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June Gathering

Posted by Ember on June 10, 2017 at 2:10 AM

Hello everyone!  I'm so sorry that I totally dropped the ball this past week and forgot about the gathering.  Thankfully, we don't have any big plots going on that will be hurt by pushing the gathering back a week.  So, the next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, June 16-18th.

About 40 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening but the gathering can go past that point if necessary.

The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (June 23-25th), following the same pattern.

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Reply Henry MacArthur
2:28 AM on June 10, 2017 
I will not be around for this Gathering. 15 to the 24th I'll be gone, what will this mean?
Reply Ember
2:37 AM on June 10, 2017 
Mossbranch, the medicine cats, or an elder can speak for MoonClan.
Reply Henry MacArthur
2:41 AM on June 10, 2017 
I'd rather have Kaiserstar know about Sunclans change in Leadership. If he was there he wouldn't allow others to speak for him.
Reply Ember
2:53 AM on June 10, 2017 
It might be unavoidable, since you won't be able to get online. Since it's an out-of-character issue, he won't be blamed in-character.

However, since most of our members are on summer vacation, we could possibly have the gathering take place over this week rather than next weekend. Would y'all want to do that instead?
Reply Henry MacArthur
2:56 AM on June 10, 2017 
If it's possible I'd prefer it, but if not I'll just have Kaiserstar sprain an ankle or something.
Reply ❄️SnowyBreezes❄️
7:52 AM on June 10, 2017 
The gathering I can take place but can't be online the 18th I will be going home from vacation
Reply Staghoove
9:00 AM on June 10, 2017 
I don't mind when the gathering is. I was wondering though. Is it possible that a few Rebels could go to find out information about Earthclan? I kind of want Mossypaw to go and tell Eclipse about everything XD
Reply Spirit and the gang
9:42 AM on June 10, 2017 
Lol, yea! But how would they get in without being noticed? Hmmmmmmmm.......
Reply Staghoove
1:23 PM on June 10, 2017 
Maybe they could hide among the Moonclan and Sunclan cats? I mean, they are most likely goign to join Moonclan and Sunclan when fighting Earthclan sooo....
Reply Ember
10:53 PM on June 10, 2017 
Hey guys, we should probably move the discussion of what to do with the rebels to the Plot Planning Page, so we can leave this page for deciding when to host the gathering.
Reply Gingerheart
11:18 PM on June 10, 2017 
I honestly prefer the Gathering to take place as soon as possible. Since next weekend is so far ahead I have no idea what my parents have planned for that weekend. I'd hate to miss the gathering and wait for it next weekend only for me to miss it anyway because my parents suddenly decided we should go somewhere or do something. Yes, that may not happen, but I'd rather do it now when I know I am able to take part in it.
Reply Spirit and the gang
11:59 PM on June 10, 2017 
Yea, I agree. The sooner the better. Unless there are too many people who would miss it.
Reply Shadowtail
2:28 AM on June 11, 2017 
I'll try to be on but I work the 16th and 17th but earlier in the day.
Reply Ember
4:00 PM on June 11, 2017 
Okay, I'm neutral on when we should hold the gathering so here's where the vote stands:

Neutral: Ember, Tawny
ASAP: Henry, Ginger, Silver
Feather, I don't know what you mean. I think your post is missing a few words?
Am I missing anyone?

Based on that vote, we should have the gathering as soon as possible. Leaders, please start putting your gathering lists together.

Here are the rebel members attending the gathering:
NightClan: Mossypaw (Lurkingsoul), Eclipse (Silverstorm), Witheredflame (Elm), Howlingwind (Lochflame), Belarus (Mockingdeath), Queenstride (Runningwish), Shadowfire (Pinemoon), Ashfire (Ginger), Red Cedartail (Flower), Stormpaw (Nightwing), Breezesong (Pallet)

DawnClan: Antvenom (Ember), Knightheart (Mocking), Blitz-sturm (Henry), Wavecrest (Flower), Prairieowl (Silverwind)
Reply Honeyy
12:19 AM on June 12, 2017 
I'm okay with this weekend.
Reply Mockingdeath & Co.
11:34 PM on June 12, 2017 
SunClan Cats |

