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November Gathering & Cougar Attack

Posted by Ember on November 6, 2017 at 11:05 PM

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, November 10-12th. In order to avoid having two back-to-back weeks with major character gatherings and events, I would like to combine this gathering with the final cougar hunt. As such, the gathering will commence and the clans, in full force, will hunt down the cougar and successfully kill it or chase it off the territories. This strategy of meeting for this purpose at the full moon could potentially be agreed upon by the leaders after the current small cougar hunt fails.

This battle against the cougar is bound to be hectic and confusing, so in order to control that to the extent I can, each clan should have fewer cats attending than usual. Therefore, eligible characters will be limited to warriors and apprentices, with no elders or queens in attendance. Medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices should also be on standby during the fight. No member should have more than one character from each clan attending. As well, please note that during the cougar fight, rules regarding powerplaying will be enforced more strictly. Be courteous of your other members while roleplaying so that everyone gets to have fun.

The clans should travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday and the battle against the cougar should last at least one full day to ensure that members get a fair chance to participate. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (November 17-19th). At this medicine cat meeting, the leaders could potentially meet to discuss the terms of EarthClan and EclipseClan’s official recognition as well as the territory changes that will go along with that.

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Reply Sandrunner and Co.
9:43 AM on November 7, 2017 
This is going to be so much fun!
Reply Shadowstorm
2:21 PM on November 7, 2017 
I'm worried that this will be to hectic, perhaps we could have the fight come in waves so not every character is attacking at once?
Reply Ember
11:40 PM on November 7, 2017 
Hm, that could be helpful. Perhaps the waves could be organized by clan? It would separate things out into three groups at least, if the NightClan rebels were paired with the EarthClanners to make the groups more even.
Reply PalletEclipse
12:21 AM on November 8, 2017 
MoonClan Cats Attending the Gathering/Cougar Battle:

PalletEclipse: Mossystar, Morningdove
Staghoove: Stallionheart
Fangchica: Mistypaw
Lunardrop: Stonestory
Litten: Redclaw
Gingerheart: Gingerheart
Kingfish: Reichstag
Snowbreeze: Blackfire
Spirit: Flameheart
Liger: Snowlightning
Redflare: Owlwhisker
Insaneasylum: Ghostdevil
Shadowstorm: Foxlight
Harpeye: Cliffpelt
Grenada: Swallowshine
GrimmReminder: Goldenblood
SpotTheCat: Privetshadow
Duskfur: Blitzstorm
Faux: Aloenight
Dawnflower: Swan
Silverwind: Prairieowl
Shadowtail: Falconrain
Maplestar: Violetvine
Lashingstorm: Lashingstorm
Leopardcloud: Leopardcloud
Lakeripple: Nightfrost
Flower: Eagletalon
Wild: Candlelight
Mocking: Enchantingmist
Wolf-Flower: Pigeonbeak
SummerRain: Featherwish
Shade: Glacierfreeze
Ember: Silversnow
River: Heronclaw
Kixatanilopay: Laurelpaw
Soul: Blackpaw
The Warrior: Sweetpaw
Reply Ember
2:00 PM on November 8, 2017 
NightClan Rebels
Alienfish- Spidersong
Dawnflower- Littlepaw
Duskfur- Stormpaw
Ember- Grackleflight
Grimm- Spicecloud
Insaneasylum- Queencobra
Liger- Wildstorm
Mocking- Swiftpaw
Redflare- Blackpaw
Shadowstorm- Hollowbreeze
Snowbreeze- Wolfstrike
Spirit- Eclipse
Wild- Wilson (support)
Wolfnight- Blade

DawnClan Rebels
Duskfur- Icestreak
Flower- Winterpaw
Mockingdeath- Speckledpool
Staghoove- Coyotegaze
Reply Gingerheart
5:16 PM on November 9, 2017 
EarthClan Cats Attending The Gathering/Cougar Attack:

Gingerheart - Foxstar
Silverwind - Ash
Shadowtail - Nettlebreeze
Insaneasylum - Risingcloud
Kingfish - Knightfish
Ember - Rustfeather
Mockingdeath & Co. - Mercilesswinds
Snowbreeze - Lightningfire
PalletEclipse - Baredteeth
Grenada - Lunarfeather
Kixatanilopay - Exambientflames
Litten (Red) - Fleet-tail
Dawnclower - Songpaw
Brokenfang - Brokenfang
Wild - Skyblaze
Harpeye - Madfire
Redflare - Redflare
Shadowstorm - Rivertwist
Lakeripple - Lightstep
Duskfur - Sunstrike
Fernwhisker - Feenwhisker
Classified_Catz - Dewstorm
Staghoove - Timberlion
Flower - Ivypaw
Maplestar - Irispaw
Liger - Dapplepaw
Gold - Goldpaw
Reply Gingerheart
9:38 PM on November 9, 2017 
Sorry, I got the cat wrong for Classified_Catz. Here?s their cat that?ll attend the gathering:
Classified_Catz - Tornwhisker
Reply DrownedInRed
2:20 PM on November 10, 2017 
Gingerheart says...
Sorry, I got the cat wrong for Classified_Catz. Here?s their cat that?ll attend the gathering:
Classified_Catz - Tornwhisker

It seems you put Redflare in for Earthclan cats, but he's a Sunclan cat. Just pointing it out :)
Reply Spirit and the gang
9:03 PM on November 10, 2017 
Gingerheart, is Hawkmoth going to be attending the gathering? If he's not, that's OK, I just wanted to make sure since he's my only EC cat.
Reply Ember
9:37 PM on November 10, 2017 

Classified- Applefeather
Dawnflower- Goldenflower
Dawnshade- Dawnshade
Disgraced- Sagestone
Duskfur- Jaycall
Ember- Slatepaw
Gingerheart- Leopardfrost
Gold- Applewick
Grenada- Dustclaw
Grimm- Deathpaw
Harpeye- Iceshadow
Insaneasylum- Valerianpetal
Kingfish- Kingcobra
Kixatanilopay- Omnivoid
Lakeripple- Lotusfall
Liger- Whitefire
Litten- Redpelt
Maplestar- Spiderpaw
Mockingdeath- Desolatestar
Orbit- Harepaw
PalletEclipse- Clovernight
Redflare- Silentrain
River- Bluehawk
Robinpaw- Robinpaw
Shadowstorm- Thrushpath
Shadowtail- Stone-echo
Silverwind- Nighteagle
Snowbreeze- Mapletail
Soul- Shadepaw
SpotTheCat- Wheatspot
Wild- Wildpaw
Reply Gingerheart
9:54 PM on November 10, 2017 
@Spirit, Yes, Hawkmoth is going.

@Redflare, sorry I got the cat wrong. Gale can go instead
Reply rainbowpie14
10:50 AM on November 12, 2017 
I just want to point out, I have characters in MoonClan, yet none of them were going, and that's kind of unfair considering I think almost everyone else had a character going. Is it because I only joined recently?
Reply Ember
3:00 PM on November 12, 2017 
Rainbowpie, you must have been accidentally skipped over. You can have your character Briarpelt go :)