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Ninth Anniversary

Posted by Ember on January 16, 2018 at 1:20 AM

Today, January 16th 2018, marks the ninth anniversary of this website’s creation and one of the times of the year when y’all are going to have to excuse me for being sappy. When this website was created, it was just a tiny, disorganized site for a small handful of offline friends. Nearly a decade later, this roleplay has expanded into the community of talented roleplayers that define WCF today and I have never stop being astonished by what this website has grown into.

This past year has been marked by tremendous change around the website, starting first out-of-character with settling into the new format, then in-character, when what began as an alliance between DawnClan and NightClan turned into a total merge into EarthClan, which eventually prompted rebelling NightClanners to form EclipseClan. When the tensions between these new groups reached its peak, the clans banned together against the common enemy of a cougar. Alienfish lead a project with a handful of other members to recreate and update the large family tree starting with Moonstar in The Ancestry Project. In the case of Monthly Meows, I started the ongoing series comparing the universe of Warrior Cats of the Forest to the canon Warriors Universe and started taking Member Submitted Monthly Meows, of which we’ve had two published so far. A wide variety of new guides were also posted this past year, such as The Herbs Guide and Rule Infractions and Penalties. We also continued a handful of traditions from past years, such as roleplaying StarClan and Dark Forest characters around Halloween and exchanging gifts in a Secret Santa event at the new year.

Of course, you members really are the life of this website and I truly do believe that this website has been blessed with one of the best assortment of members out there. I’m so honored to be surrounded by such a talented, unique, kind group of roleplayers.

Alienfish, I don’t quite know what it is about your quirky sense of humor and writing style, but you always seem to put me in a better mood. As well, I have to thank you again for how helpful you are and for the initiative you’ve taken in helping to build this website through The Ancestry Project and the little menial editing work that keeps the site running.

Ashfur, I love your frank and genuine style of roleplaying. It always seems as though you’re able to get right to the heart of what your characters are thinking and what motivates their actions, which brings so much life to the roleplay.

BeautyIsChaos, your roleplaying flows so naturally and beautifully, I just can’t help but being envious of your writing ability. How you weave your sentences together is so unique and has almost a musical quality, they bring a gorgeous literary element to the roleplay.

Black Beard, welcome back to the site! Your roleplaying has improved so much since you first joined the website and old members coming back is always a welcome sight. I love your character descriptions as well, in just a few short sentences you’re able to capture so much about your characters.

Blossom, I was so happy to see that you’d returned to the website. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a sweetheart and long-term members like you are the backbone of this website. Thank you for being such a reliable force guiding new members into becoming more comfortable with the website.

Castle, I’m always so excited when members like you come along who just throw themselves entirely into the roleplay the moment they joy. Your characters are rich and varied, your writing sharp and witty, and you’re just plain fun to hang out with out-of-character.

Dapple, your roleplaying is so consistently warm and generous, which I can only imagine reflects the person that you are offline. You always know just how to place quiet scenes between brighter, more vibrant moments, and the scenes complement each other perfectly.

Dawnflower, you are such a sweetheart! A sense of kindness always seems to surround you, be it be in your generous style of roleplaying or our out of character chatting. You bring so much warm to the website and I’m always happy to see you online.

DrownedInRed, I appreciate what a sincere person you are. You’re honest and to the point without being mean, both in and out of character. You’re always a joy to just chat with and bring some “chill” to our chat that often borders on hysterical.

Flickerwick, welcome back! It’s always nice to see members who have so much history with the website, you bring a lot of depth to conversations and are an invaluable asset in ensuring continuity both in the plot and in the community of the website.

Gingerheart, you are such as compassionate person-- you’re always so willing to speak up for other members when you feel they’ve had their feelings hurt. Never lose that sensitivity, it’s people like you that make sure that roleplays like this are fun for everyone.

GrimmReminder, your writing always reads as so natural to me, with very effective mirroring of how people actually act-- realistic dialogue, actions that are never too boring or over-the-top. I usually find myself reading your posts twice or three times, hoping that I can figure how the key to such natural writing.