Ember | Gorsepelt, Briarpath
Silverwind | Nighteagle, Dovepaw
Mocking | Desolatestar, Cryingmoon
L | Night, Spring Flowers
Hollow | n/a
Oozee | n/a
Ash | n/a
Duckii | n/a
Ryllvix | n/a
Echosplash | n/a
Silvervixen | Rainstream
Jaysconfused | n/a
Nyx | n/a
Silverstorm | n/a
Palleteclipe | Softwind, Cinderpaw
Mallowstep | n/a
Leaffur | n/a
Hawktalon | n/a
Gingerheart: Corncob, Pumpkinpatch
CinderingthePhoenix: Hollypaw
TawnyOwl (Lurkingsoul) | Rabbitleap,
Nightwing | Lionknight, Venompaw
Scribe | n/a
Raven | Tawnywish
Honeyy | Honeysplash
Featherheart | Rainleap, Snowthroat
Morningbreeze | Dawnchaser
Shadow: Dappledpaw, Lionriver
Redpaw | n/a
Runningwish | Brair Rose,
Kingfish | Growlingbear, Wanderingbear
Shade | Fallowpaw
Alienfish | n/a
Lochflame | Shatteredsky
Elm | Meadowflower, Moorpaw
Flower | Ashensky
Lilywish | n/a
Henry MacArthur | Doehunter
Redscar | Silence before Midninight
Blossom | n/a
Ripple | Ashleaf
Lost | Dusksun,
PineMoon | Frost
Shiryuu | Wavingpaw
Lunardrop | n/a
Dapple | n/a
Shadowtail | Raintalon,
Shadecloud | Whitefire
Newt | Newtpaw

Total | 41

Please let me know if I missed someone or if there is an issue with which of your characters are going. If I accidentally missed anyone's characters please let me know
Reply Henry MacArthur
10:42 PM on June 14, 2017 
Cats Attending Gathering from Moonclan
Henry MacArthur: Kendrick
PalletEclipse: Mossbranch, Streamswirl
Ember: Dawnfire
Mockingdeath & Co.: Silentcrusader
Silverwind: Waterdroplet, Ploverwing
Dapple: Mountain,Owl
Kingfish: Mamelukefang, Regalpaw, Reichpaw
Shadow: Owlwhisker
Morningbreeze: Ambergaze
Flower: Wanderingsoul
L: Wagingwars, Raventears
Gingerheart: Stormberry, Gingerpaw
Elm: Rosenettle
Silverstorm: Flameheart
Redpaw: Flowerstorm
Blossom: Adderstorm
Lurkingsoul: Nightnose, Elkpaw
Pantherfang: Fire
Shiryuu: Rubyfire, Unbreakingpaw, Dragonpaw
Runningwish: Amberbreeze, Hirondelle
Shadowtail: Mirrorfang, Windlily
Lunardrop: Stonestory
Pinemoon: Pines
MsKittyBear: Adamanthpath
TawnyOwl: Imperialeagle
Nightwing: Sparkpath, Flamingpaw
Hope: Icepaw
Featherheart: Scorchpaw, featherpaw
Reply Gingerheart
10:29 PM on June 16, 2017 
Earthclan cats attending the gathering

Gingerheart: Foxfur
Nightsoul: Sorrelpaw
Honeyy: Envypaw
L: Nebuladust, Lastpaw, Owleye
Silverwind: Carnationpaw, Endlesstears
Shadowtail: Shadowhawk
Shadow: Mistytalon
Runningwish: Dreamcatcher, Askpaw, Hiddensun
Kingfish: Bluedragon, Malardcry, Penguinpaw
Silverstorm: Faintfox
Ember: Grackleflight, Rustfeather, Tidepaw
Flower: Darkfall, Mossystone
Mockingdeath & Co.: Hauntingdreams
Shadow: Featherfur, Hailpaw, Rainpelt
Featherheart: Shadowtail
PalletEclipse: Clearwaters
Morningbreeze: Gentleflight, Midnightpaw
Elm: Devilpaw
Shade: Blazingpaw
Redscar: Redscar, Tiger
Shiryuu: Mustang, Blizzardstorm
JaysConfused: Vultureclaw
Lochflame: Lostfoot
Frost: Chaosflight
Angelwings: Snowflurry

(If I missed any or y'all would like me to change something let me know)