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New Year Gift Exchange

Posted by Ember on November 30, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Hey guys! With the holidays just around the corner, it's time for our third annual New Year gift exchange!

The event will be run like a Secret Santa. All participants will be randomly assigned to each other and keep their giftee secret until New Year’s Day, when everyone will post their gifts. Possible gift ideas include drawings, short stories, or poems about your gift-ee’s characters, personalized cards, even acted out scenes from the roleplay. If your gift is an image and the invisible upload button glitch hasn’t been resolved by then, you can upload the image to another site and send them the link, or you can email it to me and I’ll figure out how to get it to them.

If you would like to participate, post below with the format provided. The deadline for sign-up will be December 15th and giftee assignments will be sent out that that evening. Anyone who signs up after that day is not guaranteed to receive a gift-ee assignment, so please try and sign up on time. As well, please do not sign up if you will not have time to create your gift before New Year’s, this should be a positive experience for everyone.

  1. Username:
  2. Which winter holidays do you celebrate?
  3. What are your favorite parts of the holiday season?
  4. Who are your favorite characters?
  5. Will you be able to act as a back-up giftee in case someone else drops out?

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Reply Ember
1:22 PM on November 30, 2017 
1. Ember
2. Christmas and New Year
3. Snow, ugly sweaters, Christmas lights and decorating, drinking embarrassing amounts of hot chocolate
4. My MoonClan siblings (Silversnow, Autumn-night, and Crimsonsky), and my SunClan ladies (Mothflame and Frostpatch).
5. Yes
Reply DrownedInRed
1:34 PM on November 30, 2017 
1. Redflare
2. Christmas and New Years
3. Fireplace, Songs, Cuddling up in the blanket, and watching snow fall
4 All of them, but If I had to choose.... Curledbracken (EC), Tigerfeild (MC), Orchardpaw (MC), Redflare (SC), Tickpelt (EC) And Blackpaw (EcC)
5. Of course :)
Reply Kingfish
2:20 PM on November 30, 2017 

Christmas, and, occasionally, Hanukkah when I get invited to by my Jewish family-friends. I guess New Years Eve is a given...

My mum's fudge; it's the best recipe I've ever used or tasted. :)

Of my own? Obviously Kingfish, Threelegs, Labrat, 1812, Reichstag, Foxflight, Price, Crossbuck, or Wanderingbear. Of others: Devilspawn (Spicy/Elm's), Pikachirp (Silverwind's), Grasseater (PalletEclipse's), Cryingmoon (Mockingdeath's), or Gingerheart (Gingerheart's)

