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Wix Move

Posted by Ember on June 24, 2018 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi guys! As you may have heard, I’ve decided to move Warrior Cats of the Forest to a new host, Wix, due to the ever-growing list of glitches that have made our current website all but unusable. This website will remain accessible through the URL warriorcatsoftheforests.webs.com after the move, but all roleplaying and other activities will take place on the new site. The new website can be found here, but please note that it is still under construction and very messy.

I’m uncertain of how quickly the move will progress and expect that there will be unforeseen challenges and shortcuts along the way, but I hope to have everything up and running by Saturday, June 30th. You are welcome to go ahead and make an account now, but until the website officially opens all roleplaying will remain here. In the meantime, please keep an eye on out for any new blog entries.

Here is a rough outline of how the move should progress. First, I will finish building the functional aspects of the website (forums, page content, settings), then the superficial aspects of the website (primary design, individual page layouts, miscellaneous cleaning and fidgeting). The current design of the website will not be its permanent appearance, rather Sunken and I will create several potential layouts –including one that is as close as possible current site appearance- and hold a vote to determine the site’s ultimate appearance. If you would like to try your hand at creating a potential new layout, please PM me and I can offer some guidelines. Then, I will transfer the domain to the new website and open it for roleplaying by current WCF members. Next, I will repost important blog entries (rule changes, Monthly Meows, anniversaries, guides, etc.), followed by a new advertisement guide, and we can begin recruiting new members. From there, the last two tasks will be reposting art albums and then running through the website to find any errors or areas for improvement.

To make this process as smooth as possible, I’ll need your help, particularly with easy but time-consuming tasks such as advertising, archiving and reposting art, and searching for errors. Thank you so much to the people who have already reached out to me, I will send out instructions for helping archive art as soon as I am home and can access the website email again.

Lastly, I just want to sincerely thank all of you who have stuck it out with WCF these past few months. I’m painfully aware that they’ve been some of the roughest in the site’s history and hope that this change in host will be a new start for us and the community can to thrive for years to come.


June Gathering & Medicine Cat Meeting

Posted by L on June 7, 2018 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone, sorry that this post is coming in a little last minute! 

The Gathering for June is scheduled to take place this coming weeked, from the evening of June 8th (Friday) through the afternoon of June 10th (Sunday) although can run a little longer if the plot requires. About 40 cats should be attending from each clan and please make sure that every member with an elligble character has at least one attending per clan. If you are unable to get a list together given the short notice, I will create one for you come Friday evening. 

The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (June 15-17). 

There are no set topics of discussion for this Gathering, although tensions should remain high given the murder that occurred at the last Gathering and the border skirmishes that have happened since last month. Let's try to use this event to bolster the war plot. 

Monthly Meow LXXII

Posted by L on May 30, 2018 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey, everyone! As I'm sure you're aware by now, Ember is away in Costa Rica until June 25th doing some science things. Let's all take a collective moment to pray she does not catch some weird monkey disease. Anyway, until she returns I'll be handling the general management and weekly updates to the site. 

May was a relatively quiet month due in large part to the Webs glitch that prevents new members from joining the site. Still, we've seen a bit of an uptick in activity these past couple of weeks as we all approach summer break. Hopefully this holds and Webs is able to resolve the glitch before Ember's return. We saw a border skirmish between MoonClan and EclipseClan that resulted in the death of a few MoonClan cats. There was also a negotiation between Tigerstar and Hollowstar that saw Pumapaw returned to MoonClan. Over the coming month tensions should remain high and we should see further border skirmishes break out between the clans. 

For this Monthly Meow I will be presenting my long overdue "Guide" on how to create a cat with a realistic appearance. This comes from a touch of research on the Interwebs, but mostly from first hand experiences. As some of you may know I work at a humane society (animal shelter) where I mostly deal with animal intake, behavioral evaluations, and assist on the data analysis/ PR team. I see 100+ cats on a monthly basis and would like to think I've picked up a thing or two over the course of my employment. 

I will be briefly going over fur color and patterns and eye colors:

Realistic Fur Color & Patterns:

Fur Length:

Cats that are accustomed to living outside typically have much thicker and shinier coats than indoor cats. 

  • Short: Most common fur length for feral cats.
  • Medium: Can be found in feral cats, likely to suffer from matting and debris tangled in their fur. 
  • Long: Relatively unrealistic for feral cats. Long fur becomes easily matted and tangled. Speaking from personal experience, a long haired cat is automatically disqualified from our Barn Cat Program for that very reason.

Fur Color:
  • White: Uncommon
  • Red/ Ginger/ Orange: Common, often found in males (but not exclusively) as this fur color gene in females usually results in tortoiseshell/ calico patterning.
  • Buff/ Cream/ Sand: Common, a lighter variation of red. 
  • Brown/ Tan/ Chocolate: Common
  • Grey/ Silver/ Blue: Common
  • Black: Common
  • Albino: Rare, a genetic mutation in which the hair and skin do not have pigmentation. 
  • Melanistic: Rare, a genetic mutation in which the hair and skin have a dark pigmentation (melanin). Hard to distinguish from a solid black cat, as they do not possess the tell-tale eye colors of an albino cat. 

Solid: The entire cat is one color with no tabby markings/ white patches.
Bicolor: A color pattern in which a cat has one of previously listed colors and white. Tabby cats can have some white on them but are not considered bicolor. 
Tabby: Varying types of stripes overlaying a solid base color. 
  • Ticked (“Agouti”;): Very light, dotted pattern that changes to tiger tabby stripes at the legs, tail, and face.
  • Classic: Also known as marble tabby markings these markings create thick, swirling patterns.
  • Tiger (“Mackerel”;): Most common tabby marking. These markings are thin, vertical stripes that sometimes fade off into spots or slight ticking towards the sides/ stomach.
  • Spotted: Uncommon, often found in purebred exotic breeds such as bengals, savannahs, and ocicats. Come in traditional, rosetted, and oceloid. 

Tricolor: In cats, the gene for coat color is found on the X sex chromosome. It is for this reason that tricolor cats will almost always be female. Tricolor males are the result of a genetic mutation and are largely infertile.

  • Calico: Composed of varying shades of whites, blacks, and oranges.
  • Traditional Calico: Black and ginger splotches over a white coat. May be small, large, with any frequency.
  • Dilute Calico: Silver and buff splotches over a white coat.
  • Tortoiseshell: Composed of varying shades of blacks, oranges, and whites.
  • Traditional Tortoiseshell: Black coat with ginger ticking.
  • Dilute Tortoiseshell: Grey coat with buff ticking.
  • Torbie: Tortoiseshell/ tabby mixture. The cat will have traditional calico or tortoiseshell colors with faint tabby markings visible in the ginger/ cream splotches.

Colorpoint: The body of the cat is white/ cream while the colored points are located at the face, ears, tail, and legs.

  • Seal: Dark gray points.
  • Lilac: Light gray points.
  • Chocolate: Dark brown points.
  • Flame: Orange points.

Realistic Eye Color:

All kittens are born with blue eyes. They retain this color until about 6-7 weeks of age.

Cat eye color is on a spectrum, for example there are not just blue and green eyes, but varying shades of color between blue and green. With that being said, I will go over the primary colors.

Purebred cats tend to have more intense/ vibrant eye colors.

Blue: Rare

  • Generally speaking, color point cats (such as Siamese and Snowshoe) are the most likely to have blue eyes. Bicolor cats and all white cats are also capable of having blue eyes.
  • Ojos Azules- Rare mutation first discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations in which cats have developed blue eyes without possessing the color point/ bicolor genes that suppress pigmentation.

Green: Uncommon
Hazel: Common
Yellow: Common
Orange: Uncommon
Albino: Rare

  • Blue-eyed albino
  • Lilac-eyed albino
  • Pink-eyed albino

Heterochromia: A genetic mutation in which the irises are different colors. 

  • Complete Heterochromia: Both eyes are a completely different color.
  • Sectoral Heterochromia: One or both eyes have a section of the iris that is a different color.
  • Central Heterochromia: The center of the iris is a different color than the outside.


Quietkit, Hornetkit- Early June
Black-kit- Mid June
Sapphirepaw, Duskpaw, Castorpaw, Servalpaw, Pumapaw- Early June
Tundrapaw, Daypaw, Nightpaw, Flutteringpaw- Mid June
Birdy, Swift Willow, Ravenpaw, Rustlepaw- Late June
Tigerstar, Nightfrost, Hoshi
Silversnow, Autumn-night, Batear

Scorchkit, Driftkit, Fenkit- Mid June
Ragingpaw, Black Magic- Early June
Rainpaw, Harepaw- Mid June
Firpaw, Rabbitpaw, Clatterpaw- Late June
Apep, Daisybelle, 

Anemonekit- Early June
Charlie- Mid June
Speckledpaw, Lostpaw, Blueberrypaw, Plumpaw- Early June
Midnight of Peaceful Dreams, Lionpaw, Leopardpaw, Oddpaw, Notchedpaw- Mid June
Cariboupaw, Elkpaw- Late June
Mercilesswinds, Midnightscream
Brokenfang, Pondstep

Flowingkit, Blazingkit- Mid June
Kestrelpaw, Urutupaw, Max, Rascal, Moonlight, Benthal- Early June
Slypaw- Late June

Rule Change and Discord

Posted by Ember on May 9, 2018 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (4)

In light of recent concerns surrounding unofficial chat servers, the moderators and I have decided to institute a new rule: members may not create or participate in unofficial chat servers. This new rule will become effective on May 12th, to give everyone time to shut down any current servers. Any members found in violation of the rule after that point will be suspended or banned from the website, in accordance with the severity of their infraction.

However, I recognize that these unofficial servers were created due to the inadequacy of our current systems for out-of-character chatting, so in place of the unofficial servers, I have created an official Discord server that will take the place of our former simple chatbox on the Home Page.

