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Monthly Meow LXIII

Posted by Ember on August 27, 2017 at 1:55 AM

Hello everyone! I hope that y’all are enjoying the last few days of summer. This past month on the website have been very exciting, with everything from a full-scale battle to a vote over whether to create an entirely new clan occurring. This next month is likely to be just as hectic as we follow through on moving EarthClan into DawnClan’s territory and keep working on the new clan. Unfortunately, conversation over where to take the plot and what we want the new clan to be has slowed over the past few days. I hope this Monthly Meow comparing our previous four clans to the canon clans will give you some ideas about what we should mold the new clan and EarthClan into.

First, I have some announcements and reminders. Over the past few days I’ve stumbled across a number of websites that have taken content from this website, usually from our home page. If you ever see anything that looks copied from here and left alone or only slightly edited, please report it to me. As well, if you want to make a spin-off website or incorporate some ideas from this website into your own roleplay, please contact me so we can make the sites official affiliates and make sure everyone’s work is respected. As well, I’ve noticed that a handful of our high ranking characters haven’t been very active. If you haven’t been getting online, have a medicine cat or other high ranking characters, and want to keep that character, please make an effort toward staying active. I won’t be demoting any characters for the next week, but after that grace period any high ranking character who belongs to a member who hasn’t been online in two weeks without giving me a heads up will be removed. Lastly, when you upload doll maker images, always clearly cite both the artist name and where you got the image from.

Onto the fun part! This Monthly Meow is part six of the series comparing the canon universe to Warrior Cats of the Forest and bounces of June’s discussion of the clans’ territories to comparing the individual clans to each other. Previous topics in this series included The Warrior Code, naming conventions, demographics, the living clans’ relationship with their dead, and a general overview of all of our clans in comparison to all of the canon clans. As in the previous Monthly Meows, I used the Avon paperback 2004 American edition of Into the Wild, my sketchy memory of the rest of the books, and the Warriors Wiki to write this, so if you see anything inaccurate please speak up. As well, The Warrior Cats canon universe is notoriously riddled with contradictions and continuity errors and is far beyond the scope of these newsletters, so I’ve limited these Monthly Meows to primarily focusing on the first six books published (Into the Wild-The Darkest Hour). Please note that my discussion of SkyClan will be particularly dubious, as I’ve never read a book that included SkyClan so that paragraph is based solely off of the Warriors Wiki. If I got something wrong, please speak up so I can correct it.

While I’ve always noted the similarities between the clans of this website and the houses of Hogwarts- brave, cunning, compassionate, and intelligent- comparisons to the canon clans has been going on since the website first began. For as long as we had the four clans, each sharing some traits with a canon clan, there is some perception of our clans having direct canon counterparts. In this monthly meow, I will examine each of our clans and the similarities and differences between them and the canon clan or clans which they most resemble.

MoonClan could be best compared to ThunderClan, though they share some traits with SkyClan. Both MoonClan and ThunderClan live in thick woodland and are strong hunters who prey on a variety of rodents and birds. ThunderClanners have the unique skill of hunting and fighting in dense undergrowth, a skill shared by MoonClan. However, ThunderClan’s personality diverges from MoonClan in that MoonClanners generally respect the other clans’ boundaries and soverignty, while ThunderClan can act rather paternalistically toward the other clans. Also unlike MoonClan, ThunderClan claims no special connection to StarClan and the foundation of the clans, but does often have a holier-than-thou attitude toward the other clans.

SkyClan is the only clan to not appear in the first series, as they were forced to leave the clans’ territories in an ancient time when their territory was taken over by twolegs. Modern SkyClan was founded away from the others clan’s territories in a rocky ravine, and SkyClan warriors are noted for their strong jumping and climbing ability, as well as the rough paw pads that allow them to walk across rocky surfaces unhurt. While MoonClan lacks the exceptional jumping ability and tough paws, they are the best climbers of the clans and have some attack moves involving climbing trees or otherwise using them to their advantage. Unlike MoonClan, SkyClan has been forced to be exceptionally forgiving of unusual cats and accept an adapted way of life unlike the other clans in which they have a handful of “daylight-warriors” who work for the clan during the day but return to their two-leg owners at night. MoonClan’s history has pushed them in the opposite direction, toward intolerance of cats who do not fit into the mold of an ideal warrior.

NightClan, meanwhile, could be considered something of a mix between ShadowClan’s personality and BloodClan’s history. Unlike NightClan, ShadowClan has a marshy forest territory and only supplement their freshkill pile with scavenged food, rather than using it as their primarily food source as NightClan does. Like ShadowClan, NightClan is proud to the point of arrogance and their small, sparse territory results in their ferocity, which occasionally manifests or is unfairly thought of as pure greed and blood-lust. While ShadowClanners have exceptionally sharp senses that allow them to hunt at night, NightClanners’ senses are dulled by the city and are generally poor hunters. In fact, Tigerstar comments in The Darkest Hour that walking through the city is akin to being deaf, blind, and lame.

BloodClan is not a true clan, but rather a loosely organized collection of alley cats living in a city. BloodClan cats are required to live alone, even apart from their immediate families, and they do not follow The Warrior Code. As a result, they have no medicine cats and cats who cannot hunt for themselves do not receive aid, even kits and elders. Like NightClan, BloodClanners are all highly trained fighters who rarely show mercy to others and feed primarily on two-leg trash. The city contains a much higher concentration of cats than the city clans, which makes prey scarce even with the abundance of scavenged food. This is not the same on our website, where NightClan shares an approximately equal share of territory with the rest of the clans and has roughly the same number of cats.