Heck yeah!
Reply Shadowstorm
4:31 PM on November 30, 2017 
1. Shadowstorm
2. Christmas and New Years
3. Christmas music, Family, Fudge, Snow, Snowball fights
4. Hollowbreeze, Mulepaw, Psych, Tinykit, Stormpaw
5. Sure
Reply Marshmallow
6:07 PM on November 30, 2017 
2.christmas and New Year
3.family getting together
5.yes of course :]
Reply Gingerheart
6:35 PM on November 30, 2017 
Ahhh! Another activity I can?t participate in ;-; this sounds like so much fun! *sobs in a corner*
Reply Sandrunner and Co.
7:04 PM on November 30, 2017 
1. Duskfur and Co.
2. Christmas and New Years
3. Spending time with family, the food, hot chocolate while looking at Christmas lights, decorating, snuggling on the couch in my pjs with my bf while we watch Christmas movies
4. Eclipseclan cats: Stormpaw(leap), Thundersong, Kobrakit and Snakekit
EC: Sunstrike, Aspenpaw(fall), Bearstrike
SC: Russetpaw(streak), and Sandrunner
5.) Yes
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
10:49 PM on November 30, 2017 
1 | Mockingdeath
2. Christmas, New Year
3. Gift Exchanging, taking leave to see my family and snowboard, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and camping in the woods with mummy sleeping bags and fire ^^
4. For my cats | Cryingwolf, Desolatestar, Cryingmoon, Meerkatbite, Oceantwister, Tazmainiantwister, Apep, Horus, Anubis, Sugarglider, Speckledpool, Twosouls, Mercilesswinds and Midnightscream. (*has more but that is too many*)
Of others | Kingfish, Growlingbear and Kingcobra (King), Gorsepelt and Hailstar (Ember), Prairieowl (Silver), Foxstar and Pineheart (Ginger), Daisybelle (Pallet), Omnivoid (Kix) and Dragonflyspirit (Raze's)
5. Indeed!
Reply Kixatanilopay
12:41 AM on December 1, 2017 
1. Kixatanilopay
2. Christmas and New Years
3. Ice skating, snowboarding, forts, hot chocolate (omg), and cudddddddlesssss
4. Omnistar, Vivitross and Laurelpaw. Of others? Desolatestar (Mocking), Honeysplash *when she was here* (Honeyy), Ambrosia *when she was here* (Flickerwick), Brokenclaw and Privetshadow (Spot), Kingcobra and Wanderingbear (King), Mossystar and Grasseater (Pallet), Slatepelt and Rustfeather (Ember)
5. Yes indeed!
Reply Staghoove
6:06 AM on December 1, 2017 
1. Staghoove
2. Christmas and New Year's
3. Sledding, jumping off of my porch into the snow (Not a smart thing to do XD), drinking hot chocolate, and making Christmas cookies :D
4. Staghoove, Stallionheart, Wolfdaze, Leafbark (Pallet's), Coyotegaze, Speckledpool (Mocking's), and Ghostwolf
5. Sure!
Reply LunarDrop
5:01 PM on December 2, 2017 
1. LunarDrop
2. Christmas, New Years
3. The cold means I can bundle up in layers without dying of heat. Dozing by the fireplace. Beauty of snow.
4. Mine? StoneStory, because Sneak was literally just me as a cat, not really a "character"
Others'? I really miss Hikori (Willow), as he was a nightclanner that turned into a softie upon meeting Sneak. I miss StillPool (Honney), who was a great impulse control for StoneStory and now that she is gone MoonClan will suffer. ALL of the Snakey breezey kits (BoaGale, MambaFlurry, ViperWind, CobraGust). And let's be honest. We all love NoodleNose.
5. Yeah, sure.
Reply Spirit and the gang
9:28 PM on December 2, 2017 
1. Spirit and the gang
2. Christmas and New Years
3 getting together with family, fireplaces, the food, and watching my dogs try to walk in two feet deep snow drifts.
4. All of my characters, but if I had to narrow it down, Eclipsestar, Foxfang, Lionheart, Hawkmoth,Risingpaw, and Blackpaw.
5. Yep!
Reply spotthecat
7:25 PM on December 3, 2017 
1. spotthecat
2. I celebrate Christmas and the New Year
3. My favorite parts of the holiday season are drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, decorating, looking at the Christmas lights(the real ones, not projection screens), watching the snow fall, ice skating, cuddling up with my pup and a blanket, watching Christmas movies, Giving and wrapping up gifts for my family and friends at school. Celebrating Jesus's Birthday. Basically Everything.
4. My favorite characters: mine? Privetshadow, Horizonpaw, Loomingpaw, Maplewish & Brokenclaw. Not mine? Sneakstep/star(Lunar), Kingfish(King), Sunlion(Silver), Robinwing(Ember) all the lovely oldies cx
5. Probably
Reply 😼 😎 ~Ruby~😎 😼
7:43 AM on December 7, 2017 
1: Classified
2: Hannukah and New Year's Eve
3: GETTING PRESENTSSSSS! And sitting down with a nice hot chocolate.
4: Tornwhisker, Applefeather, Heatherpaw, and Thornpaw
5: Yes.
Reply BeautyIsChaos
10:11 PM on December 8, 2017 
1. BeautyIsChaos
2. Christmas & New Years
3.Hot chocolate, cold-cozy weather, snow, and all the family-spent time!
4.Hmm.....I can?t choose XD !!! Shadowheart, Tweekleap, Smokestrides, Stonefrost, Vexx....(In no particular order XD I love all my angel though!) and others? Hollowheart, Phantomclaw...hm...all of them XD
5. Sure! :)
Reply PalletEclipse
8:24 PM on December 14, 2017 
1. PalletEclipse
2. Christmas/New Year
3. Christmas Decorating, Family Time, Giving my dog a lot of toys because I spoil him to no end
4. Daisybelle, Apep (Mocking), Morningdove, Aloenight (Faux), Midnightpaw, Honeypaw, Anat (Faux), Klorel (Mocking), Crimsonsky (Ember), Silversnow (Ember), Autumn-night (Ember)
5. Perhaps!
Reply Ember
11:48 PM on December 15, 2017 
All gift-ee assignments have been sent out. If you'd like to participate but haven't already signed up, please message me and I'll pair you with someone if they become available.