All roleplayers will have the same expectations and responsibilities as on the rest of the site and moderators will help me enforce rules there (see Rule Infractions & Penalties for more information about how rule infractions are handled). All Warrior Cats of the Forest rules apply to this chatbox and members found to be in violation of the rules will face the same consequences as if they had broken the relevant rule elsewhere on the website.

The official discord server can be accessed both from the Home Page of this website and from the discord website and applications. It is open to both people with a discord account and guests and can be viewed by anyone, just like our former chat box.

This official server has several different “channels” with different purposes:

  • Rules. Reinforces the website’s rules as well as chatbox-specific rules, such as posting in the appropriate channel and avoiding spamming.
  • Announcements. This channel is for announcing new litters, drawings, the start of plot events such as battles, or more important things such as new blog entries. This will not replace the News Page, where all important announcements will continue to be posted.
  • General Chatting. This channel is the most similar to our current chat box, where you can just chat about whatever comes to mind from Captain America being your least favorite Avenger (sorry, L) to how much EarthClan’s camp looks like Michigan.
  • Short Term Planning. This is where you can post if you are looking for a roleplay partner or want to set up a particular scene that doesn’t have consequences for the overall plot. All plot planning should be done on the Plot Planning Threads in the forum.
  • Posted. Here, you can directly @ members when you post and, if they enable notifications, they will be alerted.
  • Advertisements. Here you can advertise other roleplays, social media accounts such as DeviantArt or Instagram, or just about anything else that is appropriate for all ages.

If you have any trouble navigating the new chat box, creating an account, or otherwise working with Discord, please ask the moderators for help. River, Mocking, and Pallet are all familiar with the system and should be able to help you out.

EDIT: There's been some confusion about what should happen to former chat servers.  They don't have to be completely erased (that is, past messages can still be accessible), but they shouldn't continue to be active.  If possible, the server should be blocked such that no one can post on it past the 12th.

Ember's Hiatus

Posted by Ember on May 9, 2018 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (2)

Hi guys! I’ve mentioned it in the off-topic chat a few times before, but I’d like to formally announce that I’ll be away from the website for a month this summer. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to conduct field research in Costa Rica from May 25th to June 25th and during this time will have only intermittent, limited access to the internet. While I’ll stop by when I can to say hi and roleplay a bit, I won’t be able to maintain the website during this time.


In my place, L will be updating the pages and leading the moderator team. Please be patient and flexible with him, and -at the risk of sounding like your mother- be on your best behavior. Everything in-game should continue as normal and L plans on updating the pages every Friday to keep with the current schedule. Should anything come up and adjustments to the schedule be made, he’ll let y’all know.


May Gathering & Med. Meeting

Posted by Ember on May 7, 2018 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (5)

Hi y’all!  The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, May 11th-13th. About 40 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (May 18-20th), following the same pattern.

There isn't a defined plan for this gathering yet, so please check out the Plot Planning Threads so we can set up some drama!



Monthly Meow LXXI

Posted by Ember on April 29, 2018 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello! I hope that all of you have had a beautiful April and are looking forward to the warmer summer ahead. This past month on the website has been chock-full of action, from drama at the gathering, to prisoners in several clans, and finally to several changes in leadership. For a more in-depth recap, see the History Page. Plot planning has slowed down in the past two weeks or so, but we’re beginning to reach the end of our specifically planned plot points and should be discussing where we want to head from here, particularly in regards to future battles and the future of The Deliverance. To share your thoughts, check out the Plot Planning Pages.

Unfortunately, the part two I promised for last month’s Monthly Meow didn’t work out the way that I’d hoped and I’m uncertain of how much actual information I can draw out of the data and due to finals, I didn’t have the time to start from the beginning. Over the next month, I will re-examine it and if I find a way to get more substantial information, I will publish it either as a Monthly Meow or as a stand-alone blog entry. In place, River has written a Monthly Meow using Oscar Ichazo concept of “The Enneagram of Personality” and the data from March’s Monthly Meow to compare the clans’ theoretical personalities to each other and to the actual personalities of their members. From here onward, this Monthly Meow was written by him.

The Enneagram of Personality is a comprehensive personality typing system, which divides personality into nine types, each with a loose archetype. Each type is, of course, much more than its label, and the labels don’t begin to do each of these types justice, but they’re good for a basic understanding.

  1. Reformer/Perfectionist
  2. Helper/Giver
  3. Achiever/Performer
  4. Individualist/Romantic
  5. Investigator/Observer
  6. Loyalist/Loyal Skeptic
  7. Enthusiast/Epicure
  8. Challenger/Protector
  9. Peacemaker/Mediator

These nine types are also divided into three “centers of intelligence” - the heart center (2, 3, 4), the mind center (5, 6, 7), and the body/instinct center (1, 8, 9).

The enneagram also provides individuals with a tritype, consisting of three number-types, one from each center - in order of your use of the intelligence centers. For example, one’s tritype could be 296. Their primary type, in this case, would be a 2, in the heart center. Secondarily, they make use of the body center, with their 9 type being dominant out of the three (1, 8, 9). In a tertiary function, they use their mind center, the 6 being their dominant type.

Applying this to the provided personality demographics and the clans themselves is difficult, considering the personality demographic categories don’t line up perfectly with the enneagram types. However, in a rough estimate, I’ve assigned them as follows:

  • (Body) 1 - Reformer/Perfectionist - Aggressive - not necessarily in the physical way, but could be considered aggressive in their approach to seeking perfection
  • (Heart) 2 - Helper/Giver - Warm - it can be imagined that the caregiver type would exemplify the trait of warmth
  • (Heart) 3 - Achiever/Performer - Dedicated - Threes revolve around achievement
  • (Heart) 4 - Individualist/Romantic - Spirited - this was hard to type, but Fours are confident individualists, in search of origin, which could align with being a spirited soul
  • (Mind) 5 - Investigator/Observer - Sharp - sharp of the mind
  • (Mind) 6 - Loyalist/Skeptic - Secretive - always seeking guidance, thus their own opinions may be kept secret
  • (Mind) 7 - Enthusiast/Epicure - Entitled - fear deprivation
  • (Body) 8 - Challenger/Protector - Dominant - Eights are also known by the archetype of “Leader”, and hate being controlled
  • (Body) 9 - Peacemaker/Mediator - Reserved - Nines tend to be non-confrontational

Based on these assignments, the clans seem to hold a majority of type Twos, Fours, and Nines. This doesn’t surprise me too much. The Twos seem to be a common type on this site - in day-to-day roleplaying, I always notice a handful of caregiver types of characters. An abundance of Fours (that is, individualist/romantic) would also make sense, with the type of character centered around being “unique” or “different” being a popular choice. The abundance of Fours could also be due to the assignment of Four to “spirited” being perhaps the least accurate of the nine. The type Nines aren’t too uncommon either - quiet, shy, or reserved characters are rather common on this site.

To assign each clan a type, I feel, would generalize the clans too much. However, a tritype and intelligence-center-stack could provide some insight.

From the previous MM: “for instance, MoonClan was expected to have higher than average percentages in aggressive, dedicated, and dominant, SunClan was expected to have higher than average percentages in dedicated, reserved, and sharp, EarthClan was expected to have higher percentages in spirited, warm, and entitled, and EclipseClan was expected to have higher than usual percentages in aggressive, dominant, secretive, and sharp.”

These personalities don’t align perfectly with the tritype format, with the exception of SunClan. So, in another rough estimate, I’ve assigned the clans as follows:

MoonClan - 836 - The 83 is derived from the above quote. However, the direct traits Ember suggested would amount to a 138, comprising a tritype of body, heart, body. The Eight and Three both make sense to me - the Eight would account for MoonClan’s traditionalism and adherence to the code - type Eights value justice, truth, and self-sufficiency, among other things, and a fear of being controlled, while type Ones value perfection, goodness, integrity, and balance, and fear corruption - I feel the type Eight’s need for justice and truth represents MoonClan’s honor and nobility better than the type One’s perfection. The Three, meanwhile, would account for MoonClanners’ dedication. I feel the Eight represents MoonClan slightly better than the One in the body center, so I’ve removed the One from the tritype and plugged in a Six for their tertiary mind type - the “loyalist” archetype seems to fit this clan, often described using the word, quite well - although my assignment of “secretive” to the Six type (to honour its skepticism and reliance on guidance) may not align too well with MoonClan’s ideals. This would amount to an intelligence-center-stack of body (instincts), heart (feelings), mind (logic), which I don’t think strays too far from MoonClan’s intended identity.

SunClan - 539 - This is taken directly from Ember’s typing of “dedicated[3], reserved[9], and sharp[5],” as it aligns with the tritype format - I’ve just changed around the order of these a bit, to better match my impression of SunClan. The Five type seems to align with SunClan’s traits well - observation, intelligence, etc. The Three type, meanwhile, fits with SunClan’s value on dedication and resilience - SunClanners must be achievers, striving for everything, if they wish to survive. The Nine, meanwhile, I imagine would be a very weak tertiary type, but distinctively present. SunClanners are calm and level headed, by definition, and I’ve always perceived them as quite diplomatic - all these traits could fit into the Nine’s archetype of the peacemaker or the mediator. This tritype would fit with a function stack of mind (logic), heart (feelings), body (instincts), which I think fits SunClan well enough, especially with the weak tertiary Nine - SunClan is described as the “think before you leap” clan, which wouldn’t be very conducive with the instinctual, commonly impulsive body center being dominant at all.

