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Monthly Meow XLI

Posted by Ember on October 27, 2015 at 9:50 PM

Hey guys! This past month the roleplay has seen the medicine cats’ rule step onto its last legs. Over the last few weeks, DawnClan executed Dawnswallow and returned to a traditional structure by electing new leaders and Weepingstar’s attempts to hold his clan together were impeded by Geckospots’ sudden disappearance. Over the past week the arc came to a head with the MoonClan rebellion and an all-out battle to determine who would control the clan. MoonClan zealots were bested by a force of all three other clans alongside Geckospot’s rebels and a new era of peace between the clans seems to be on the way. There are some broad idea of what the next arc will be on the plot planning page, I’d love to hear what all of you think we should do next. As well, we’re taking volunteers for which characters will be sent into MoonClan to help rebuild the clan. NightClan, DawnClan, and SunClan are sending four cats each (apprentices and warriors), while MoonClan will be sending a cat to each of the other clans. They will be there only temporarily, you can find all of the other details on the plot planning page.

Outside of the roleplay, we have welcomed in a number of new members as pending accounts were accepted. I hope that all of you are settling into the roleplay! Pending accounts will be accepted again this coming weekend, so if you have any friends meaning to join the website, make sure they’ve signed up by then.

For this Monthly Meow I’ll be answering the questions that y’all submitted in September. Thank you Halo for suggesting this Monthly Meow’s topic and to everyone who sent in questions!

