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September Gathering and Medicine Meeting

Posted by Ember on September 4, 2017 at 11:35 PM

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, September 8-10th. About 50 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (September 15-17th), following the same pattern.

The upcoming plot is fairly uncertain at this point, as is the identity of the new clans. To share your thoughts on these, please comment on the New Clans Planning blog entry and the Plot Planning Page. As well, I hope to get about 15 more votes on what the new clan should be named. If you haven’t yet voted, please do so here.


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Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
12:50 AM on September 5, 2017 
I'll have the SunClan list posted tomorrow :)
Reply PalletEclipse
8:23 PM on September 6, 2017 
Cats Attending the Gathering from MoonClan: (49)
PalletEclipse - Mossystar, Rowanpaw, Pinepaw
Staghoove - Stallionheart, Staghoove
Insaneasylum - Gaia, Mammothpaw
Shadowstorm - Foxpaw, Littleflame
Kingfish - Mamelukefang
Flower - Wanderingsoul
Silverwind - Pereginefalcon, Pikachirp
Honeyy - Frostflower, Wisppaw
LunarDrop - Stonestory
Nightsoul - Badgerheart
Kixatanilopay - Kotakket
Litten - Redclaw
Gingerheart - Gingerheart
Snowbreeze - Blackfire
Wolfquake23 - Leaftail
Elm - Silkpaw
Ember - Autumnpaw, Honeyflame
Spirit - Flameheart
Jay - Dilapidated
Shadecloud - Stormdust
Starlingwillow - Starlingwillow
Redflare - Ambershadow
Shade - Ivypaw
Henry MacArther - Kaiser II
Mockingdeath & Co. - Splatterdrop, Enchantingpaw
Dawnflower - Mistpool
KittenCritter - Riverclaw
Nightsong - Lexi
River - Heronclaw
Wolf-Flower - Pigeonpaw
Ripple - Riverpaw
Autumn - Autumnpaw
Peanut - Sparrowpaw
Tiny - Poppypaw
Wildfrost - Candlepaw
Mangoh - Eclipsepaw
Grenada - Swallowpaw
Harpeye - Cliffpaw
Flickerwick - Asterpaw
Shadowtail - Falconpaw

If I missed anyone message me!
Reply Ember
4:18 PM on September 7, 2017 
NightClan Rebels:
Alienfish- Spidersong
Ember- Grackleflight
Flower- Temptationdance
Insane- Queen
Mockingdeath- Belarus
Nightsoul- Bloodheart
Shadecloud- Wildstorm
Shadowstorm- Willownight
Silverwind- Goldenpaw
Snowbreeze- Wolfstrike
Spirit- Eclipse

DawnClan Rebels:
Ember- Antvenom
Mockingdeath- Speckledpool
Staghoove- Foxhaze
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
12:08 PM on September 8, 2017 
Sunclan cats attending the Gathering:

Mocking: Desolatestar, Vanishingpaw
Honeyy: (Can Honeysplash go even though she's a queen?)
Snowbreeze: Maplepaw, Snowthroat
Flower: Veiledpaw, Roar of Distant Thunder
L: The Night Has Passed, Kindleheart
Shade: Midnightmoon, Downwardpaw
Silverwind: Nafretiri, Nighteagle
Henry McArthur: Doehunter
Ember: Coyotespirit
Kingfish: Growlingbear, Wanderingbear
Gingerheart: Briarwing
PalletEclipse: Cindernight, Daisybelle
Elm: Monarchspirit, Moorblossom
Shadowtail: StoneEcho
Shadecloud: Whitefire
Red/Litten: Redpelt
Painted: Littlefeather
Flickerwick: Ambrosia
Kixantilopay: OmniVoid
Nightsoul: Lilyflower, Tigersoul
SpotTheCat: Wheatspot, Driftpetal
River: Windcrest,
Shadowstorm: Mintpaw
Blooming: Bloomingpaw
Peanut: Owlstep
Redflare: Redflare, Silentrain
Wildfrost: Wildpaw
Dawnflower: Starflame
Grenada: Dustclaw
Nightshadow: Nightshadow
Lexi: Sparrowflight
Harpeye: Iceshadow
Starlingwillow: Amberpaw
Mangoh: Losteye

If I forgot anyone please let me know. I had to do this on my phone T.T
Reply Alder
9:28 PM on September 8, 2017 
Earthclan Cats attending the Gathering: (50)
Ginger: Foxstar, Hawthornclaw
Elm: Elmcrest, Malicepaw
Ember: Rustfeather
Pallet: Baredteeth, Stormpaw
Silverwind: Walrustusk, Mistflower, Smallstep
Mocking: Midnightscream, Mercilesswinds
Staghoove: Timberpaw
Insaneasylum: Ashflower, Hiddenmoon
Spirit: Hawkmoth, Spiritpaw
Honeyy: Envywave
Snowbreeze: Lightingfire, Treebranch
Morningbreeze: Gentleflight
Tiny: Rainspot
Spotthecat: Brokenclaw
Kingfish: Sinfur, Jayhawk
Shadowstorm: Dewpaw, Rivertwist
Litten: Redtail, Rust
Kix: Vivitross
Peanut: Lionwhisper
Wolfquake: Stonepool
Brokenfang: Jaggedheart
Redflare: Pondstep, Galepaw
Frost: Chaoslight
Shadowtail: Icerain
Wild: Mallowpaw
Nightsoul: Shadowhunter, Ravenflight
Ripple: Toweringshadow, Blindingrain
Lost: Brokenpaw
Lexi: Redtalon
Autumn: Olivetail
L: Lastking, Young Eagle
Shade: Summitlynx, Shadedawn
Magoh: Harmonywisp

Sorry I have forgotten anyone! This is last minute, so I apologize for any mistakes ;; Sorry for the wait as well!