EarthClan - 478 - From Ember’s definition of “spirited[4], warm[2], and entitled[7]” comes the 47 of this - I’ve chosen Four over Two for the heart center, in favour of the individuality route we’ve chosen for EarthClan - the type Four values individuality and knowing oneself. The secondary Seven of this tritype is from Ember’s definition [entitled=7] - I think this fits rather well with EarthClan, considering their conditions and values. EarthClanners are known to lead rather easy lives, given their luxurious territory. Additionally, with our plan for them to act more defensively than offensively in the war, they could be considered (most likely by the other clans) to be a clan that doesn’t understand fighting for what is theirs. All of this would lend to the trait of entitlement. The Eight of the tritype, meanwhile, is a bit of a stab in the dark on my part - given that EarthClan’s identity is so uncertain at the moment, much of this is speculation, but the Eight type seems to suit the general layout for EarthClan better than the other two body-center types of the enneagram, the One (reformer/perfectionist, which wouldn’t align with EarthClan’s tolerance values), and the Nine (peacemaker/mediator, which could align with EarthClan, but strays a bit close to DawnClan’s traits, which I think we’re trying to clear distinguish as different from EarthClan’s). The type Eight is considered the “challenger/protector”, and has also been called the “leader” - I aligned this trait with the “dominant” category. Although this may seem a bit off for the common EarthClan impression, the “challenger/protector” definition could suit the plan for EarthClan to be a firm sanctuary (defending anyone who sets foot on their territory, for example) - a defender, certainly. This tritype would comprise an intelligence-center-stack of heart (feelings), mind (logic), body (instincts).

EclipseClan - 853 - Ember’s estimation of the EclipseClan personality types was “aggressive[1], dominant[8], secretive[6], and sharp[5]”. From these, I’ve taken just the 85 for the tritype, seeing as all four traits align with types in the body or mind centers. The type Eight (typed with “dominant”;), I feel, works as EclipseClan’s primary type - especially in its location in the body (instincts) center. Although the type Eight’s need for justice and truth may not perfectly align with EclipseClan (for example, this could clash with their belief that “the ends justify the means”;), their fear of being controlled and their need for self-sufficiency does line up rather well with EclipseClan’s values, as well as my placement of the type Eight alongside the trait “dominant.” The type Five (sharp) of the mind center is also derived from Ember’s definition of EclipseClan’s traits, and I think it fits well enough - the observer/investigator, that fears incapability, incompetence, and helplessness - this would also correlate with EclipseClan’s type Eight need for self-sufficiency. Finally, EclipesClan’s heart center type would likely be the Three, giving to EclipseClan’s drive to accomplish their ambitions. This tritype makes up an intelligence-center-stack of body (instincts), mind (logic), heart (feelings).

To recap, the clans and their intelligence center stacks are:

  • MoonClan - 836 - BHM
  • SunClan - 539 - MHB
  • EarthClan - 478 - HMB
  • EclipseClan - 853 – BMH

This is a rather balanced distribution - the only types missing entirely from the tritypes are the type One and Two. The primary centers of intelligence, meanwhile, are also distributed well - with two body types, one mind, and one heart. In relation to this, it’s interesting to consider the body center’s distribution of two primaries, two tertiaries - all or nothing, on the extremes.

Looking at the clans in this manner, it’s interesting to draw observations from certain similarities and differences between their types - both MoonClan and EclipseClan have the Eight as their primary type, though this is in very different ways - MoonClan shares the Eight’s value on justice and truth, while EclipseClan shares the Eight’s value on self-sufficiency and some other aspects I didn’t go into in the typing description - such as the Eight’s fixation on vengeance and their tendency to forcefulness. Both clans share the Eight’s basic fear - to be controlled, and both clans fit the the instinctual intelligence center adequately.

Another interesting comparison can be found in SunClan and MoonClan’s intelligence center stacks - exactly opposite of each other. However, where SunClan and MoonClan are the same is in the placement of their heart center, and furthermore, the type of that heart center - both Threes. Dedication and achievement, on a variable spectrum.

Comparisons between the clans’ current personality demographics and their theoretical personality demographics can also be drawn through the enneagram system. According to the clans’ tritypes, their demographics should show a loose resemblance to:

  • MoonClan - 8>3>6
  • SunClan - 5>3>9
  • EarthClan - 4>7>8
  • EclipseClan - 8>5>3

However, analysing the statistics collected by Ember and I, the clans tend in a pattern favouring characters of the Four, Nine, and Two types, as I mentioned near the beginning of this article - these types only appear once throughout all the clans’ tritypes. Through Ember’s statistics, the clans currently resemble a pattern closer to:

  • MoonClan - 9>4>2
  • SunClan - 4>2>9
  • EarthClan - 2>4>9
  • EclipseClan - 9>5, 2, 1

Of course, these types are expected to differ, seeing as they’re based on not entirely accurate data aligned with traits, which I only loosely aligned with enneagram types - however, they do provide a bit of insight into how the clans differ from how they should be.

For more information on the enneagram, this trusty, 100% credible source is a good start for a basic understanding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality#Nine_types

If you would like to write a Monthly Meow of your own, you can find more information here.



Canopuskit, Flamekit: Early May

Fighterkit, Ashkit, Clerickit, Bardkit, Roguekit: Mid May


Silentpaw, Bravepaw, Tsarpaw, Spiderpaw: Early May

Valleypaw, Meadowpaw, Plateaupaw, Vermilionpaw, Rainpaw, Summerpaw, Snowpaw: Mid May

Inkypaw: Late May

Medicine Cat: Forestpaw (Mid May)

Elders: Silversnow, Autumn-night, Crimsonsky, Foxfang, Lionheart, Lichenfrost, Batear

Deaths: Ghostfang, Stillpool



Bastet, Mirekit, Sagekit, Heatherkit, Osiris, Setekh: Early May

Burdock-kit, Macawkit, Gullkit, Ashenkit: Mid May

Blossomkit, Eaglekit, Acornkit, Shadowkit: Late May


Flintpaw, Oakpaw, Glacierpaw: Early May

Wasp Buzzing, Magpie Song, Stars that Fall, Sarospaw, Tidepaw, Eocenepaw, Eternitypaw, Omnipaw, Pepperpaw, Redpaw, Sparkpaw, Lostpaw: Mid May

Blazingpaw, Swanpaw, Kingpaw: Late May

Elders: Apep, Daisybelle, Eaglefrost

Death: Driftpetal



Fightingkit, Gentlekit, Gallentkit, Guardiankit, Honorkit, Couragekit, Resilientkit, Dovekit, Plashkit: Early May

Blue-eyes, Black Feather, Broken Eggshell, Bleachedbone, Eagle’s Throat, Ashenkkit, Lionkit, Fallen Birch: Mid May

Smudgedkit, Cloudedkit: Late May


Skypaw: Early May

Alderpaw, Viperpaw: Mid May

Aspenpaw, Icepaw, Tempestpaw, Kelpiepaw, Maplepaw: Late May

Medicine Cat: Axolotlpaw (Late May)

Elders: Mercilesswinds, Hawkmoth, Midnightscream

Deaths: Brokenclaw, Brokenfang, Rivertwist, Pondstep



Dragonkit, Echokit, Bluekit, Enzio, Emmy, Monroe, Oshun: Early May

Cider, Sake, Mead, Jack, Kraken, Jager, Busch, Eris: Mid May

Anteros, Eros, Phobos,  Slykit: Late May


Pricklypaw, Foxpaw: Early May

Remember, Brimstone, Cerberus, Erebus, Mistpaw: Mid May

Coldpaw, Warmpaw: Late May

April Gathering and Med. Meeting

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Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, April 13th-15th. About 40 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (April 20-22nd), following the same pattern.


Since it won’t be immediately clear if the clans are planning on gathering, Brokenstar will send a patrol lead by Wrinkledface to Hawk’s Tree to see if the other clans are attending. When they reach the gathering clearing, they’ll find that its empty except for a handful of corpses planted there by Deliverance members. Just as they begin to try and hide the bodies, one of the other clans arrive. The EarthClan patrol is accused of the murders and attacked, which will result in the death or capture of all of the cats on the patrol.

Monthly Meow LXX

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Hi everyone! It’s been a pretty exciting month here on WCF. In-character, we wrapped up the harsh leaf-bare plot with the clans erupting into battle and declaring war on each other, the Deliverance getting together in one large meeting, and another battle between SunClan and EclipseClan to wrap up the month. For more information on these plots, check out the Plot Planning Pages and History Pages. Out-of-character, it’s also been an unusually exciting month. With the help of River and Alienfish, I sent out three surveys. The responses to these surveys are out now and I’m hoping to get more member feedback over the next few weeks, so please check those out and share your thoughts if you haven’t already.

This Monthly Meow will come to you in two parts: first, a an overview of how cats’ naming styles, origin, appearance, and general personality characteristics, gender, and rank vary from clan to clan.  Next month, I will present an analysis of how different traits can be correlated with each other (for instance, grey cats have blue eyes with unusual frequency). Please note that all the data was collected on March 15th and 16th and therefore doesn’t perfectly reflect what the clans look like now.

First, here is a table of the summarized data:

Any bolded percentages in the individual clan columns represents an unusually high or low percentage, while any bolded percentage in the all clans column represents a variable with a wide range of frequencies between the clans.

The number of cats in each clan aren’t very even, but the numbers aren’t surprising either. MoonClan is the largest clan, as is expected, with SunClan a close second. EarthClan, a relatively new and disliked clan is smaller, and the newest and least liked clan, EclipseClan, is the smallest. The percentage of cats in each rank is fairly consistent across the clans, with the exceptions of MoonClan (which has an unusually high percentage of kits, possibly as a result of the kit wave they experienced last month) and SunClan (which has an unusually high proportion of kits as a result of the swell in pride cats). Generally, these values line up with past demographics overviews and nothing here stands out to me as particularly interesting.

The clans have a roughly equal male/female ratio, but there’s consistently no diversity in terms of nonbinary/gender fluid/genderqueer/etc. characters. With the exception of SunClan, each of the clans have a slight female majority, which is consistent with past demographics overviews and likely reflects the fact that the majority of roleplayers on this website are girls and most roleplayers tend to create characters who are more like themselves.