Honeydrops, you’re such a sincere person and always seem so eager and excited to jump into new things, even if you’re not entirely certain of what to do or what’s going on. That’s an amazing trait and I know it will serve you throughout this life, long after you’ve left roleplaying behind.

Honeyy, your animated personality brings so much color to the roleplay. You always keep things moving and make sure that the roleplay stays fresh-- even ordinary patrols, if your characters are included, become something I’d hate to miss.

Kingfish, thank you for always keeping the roleplay fresh-- your characters and the plots they start makes sure that we always have some new adventure to send our characters on and you’re indispensable in getting lagging plots going.

Kixatanilopay, your characters are always so realistic and well-balanced. Even when they have to bend to the will of the plot you play it off really well and their actions seem natural and in-character. I adore Omnistar in particular.

L, you’re such an honest, hard working, enthusiastic person. I don’t know where the site would be if you hadn’t joined- whether it be a plot without your characters’ intervention, an art page without your nearly 300 drawings, or the many ways in which you’ve helped me run the website over the years. Thank you so much for being my right-hand man these past few years.

Lakeripple, I haven’t gotten a good chance to know you well, yet, but from what I know of you I hope that your schedules line up in the future-- your writing is fun, your drawings crack me up, and you are always so positive while chatting in the chat box.

Liger, I am always so impressed with your character descriptions. They’re always in-depth and cover all the important aspects of your characters, which is invaluable in helping me know how my characters should approach yours and makes scenes much more natural.

Lunardrop, it’s difficult to overstate how vital people like you are to a roleplay of this scale. You’re a grounding force in the occasional chaos of this website and are someone I know I can always rely on for a few moments of roleplaying- be it a few humorous moments, or the heart breaking and dramatic fall of Stonestory.

Orbit, your writing blows me away-- the dialogue is well-paced and natural and the descriptions lively. Your efforts are definitely paying off and its members like you who really bring the world of the roleplay to life.

Python, I hope that we get a chance to roleplay more in the future! From what I’ve read of your posts, you always have a wonderful mix of witty dialogue and characterization, which makes them beautifully paced and enjoyable to read.

Reaper, I love how straight forward your posts read-- you don’t need anything fluffy to get your point across and every sentence you write is to-the-point and biting, with realistic and compelling characters to top off your style.

River, I was so excited to see your name on our pending members list when you rejoined the website; you’re one of the most compelling writers on this website without ever having to dip into cheap gimmicks or melodrama. Thank you for bringing so much realism to the roleplay.

Ruby, your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Chatting or roleplaying with you never fails to bring a smile to my face. Your characters are so varied and original, there’s never a dull moment.

Sandrunner, you’re a gorgeous writer. I always look forward to reading your posts, just for how eloquently you are able to show what your characters are going through. Your posts never feel clunky and are descriptive without dipping into purple prose.

Shainei, welcome to the site! I haven’t gotten a good chance to get to know you yet, but your character descriptions show so much promise and I hope we get to roleplay together in the future!

Snowbreeze, you’re always such a welcoming member. I always appreciate having members who seem so eager to roleplay with everyone, from mods to newbies to experienced members who’ve just returned from a long hiatus. You bind the community together and make the roleplay so much stronger for it.

Spirit, you’re so engaged with the roleplay, even beyond the forums: plot planning, art commenting, keeping tabs on Monthly MEows and Guides-- thank you so much for keeping up with all of that. It’s members like you who keep the community together and make all of this feel like more than a bunch of semi-related posts about a barely coherent world of talking cats.

SpotTheCat, you’re such a compassionate, welcoming person who always seems eager to roleplay with anyone, no matter what their skill level with roleplaying or how long they’ve been on the website.

Weirdo101, you just crack me up. Your sense of humor is fantastic and you always know how to lighten up a scene in-game or bring up people’s moods out of character. We haven’t gotten to roleplay much together so far, but I can’t wait until our schedules finally line up.

