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October Gathering & Medicine Cat Meeting

Posted by Ember on October 17, 2017 at 11:05 PM

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, October 20-22nd. About 50 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (October 27-29th), following the same pattern.

During the gathering, the clans will discuss the recent cougar attacks and EarthClan (or possibly MoonClan, as they have faced the brunt of the attacks)  will call for all of the clans to work together to run out the cougars during the next gathering. This initial attempt at unity will descend into bickering, but as the clans get up to leave with no agreement made, a lunar eclipse will begin. The clans will interpret this as a sign that StarClan wants them to work together in fighting off the cougar and the leaders will begin to plan a trap in which every fighting cat will band together regardless of clan affiliation against the cougars.  There isn't currently a plan for the Medicine Cat Meeting, so those of you with medicine cats can play it by ear.

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Reply Gingerheart
1:44 PM on October 20, 2017 
EarthClan cats attending the gathering

Gingerheart - Foxstar, Hollowpaw, Phantompaw
Silverwind - Smallstep, Ashpaw
Shadowtail - Shadowhawk, Firepaw, Cranepaw
Insaneasylum - Risingcloud, Ashflower
Kingfish - Knightpaw, Hauntedpaw, Bluedragon
Spirit and the gang - Spiritsong, Hawkmoth
Ember - Rustfeather, Pantherpaw, Brackenpaw
Mockingdeath & Co. - Mercilesswinds, Midnightscream
Snowbreeze - Lightningfire, Meadowstrike, Falconpaw
PalletEclipse - Stormpaw, Clearwaters, Baredteeth
Grenada - Lunarfeather
Kixatanilopay - Vivitross, Exambientflames
Litten (Red) - Fleet-tail, Redtail, Rust
Dawnflower - Songpaw, Turtleflight, Seapaw
Brokenfang - Brokenfang, Jaggedheart
Spotthecat - Brokenclaw, Maplepaw
Wild - Skyblaze, Mallowpaw, Flintpaw
Harpeye - Madfire, Scarletdash
Redflare - Pondstep, Greypaw, Galestorm
Shadowstorm - Firestorm, Dewpaw, Snowcloud

(If I missed anyone let me know :) there are exactly 50 cats)
Reply PalletEclipse
2:15 PM on October 20, 2017 
MoonClan Cats attending the Gathering (49) :
PalletEclipse: Mossystar
Staghoove: Stallionheart, Ghostwolf
Shadowstorm: Foxpaw
Fangchica: Mistypaw, Phoenix
Kingfish: Mamelukefang, Reichstag
Lunardrop: Stonestory
Litten: Redclaw, Iron
Gingerheart: Gingerheart
Snowbreeze: Blackfire, Ferretclaw
Spirit: Flameheart
Liger: Stormdust, Snowlightning
Redflare: Owlwhisker
Insaneaslyum: Beetlepounce
Shade: Quietcall, Jaggidbasil
Shadowtail: Blackrain, Flaconrain
Dawnflower: Mistpool, Swoop-paw
Mockingdeath: Knightheart, Narrowpaw
Grenada: Chasewind
River: Heronclaw
Ember: Crimsonsky, Autumn-night
SummerRain: Featherwish
Wolf-Flower: Pigeonbeak
Silverwind: Flamingdeath, Reedpaw
Wild: Candlelight, Thunderpaw
Flower: Eagletalon
Lakeripple: Nightfrost
Harpeye: Cliffpaw
Flickerwick: Asterpaw
Kixatanilopay: Terrapaw, Laurelpaw
SpottheCat: Singingpaw
Maplestar: Maplepaw, Juniperpaw
Reply Litten (Red)
6:04 PM on October 20, 2017 
Gingerheart, I'm sure that Rust is still a Nightclan rebels prisoner. This makes him unable to attend the gathering.
Reply LunarDrop
10:18 PM on October 20, 2017 
would everyone be okay with stonestory being the one to propose everyone join to fight the cougar?
Reply Ember
10:19 PM on October 20, 2017 
NightClan Rebels:
Alienfish- Spidersong
Ember- Briarpath
Kingfish- Shasta
Liger- Wildstorm
Shadowstorm- Bullseye
Silverwind- Goldenpaw
Snowbreeze- Wolfstrike
Spirit- Eclipse
Spot- Azurepaw
Wild- Wilson

DawnClan Rebels
Ember- Antvenom
Flower- Winterpaw
Mockingdeath- Speckledpool
Staghoove- Coyotegaze
Reply Gingerheart
10:59 PM on October 20, 2017 
LunarDrop says...
would everyone be okay with stonestory being the one to propose everyone join to fight the cougar?

I thought that EarthClan was supposed to suggest they work together?
Reply ~Wild~
11:09 PM on October 20, 2017 
what sunclan cats are going
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
12:43 AM on October 21, 2017 
Mocking: Desolatestar, Tazmainiantwister
PalletEclipse: Daisybelle
Ember: Coyotespirit, Slatepaw
Kingfish: Nuclearpaw, Kingcobra
Silverwind: Vixensong, Silverpaw
Gingerheart: Pineheart, Quailpaw
Snowbreeze: Maple
Flower: Ashensky
Shadowtail: Stone-Echo
River: Salamanderfang, Crowpaw
Painted: Littlefeather
Kix: OmniVoid, Ashenpaw
Nightwing: Lilyflower
Shiryuu: Wavingpaw
Flickerwick : Ambrosia
SpottheCat: Driftpetal
Redflare: Redflare, Silentrain
Harpeye: Iceshadow, Oceanwhisper
Grenada: Owlmist, Dustclaw
Shade: Valley of Flowers, Burningsun
Dawnflower: Daisyflower, Fawnpaw
Dawnshade: Dawnshade
DisgracedKnight: Sagestone
Wild: WIldpaw
Shadowstorm: Meadowpaw, Pantherpaw
Liger: Dragonpaw
Litten: Redpelt
Insaneasulym: Valerianpetal
Lakeripple: Lotusfall

If I missed anyone or you want to trade characters please add/let me know.
Reply Marshmallow
6:40 PM on October 21, 2017