In terms of naming style, things get more interesting. MoonClan and EarthClan, oddly enough, have the highest percentages of traditional clan names, while SunClan has the lowest. This primarily reflects SunClan’s high percentage of tribe names and EclipseClan’s high percentage of non-clan, non-nature based names. These numbers align fairly closely with the next category, character origin. MoonClan and EarthClan cats are both majority clan born, while only about half of SunClanners are and a third of EclipseClanners. This is unsurprising considering clan values and history, but it’s interesting to see how closely these numbers actually align with these in-character forces, considering characters are created based primarily on out-of-character whims.

MoonClan, for instance, is mostly clan-born, with only tiny percentages of loners, kittypets, or outside-group cats joining, possibly as a result of their somewhat arrogant pride in their clan’s history and bloodlines. Their clanborn population would likely be even higher if more cats had specified origins in their descriptions, as MoonClan has the highest percentage of unspecified origins by a margin of 8%.

SunClan, meanwhile, is about roughly half clan-born, with very few kittypets, a small handful of loners, and a large percentage of cats joining from outside groups, primarily pride cats. This can easily be interpreted to reflect SunClan’s group-oriented, harsh life style that would exclude most former loners or kittypets.

EarthClan is composed of mostly clanborn cats, with no kittypets and a handful of loners and cats joining from outside groups. While the lack of kittypets is odd, these numbers can be interpreted to reflect their generally accepting nature, but history as the result of a merge of two large clans.

EclipseClanners’ origins are particularly telling. Only a third of EclipseClanners are clanborn, with a fourth of them being born kittypets, a marginally higher percentage of loners and rogues than the other clans, and a handful of cats joining from outside groups, mostly city gangs. This very closely reflects EclipseClan’s history and location, as it started with only a handful of clan-born cats and has swelled in numbers primarily due to an influx in kittypets and gang members.

Eye color values were fairly consistent, with about a third of all cats having blue eyes, a fifth of all cats having green eyes, about a third of cats having amber eyes, and then a handful of cats having odd eyes. The number of cats with blue eyes varried, with it being a less common trait in MoonClan and a more common trait in EclipseClan and EarthClan. There was an unusually low percentage of cats with amber eyes in EarthClan, as well.

Pelt colors were similarly consistent, with the clans having similar percentages of most of the colors. The exceptions to this general rule are white, with a about twice as many white cats in MoonClan than in the other clans, and grey cats, which are less common in MoonCLan and SunClan than they are in EarthClan and EclipseClan. This is an odd distinction, as it doesn’t follow the clan descriptions: proportionately, MoonClan and SunClan should have the most grey cats.

Coat length and build are not particularly enlightening, as the majority of character descriptions didn’t specify either. However, based on the cats whose descriptions do provide information, these categories do not line up well with clan histories or descriptions. For coat length, an unusual number of EclipseClanners have a short coat, possibly as a reflection of their relatively sheltered camp that makes a thick, long pelt less advantageous than in the other clans. However, this way of looking at pelt length doesn’t accurately reflect the rest of the data, as SunClanners are the least sheltered and would have the highest percentage of long-haired cats, which is untrue. The coat lengths also don’t reflect the clans’ descriptions, with SunClan being mostly short-pelted, EarthClanners having long or medium length fur, MoonClanners with medium or short fur, and EclipseClanners having the widest variety of coat lengths. For build, you’d expect MoonClanners to be large to average, SunClanners to be small to average, and EarthClanners and EclipseClanners to be all over the map. This doesn’t actually bore out with the data as SunClan has the highest proportion of large cats, while EarthClan is large-skewed, and MoonClan has more small than average-sized cats. Only EclipseClan lines up as would be expected, with roughly equal proportions of cats in each size category.

The personality categories hold fewer surprises and  lessvariety than I expected. This may be a result of how they were calculated, in particular the difficulty of defining each character in terms of one personality trait, then organizing these personality traits into ten broader personality categories. Ultimately, each character is much more . However, I expected some the clans to have higher percentages of cats in particular personality categories that line up well with their clan descriptions (for instance, MoonClan was expected to have higher than average percentages in aggressive, dedicated, and dominant, SunClan was expected to have higher than average percentages in dedicated, reserved, and sharp, EarthClan was expected to have higher percentages in spirited, warm, and entitled, and EclipseClan was expected to have higher than usual percentages in aggressive, dominant, secretive, and sharp). Few of these actually bore out, with the clans having approximately equal percentages of characters in most of the personality groupings. EclipseClan stood out in a few places, with higher than average percentages in aggressive and sharp alongside a low percentage of spirited cats (which includes extroverts and particularly adventurous or playful cats), as could be expected based on their clan description, but an oddly low percentage in dedicated (considering the threat of banishment for cats deemed unworthy).

While I think the data from this demographics overview is interesting, and would become even more so if we were able to monitor the clans over time, this Monthly Meow took much longer than initially anticipated (10-15 hours of work, in total) and while I may be able to smooth out some of the wrinkles in further editions, I will need member support if we want to do another editions of this style of demographics overview. Let me know if you would be willing to participate.  As well, if you want to noodle about with the data yourself, let me know and I can send you the spreadsheet I was working with.



Sapphirekit, Tigerkit, Servalkit, Gypsykit, Leopardkit, Tundrakit, Pumakit: Early April

Flutteringkit, Desertkit: Mid April

Rustlekit: Late April


Tangypaw, Emberpaw, Smolderingpaw, Kiwipaw, Chickadeepaw, Antlerpaw, Stonepaw, Silverpaw, Leopardpaw: Early April

Sunnypaw, Specklepaw, Brownpaw: Mid April

Poplarpaw, Mosspaw, Juniperpaw, Mistypaw, Turtlepaw, Dreampaw, Whitepaw, Lakepaw, Pricklepaw: Late April

Elders: Stallionstar, Ghostfang, Stillpool, and Wolfdaze



Kingkit, Black Magic, Nightfall, Flamekit, Bramblekit, Rainkit: Early April

Footprints, Lightning Dust, Dark Thunder, Falcon, Grasskit, Heavens: Mid April

Clatterkit: Late April


Slip-paw, Brewingpaw, Wildpaw: Early April

Jackalpaw, Blitzpaw, Oakpaw, Desertpaw, Heatherpaw, Desertpaw: Mid April

Pinepaw, Royalepaw, Fatalpaw: Late April

Medicine Cat: Veinpaw (Early April)

Elders: Driftpetal

Deaths: Ambrosia



Kelpiekit, Maplekit, Lostkit, Blueberrykit, Blackberrykit, Persimmonkit, Plumkit, Midnight, Mountain, Oddkit, Smudgedkit, Notchedkit, Lionkit: Early April

Cariboukit, Elk-kit, Deerkit, Buffalokit: Late April


Jackalpaw: Early April

Polarpaw, Smolderingpaw, Beachpaw, Sandpaw, Sprucepaw, Sandpaw, Dauntlesspaw, Quakingmoon: Mid April

Elders: Brokenstar, Rivertwist, Pondstep

Death: Penguinflight



Willowkit, Sheerkit, Coldkit, Torrentkit, Mintkit: Early April


Queenpaw, Tigerpaw: Early April

Jumble, Kindle, Mirna, Coyotepaw: Mid April

Medicine Cat: Marshpaw (Late April)

Clan Identities

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Last week, River, Alien, and I sent out three surveys. The first survey, written by Alien, regarded the clans’ identities, with a focus on how members understand these identities and which clans members prefer. A clear trend arose in the responses: MoonClan and SunClan were both well-liked and generally well understood, while most members were neutral toward EarthClan but had little grasp of its identity, and disliked EclipseClan while having a fairly accurate idea of what it was intended to be. There are a few things we could do about these trends:

Firstly, we can encourage members to make more characters that actually suit their clans. I recently did a thorough clan demographics overview and found that characters’ personalities had little to do with their clan (the numbers themselves will be discussed in an upcoming Monthly Meow), which certainly contributes to the apparent lack of distinct clan identities. Creating a formal rule about this seems drastic and would over-limit member creativity and freedom, but we can make an effort to prioritize clan identities in WCF’s culture. This is something that I believe we should go with regardless of which of the following options we choose to pair it with, as no matter how much members like the written-out clan descriptions, it won’t matter if the actual in-game clans don’t reflect these ideals.

We could also simply give it more time. While a majority of members did vote for the EarthClan-EclipseClan transition, it wasn’t an overwhelming vote and the actual transition into the new clans has been bumpy. Even in the past, when new clans were created from scratch it took several rounds of leaders for them to find their stride. In a few months - and possibly with the help of more involved leaders - it’s possible that the current clan identities will come into their own without having to be rethought. This strategy only works, however, if members actually like the written-out clan descriptions and are only disappointed with the current in-game clans not living up to the descriptions. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

We could also rewrite the clans’ descriptions without drastically changing their actual identities. This seems like the appropriate response for MoonClan and SunClan, which are generally liked, but with a few common points of confusion about what they’re intended to be. For instance, some members described SunClan as “courageous” and “diverse,” neither of which are traditional SunClan traits or values.

Finally, we could redesign the clans. This seems to be the best response for EarthClan and EclipseClan, which are poorly understood and disliked, respectively. The redesign doesn’t have to be total- we even could opt to just tweak the current descriptions- and the tangible aspects of the clan identity will remain (that is, their territories and hunting styles).

As it stands, EclipseClan is currently supposed to be a resourceful city clan in which only the fiercest, most worthy cats are allowed to retain membership. However, this clan strategy relies on cats actually being kicked out for not contributing to clan life, which to my knowledge hasn’t yet happened and I imagine future leaders will also be less than willing to do with any frequency. As well, as stated above, members just don’t seem to like the clan design very much.

EarthClan, meanwhile, is currently intended to be a diverse, relaxed clan that values individuality, in contrast to the other clans’ more regimented and prescripted ways of life. However, this identity only works in contrast to the other clans, which are more accepting in-game than their descriptions make them out to be. The survey respondents’ descriptions of EarthClan were all over the place (everything from “ambitious” to “sheltered” or straight-forward about not knowing what the clan is meant to stand for. This does leave the question about whether the clan’s description should be tossed out and started anew, just clarified, or something in between.

