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December Gathering & MC Meeting

Posted by Ember on December 9, 2017 at 2:50 AM

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, December 8-10th. About 50 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (December 15-17th), following the same pattern.

There is no set plot points for this gathering, but it's safe to assume that the EarthClan and EclipseClan's territory transitions will be discussed, alongside the recent murders being investigated in EarthClan and SunClan.  I hope to have the History Page (including the Planned Events Section) updated tonight, so we're all up to date on recent events.

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Reply PalletEclipse
3:11 PM on December 8, 2017 
MoonClan Cats Attending the Gathering:

PalletEclipse - Mossystar
Staghoove - Stallionheart
Fangchica - Mistypaw
Leopardcloud - Nutpaw
Lunardrop - Stonestory
Litten - Redclaw
Kingfish - Regalstones
Lakeripple - Ace
Skystorm - Silverheart
Wolfnight - Wolfnight
Gold - Batpelt
Evergreen - Thorn
Python - Scorchwing
River - Axolotl
Shadowtail - Silverthorn
Moonwing - Blossomsky
SFireStarsS - Nightheart
Mistyice - Blazerain
Moonfur - Moonfur
Soul - Nightmarehowl
Wild - Thunder
Spot - Singingjay
L - Stargazer
Dreamheart - Dreamheart
Classified_Catz - Flurrysnow
Snowbreeze - Midnightdreams
Duskfur and Co. - Shadowblaze
Mocking - Narrowmind
Silverwind - Franticwail
Redflare - Batear
Dawnflower - Swanbreeze
Grenada - Stonetail
GrimmReminder - Weepingwillow
Daisy - Snowfoot
Harpeye - Jaggedtooth
Rainbowpie14 - Briarpelt
Insaneasylum - Ghostdevil
Shadowstorm - Foxlight
Maplestar - Violetvine
Flower - Eagletalon
Wolf-Flower - Pigeonbeak
Spirit - Lionheart
Liger - Shellstorm
Ember - Crimsonsky
Gingerheart - Ravenfrost
Soul - Blackpaw
Kix - Laurelvine

If I missed anyone or want a different cat, let me know!
Reply Kixatanilopay
7:47 PM on December 8, 2017 
SunClan Cats Attending the Gathering:

Kixatanilopay: Omnistar
Duskfur and Co: Sandrunner, Russetpaw
SpotTheCat: Driftpetal, Horizonpaw
Faux: Anat
MockingDeath: Klorel, Cryingmoon
PalletEclipse: Honeypaw, Rainingpaw
Litten: Redpelt
Silverwind: Liondash, Imohtep
River: Salamanderfang, Windcrest
Redflare: Redflare
Grenada: Dustclaw, Groundblizzard
Harpeye: Iceshadow
Dawnshade: Dawnshade
Insaneasylum: Valerianpetal
Lakeripple: Lotusfall
Gold: Applewick
Shadowstorm: Snaketail, Applepaw
L: Races Eagles, Full of Sun
Ember: Frostpatch, Slatepelt
Kingfish: Nuclearburst
Gingerheart: Deerleap, Quailtalon
Maplestar: Spiderpaw
GrimmReminder: Dreampaw
Wild: Jackalpaw
Flower: Silentpaw
Liger: Dragonwings, Whitefire
Shadowtail: Adderfang, Rocksong
Snowbreeze: Pumpkinfrost
Classified_Catz: Applefeather, Thistlefire
Shadowstrike: Shadowpaw

If I missed anyone or you want a different cat to attend, please tell me!
Reply spotthecat
9:08 PM on December 8, 2017 
EarthClan Cats Attending the Gathering:

Shadowtail - Shadowhawk
Spot - Brokenclaw, Maplewish
Silverwind - Smallstep
Kingfish - Malardcry, Knightfish
Ember - Rustfeather, Brackenpaw
Gingerheart - Phantomclaw, Hollowheart
Snowbreeze - Lighteningfire
Brokenshadow - Jaggedheart
Litten - Fleet-tail
Shadowstorm - Rivertwist, Stormpaw
Mocking - Mercilesswinds, Midnightpaw
Harpeye - Madfire
Spirit - Hawkmoth
Grenada - Lunarfeather
Insaneasylum - Risingcloud, Hiddenmoon
Wild - Skyblaze, Mallowfern
Kix - Vivitross
Lakeripple - Articwish
Redflare - Gale, Curledbracken
Duskfur and Co - Sunstrike, Bearstrike
Classified_Catz - Tornwhisker, Dappledbreeze
Dawnflower - Songbreeze
L - Young Eagle
Grey Bird - Fish
BeautyIsChaos - Cedarclaws
Flower - Ivywhisper
Maplestar - Irispaw
Brokenfang - Stormpaw
Liger - Dapplepaw
Gold - Goldpaw
Soul - Lilypaw
RedMiranda - Stubpaw

(If I miss anyone or would like a different cat to go, please let me know! ^-^)
Reply Spirit and the gang
11:19 PM on December 8, 2017 
Eclipseclan cats attending the gathering:

Spirit- Eclipsestar, Risingpaw
Shadowstorm- Hollowbreeze, Mistypaw
Wild- Wilson, Totaleclipse
Redflare- Fallenpaw, Blackpaw
Snowbreeze- Wolfstrike, Birchleaf
Ember- Grackleflight, Briarpath
Liger- Wildstorm
Insaneasylum- Queenstride, Queencobra,
Wolfnight- Blade
Grimm- Spicecloud
Duskfur- Stormpaw, Thundersong
Staghoove- Mossyvine
L- Morningsun, Bloodbath
Evergreen- Dagger, Riverstone
PalletEclipse- Baredteeth
Spot- Azurepaw
Silverwind- Swiftpaw
Mocking- Fallingpaw
Dawnflower- Littlepaw
Skystorm- Larchpaw
Kix- Ariopaw, Smear
Alienfish- Spidersong
Grenda- Cloudburst, Downpour
Classified- Saltpaw
Soul- Noble, Crimson
Gingerheart- Rainstorm
Shade-Pepperpaw, Softpaw
Python- Blitz
BeautyIsChaos- Stonefrost, Smokestride

If I missed anyone, or you'd like a different cat to go, please let me know.
This is an edited version of the list.
Reply Sandrunner and Co.
12:29 AM on December 9, 2017 
PalletEclipse Shadowblaze and Blackstream of Moonclan have died, may I bring Wolfpaw instead?
Spotthecat Bearstrike of Earthclan has died may I only bring Sunstrike ?
Reply spotthecat
10:06 AM on December 9, 2017 
Duskfur and Co. says...
PalletEclipse Shadowblaze and Blackstream of Moonclan have died, may I bring Wolfpaw instead?
Spotthecat Bearstrike of Earthclan has died may I only bring Sunstrike ?

Of course! Sorry the character list page wasn't updated...I didn't even think about looking at the character updates /).(\
Reply PalletEclipse
12:31 PM on December 9, 2017 
Duskfur and Co. says...
PalletEclipse Shadowblaze and Blackstream of Moonclan have died, may I bring Wolfpaw instead?
Spotthecat Bearstrike of Earthclan has died may I only bring Sunstrike ?

Yup! Go right ahead.