  1. What made you want run the site? The website was actually started largely on a whim. My friend Silverwind and I had been on a warriors roleplay that had an inactive owner. We were frustrated by how unorganized it had become and decided to start our own.
  2. How much time in your day do you spend on the site? This varies depending on which day it is. I tend to spend about an hour on the site on weekdays split between the morning and evening, Friday updates take four to six hours, Saturdays and Sundays vary the most with one to four hours spent on the site depending on how many other things I do or don’t have going on.
  3. How have you managed to stay dedicated to the site? While I started the website just to participate in the roleplaying, I’ve become more interested in maintaining and improving the website itself. I take a lot of pride in keeping the roleplay organized and running. As well as that, I’m constantly amazed by the community that has grown here and its always a rewarding process to watch members’ roleplaying and art improve over the months or even years they spend roleplaying here.
  4. Has the site turned out how you imagined it when you first made it? No. Not at all. I could not have imagined that the website would grow this big or continue six, now nearly seven, years, let alone the community of talented roleplayers choosing to spend their time here. When the website started I expected it to last maybe a few months until the group of friends I started it with and I got bored and moved to something else. Interestingly, MoonClan was intended to be the only clan and the plot was supposed to function solely around them being affected by two-legs and natural disasters, there weren’t supposed to be any wars between groups of cats.
  5. How long did it take to gain 10 members? If you count ten members total, including those who registered and never post, maybe a few weeks from when the website was founded. However, if you count ten active members total this would be a few months. If you count ten active members on the website at one time, this didn’t happen until the website had been running for about three or four years and I began advertising through other roleplay sites.
  6. What is the most members we have had registered on the site at a time? Probably around 65, however many of those members were inactive. The most active members we have had at a time is around 50.
  7. How many Monthly Meows have you written? When did you start writing them? This is the 41st Monthly Meow. I started writing them at some point in 2011 and despite the name, they weren’t published consistently every month. At the time they also served a function closer to a history page (which we didn’t have at the time) than a newsletter. The Monthly Meows began to include ceremony lists and be more like a newsletter around 2013, around the time we made dedicated history and information pages.
  8. How many of the warrior cats books have you read? How did you first come to reading them? I read the first two arcs and started the third, as well as reading a handful of super editions and the Scourge comics. Silverwing, the person who I started this site with, shoved the books into my face enough that despite the fact that I didn’t find the concept very interesting, I read the first six books just to get her to shut up. I can only thank her now for being pigheaded, I enjoyed the books more than I originally thought I would, and became involved in the fandom shortly afterward.
  9. Who is your favorite past character and why? There have been so many fantastic characters, I’m going to have to choose my top ten listed chronologically. Sharkstar was the website’s first big villain, he’ll always have a special place in my heart for just being such a drama queen while remaining an intimidating bad guy. During Raven’s War I loved watching Silverstar’s exterior as a pragmatic but not entirely heart-less cat slowly crumble to reveal her true colors. In a similar vein, around the time of the Fallenstar’s War, Warpath made the transition from being Hawkeye’s right hand man, to an honorable hero for ending Cove and Vidia’s plot and attempting to warn NightClan of MoonClan’s first attack, to later turning on his allies. Each of these transitions were amazingly believable and made him one of the most three dimensional characters that had been on the website up to that point. Of course, it would be a crime for me not to mention Sunkenstar in this list. She was one of the most explosive villain characters this roleplay has ever had, but was anything but a mere threatening caricature. Her intricate backstory was considered every step of the way in progressing her character. While she was externally volatile and loud, her personality extended far beyond that into an introverted, self-conscious interior. In a very different vein, Mothstar of SunClan has always been a favorite of mine for just how sincere he was. He tried so hard to make the clans a better place, but things always worked against him in the end. As Fallenstar’s War came to an end, Hawkstar became DawnClan’s defining leader. He was immensely complex without losing his position as a father to the whole clan. In more recent arcs, I love how consistent Toxicstar’s personality was. He could be warm and compassionate, but throughout his life maintained the faults of being arrogant and uncompromising. Frozenstar was a major character in the same arc and was an amazingly consistent and three dimensional character throughout her nearly eight month rule: authoritative and cunning, but deeply and personally involved in the clan’s struggles. In our most recent arc, I have really enjoyed Ryestep and Weepingtiger. Ryestep is one of my characters, I am very happy with how her personal arc progressed from her being a pragmatic young she-cat, to being so ambitious that she cast aside all personal relationships, to at the end of her life realizing her own lack of compassion. Weepingtiger, the central character of our recently completed arc, has been among best villains this website has ever had. He had a vision and he had the drive, charisma, and courage to achieve it. He is above all else, terrifyingly realistic.
  10. What’s your favorite couple of the site? Of the current couples, I’m part of the “Phold” bandwagon. What a cute leader/deputy pair, their interactions are always fun to read.
  11. Your favorite clan? I think that all of the clans have their own strengths and weaknesses and tend to rotate between which clans I spend the most time on, but as a general rule I am consistently the most active in SunClan and sporadically active in NightClan. MoonClan and DawnClan switch off in the middle depending on what’s going on in the plot.
  12. Did you consider any other names for the clans while making the site? What were they? MoonClan, NightClan, and DawnClan were all named fairly easily, but when Sunknen and I brainstormed names for SunClan, it took a while to settle on one. The second runner up was DuskClan. I decided against this as this new clan was on a plain and would see the so much sunlight without trees or buildings in the way, so the name SunClan seemed natural.
  13. What was the average amount of characters in MoonClan just after the creation of SunClan? Sadly I don’t have records that go back that far, but my best guess would be around 40.
  14. Your personal favorite arc from the site? I have been a big fan of the most recent Medicine Cat overthrow arc. It’s been very different from earlier arcs and much wider in scale. I feel that way we transitioned into the arc was very realistic and the amazing leaders and other prominent cats we have had throughout the arc have done an amazing job in supporting it alongside their clan’s involvement.
  15. A memorable roleplay moment? The first scene that comes to mind is Mirestar being run out by MoonClan. I still have it saved on my computer. The situation was unplanned, from Mirestar’s conversation with Moonstar at the Moonstone, to Mirestar’s confrontation with Lichenstone and the clan overthrowing him. More recently, Amberstrike’s, Geckospots’, and Weepingstar’s speeches in the recent overthrow were all spectacular.
  16. Did Moonstar have kits? If so, do you own a character that is related to him? If not, when did his bloodline die out? Moonstar did have a daughter named Rabbitfur with an unknown she-cat. You can trace this line as far as Lilystar’s and Granitepelt’s kits in DawnClan, where it sadly died out.