What do you think we should do? As a starting place, here are a few questions:

In regards to MoonClan and SunClan: should the clan descriptions be edited or left as-is? What parts of the clan description should be changed, or can be improved upon? What aspects of the identity are most confusing, uninteresting, or contradictory?

In regards to EarthClan and EclipseClan: should we wait to see whether the clans become more interesting and defined on their own, or go ahead and redesign them? Should we use the current descriptions as a base, or start from scratch? We can’t go back in time and bring back NightClan and DawnClan, so should we preserve aspects of these old clans’ personalities, or are we better off trying something entirely new to avoid the new clans being endlessly compared to the old? What are the current problems with their identities? How can these problems be fixed?

Note: if you're having trouble posting a response to this blog entry, message your response to me and I'll post it for you.

New Member Experience Survey Response

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Last week, River, Alien, and I sent out three surveys. The second survey, written by River, regarded new members’ experiences and how we can improve their time getting to know the roleplay. The responses we received were generally positive, but there are a few areas that we can work on.

Generally, members had a positive experience as a new member and were satisfied with the current support systems. They thought the rules were clear and the answers they received to any questions were satisfactory. A few common complaints about navigating the website arose, which will be discussed in more depth in the response to Ember’s website navigability survey. The members who responded to the survey were almost universally pleased with how the moderators and I enforce minor rules.

The biggest area for improvement is in making sure that new members’ voices are heard. There was a wide range of responses from feeling as if they were ignored to feeling like they were immediately included, both in-character and out-of-character.

Solutions to these problems come in two forms: website-based and community-based. Website-based solutions include things like making the New Member Guide and other relevant guides like the Roleplay Terminology Guide or Frequently Asked Questions more prominent, or reorganizing the History Page. These solutions will help everyone, not just new members, and will be discussed more in the website navigability survey response. Community-based solutions are things that I can’t implement on my own, but rather will need the help of experienced members. Here are a handful of things that older members can do to make new members feel more welcomed on the website:


  • Post welcome messages on new members’ profiles
  • Greet new members directly in the chatbox, respond to their comments, ask how they’re doing, if they need help, etc. Even a simple “Hi [new member]!” helps.
  • Reach out to new members and ask to roleplay with them, maybe even set up fun scenarios
  • Encourage new members to participate in plot planning
  • Post comments on new members’ art
  • Chat with new members through their profiles or private messages


  • Respond directly to new members’ posts
  • Have your characters approach theirs
  • Help to bring new members into the main plot or into your characters’ sideplots

If all of us make an effort to reach out to new members with these strategies, I expect that the number of members who feel left out when they first join the website will fall. Each of these suggestions are easy to accomplish and - if helping people feel more welcomed isn’t reason enough - members who I notice doing these things are more likely to be considered for leadership positions.

One possible new system is a newbie-oldie mentorship system in which new members are paired up with an experienced member who they will take under their wing, seek out in-roleplay, and check in with periodically until the new member is more fully integrated into the roleplay. This system obviously needs to be thought through, with more formalized systems of signing up and expectations of what mentors would do, but do you guys think this could be a viable system? Any criticisms or suggestions?

Note: if you're having trouble posting a response to this blog entry, message your response to me and I'll post it for you.

Website Navigability Survey Response

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Last week, River, Alien, and I sent out three surveys. The third survey, written by myself, regarded how members navigate the website, which features they use most frequently, and how these features can be improved. The questions about how frequently each feature is used helps me prioritize updates and know how to effectively deliver information to members. For instance, I now know that more members use the History Page than I expected, and thus I will be updating it more frequently. Most members read every Monthly Meow, which lets me know that announcing things in Monthly Meows is an effective way to spread information. This will be particularly important in the future, as I will continue to put in community building tips that I hope members will take to heart.

Generally speaking, the website was rated as easy to navigate, the rules were considered clear, and the features that members use most frequently is not drastically different from past surveys. However, there’s certainly room to improve, and I received a bunch of helpful suggestions and criticisms.

To begin with, there were a handful of concrete ideas that I plan on implementing in the near future. I will create a new section in the News Page for guides, similar to the current category for Monthly Meows, break up the History Page into more sections to better reflect the actual content, standardize the document names on the public records, and list landmark locations within their descriptions. There were also a handful of concrete suggestions that I plan on toying with on my dummy site, and if I can find a feasible and aesthetically pleasing way to implement them, I will. For instance, hyperlinking the various ranks on the clan pages and making a condensed calendar on the home page.

There were also a handful of ideas that I’d like to implement, but will require more member input or on-going community support. For instance, several members suggested that I link to the Plot Planning Pages directly on the Home Page. I think that it would be best if I created as section of “Quick Links” and included the link there, along with links to various other places around the website that can’t currently be easily accessed from the home page. My current tentative list is Plot Planning Pages, Relationship Planning Pages, Public Records, and Calendar. However, I’m not totally happy with this list and would like more input about what should be included. One member suggested that I expand the Ancestry Project to include all cat lineages, including those that aren’t currently attached to our current Moonstar line. In the past, I had a similar project (you can still find the trees in my album), but it proved to be too too infrequently used to justify the time commitment of updating it regularly. I’d love to see a new family tree project that includes all cats, but as with the Ancestry Project, it will have to be maintained by members. Finally, someone suggested adding more landmarks to the map. I agree that this would be a nice thing to have, but need suggestions for what these landmarks should be.

A handful of abstract suggestions also came up that I’d like to implement, but am uncertain of how to do so. In particular, many members complained that the guides are hard to find or that not enough emphasis is put on them. As is, I don’t know where else they should logically be put on the website or how I can bring more attention to them without cluttering the Help Page. As well, members reported having trouble finding the mentor-apprentice lists, but I’m uncertain of where it would be more logically located. If you have any ideas, please speak up. Lastly, a handful of people suggested that the clans be given different or more defined personalities. This is being discussed in the Clan Identity Response blog entry.

There were also a handful of suggestions that I’d like to implement, but can’t due to the limitations of hosting a website on Webs. Firstly, as much as I hate that this is the case, I don’t have any power to fix the various glitches we experience. I’m waiting them out with the rest of you. I also can’t make the Character Updates Page or News Page more easy to navigate, although the Public Records and new category for guides may help these two issues. For the time being, I also can’t add a search bar to the website. While this might be possible in the future, I don’t have the skill to build one and my programmer friend who thinks it might be possible doesn’t have the time. If any of you have some talent with programming and want to tackle this problem, please reach out. In the meantime, using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F/Command+F is a great help when looking for specific features or characters on a page.

I received a few suggestions that I don't plan on implementing, for various reasons. I don’t see the utility of adding specific maps for each clan’s territory. It wouldn’t show the landmarks in any more detail, would consume storage, and further clutter the already-heavy map section. Similarly, I don’t plan on asking members to put shortened character descriptions before their main description. I don’t see what purpose this would serve, as the character descriptions are already only a paragraph in length, and some members are already complaining that the clan pages are cluttered. I also don’t plan on making any alterations to the character birth date system right now. I know that it’s a bit confusing and there will be some growing pains as members get accustomed to the system, so I’m going to give it a few months and see what members think then before considering making any changes. I also don’t plan on adding new rules to require members to have a certain number of their characters be clan-born, match their clan descriptions, or expand the rules to include details such as apprentices being unable to have kits, which are better left to guides. Lastly, I don’t plan on numbering the rules with the intent of telling members, for instance, “you broke rule #7.” While this idea initially struck me as useful, under further consideration I don’t think it would accomplish what I want and may come across as overly aggressive. As is, when correcting members I prefer to use the format, “Hey, [action] is against the rules because [reason]” which frames it as more of a conversation and is less likely to overly intimidate new members.

As is often the case- and which suggests that there are more features which should be made easier to find- there were also a handful of suggestions for features that already exist. There is already a Warrior Cat Terminology Guide linked to on the Help Page, as is there a WCF-specific dictionary. Also, there are already shortened clan descriptions on the Home Page.

Finally, a handful of suggestions clustered around the Plot Planning Page. A few members suggested that we move it back to the blog entries, which I don’t plan on doing for a few reasons. Firstly, since being moved to the Plot Planning Page, more members have participated in plot planning and its generally been more active. With the new system, we can also separate side plot planning and main plot planning; with the blog entries, all side plot planning was forced to happen through the home page chat box or through private messages. As well, the old News Plot Planning Pages blocked out other news entries, and member comments couldn’t include links, which relates to the next idea: more frequent polling. This was suggested in the past but never implemented, in part because blog entry comments can’t contain links. Adding in more polls would allow us to get a concrete idea how many members support an idea and allow members to give anonymous input, which might help with member participation, particularly among newer members who are generally nervous about participating in plot planning. Finally, someone suggested that more plot ideas be given actual dates, which may help member participation in plot by letting members know when to look out for certain plots, and empowering members who otherwise wouldn’t participate with starting events. This would put further constraints on planned events, though, or runs the risk of making the calendar so flexible that it loses its actual value.

Ultimately, here is the feedback that I'm looking for on potential new changes: Should there be a condensed calendar on the home page? Should the seasons be included and if so, how? What should be included in the potential "Quick Links" section? How interested are you in helping with an expanded Ancestry Project? Are you particularly interested in helping to organize this project long-term? Do you have any new landmark ideas? How can the guides be made easier to find? How can the mentor-apprentice page be made easier to find? Do you think there's a place for polling on the Plot Planning Threads? Should we put more defined dates on events? If you would prefer to share your responses/ideas anonymously, you can use the contact box on the help page to do so.

Note: if you're having trouble posting a response to this blog entry, message your response to me and I'll post it for you.

Spring Surveys

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Hello!  As spring rolls around, it’s time to do some cleaning and- as in past years- take a hard look at this roleplay and see what can be improved. To this end, there are three surveys that I’d like to bring your attention to.

The first survey, introduced by Alienfish into the chatbox yesterday, regards the clans’ in-game identities. It takes three to five minutes to complete and can be found here.

