jackalhowl
Lav- Tacere
Ember- Blackrabbit, Dieseltooth
L- Hell Hound
PalletEclipse- Enzio
River- Wren
Mockingdeath- Hephaestus
SweetSucculents- Kestrelpaw
DreamLotus- Mockingbird
Sunfrost04- Sunfrost
HarmlessPoison- Brandy
HornetFrost- Slypaw
Weirdo101- Ashflower
Spark- Bourbon, Eros
BeautyisChaos- Goldenshadow, Silversmoke
Python- Jitters
Ruby- Fallenash, Ashbracken
Leopardcloud- Hades
Reaper- Sea Breeze
Lakeripple- Larkspring
Brokenfang- Viperheart
Shadowstorm- Hollowstar, Willowpaw
Honeyy- Delano, Monroe, Oshun
Snowybreezes- Hestia
Alienfish- Poseidon
Inky- Pricklypear
Kamira- Fencerunner, Regal
Castle- Athena
Kix- Politoes, Malibu
Twitch- Owlpaw
LunarDrop- Softskin
DDcat- Zeus, Mistyrain
Lav- Vermouth, Martini