Now, I’ve got some questions for all of you: How did you find out about the website? What is your favorite clan? Favorite arc? Do you any ideas for guides or other features for the website?




Dyingkit, Timberkit, Lunarkit, Cloudedkit, Infernokit, Sweetkit, Risingkit, Truthkit, Chilledkit, Littlekit, Lightkit, Dark-kit, Astralkit, Umbralkit, Scorchedkit, Winterkit, Wolfkit: Early November

Wildkit, Pumakit, Enchantingkit, Wolfkit, Ravenkit, Mintkit, Seikatsu, Mushroom, Kaiya, Yoshiko, Orangekit, Khan, Twilightkit: Mid November

Solsticekit, Shinku, Aka, Bramblekit: Late November

Warriors/Medicine Cat

Melodypaw, Dango, Riverpaw: Early November

Patchpaw, Dragonpaw, Batpaw, Firepaw, Lostpaw: Mid November

Witheredpaw, Breezepaw, Timepaw: Late November

Deaths: Drowningmoon, Dovemask




Deepkit, Changingkit, Scarletkit, Warmkit, Silk-kit, Strongkit, Quietkit, Evilkit, Brick-kit: Early November

Mallowkit, Moonkit, Pumpkinkit, Poppykit, Riverkit, Nocturnalkit, Bonekit, Sunkit, Mintkit, Iriskit, Nightkit, Sacredkit, Drippingkit, Stormkit, Cryingkit, Callingkit, Hollowkit: Mid November

Dawnkit, Sigrid, Sjojn, Hel: Late November


Nettlepaw, Eclipsepaw, Ivorypaw: Early November

Speckledpaw, Ebonypaw, Willowpaw, Honorpaw, Tranquilpaw: Mid November

Lightpaw, Darkpaw, Duskpaw, Owlpaw, Viperpaw, Alderpaw, Softpaw, Aerialpaw, Seapaw, Midnightpaw, Havenpaw, Nightpaw, Murkypaw, Runepaw, Snakepaw: Late November

Elders: Blazingtiger

Deaths: Bleedingrivers, Crow



Forgottenkit, Skeleteonkit, Molasseskit: Early November

Lanternkit: Mid November


Cougarpaw, Porcupinepaw, Hopepaw, Luckypaw, Lightningpaw, Electricpaw: Early November

Dirtpaw, Currentpaw, Dragonpaw, Dewpaw: Late November

Elders: Killua, Charredpelt, Blazingrose, Opalfreeze

Deaths: Alessia, Raifall, Ragingwar, Shreddednight, Whitejade



Serpentinekit, Bluekit, Moosekit, Kudos: Early November

Tornadokit, Mudkit, Gingerkit, Scootkit: Mid November

Eonkit, Voidkit, Desolatekit, Creepingkit, Dusk-kit: Late November

Warriors/Medicine Cat:

Grasspaw, Tawnypaw, Milkpaw, Tinderpaw, Whitepaw, Boulderpaw, Badgerpaw, Runningpaw, Maplepaw, Yuccapaw, Swiftpaw, Amaranthpaw, Beetlepaw, Dartingpaw: Mid November

Sourpaw, Sorrelpaw, Havenpaw, Solarpaw, Mintpaw, Icepaw, Gravelpaw: Late November