Wild, you’re such a natural roleplayer. Your characters feel real and you progress scenes forward with perfect timing, bringing interest to potentially dull character-character conversations and situations.

Wolf-flower, I have never stopped being amazed at how much you have grown throughout the few years you’ve been on this website. You’ve matured, your writing has become beautiful, your art adorable and characterized by a unique style. I can only imagine the astounding person you’re getting closer to becoming with every passing day.

Moderators, I’ve said it before and I will say it until you all get so sick of it you will mutiny: I would go entirely insane if it weren’t for you guys. It can sometimes get lost in the reminders to do list checks and the miscommunication that occasionally happens in a site of this size run entirely by volunteers, but I really appreciate all of the work that you guys do and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart of helping me keep this website from running wild.

Mockingdeath, your roleplaying always strikes me as so natural, as though your characters are just people I’d see walking down the street. Aside from that, you’re always so helpful and are truely someone I know I can always lean on for advice or help when I need it.

PalletEclipse, I don’t even know where to start-- your art is beautiful, your writing fantastic, and you always seem so eager to help out new members and welcome everyone, regardless of skill or experience, into the roleplay. Most of all, though, I appreciate how open you are-- its people like you who are willing to share how they feel who keep this site from going off the rails.

Shadowstorm, thank you for being so unerringly enthusiastic. You’re reliable and hard-working and always seem to get any task you’re given done promptly. Thank you for all your work and for the cheerfulness with which you go about it-- I know it’s often tedious and that there are better ways to spend your Saturdays than list checks.

Silverwind, it really is the little things that I tend to overlook that makes all the difference. Thank you for always going through the website with such a thinned-toothed comb, if I didn’t have someone like you with an eye out for details so many important mistakes would slip by.

Staghoove, you always just seem so eager to help. You’re hardworking, determined, and have a light sense of humor that can make the occasional drudgery of running the site bearable. Thank you, as well, for always being so welcoming and helpful with all of the new members.

Thank you so much everyone for the great year we’ve had and here’s to an even better 2018!

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Reply River
6:10 AM on January 16, 2018 
Ember, as you make it your tradition every year to write these anniversary entries, so genuinely thanking us, it seems only right to carry on our members' tradition of, in response, thanking you.
It goes without saying that the site wouldn't exist without you, in a literal manner, but in a more figurative manner, the site we all know and love certainly wouldn't be here today without you. Your dedication to this slice of paradise is incredible, to the point at which I'd say I've never known a person more dedicated than you. You give this site so much time and effort, and no matter how hectic things may get (thanks Webs), you always manage to keep things running smoothly.
I've been here just three of nine years, but even just in those years, it's been evident just how much this site continues to grow and develop, even after achieving success. Because you, Ember, never seem to settle for just 'good enough' - if there's a way this site can be better, you always seem to find it, and you ensure that it comes to reality.
I doubt I just speak for myself when I say that this site is like a second home - the community that you've managed to foster here is simply amazing. You're such an incredibly accepting person, and you always seem to see the best in people (clear evidence provided by the presence of this blog entry). Your patience is inhuman, you have a diplomacy when it comes to difficult situations that many could only wish they had, and you're so kind and understanding and just generally a fun and enjoyable person to talk to.
Really, no matter how many words I write here, or how many times it's said, you cannot be thanked enough - this english language of ours simply doesn't have the words to convey the astronomical thanks I'm sure we all extend to you. Ember, seriously - for all of this - thank you so much.
Reply Alienfish
7:00 AM on January 16, 2018 
These blog posts have quickly become a highlight of my year, and easily one of my favourite aspects of this site, because they really exemplify the incredible quality of the people on this site. And seeing that quality - seeing so many people be recognized for their incredible personalities - I can't help but be hopeful that this aspect of the site's community is also a truth in real life. The internet is a very deplorable place, at times, but this community shows the very best that we can hope for. Kindness, respect, skill - either this site has been lucky to find so many people of exceptional quality, or it makes people exceptional once they join.

