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May Gathering & Med. Meeting

Posted by Ember on May 7, 2018 at 11:30 PM

Hi y’all!  The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, May 11th-13th. About 40 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (May 18-20th), following the same pattern.

There isn't a defined plan for this gathering yet, so please check out the Plot Planning Threads so we can set up some drama!



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Reply L
5:43 PM on May 9, 2018 
Ember- Notchedpaw, Panthergaze
Pallet- N/A
River- Glasswind
Mocking- Mercilesswinds
L- Risingstar, Blackpanther
SweetSucculents- Cottonneedle
Inky- Cariboupaw
DreamLotus- Oceanwhisker, Guardianpaw
Sunfrost- N/A
Kamira- N/A
HarmlessPoison- Plashpaw
HornetFrost- Elkpaw
Weirdo101- Silverleaf
Imatootle- Sapwing, Plumpaw
Castle- N/A
Spark- Spark of Young Flame, Honorpaw
Python- Smokecharge, Skeletonfall
GrimmReminder- N/A
Sandrunner- Arcticsun
Ruby- N/A
Leopardcloud- N/A
Reaper- Chara
Lakeripple- Reedflower
DrownedinRed- Tickpelt, Polarice
Wolf-flower- Speckledpaw
Brokenfang- Brokenfang
Shadowstorm- Mysterydance, Beachsplash
Flickerwick- N/A
Kix- Twistedtricks
Staghoove- N/A
Honeyy- Icepaw
Snowybreezes- Falconstrike
Kingfish- Wrathwaters
Alienfish- Duskfang
Alder- Alderpaw
Dapple- N/A
Airmid- Aetos
DDcat- Jackalhowl
Lost- N/A
Lav- Fightingpaw, Gentlepaw
LunarDrop- N/A

Tentative list- if you have a character you really want to go feel free to add them without my prior permission.
Reply Shadowstorm
9:19 PM on May 9, 2018 
Eclipseclan Gathering Patrol:
Shadowstorm - Hollowstar, Willowpaw
Kamira - Fencerunner
LunarDrop - Softskin
Mocking - Hephaestus
Ember - Blackrabbit, Dieseltooth
Pallet - Clarisse
Lakeripple - Larkspring
Reaper - Noble
Alienfish - Poseidon
Python - Blitz, Jitters
Weirdo101 - Ashflower
Leopardcloud - Hades
DDcat - Mistyrain
Kix - Apparion
Snowybreezes - Hestia
Drowned - Cow
Harmless - Elixir
Dream Lotus - Mockingbird
Ruby - Fallenash, Foxpaw
Airmid - Cloudstalker
Honeyy - Delano
LeafyFinn - Gin, Semillon
L - Death Rattle, Charity
Spark - Bourbon, Rum
Lav - Pisco
Sandrunner - Bacardi
Brokenfang - Viperheart
Inky - Pricklypaw
Alder - Brimstone
Sunfrost - Max, Rascal
If I missed anyone or you would like another cat to go, please let me know :)
Reply River
2:16 PM on May 10, 2018 
Stadowstorm, I don't seem to be on that list - could I have Wren go? He's my only EclipseClanner.
Reply Ember
11:00 PM on May 11, 2018 
Sunclan Gathering Patrol:
Sandrunner- Sandstar, Osiris
Honeyy- Anat, Jade
Pallet-Midnightsphinx, Bastet
Kam- Oak , Heatherpaw
Ember- Ternshore
Lakeripple- Bubblepaw
Mocking- Fatalstrike
Alien- Windelk
River- Nightrivers, Mirepaw
L- Twinsouls, Eaglefrost
Red- Stormcloud
Weirdo- Rainpaw
Dapple- Dunestride
Shadow- Petalspring
Armid- Pebblepelt
Flicker- Slipknot
Leafy- Finnegan
Inky-Flintstriker, Clatterpaw
Dream- Stars That Fall
Alder- Tidepaw, Amberleap
Spark- Redpaw
Castle- Firpaw
Harm-Wasp Buzzing Through Branches
Reply Staghoove
10:34 AM on May 12, 2018 
(Post for HarmlessPoison)
Moonclan Gathering Attendees:

DrownedInRed: Tigerstar
HarmlessPoison: Brinepelt
Ruby: Twilightsniff
Spark: Forestsong
Ember: Juniperspring
Lav: Tundrapaw
Mockingdeath: Riverwolf
Airmid: Songbreeze
Alder: Desertpaw
Alienfish: Birchfox
River: Halflight
Kingfish: Daggerstripe
SnowyBreezes: Whisperingmeadow
Honeyy: Aloenight
PalletEclipse: Kiwioasis
Shadowstorm: Shila
Brokenfang: Plateaupaw
Lakeripple: Nightfrost
Reaper: Nightmarehowl
Leopardcloud: Castorpaw
Python: Scorchwing
Weirdo101: Ivyshine
Kamira: Servalpaw
DreamLotus: Bunnystep
Inky: Tangyheart