Elders: Tragicdeath, Bearheart, Hollyfrost

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Reply L
10:19 PM on October 27, 2015 
I was playing a game of baseball with my friends when the Mirestar rp happened and they were all pretty upset because I was just standing in the outfield on my phone rather than actually catching the ball like I should have been. It was a pretty intense rp. No one really knew what was going to happen because it hadn't been planned out ahead of time.
Reply Flower
11:29 PM on October 27, 2015 
1-I found the website just because I had finished the whole series and so I looked for a good active rp I found this place I scanned it looked at the rules and decided that is seemed pretty active and fun
2-Darn I'll have to say that my favorite clan is Moonclan since my favorite characters came from there and it's a really exiting clan
3-My favorite arc is the rise of the medicine cats it was very intense and exiting I only have about two other choices since sadly I came to the site not as soon as I would have preferred now that I've learned how great this site is
4-Okay so I think a good idea would be to add a new thread like a small gang of rouges bit not to many rouges if that's what you mean by features :/
Reply Flower
11:35 PM on October 27, 2015 
One more thing it says that Sorrow is becoming a warrior and Dwindlingpaw of Sunclan is his sister why isn't she becoming a warrior
Reply Agnosticangel
12:10 AM on October 28, 2015 
1. I found the site cause my 8th grade year we got the laptops and i was a huge nerd and so when i got the chance i joined some sites, if my memory doesn't deceive me y friend Misty or something TT^TT told me about it saying it was active and i joined/
2. Moonclan as you can tell XD and dawnclan
3. Hmmmmmmmmm the one where lavender was deputy
4. I don't get this
Reply Gray
7:38 AM on October 28, 2015 
I found the website when you joined my site (which has now been deleted) and I saw the link in your profile and I just sort of clicked.
My favorite clan is Nightclan, hands down.
I really like the Forest Against the CIty arc, when Cloverleaf went missing... That was fun. I remember not having any idea about what was going on.
And I agree with snowy. It would be cool to have some rogues.
Reply Ember
8:15 AM on October 28, 2015 
Snowy, Dwindlingkit became an apprentice last month and isn't due to be made a warrior until December. I can't seem to find where Sorrow is listed, which clan and time is she at?

By new features I mean, for example, new sections in the information page (like a calendar), new guides (like the Character Updates Guide, or Clan Hierarchy Guide), pretty much any new things that would make the site easier to use or more fun.
Reply OwlFae
12:39 PM on October 28, 2015 
1. I really missed doing the large group role plays and since i started doing them at age 13 when I started reading the series, of course I knew that I had to find an up and running site to join. I looked up a bunch of popular sites that are active, and this one was by far the most active and well organized. I was afraid I'd be the oldest on the site. I'm glad I'm not!
2. I don't think I have a favorite clan? I have a lot of cats in MoonClan, so I suppose that can be considered my fave?
3. I've only been around for one arc, this one that's just ending, The Fall of the Medicine Cats! So I guess it's my fave so far!
4. As for ideas, I don't have many. I think a tribe would be cool, though, like we discussed earlier in plot planning. I feel with rogues maybe it would be harder to control? Since they wouldn't have any structure and would likely just roam around in territory causing problems. A tribe would introduce new structure, and I think it would be interesting. Plus then the map could expand a bit and new cool areas could be added
Reply Agnosticangel
1:20 PM on October 28, 2015 
Ohhh!! I think maybe making the sarclan and dark forest thing a year long thing or ummm a calendar would be cool! Like we could put up important site dates and adding birthdays of members would be cool, but you don't have to have your birthday on the calendar if you don't wish to
Reply Whiteflower
3:57 PM on October 28, 2015 
How I found the site: Rainpelt and Swallowheart (She left a while back). I was bored and they told me about the site. I nagged them until they gave me the web address, and then I stumbled my way through everything from there.

Favorite clan: Dawnclan right now, probably because I have had my favorite recent characters there.

Favorite arc: Bloodpath. Anything that had to do with him I adored.

Guide stuff ideas: Ooh, the birthday thing would be cool, it wouldn't have to be official or anything but it would really help the birthday artists. I always want to draw things for people's birthday but then I end up being super late... Good idea, Lavender!

I would love it if there could be a feature on the Guestbook that would allow us to search characters by member's names. I hate it when I have to look through the endless pages for old characters, and it would be so much easier to be able to see a member's posts on there by typing in their name. It would help on finding original post dates, too.
Reply L
4:16 PM on October 28, 2015 
@Ebony The Guestbook was designed by Webs, and there really isn't anything about it that the site owner can change. It comes all premade and preset. I think the only thing it allows you to edit is how many entries appear on each page and who can post on it (members, nonmembers etc.)