The second survey, written by River, regards new members’ experiences and how we can improve their time getting to know the roleplay. This survey takes three to five minutes to complete and can be found here.

The third survey, written by myself, regards how members’ navigate their website, which features they use most frequently, and how these features can be improved. I intend to use the data gathered from this to help prioritize what to update and what features should be created or improved. This survey takes five to ten minutes and can be found here.

All three of these surveys are anonymous and the raw data will only be shared with the survey’s creator and myself, but general trends in responses and viable suggestions may be shared for further discussion in a later blog entry, as has been done with past surveys. We’ll carefully read every response and I’ll take to heart any feedback that we get, so please answer honestly and be as specific as you can with any suggestions or criticism, so we know where to aim our efforts in improving the roleplay for everyone.

Character Birth Dates

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Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, characters’ birth dates are starting to appear on the clan pages and a field for birth date has been added to the Character Updates Page new character form. I’ve decided to make this change for a few reasons:

  1. To make it easier for members to check on their characters’ ages by removing the need to sort through records or the Character Updates Page
  2. To reduce the amount of weekly record keeping I need to keep up with and shorten update times, so I can focus my efforts on building up the parts of the website that members care most about.
  3. To reduce the number of mistakes on Monthly Meows, particularly in regards to elder ceremonies and deaths

I’m hoping to make this transition as painless as possible, but unfortunately there are just so many characters that tracking down all of their birth dates is no easy task and I expect it may take as long as two weeks to track them all down. As such, I must ask for your patience and- if you have the time to spare or have saved up your own characters’ birth dates- help gathering the dates themselves.

This change to the pages will not affect the aging system. If a cat is posted as a kit on October 2nd, 2017, they will become an apprentice in the early November ceremonies, become a warrior in the early January ceremonies, will become an elder at some point in September 2018, and can die as late as October 31st, 2018.

In order to calculate your characters’ post dates based on when they were posted, subtract their age upon posting from the post date. That is, the post date and the character’s birthdate are only the same date when the character is posed as a kit. If they’re posted as an apprentice, their birthdate is a month before their post date. If they’re posted as a warrior/deputy/leader/medicine cat, their birthdate is three months before their post date. If they’re posted as an elder, their birth date is 11 months before their post date. For instance, a warrior posted on April 18, 2018 has a birth date of January 18, 2018.

I’m currently unable to post responses to blog entries, so if you have any questions please shoot me a private message.

Monthly Meow LXIX

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Hi guys! I hope that you’ve all had a fantastic February. Here on Warrior Cats of the Forest, we’ve had a busy month. Out-of-character, we welcomed in two waves of new members and continued our on-going battle against Webs’ many errors. Most notably, members have been struggling with updating their profile pages. List checks will continue as usual, but any infractions we find won’t be held against you until the glitch works itself out. On the Main Plot Planning Thread, we’re trying to get a proper head count of Deliverance members. If you have any cats in the Deliverance, please list them there. In-character, the clans have been struck by an unusually harsh leaf-bare. MoonClan and EarthClan have temporarily moved in with EclipseClan and SunClan will join them there soon. For more information, check out the planned events section of The History Page and the Plot Planning Threads.

The community building tip of the month is to use seemingly small actions and in-character comments to flesh out the plot. Taking initiative to move forward major plot points or start up trouble is great, but sometimes it can be intimidating to jump straight into seemingly-complicated or exclusive plot points, especially for newer members. However, getting involved in the plot can be as easy as having your characters comment on what is going on around them. Right now, the clans are in a cold, harsh leaf-bare, so the cats should be desperate, irritable, and hungry. You can also incorporate the plot into your characters’ live in more major ways. For instance, if you’re planning on removing a few characters that you don’t play often anymore, you can have them die of cold or sickness instead of simply leaving the clans or dying “off-screen.” In time, it gets easier to take a more active role in progressing the plot, but it’s really the small, seemingly insignificant actions that ground the roleplay and there’s no shame in starting to get involved with baby steps.

This month we’re going to be taking a little break from the analysis-heavy Monthly Meows I’ve been publishing for the last few months in favor of another get-to-know-each-other questions game.

1. What’s something about you that most people don't know?

2. Are you listening to music right now? If so, what?

3. Strangest childhood injury?

4. Have any weird fears?

5. If you had a boat, what would you name it?

6. What is the craziest thing you believed as a kid, or were even tricked into believing when you were older and should have known better?

7. What is your least favorite, but often repeated, quote or piece of advice? Why don’t you like it?

8. If you had to be a plant, what kind of plant would you be and why?

9. Describe your least favorite commercial in excessive detail.

10. What would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of a horse?

11. What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

12. Is a hotdog a sandwich? Is cereal a soup?

13. What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done?

14. If you had to haunt one building for the next 100 years, which building would you haunt?

15. What supply in your house always runs low, and no one ever remembers to buy? (paper towels, batteries, lightbulbs, whatever)

16. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

17. If you could know the ultimate truth to any one question, what would you ask?

18. If you had to eat a raccoon, how would you cook it?

19. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found something that you lost?

20. What is your favorite Wikipedia article?

21. You can change three very minor things about the world. What are they?

22. What is your current desktop background?

23. What are you supposed to be doing right now?

24. What movie would be greatly improved if it was made into a musical?

25. What is your favorite joke? Whoever’s answer makes me laugh the hardest will get a sketch of whichever character they’d like.



Pricklekit, Tsarkit, Fenneckit, Valleykit, Ragekit: Early March

Frozenkit, Tinderkit, Web, Daykit, Beachkit, Meadowkit, Gladekit, Plateaukit, Forestkit: Mid March

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Twilightpaw (Early March)


Warpaw, Snakepaw, Rosepaw: Early March

Ashpaw, Dovepaw, Copperpaw, Edelweisspaw, Redpaw, Birchpaw, Winter, Midnightpaw, Cinderpaw, Flarepaw, Havenpaw: Mid January

Lunarpaw: Late January

Deaths: Reichstag, Ghostwolf



Hornetkit, Glacierkit, Rabbitkit: Early March

Omnikit, Pepperkit, Redkit, Spark-kit, Lostkit: Mid March

Shadowedkit, Russetkit, Tangy, Blazingkit: Late March


Ravenpaw, Sandpaw, Endlesspaw, Ternpaw: Early March

Pebblepaw, Tunnelpaw, Hollypaw, Pinepaw: Late March

Elder: Ambrosia



Lionskit, Flurrykit, Crashkit: Early March

Viperkit, Stormkit, Fadedkit: Mid March

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Troutpaw (Late March)


Rowanpaw, Lightningpaw: Early March

Sootpaw, Shypaw: Mid March

Wolfpaw, Pebblepaw, Blackpaw, Mysterypaw, Duskpaw, Stonepaw, Acornpaw, Bluepaw: Late March

Elder: Penguinflight

Death: Lightningfire



Spiderkit, Mesquitekit, Foxkit, Ravenkit, Rook-kit, Crowkit, Scornfulkit: Early February

Coldkit, Warmkit: Late February


Ashpaw, Blackpaw, Dieselpaw, Kudzupaw: Early March

Hollowpaw, Ravenpaw, Ghostlypaw: Mid March

Delano, Apparion, Bepper, Avellino, Clarisse, Fencepaw: Late March

Elder: Wolfstrike

February Gathering & Medicine Cat Meeting

Posted by Ember on February 5, 2018 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (9)

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, February 9th-11th. About 50 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (January  16-18st), following the same pattern.

There has not been a discussed plot point for this gathering or the following medicine cat meeting.  However, to push forward the harsh leaf-bare plot, it may be best if the clans discuss the food shortages they're experiancing and if EclipseClan mentioned the possibility of opening their camp to the other clans if the weather continues to get worse.

Activity Check

Posted by Ember on February 5, 2018 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (39)

Hi everyone!  Please post below as soon as you see this news entry.  

Monthly Meow LXVIII

Posted by Ember on January 29, 2018 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (10)

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you are getting into the swing of the new year. On Warrior Cats of the Forest, it’s been a super exciting month both in terms of plot and out of character activities. In-character, The Deliverance plot has only thickened and all of the clans have new rules on their members in response—though, in each of the clans many cats are also tempting fate by ignoring these rules. There are a handful of other plot threads planned for this February, so if you’re not all caught up check out the Plot Planning Threads and the History Page. Out of character, we marked the New Year with a gift-exchange, celebrated the website’s ninth birthday and welcomed in a new spike of memberships. A handful of new guides were also posted, including the Glitches Guide, Environment Guide, and Naming Guide.

Before we get into the main topic of this Monthly Meow, we have some housekeeping to do. First off, I’d like to remind everyone that I am taking member-submitted Monthly Meows and if you have any interest in writing one, please reach out to me. In a similar vein, I’m running low on stocked-up Monthly Meows, so if you guys have any topics you’d like to see me cover, I’m looking for new topics to dive into. As well, Webs is currently being stubborn about publishing pages, but when that's sorted out I will post a public google folder containing old records onto the Help Page. You guys are welcome to look through these to find old character descriptions, check name usage, or just for nostalgia’s sake.  For now, that folder can be accessed here. Finally, make sure you’re keeping your profile page character list up to date!  Those are an invaluable resource in piecing them back together after sections publish incorrectly, as they have been this past week.

Onto the fun part! This Monthly Meow is part seven of the series comparing the canon universe to Warrior Cats of the Forest, focusing on the clans’ relationship to the predatory animals they share their territories with. In the future, comparisons with prey animals and plants will also be explored. Previous topics in this series included The Warrior Code, naming conventions, demographics, the living clans’ relationship with their dead, a general overview of all of our clans in comparison to all of the canon clans, and direct comparisons between canon clans and their WCF “counterparts.” As in the previous Monthly Meows, I used the Avon paperback 2004 American edition of Into the Wild, my sketchy memory of the rest of the books, and the Warriors Wiki to write this, so if you see anything inaccurate please speak up. As well, The Warrior Cats canon universe is notoriously riddled with contradictions and continuity errors and is far beyond the scope of these newsletters, so I’ve limited these Monthly Meows to primarily focusing on the first six books published (Into the Wild-The Darkest Hour) with occasional references to the other books. However, I have not actually read most of these books and can only comment on the scenes on their own and what information I’m able to get from talking to other Warriors fans and through the Warrior Cats Wiki.