Or, perhaps, they are simple being recognized for positive traits that everyone possesses. Perhaps that is the most promising case; the world could do with a lot more positivity, and a lot more recognition of the good in our lives.

Thank you, Ember, for fostering this incredible community. And thank you to all of the members, past and present, who have contributed their qualities to its success.
Reply spotthecat
8:12 PM on January 16, 2018 
Ember, I just wanted to say, and I know this may seem short, but thank you so very much for creating this site with the help of others. If it weren't for you, this roleplay would not be a thing and these new, online friendships probably would be either. I've met so many great people and I certainly hope to continue to. c:
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
10:58 PM on January 16, 2018 
Away X3, Ember, without you this website would never exist. I hope to be here till the 10th anniversary and more! It is so fun to RP on this site, and everyone here is so nice! You never lost your patience with me even though I have asked you like 7 questions! XD I really hope this amazing site you have created lives on and on! :)
Reply L
2:45 PM on January 17, 2018 
Thank you as always for the kind words, Ember. This entire site is a testament to your dedication, persistence, and hard-working attitude. I don't know many people who could keep up something as time consuming as managing a site of this caliber for nine years.
Reply Sandrunner and Co.
1:41 AM on January 18, 2018 
That is the nicest thing I've heard in a long time. I just want to say thank you. This site has become a safe haven for me, and I've been looking for a very long time for a roleplay site such as this one. After searching and searching I finally stumbled upon this one. Finally a roleplay site that was everything I was looking for! And It's all thanks to you. It's all because of you and all of the members here that ive gotten back in to my true passions, reading, writing, and drawing. My life has truly been enriched by you and all of the members here. The community is fantastic, the characters so diverse and colorful, the people are wonderful and unique. I appreciate you, everything you've done, and everything you will continue to do. Thank you so much.
Reply Kingfish
4:08 PM on January 18, 2018 
I'm not even sure what to say. This is very sweet, Ember!
I definitely must say, you've done a fabulous job running this site, making it engaging and fun for everyone. It's refreshing to see a site that doesn't condemn someone the second they do something wrong or slightly unsavory.
Beyond the site, you have been so helpful to all of us; giving advise when we aren't sure how to fit into the plot or if there is a better way to go about whatever we're doing. You're also so supportive and professional, a trait I notice growing more and more as the months and years go by. You are always improving both yourself and the site; all in all, it's such a blessing to have you as the site owner.
Reply GrimmReminder
9:42 PM on January 18, 2018 
I want to say thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Writing has always been something that I've loved and aspired to do. It has made me many wonderful friends and the people I've met on this site are amazing. Though I'm horrible with staying active due to my health hopefully things have calmed down now. I don't mean to worry you all and I'm glad you guys have me here.
Reply Ember
12:08 AM on January 19, 2018 
Thank you all so much for your kind words, as I said before it really is an honor to build a community for all of you and, while updates can be tedious and Webs is... Webs, I really do enjoy running the website.
Reply Blossom
7:32 AM on January 19, 2018 
Reply ❄️SnowyBreezes❄️
6:48 PM on January 19, 2018 
Thank you for those kind words Ember and I'm glad I found this website
Reply DrownedInRed
10:56 AM on January 20, 2018 
Just think, without you this site wouldn't have happened, Ember. We all wouldn't be here, the memories wouldn't have been made, the characters would be unborn, and so would all the friendships this community shares. Even if I have been on this site less then a year, I intend to stay around and be a constant member in the changing life of this marvelous creation. Everything on this site is owed to you, everything. You shouldn't have to do such a sweet and caring things, instead we should be the ones showering you with compliments and love :) This took my breath away at the determination you had to find something unique about everyone to say. This means a lot to me, thank you.
Reply Castle
1:40 PM on January 22, 2018 
Oh my I didn't see this! Thank you so much for writing this Ember!