1. I found it advertised on another, inactive, role-play site and I decided to join when the ad mentioned that it had been running and active for four years.
2. My favorite clan switches between MoonClan and NightClan, depending on what's going on in each. I've never really roleplayed heavily in the other clans.
3. Although I have to say that my favorite arc is the medicine cat one because of how well it played out and how different it was, I also really liked the build up to it, which wasn't a whole arc in itself but just a series of event. The growing tension between MoonClan and NightClan during Frozenstar's rule, the maiming of the kits, Wildstar's execution, Toxcistar's death- all of that.
4. The calendar seems like a great idea.
Reply Queen of Warrior Cats
4:34 PM on October 28, 2015 
I found the site once I was too old and bored of Animal Jam to play it anymore, so I searched Google for warrior cat rp sites. I joined a bunch, but none of therm lasted. Then I found this one :)

My favorite Clan would have to be NightClan because of the idea. I never would've imagined a city Clan!

My favorite arc would be Fall of the Medicine Cats since it was, obviously, the only one I've been in.

I like the tribe and birthday calendar idea :D I've always wanted for someone to draw me something for my birthday, and I might even draw something for someone if my drawing skills improve.
Reply Riversoul
5:08 PM on October 28, 2015 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Whiteflower
6:25 PM on October 28, 2015 
@Angel Aw. That would have been awesome if it could be edited.
Wait, there's going to be a tribe? Maybe? O.o I vote in favor of that!
Oh, and thank you for answering all those interview questions, Ember! That gave me a lot of insight to just how much you do for this site! Thank you! :)
Reply Fangchica
6:26 PM on October 28, 2015 
My cousin Basil knew I was a big Warrior Cats fan, and introduced me to the site. Luckily, registrations were open, so I didn't have to wait XD I try to play in all the clans, but I can't help but lean towards Nightclan and I don't really have a favorite arc, really, they were all great. I do like this arc, but I don't like it as much as I would simply because I was horrible at role playing Eclipse.....oh well X3.I like the idea of a calander, where, yes it would be a bit of work, but you could like draw one for each month and label the birthdays of the members and certain arc things like battles and all that so we just look on the most recent MM whatever Roman numeral and we can check instead of shifting through the plot planning pages, and you could just make a layout and add as you go along and maybe post it in the albums under information?
Reply Ember
9:29 PM on October 28, 2015 
I?ll play around with the calendar idea this coming weekend :) It would be more geared toward gatherings, medicine cat meetings, other date specific plot events, the three ceremony timespans, etc. than personal things, but we could add in birthdays.
While I think it would be cool have a new tribe, loners/rouges, or clan, or any other group of cats, there is so much work involved in keeping the current pages updated. As well, there?s the difficulty involved in working them into the plot (especially considering we?d have an odd number of groups) and coordinating with the leaders, and the number of members we keep isn?t enough for additional leadership positions with the rate they rotate out at. I don?t think it?s realistic to add another and keep everything to the same standards we have now.
Reply Flower
12:07 AM on October 29, 2015 
Sorry no idea why auto correct said sorrow what I meant was it says that dirtpaw of Dawnclan is becoming a warrior and Dwindlingpaw is his sister
Reply Queen of Warrior Cats
7:43 AM on October 29, 2015 
@ Ember Possibly if more people join, and after things settle down a little?( I know its very unlikely, but I have some ideas that will probably go to waste, but whatever. )
Reply Ember
8:20 AM on October 29, 2015 
Dirtpaw became an apprentice two months ago, while Dwindlingkit became an apprentice a month ago because she fell after the August Monthly Meow was posted and wasn't included alongside her siblings.

Memberships are being held at a fairly constant level right now, for the kind of close-knit website that I like this one to be the member count shouldn't much higher than where it hovers around now. The only way I can see the number of updates falling dramatically enough for a fifth clan to be introduced is if the member count shrinks to a much lower number.
Reply Flower
9:14 AM on October 29, 2015 
Oh okay then
Reply Riversoul
11:59 AM on November 1, 2015 
This content has been removed due to abuse.