In both the canon series and in our roleplay, badgers act primarily as enemies of the clans. They are found throughout the territories and are formidable enemies due to their aggressive nature, large size, strong jaw, and hard claws. As well, as badgers share much of the same food sources as the clans, having too many in the territory can threaten a clan’s prey supplies. In SkyClan’s Destiny, it’s even mentioned that no one warrior should even take on a badger on their own, no matter how talented and experienced they are at fighting. In Yellowfang’s Secret, Foxpaw tries to brag about not being afraid of badgers and is scolded by a warrior telling her that not being afraid of badgers isn’t courage, it’s simply stupidity. In the canon series, badgers are considered especially dangerous to nurseries. However, to my knowledge a badger has never broken into a clan’s nursery on this website, as they are always scented or spotted before they reach the well-defended and watched nursery. Badgers themselves are lumbering, loud, and have a strong, distinctive smell and are therefore unlikely to sneak up on a warrior, especially a camp full of them.

In Midnight, a patrol comes across the titular character -a badger- who unlike the rest of her kind is friendly to cats and can communicate verbally with them. Later on, in Moonrise, it’s revealed that she can also communicate with foxes and rabbits. On top of that, she can contact StarClan as clearly as a medicine cat and delivers a prophecy about the destruction of the forest. In Starlight, Midnight is seen within StarClan territory and implies that she can travel freely between the worlds of the living and the dead, and is seen later in the living clans giving a warning that a group of badgers are planning an attack on the clans. This power is shown again when in Long Shadows she appears in the prologues talking to the ancient leaders in StarClan. This could never happen on this website, due to the rules stating that only cats may be roleplayed, cats cannot communicate with other animals through any means, and cats cannot communicate with StarClan outside of approved Moonstone visits. Oddly enough, it’s mentioned in The Last Hope that Midnight is a ghost, despite the presence of ghosts as understood by people- in contrast to StarClan/Dark Forest cat spirits- not existing anywhere else in the Warriors Universe. Needless to say, we don’t have ghosts on this site.

In Twilight, a group of badgers attacks ThunderClan camp. This plan is known to have been planned in an organized fashion, as Midnight warns ThunderClan warriors that the badgers were planning revenge for the badgers that they had chased away from their new territory. We’ve never had an organized badger attack take place on this site, though there is an interesting potential in-universe reason for this. While European badgers are social animals that live in permanent burrows in groups, American badgers are more solitary and mobile. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that the badgers our clans encounter would be less inclined to gather in a group to enact revenge for being chased away from their home than the canon badgers would be, due simply to the behavior of their specific species.

Foxes share a similar role to badgers in the canon clans and in our roleplay, that is, primarily as easy antagonists and obstacles for patrols to come across. Foxes are fierce and territorial and attack cats on sight, resulting in cats opting to chase them away whenever possible. Unlike with badgers, a well-trained and talented warrior could single-handedly defeat a fox. Foxes also cause problems when they compete with cats for food, and when their presence causes two-legs to set up traps. In the canon series, a kit gets trapped in a fox trap during Sunset. On this site, there are no two-leg farms nearby and therefore there is less reason to set up traps, so no cats have been injured in this way.

Foxes also have a distinctive smell, making their dung a common thing for cats to roll in when they want to hide another scent. Oddly, no one questions why they were rolling in fox-dung despite this never being done for any other purpose, to my memory. Regardless, cats rarely hide their scent on this website, and usually when they do they opt for garlic or a swim in the river, which is less likely to arouse suspicion.

It’s possible that warriors interact with foxes more often than badgers, as is reflected in fox-length being used as a common system of measurement alongside other fox-related sayings, while badgers never appear in their sayings.

Dogs are distinct from badgers and foxes in that the range of danger presented by a dog is extremely variable, in both the canon series and in our roleplay. Small dogs pose much less of a threat to a cat than a larger dog would and a well-fed stray pet dog less than a feral dog. Sometimes dogs are only harassing the cats for sport, and are restrained by leashes or fences and pose no threat at all. As well, dogs are more organized than foxes or badgers, as when they are in a pack there is one “alpha” dog usually portrayed as keeping the others in line.

In the canon series, dogs are a less common enemy than badgers and foxes, and are usually only encountered when cats are making journeys near two-leg areas or are wondering lose alone or in a small group and are confronted by a patrol or by a lone cat. A Dangerous Path has the only true diversion from this pattern, in which the primary conflict of the book revolves around a pack of ferocious guard dogs who escaped from the treecut place and resided in ThunderClan territory. The dogs are shown to command a rudimentary language that can be understood by the cats (Chanting “pack, pack” and “kill, kill”;) and are manipulated by Tigerstar, who lays a trail leading the dogs into ThunderClan camp. As the dogs are enormous, the cats cannot hope to chase them off as they would with a fox or a rabbit, and Firestar instead completes a successful plot to take advantage of the dogs’ stupidity and lure them over the edge of the gorge. A somewhat similar plot occurred on this website, when a pack of dogs terrorized MoonClan. However, they were not set up by an enemy cat, and were not capable of any language.

In this roleplay, dogs take the place of badgers and foxes for NightClanners in that they offer an easy enemy for patrols or other side-plots. Unlike fox and badger encounters, though, these dog confrontations rarely end in an actual fighting, as dogs are usually restrained by twolegs and even if they aren’t, climbing trees or other structures is a reliable way to escape loose dogs, as two-legs will take away a disruptive dog barking at the cat up in the tree. The other clans of this roleplay come across dogs less frequently, and when they do, it’s often a more dangerous situation akin to the canon cats’ relationship to dogs as the dogs are less likely to be restrained and are more likely to be seriously lost or feral.

One other point of overlap between the canon and noncanon relationship to predatory animals is with cougars. Only one is ever encountered in the canon series, Sharptooth, and he doesn’t venture down from the mountain territory of The Tribe of Rushing Water. In the canon series, the small patrol of cats sent to kill him realizes their inability to attack him directly, and instead attempt to poison him and eventually crush him with a broken-off stalactite. Cougars have similarly only been encountered by our clans once, but instead the clans gathered their forces and attacked the cougar directly, using their numbers to overwhelm the great cat.

The biggest way that the WCF clans differ from the canon clans is in the variety of enemies encountered, ranging from very rare encounters with bears to poisonous caterpillars to porcupines to large, aggressive fish, as listed on the Enemy Animals Guide. While most of these aren’t encountered often, many of these species simply don’t exist in England or, if they do, don’t make major appearances in the canon series. I hope to incorporate more of them into our own roleplay in order to make the environment of our clans feel even more in depth and unique.



Snowkit, Emberkit, Smolderingkit, Kiwikit, Chickadeekit, Antlerkit, Stonekit, Owlkit, Silverkit, Buck-kit, Leopardkit, Warkit: Early February

Sunnykit, Specklelight, Streak-kit: Mid February

Scorchingkit, Searingkit, Moosekit, Poplarkit, Mosskit, Sprucekit, Juniperkit, Mistykit, Beechkit, Turtlekit, Lakekit: Late February


Tommy, Owlpaw, Blazepaw, Dipperpaw, Mousepaw: Mid February

Whisperingpaw, Monroe, Maplepaw, Pythonpaw, Shadepaw, Honeypaw: Late February

Elders: Reichstag, Gingerheart, Dutchflag

Deaths: Littleclaw, Elkwhisker



Sheepkit, Hasani, Brewingkit, Jackalkit: Early February

Blitzkit, Oak-kit, Desertkit, Heatherkit: Mid February

Pinekit, Royalekit, Fatalkit: Late February


Desertpaw, Howlingpaw, Honeypaw, Midnightpaw, Anat, Klorel, Heatherpaw, Chestnutpaw, Crosspaw, Petalpaw, Floodedpaw, Stormpaw, Rosepaw, Honeypaw, Thornpaw: Early February

Sandpaw: Late February

Elders: Whitefire, Ligerheart

Deaths: Tazmainiantwister, Wanderingbear, Kingcobra



Sixkit, Cryingkit, Arctickit: Early February

Smolderingkit, Brownkit, Beachkit, Sandkit, Jackalkit, Runningkit, Sprucekit, Fawnkit, Falconkit, Mask-kit, Sandkit, Foxkit, Dauntlesskit, Quakingkit: Mid February

Dusk-kit: Late February


Stormpaw, Flintpaw, Echopaw, Dawnpaw, Nightpaw: Early February

Brookpaw, Sunpaw, Namelesspaw: Mid February

Skeletonpaw: Late February

Elders: Lightningfire

Deaths: Malardcry, Rustfeather



Queenkit, Tigerkit, Wildkit: Early February

Illiad, Jumble, Kindle, Mirna, Poplarkit, Koikit, Coyotekit, Crimsonkit: Mid February

Sagekit: Late Feebruary


Snakepaw, Kobrapaw: Early February

Fallenpaw, Cow, Tate: Late February

Medicine Cat: Nettlepaw (Late February)

Deaths: Grackleflight, Chronus

Ninth Anniversary

Posted by Ember on January 16, 2018 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (13)

Today, January 16th 2018, marks the ninth anniversary of this website’s creation and one of the times of the year when y’all are going to have to excuse me for being sappy. When this website was created, it was just a tiny, disorganized site for a small handful of offline friends. Nearly a decade later, this roleplay has expanded into the community of talented roleplayers that define WCF today and I have never stop being astonished by what this website has grown into.

