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Posted by Ember on December 19, 2015 at 10:25 PM

How do I roleplay here?

Roleplaying is done in past tense, third person, paragraph form. For instance:

Brownfur crossed through MoonClan’s camp, her ears pricking up as she heard Greypelt call her name from the other side of the camp. Oh StarClan, she thought, I hope I didn’t get assigned to the morning patrol again!

She trotted up to him and meowed, “Yes?”

Members of all skill and experience levels are accepted onto the roleplay. An effort should be put toward correct grammar and spelling, but lapses in either are acceptable. Ideal post length varies with situation, anything from a one-liner to a several-paragraph long post is allowed.

What do I do if I see another member breaking the rules?

If a moderator or the website owner is posting in the same area that the mistake occurred, always let them handle it.

If a moderator or the website owner is not present, it is acceptable to correct minor rule infractions (such as double posting, or not including roleplaying in every forum post) in a kind, polite manner. If another member has already reminded the member breaking the rule, do not repeat the reminder. If you both post at the same time and you did not see the other member’s correction before posting your own, please delete the portion of your post that included the repeated correction. Having multiple members hounding another for a minor rule infraction can be very overwhelming and unwelcoming for new members.

If a major rule is broken or minor rules are repeatedly broken despite reminders, always inform the website owner or one of the moderators rather than attempting to handle the situation on your own.

If you’re uncertain that a rule is being broken, inform a moderator or the website owner and they will handle the situation.

If you're nervous about reporting an instance of rule breaking to the site owner, you are welcome to use the anonymous "contact us" box on the Help Page.


What do I do if I see an error on the Clan Pages?

If a mistake has been made on the Clan Pages, you should post a correction to the Character Updates Page with a “Corrections” tag at the top. For many corrections, it is possible to use the formats provided for a usual update. For example, if a character’s death was posted to the Character Updates Page and even after an udpate they are still listed under the Clan Page, the appropriate corrections post would read:


Greypaw of MoonClan is dead.

If a character has been erroneously removed from the pages, repost them following the returning characters format.

The thread I was roleplaying on filled up. Can I create a new one? How do I?

All members are allowed to create new threads when old ones fill up. Go to the forum home, select the clan the old thread was in, click “new topic”, and title the new thread the exact same thing as the old thread. Be careful to use the proper punctuation (i.e. “MoonClan Camp” instead of “Moonclan Camp” or “moonclan camp”. In the post field, write out whatever actions you were planning to write in the old thread.

How do I make a character/how do I join a clan?

On this roleplay, members are considered entirely separate from their characters. Clans are an in-game entity, so a member would never “join a clan” themselves. Instead, they’d have original characters belonging to the clans.

To create a character, go to the Character Updates Page and follow the “New Character” form. It’s very important that you follow the exact format provided whenever you post on the Character Updates Page. Before you post your first character, it’s important that you become familiar with the rules (listed on the Home Page). In addition, it’s a good idea to read over the clan descriptions on The Clans Page so you’ll place your character into the most fitting clan.

Can my character be a leader/deputy?

Leaders and deputies are chosen by the site owner when a position becomes available. A guide on how leaders are chosen can be found here.

Can my character be a medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice?

Any member who has not broken any major rules, has been active on the website for over two weeks, and does not have another high ranking character may have one medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice. You do not need permission to create a medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice.

How does the aging system work?

The aging system (found on the Home Page) lists how long a character will remain in their current rank before being promoted. For example, a character posted as a kit will have to wait a month before their apprentice ceremony. A character promoted to the rank of a warrior will be at that rank for eight months, at which point they’ll become an elder.

A character cannot be promoted before the specified length of time has passed, nor can they be in that rank for longer than the time listed.

What constitutes an “impossible combination of colors” and how does this differ from an “impossible color”?

An impossible combination of colors is when a cat’s pelt color, pattern, and eye color are genetically possible individually, but not as a whole. For instance, a fertile tortoiseshell tom would be considered an impossible combination, or red eyes on a non-albino cat.

Impossible colors include pelt colors, patterns, and eye colors that would never be found on any cat. A cat with green fur would considered to have impossible colors.

How are mentors assigned?

All mentors are assigned by the leaders of each clan, different leaders have different methods for how they select mentor-apprentice pairs: some choose randomly, others make selections based on character personality, member activity, etc.

If you have a particular mentor or apprentice you would prefer your character to be assigned to, you can send a mentor request to the leader.

Why are registrations closed?

Registrations are closed to prevent the website from growing so large it becomes impossible to maintain. With too many members, it becomes difficult to build a close-knit community, form coherent plots, and enforce rules and other community guidelines.

When will registrations be reopened?

Registrations are usually opened for about one weekend a month. To ensure that you are accepted when registrations open, begin the registration process while memberships are still closed. You will be stopped at the message “Thanks for your interest. Your account is now pending approval”. All pending accounts are accepted when registrations open and are available for completion even after open registrations are closed. To have a closer estimate for when exactly registrations are reopened, contact the website owner at warriorcatsofthefore[email protected]

My account disappeared and I don’t know why. What happened and can I rejoin?

The only instance in which an account is removed without alerting the owner is when that member is inactive for two+ weeks without warning. If you were removed for inactivity, you’re welcome to rejoin the roleplay whenever registrations are opened.

When should I alert the website owner of planned inactivity?

If you are going to be gone for two or more weeks, it’s always best to alert the site owner so your account isn’t removed for inactivity.

However, if you have a character with an important individual role in a planned event (such as a gathering, battle, etc.) it’s best to alert the owner so the scene can be altered to accommodate for your character’s absence even if you won’t be inactive for more than a few days.

What constitutes “significantly edited” in regards to posting artwork?

“Significantly edited” can be a subjective definition, however as a general guideline, the user’s change to the artwork should be readily apparent and be a major component of the work. For instance, using another artist’s line art and coloring it with your character’s pelt pattern is acceptable, but using another artist’s completed piece and adding in a slight alteration to the character’s eye color to make it your own is not considered to be significantly edited.

Always have an artist’s permission before directly incorporating their work into your own and cite all references and other resources that you have used in the image description.

How should reference images, line art, or edited photos be cited on the Art Pages?

There are two ways to cite others work on the Art Pages: a link to the work used, or the artist’s name and the image host (ex. Deviant Art User Exampleface).

How do I upload a photo from mobile?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to upload photos, either to the Art Pages or as a profile picture, from mobile.

How do I stop receiving email notifications from webs?

Go to the members area, edit profile, notification preferences, then uncheck the box.

What should I do if I find a glitch?

If you find a glitch anywhere on the website, report the problem to our host, Webs, through their help forums. They’ll ask for information such as the site address, your IP address, your internet service provider, and a description of the problem you’re experiencing, so it’s best to include this in your original post.   It's a good idea to save the owner's email ([email protected]) in case a glitch prevents you from visiting the website at all.

How do I become affiliates with Warrior Cats of the Forest?

To request to become an affiliate of this roleplay, contact the website owner with your request and your website’s URL. As as guideline, all affiliates must be active, roleplay related, and all-age appropriate. Affiliates do not have to be warrior cats related.

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