While DawnClan and RiverClan share several surface-level attributes –namely, their ability to fish and love for water- their clan personalities differ. DawnClan was started on a foundation of creating a peaceful clan, but RiverClan had no such beginning and RiverClanners are notoriously quick to take offense and their ready food supply makes them ferocious fighters year-round, when the other clans are suffering from malnutrition. Despite this difference, both clans are occasionally perceived by their neighbors as being needlessly stubborn and lazy. While I was designing DawnClan, I intentionally took a handful of small attributes from RiverClan that I believed also applied to DawnClan. Some of these include how DawnClanners’ thick, glossy coats help them swim and the occasional two-leg who mistakes a pretty DawnClanner for a kittypet.

SunClan has the most in common with their canon “counterpart,” WindClan. Both clans live in open grassland, are known for their love of open spaces, prey primarily on rabbits, and sleep in an open clearing. Both clans are also notably loyal and intelligent, but occasionally quick to flee and cautious about entering conflict. However, unlike SunClan, WindClan has an intimate knowledge of two-legs from seeing them on farms and have ranks of cats who specialize in building and navigating underground tunnels. WindClan also claims a special connection to StarClan that SunClan does not, as they are the nearest canon clan to the Moonstone and believe that as they always have unobstructed views of the stars, they are the most physically and spiritually close to their ancestors. On our website, MoonClan claims to have the strongest connection to StarClan, due to their history as the first clan and their proximity to the Moonstone.

While I could have gone on and on about the intricacies of comparing our clans to the canon clans, I tried to keep this monthly meow to the point. If you think there’s anything important or interesting I left out, please comment below, I’d love to hear all of your thoughts! I hope to update this Monthly Meow in a few months when the dust settles around the new clans, comparing them to the canon clans as well.



Rowankit, Silk-kit, Narrowkit, Insanekit, Paranoidkit, Asylumkit, Frantickit: Early September

Stormi, Terrakit, Singingkit, Thunderkit, Risingkit, Sevenkit, Ghostkit, Sparrowkit, Thunderkit, Oak-kit, Talonkit: Mid-September

Bearkit, Northkit, Silverkit, Amberkit, Featherkit, Southkit, Sturmkit, Northkit, Westkit: Late September


Heronpaw: Early September

Silverpaw, Autumnpaw, Crimsonpaw, Leafpaw, Owlpaw, Jaggedpaw, Glacierpaw, Kaiser II, Cinderpaw, Callingpaw, Shellpaw: Mid-September

Dazzlingpaw, Splashpaw, Heavenpaw, Thornpaw, Foxpaw, Lionpaw, Falconpaw, Riverpaw, Moonpaw, Jaypaw: Late September

Elders: Honeyflame, Witheredflame

Death: Kaiserstar



Frigidkit, Amberkit, Malicekit, Peachkit, Timberkit, Knightkit, Mallowkit, Flintkit, Hollowkit, Phantomkit, Hauntedkit: Early September

Hallucinatingkit, Cranekit, Firekit, Tallkit, Redkit: Mid September

Maplekit, Black-kit, Blazingkit, Falconkit, Dappledkit, Hopekit: Late September


Hawkpaw, Nightpaw, Legendpaw, Meadowpaw, Risingpaw, Young Eagle, Foxtail Grass: Early September

Tigerpaw, Vixenpaw: Mid-September

Exambientpaw, Brokenpaw: Late September

Medicine Cat: Spiritpaw (Early September)

Elders: Endlesstears

Deaths: Lionwhisper, Pantherfang, Threekings



Pantherkit, Wildkit; Early September

Crowkit, Slatekit, Frostkit, Meadowkit, Snakekit, Acornkit, Cragkit, Dragonkit: Mid-September

Brightkit, Nuclearkit: Late September


Red Cloud, Daisypaw, Variety of Flowers, He Fights, Races Eagles, High Backed Wolf, Standing Elk: Early September

Apep, Nephthys: Mid-September

Bloomingpaw, Burningpaw, Downwardpaw, Robinpaw, Distant Thunder: Late September

Deaths: Doehunter, Gorsepelt

NightClan Rebels


Wildpaw, Darkpaw, Fallenpaw: Early August

Deaths: Belarus

DawnClan Rebels

Elders: Antvenom, Prairieowl

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Reply Kingfish
5:54 PM on August 27, 2017 
Threekings is an elder and should be passing away this month. Also, Shasta Was made as an apprentice on December 6, 2016, meaning he will be an elder in October.
Reply Litten (Red)
7:04 PM on August 27, 2017 
Oi! (Yes, I know, it's different.) The death of Kaiserstar? That be very tragic. And one of my cats becoming deputy would be cool, which I doubt will happen. (Yes, I know this is the Monthly Meow.)
Reply Ember
11:25 PM on August 27, 2017 
Thanks for catching that, King! I just fixed the lists.

Litten, the deputy will be announced soon :)
Reply Brokenfang
9:04 AM on August 29, 2017 
Well Pantherfang ole buddy, its been real. Don't worry I'll make sure you go out right