This past year has been marked by tremendous change around the website, starting first out-of-character with settling into the new format, then in-character, when what began as an alliance between DawnClan and NightClan turned into a total merge into EarthClan, which eventually prompted rebelling NightClanners to form EclipseClan. When the tensions between these new groups reached its peak, the clans banned together against the common enemy of a cougar. Alienfish lead a project with a handful of other members to recreate and update the large family tree starting with Moonstar in The Ancestry Project. In the case of Monthly Meows, I started the ongoing series comparing the universe of Warrior Cats of the Forest to the canon Warriors Universe and started taking Member Submitted Monthly Meows, of which we’ve had two published so far. A wide variety of new guides were also posted this past year, such as The Herbs Guide and Rule Infractions and Penalties. We also continued a handful of traditions from past years, such as roleplaying StarClan and Dark Forest characters around Halloween and exchanging gifts in a Secret Santa event at the new year.

Of course, you members really are the life of this website and I truly do believe that this website has been blessed with one of the best assortment of members out there. I’m so honored to be surrounded by such a talented, unique, kind group of roleplayers.

Alienfish, I don’t quite know what it is about your quirky sense of humor and writing style, but you always seem to put me in a better mood. As well, I have to thank you again for how helpful you are and for the initiative you’ve taken in helping to build this website through The Ancestry Project and the little menial editing work that keeps the site running.

Ashfur, I love your frank and genuine style of roleplaying. It always seems as though you’re able to get right to the heart of what your characters are thinking and what motivates their actions, which brings so much life to the roleplay.

BeautyIsChaos, your roleplaying flows so naturally and beautifully, I just can’t help but being envious of your writing ability. How you weave your sentences together is so unique and has almost a musical quality, they bring a gorgeous literary element to the roleplay.

Black Beard, welcome back to the site! Your roleplaying has improved so much since you first joined the website and old members coming back is always a welcome sight. I love your character descriptions as well, in just a few short sentences you’re able to capture so much about your characters.

Blossom, I was so happy to see that you’d returned to the website. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a sweetheart and long-term members like you are the backbone of this website. Thank you for being such a reliable force guiding new members into becoming more comfortable with the website.

Castle, I’m always so excited when members like you come along who just throw themselves entirely into the roleplay the moment they joy. Your characters are rich and varied, your writing sharp and witty, and you’re just plain fun to hang out with out-of-character.

Dapple, your roleplaying is so consistently warm and generous, which I can only imagine reflects the person that you are offline. You always know just how to place quiet scenes between brighter, more vibrant moments, and the scenes complement each other perfectly.

Dawnflower, you are such a sweetheart! A sense of kindness always seems to surround you, be it be in your generous style of roleplaying or our out of character chatting. You bring so much warm to the website and I’m always happy to see you online.

DrownedInRed, I appreciate what a sincere person you are. You’re honest and to the point without being mean, both in and out of character. You’re always a joy to just chat with and bring some “chill” to our chat that often borders on hysterical.

Flickerwick, welcome back! It’s always nice to see members who have so much history with the website, you bring a lot of depth to conversations and are an invaluable asset in ensuring continuity both in the plot and in the community of the website.

Gingerheart, you are such as compassionate person-- you’re always so willing to speak up for other members when you feel they’ve had their feelings hurt. Never lose that sensitivity, it’s people like you that make sure that roleplays like this are fun for everyone.

GrimmReminder, your writing always reads as so natural to me, with very effective mirroring of how people actually act-- realistic dialogue, actions that are never too boring or over-the-top. I usually find myself reading your posts twice or three times, hoping that I can figure how the key to such natural writing.

Honeydrops, you’re such a sincere person and always seem so eager and excited to jump into new things, even if you’re not entirely certain of what to do or what’s going on. That’s an amazing trait and I know it will serve you throughout this life, long after you’ve left roleplaying behind.

Honeyy, your animated personality brings so much color to the roleplay. You always keep things moving and make sure that the roleplay stays fresh-- even ordinary patrols, if your characters are included, become something I’d hate to miss.

Kingfish, thank you for always keeping the roleplay fresh-- your characters and the plots they start makes sure that we always have some new adventure to send our characters on and you’re indispensable in getting lagging plots going.

Kixatanilopay, your characters are always so realistic and well-balanced. Even when they have to bend to the will of the plot you play it off really well and their actions seem natural and in-character. I adore Omnistar in particular.

L, you’re such an honest, hard working, enthusiastic person. I don’t know where the site would be if you hadn’t joined- whether it be a plot without your characters’ intervention, an art page without your nearly 300 drawings, or the many ways in which you’ve helped me run the website over the years. Thank you so much for being my right-hand man these past few years.

Lakeripple, I haven’t gotten a good chance to know you well, yet, but from what I know of you I hope that your schedules line up in the future-- your writing is fun, your drawings crack me up, and you are always so positive while chatting in the chat box.

Liger, I am always so impressed with your character descriptions. They’re always in-depth and cover all the important aspects of your characters, which is invaluable in helping me know how my characters should approach yours and makes scenes much more natural.

Lunardrop, it’s difficult to overstate how vital people like you are to a roleplay of this scale. You’re a grounding force in the occasional chaos of this website and are someone I know I can always rely on for a few moments of roleplaying- be it a few humorous moments, or the heart breaking and dramatic fall of Stonestory.

Orbit, your writing blows me away-- the dialogue is well-paced and natural and the descriptions lively. Your efforts are definitely paying off and its members like you who really bring the world of the roleplay to life.

Python, I hope that we get a chance to roleplay more in the future! From what I’ve read of your posts, you always have a wonderful mix of witty dialogue and characterization, which makes them beautifully paced and enjoyable to read.

Reaper, I love how straight forward your posts read-- you don’t need anything fluffy to get your point across and every sentence you write is to-the-point and biting, with realistic and compelling characters to top off your style.

River, I was so excited to see your name on our pending members list when you rejoined the website; you’re one of the most compelling writers on this website without ever having to dip into cheap gimmicks or melodrama. Thank you for bringing so much realism to the roleplay.

Ruby, your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Chatting or roleplaying with you never fails to bring a smile to my face. Your characters are so varied and original, there’s never a dull moment.

Sandrunner, you’re a gorgeous writer. I always look forward to reading your posts, just for how eloquently you are able to show what your characters are going through. Your posts never feel clunky and are descriptive without dipping into purple prose.

Shainei, welcome to the site! I haven’t gotten a good chance to get to know you yet, but your character descriptions show so much promise and I hope we get to roleplay together in the future!

Snowbreeze, you’re always such a welcoming member. I always appreciate having members who seem so eager to roleplay with everyone, from mods to newbies to experienced members who’ve just returned from a long hiatus. You bind the community together and make the roleplay so much stronger for it.

Spirit, you’re so engaged with the roleplay, even beyond the forums: plot planning, art commenting, keeping tabs on Monthly MEows and Guides-- thank you so much for keeping up with all of that. It’s members like you who keep the community together and make all of this feel like more than a bunch of semi-related posts about a barely coherent world of talking cats.

SpotTheCat, you’re such a compassionate, welcoming person who always seems eager to roleplay with anyone, no matter what their skill level with roleplaying or how long they’ve been on the website.

Weirdo101, you just crack me up. Your sense of humor is fantastic and you always know how to lighten up a scene in-game or bring up people’s moods out of character. We haven’t gotten to roleplay much together so far, but I can’t wait until our schedules finally line up.

Wild, you’re such a natural roleplayer. Your characters feel real and you progress scenes forward with perfect timing, bringing interest to potentially dull character-character conversations and situations.

Wolf-flower, I have never stopped being amazed at how much you have grown throughout the few years you’ve been on this website. You’ve matured, your writing has become beautiful, your art adorable and characterized by a unique style. I can only imagine the astounding person you’re getting closer to becoming with every passing day.

Moderators, I’ve said it before and I will say it until you all get so sick of it you will mutiny: I would go entirely insane if it weren’t for you guys. It can sometimes get lost in the reminders to do list checks and the miscommunication that occasionally happens in a site of this size run entirely by volunteers, but I really appreciate all of the work that you guys do and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart of helping me keep this website from running wild.

Mockingdeath, your roleplaying always strikes me as so natural, as though your characters are just people I’d see walking down the street. Aside from that, you’re always so helpful and are truely someone I know I can always lean on for advice or help when I need it.

PalletEclipse, I don’t even know where to start-- your art is beautiful, your writing fantastic, and you always seem so eager to help out new members and welcome everyone, regardless of skill or experience, into the roleplay. Most of all, though, I appreciate how open you are-- its people like you who are willing to share how they feel who keep this site from going off the rails.

Shadowstorm, thank you for being so unerringly enthusiastic. You’re reliable and hard-working and always seem to get any task you’re given done promptly. Thank you for all your work and for the cheerfulness with which you go about it-- I know it’s often tedious and that there are better ways to spend your Saturdays than list checks.

Silverwind, it really is the little things that I tend to overlook that makes all the difference. Thank you for always going through the website with such a thinned-toothed comb, if I didn’t have someone like you with an eye out for details so many important mistakes would slip by.

Staghoove, you always just seem so eager to help. You’re hardworking, determined, and have a light sense of humor that can make the occasional drudgery of running the site bearable. Thank you, as well, for always being so welcoming and helpful with all of the new members.

Thank you so much everyone for the great year we’ve had and here’s to an even better 2018!

January Gathering & Medicine Cat Meeting

Posted by Ember on January 10, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (13)

Hi y’all! The next gathering is scheduled to take place this coming weekend, January 12-14th. About 50 cats should attend the gathering from each clan. Leaders, make sure that each member with an eligible character in your clan has at least one character attending and try to have the invited character lists posted as soon as possible. The clans will travel to Hawk’s Tree on Friday, the gathering will officially begin Saturday, and the clans should return to their camps by Sunday evening. However, the gathering can go past that point if necessary. The medicine cat meeting will take place the following weekend (January 19-21st), following the same pattern.

There are no set plot points for this gathering, but it's safe to assume that the string of murders and Eclipsestar's disappearance will be discussed, alongside the recent murders being investigated in EarthClan and SunClan.